AutoCad :: Put Rotated Drawing Back To Level?

Mar 2, 2012

How do I put a rotated drawing back to level, I would like to do it using 2 pick points on a line I want to be horizontal

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Photoshop Elements :: Rotated Images Revert Back To Original Orientation?

Aug 24, 2012

Rotated images don't always stay in new rotated position.  Revert back to original orientation?

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Revit :: How To Get Level Toolbar Back

May 29, 2012

I accidentally deleted the side (left side default) tool bars and how do i get them back?? I cant find the buttons in the main toolbar (top).I got the properties toolbar back but i am still wondering how to get the level toolbar back(that shows you all the different views)

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Drawing From Surveyor In Rotated Coordinate System

May 17, 2013

I received the attached drawing file "A" from a surveyor that was created in an earlier version of AutoCAD (approx 2000).  The attached drawing is rotated so that the view in Model Space shows the cross-hairs with north pointing northwest.  There are points included within the drawing that do not match the coordinates of the surveyed points within the attached ascii text file.   I would like to rotate the drawing so that the points match the coordinates in the ascii file and North follows the y-axis.  

I have imported the points from the ascii text file into a new drawing file "B".   I external referenced (overlay) the new drawing file B into drawing A.  I tried moving all of the objects in the drawing file A (with MOVE) to a known point coordinate and then rotating (ROTATE) the objects to two known points. I don't know how to select all of the objects in drawing A and not the external reference in drawing B so that I may Rotate only drawing A objects.

How to move and rotate the surveyors drawing A so that I may match the coordinates in the ascii text file.

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AutoCad :: Drawing Created In Modelspace Seems Slightly Rotated In Layout View

Jun 22, 2012

In modelspace I have a drawing that is aligned perfectly, but when I create a new viewport in a layout the drawing that was created in modelspace seems slightly rotated in the layout view?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: COGO Point Labels Not Rotating When Entire Drawing Is Rotated?

May 14, 2013

So I have a survey of a roadway that was created 15 years ago and was converted into autocad civil 3d 2012. No problems there, however, I am going through the survey and rotating the COGO points (ie Traffic Signs, Utility Poles) and the text to be parallel to the roadway. I am in UCS World and have no problems rotating the points and text to what I want. THe problem starts when I rotate the drawing using UCS 3P so that I am looking at a portion of the roadway that is parallel to my computer screen. Now the text and orientation of the signs etc are no longer parallel to the roadway and did not rotate when I rotated the entire project. 

Now I was under the impression the  points were to rotate automatically to what I set them as, ie parallel to the roadway. I'm sure this is an easy fix or I am not understanding something.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: PDF File Size Is Large When Printing Drawing With Rotated Views?

May 15, 2012

I'm working in Civil 3D 2012 and when I print to a .PDF with rotated views, the .PDF file is very large compared to file with non-rotated views. how to control the file size?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Parse A Drawing To Bring Back Text From Drawing

May 9, 2013

I'm taking over the development of some Autodesk addins that are used to parse a drawing to bring back text from the drawing, namely title block and bill of materials information.  I have another process that runs and reads the meta data for the drawing itself that gets run from Vault before checking in the drawing.  I need to know if I can combine these two processes such that I can parse the drawing outside of AutoCad.  Is this possible?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Converting Drawing To Basic Level?

Mar 19, 2013

is there a simple way of converting a drawing from a complex draiwng including blocks/dynamic blocks so that it becomes effectively a dumb drawing of lines arcs and text.

the only solution i have is to convert the drawing to a pdf then  convert it back to a dwg using a pdf to dwg converter.

the reason being i dont want my client to work out how i construct my drawings.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Copying Site Level Survey Onto Construction Drawing

Mar 1, 2013

I have conducted a level survey on site and once I have loaded it in to aurtocad I need to copy them on to a drawing so can tell where abouts the level are in relation to the site. When I have done this I copy with base point and paste with coordinates but it comes up tiny compared to the drawing.

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GIMP :: Creating Image (GIF) By Drawing At Pixel Level

Nov 14, 2012

I am using Gimp 2.8.0 but only understand about 5% or less of it. (It is running on Win.7 Hm. Prm., Vsn 6.1, Sp-1.)

How can I define or adjust the pencil tool so it draws at the one pixel size in a new ".gif" work area. (That would be one pixel in the image to one pixel on the screen.) I found how to define the work area in pixels for a ".gif". The predefined pencil tool sizes (chosen by assorted dots) "went away" several versions of Gimp back as far as I know.

The object of this effort is to produce "TrainGifs" for use in other applications. Should you be interested just Google "TrainGifs" and you will be able to check out multiple site for this hobby.

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Revit :: How To Avoid Overlap Between Level Sign And Drawing

Mar 9, 2013

How to avoid the overlap between the level sign and the drawing?
I’m wondering concerning the default behavior of the Revit regarding the level signs. In the screenshot below, a wall of 9 meters is drafted in the indicated location while its 4 elevations are displayed next to it.
the north elevation has an overlap with the level signs and also the south elevation is at the end of the level signs. how to manage this problem and also based on what these levels are set this way (by design).How the overlap might be avoided?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Mark Spot In Drawing And Come Back?

Jan 9, 2014

Not sure how to word this question correctly.  I saw a co-worker do a 'temp-save' on a drawing, mess around with drawing, and then come back to the spot in drawing where he had 'saved' to essetially deleting all the stuff he had done.  I cannot remeber what he used to mark this and then be able to come back, but if he liked the edits he had made, he could just keep drawing.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Screen Back Aerial That Is Being X-referenced Into Drawing?

Apr 8, 2012

How can I screen back an aerial that is being x-referenced into a drawing? 

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AutoCad :: How To Get Default Dimensions Style STANDARD Back Into A Drawing

Nov 26, 2013

How to get the default dimensions style "STANDARD" back into a drawing after it has been purged? I accidentally purged it and now I want it back. .

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Send Info From Excel Spreadsheet Back And Forth Between A Drawing

Jan 12, 2012

why I can't export the "Distance 1" attribute out of thsi drawing using the ATTOUT command.  I need to build a series of constrained drawings using Dynamic blocks so I can send info from an Excel spreadsheet back and forth bewteen a drawing.  I think I'll have to buy a 3rd party utility for that but for now, how to simply get the info out of ACAD and into Excel thsat would be a great start.  

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Convert Drawing Using Asian Bigfont SHX Font Back To English

Aug 15, 2013

Is there any way to convert a drawing using the Asian Bigfont.shx font back to English? The font can be changed, but the characters remain un-readable. Mostly ? and letters and symbols but no words. It seems like it needs to be translated, and not just converted, but it is not displayed in any form that could be translated.

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Revit :: Level 2 Doors Showing Up On Level 1 Door Schedule

Jul 16, 2007

I am having a little trouble with some doors showing up on the level 1 door schedule that are actually on level 2. They are curtain wall doors.

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Photoshop :: Adjust Noise Level With Level Tool

May 7, 2013

I am trying to adjust the noise level with the level tool but its not working. I move the arrows every which way see that it changes. I get it to were i want it them press ok and it only changes a little bit.

It become what it was in the preview. The level tool works when I add it as a new adjustment layer but I don't want like that I want to be able to copy the new level of noise I just made and can't if I add new adjustment. what should I do to fix this? O and this is the trial version and It wasn't working earlier with lots of other tool but i uninstalled it and now they are working except the level tool how I want it to.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Click In Drawing Area Required After Picking Object To Get Cross Hairs Back

May 23, 2012

When I click on a civil 3d object the contextual ribbon will light up (which is fine) but instead of my cross hairs comming back in the drawing window I get the pointer that would be used to select an item in the ribbon (in the drawing area) and I have to click in the drawing area to get my cross hairs back or to grip edit the object or to delete the object.

Is there a option/setting I need to change to be able to get me cross hairs back after selecting a civil 3d object?

Just move to Civil 3d 2012, this worked just fine in '11...

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Revit :: Underlay Does Not Show Up For Level 1 When On Level 2

Jun 18, 2013

The underlay does not show up for Level 1 when I am on Level 2, but it does show up for Level 2 when I am on Level 1. the underlay option is on for Level 1, so I'm not sure why it's not showing up. I am using Revit 2014.

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Xara :: Any Way To Get Old Style Drawing Back Like Xtreme 2

Aug 20, 2013

the new Xara Pro X9, but did happen to notice... Is there any way to get the old style drawing back like Xara Xtreme 2? In Xara Pro X9, it seems you have to drag a line to make one, where in the older versions it was click a point move click another point and it draws a line between them, it was much easier to draw lines and bend them on the fly with the older version, or am I missing a step with the new software.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Drawing Order - Send To Back / Not Working Anymore In 2013

Apr 17, 2013

I have this heavy issue, i can't send to back a line, an object or a hatch under other lines. In 2012 i used this feature a lot but in 2013 it's not working very much, maybe 1 time out of 10 and i absolutely can't say why.

HPDRAWORDER = 1 seems to work with a new hatch.. but i can't redraw everything.

Let's say i put an entire floor plan into block then draw over it. (I don't want to start a Xref discussion please) i can't send the entire bloc to the back.I used to do that with 2012, 2008, 2007.. but it's 2013 it's not working, is there a way to correct that?

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Photoshop :: Modify Luminance Level Based On Existing Luminance Level

Oct 29, 2012

Say I have an image where I'm attempting to extract a mask from and I've found that one of the channels will serve as a good starting point. Further suppose that I have found that I want to increase the luminance level of pixels in the range of 60 - 65 by 10 luminance levels each:
i.e. all pixels with luminance values of 60,61,62,63,64,65 would, after the operation have luminance values of 70,71,72,73,74,75. Is such a thing possible with Photoshop?

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AutoCad :: Text In Rotated Viewports

Feb 7, 2012

I am working on a project that has around 6 different roads, all at different angles from one another. The problem I have is when I start to create the lay-outs, I use a rotated viewport so that the roadway will be horizontal across the page. I then rotate the text so that it will be horizontal or at 90 º within the viewport. This has worked fine in the past.

With this project I have multiple areas that are sharing 2 or 3 different viewports, therefore, the text alignment for one does not match the other.

Is there a way to associate the alignment of the text to the viewport? Or will I have to copy the drawing multiple times (one for each viewport)?

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AutoCad :: Rotated Image Disappears

Jun 19, 2012

I've tried both draging an image into Autocad and importing it in as a block. When I try to rotates the image it either rotates around a point (but doesn't actually rotate itself) or rotates and disappears only leaving a white outline. How can I properly rotate an image?

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Text Rotated - Possible To Flatten To 2D

Oct 7, 2011

I received a 3d map and I just need to plot it out but the text is rotated so much it almost illegible is it possilbe to flatten it to 2d? If I just put the map in 2d space the text is smashed down so it looks like a line.

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AutoCAD LT :: Block Attributes Rotated To 0

Jan 22, 2012

Autocad LT user. How the TORIENT command found in full-version, express tools.

Have 1000 block attributes that need rotated to "0" and do not want to do each one individually.

-And fyi,  I'm  not interested in upgrading right now. Need work around for the long haul.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Structures Rotated In Section?

Jul 17, 2013

I've placed generic Junction box structures right out of the box from C3D and when I cut a section, the section shows the wrong side of the structure. (Rotated)  i.e. An inserted 60”x36” junction box inserted as a curb inlet and then rotated into position will display the 60” side even though it’s perpendicular to the section line.

I've had to go back and place a 36”x60” to get it to display the 36” side in section? Why is there a “rotation handle” on the structure if you can’t really rotate it?I really don't want to swap all 60"x36" with 36"x60" structures just so they will display properly in section.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Rotated Sections Through Extrusion

Nov 12, 2013

Acad 2013 on a capable Windows 7 machine.

I would like to cut a section through an extrusion. Attached find a section view of my extrusion cut at 90%%d. My deal is I want to be able to specify the angle. It could be anything, and it could be a compound miter (using in saw-speak, because my drawings go to saw operators), that is, angles in two directions. But, let's keep it simple - how to cut a section parallel with the Y axis in the attached drawing? 

Right now I am warping something in due to the complexity of the profile. But for accuracy sake it is obvious why I'd like something better. I'd like my operators to have confidence in what they see. 

I could do this easily in Inventor. Or even oin Civil 3D, working around it (using Autodesk-speak). But, I have neither. Is this a UCS thing? I trained myself to never touch the UCS long ago, because I am a surveyor by trade, and surveyors pull coordinates from AutoCAD (or one of its children) to stake points on the ground with, and a surveyor ends up working at McD's if she/he goes outside with coords pulled from a made-up UCS. So I don't know the first thing about manipulating the UCS, despite daily use of the products since release 12.

I looked at Sections in the 3D modeling workspace palettes, but nothing really jumped out at me for being able to rotate or cut sections where I want them to be. They all seem to snap to existing planes of the extruded solid. Big deal - I can do that intuitively just by looking at the part.

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Labels Missing In Rotated Viewports

Jun 13, 2012

Using Map 2013.It seems that when a viewport is rotated more than 45 degrees in paperspace, the labels disappear.

   Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.111025-1629)
           Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
       System Model: 6075CTO
               BIOS: Lenovo ThinkCentre BIOS Ver 2RKT38.0

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