Photoshop :: Adjustments Layers Without Mask

Sep 22, 2013

I am watching a Photoshop Tutorial, and the Instructor Is adding a Adjustment Layer to the Image.
His Adjustments Layers have no Layer mask, and he Is applying custom mask by Alt-Clicking on the Adjustments Layers. But all of my Adjustments Layers have a Mask next to it, even If I Alt-Click.. " Which Is OK",
But, I wonder how his Adjustment Layers have no Mask. How can I apply an Adjustments Layers, with no mask next to It. Also, I think The Instructor, Is a Mac user, and I am a PC User..

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Photoshop :: Applying Adjustments To Multiple Layers

Aug 14, 2008

I'm trying to Key some footage in AE but one of my clips has jacked up exposure making it very difficult. I found the easiest way for me to fix the problem without having to re-shoot is to import the footage into PS converting frames to layers and adjust it accordingly then export back to QT mov. On a test layer I found that the shadow/highlight adjustment works the best. The problem is there doesn't seem to be a new adjustment layer that does shadow/highlight. I don't want to adjust every layer individually because there are over a thousand frames and it could take a long long time. My question is, Is there a way to apply the shadow/highlight to each layer at once?

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After Effects :: Make Minor Adjustments To Photoshop Layers?

Apr 18, 2013

I'm makeing a demo video for an iPhone app and I have a really good PSD template for an iPhone but I'm not seeing a way to move any of the layers around.  The reason I need to make adjustments is because it has a nice relfection on the screen and I need to gett the footage from the video underneath the reflection.

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Photoshop :: Clipping Mask Multiple Text Layers Without Merging Text Layers

Dec 29, 2008

I am trying to get a white layer with see through writing which reveals the background image underneath. (Almost like I have put a stencil over a photograph). I have discovered this is called a clipping mask.

However, I am having difficulty using a clipping mask over multiple text layers. It seems to only do it to one layer directly beneath. I do not want to merge the text layers as I want to mess about with the design a fair bit.

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Photoshop :: Adjustment/Mask Layers

Dec 13, 2004

What is the difference between Mask layers and Adjustment layers? I work with Photoshop Elements 2.0 and really dont know what a Mask layer is or if it is exactly the same thing as Adjustment layers.

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Lightroom :: Make White Balance / Exposure Adjustments On Top Of Current Adjustments Across Multiple Shots?

Jan 15, 2014

We have a bunch of shots taken using natural light - the shots all have completely different exposure and white balance adjustments.
Now that the shots feel like they've been shot at the same time of day (and on the same day) we'd like to start adjusting the white balance accross multiple shots - but use the current white balance/exposure from each individual shot as the starting point - not reset the adjustments.
Kind of like baking the current settings or making adjustments on top of current adjustments - or make new adjustments relative to the current adjustments.

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Photoshop :: Mask Layer / See Through Multiple Layers

Mar 12, 2012

working on Layers and Layer Mask to obtain see through multiple Layers effect.Below is the description of my problem that I am looking forward towards resolution in this forum. I will be glad if some expert can guide me on this.
I have three layers of different colors as below.

Layer 1topmost layer) with Red color filled rectangle.Layer 2(below Layer 1) with Green color filled rectangle.Layer 3(bottom most layer, below Layer 2) with Blue color filled rectangle.When I erase something with brush on Layer 1 using masking Layer 1, it hollows the erased part and start showing the Green color of Layer 2 in hollow section of Layer 1.
What I want to achieve is that, when I erase Layer 1 using layer mask, then it should hollow Layer 1 as well as Layer 2 and should show Blue color in the hollow section of Layer 1.i.e: Hollow section made on Layer 1(using Layer Mask on Layer 1) should also be applied on Layer 2 so that Layer 1 and Layer 2 becomes hollow using eraser and I should see through Layer 1 and Layer 2 and Blue color of Layer 3 should be visible from the hollow section.
Though I can do this by Flattening Layer 1 and Layer 2 together so that it forms one single Image, and then when I hollow this Flattened image using Layer Mask, then it will show me Blue color. But I do not want to do this, as I would lose the flexibility to unhollow/recover the hollow region on both Layer 1 and Layer 2 independently in the future.

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Photoshop :: Using Inversion On Paths To Mask Layers?

Sep 26, 2007

Is it possible to create an adjustment layer that affects the area outside a path? I can only get it to apply inside a path.

I am editing several thousand images of sterling jewelry. Part of the editing process is desaturating the sterling while leaving the gemstones unaffected.

I have no problem doing this, but am looking for a more effective method.

My original method was to create a path outline around the gemstones. I would use the path to create a selection. At this point the gemstones would be selected, not the silver, so I would invert the selection so that it selected the sterling, not the gemstones. Then I would create a new adjustment layer and desaturate it.

This method works fine, but the mask for the selected area is a bitmap and takes up a lot of space. I am trying to use a vector mask instead.

I can skip the converting to a selection step, and PS will use the path itself to mask the affected area. This is great, and will save many gigabytes of storage space. The only problem is that PS will modify the gemstones, and not the silver.

I can't figure out a way for PS to apply the adjustment layer to the area OUTSIDE the path instead of the inside. Is this possible?

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Mask For A Few Copy Merged Layers

Mar 31, 2013

Here are a few copy merged layers, which I dragged in from another image; now I need to remove the extra stuff;

clicking on the mask icon gives the prohibitory sign.

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Photoshop :: How To Merge Layers Without Losing Layer-mask

May 18, 2012

I'm trying to save a file that looks great in Photoshop and preserve it as a PNG. I'll create the image, simply "merge layers" and lose the transparency of it. How do I get my PNG to look like it does in photoshop.
The red background show through in photoshop originally...but then after "merge layers" or saving the PNG every way possible (or so I think)... the degree of transparency isn't preserved.Below looks great. (red bleeds through nicely, good transparency)

Now doesn't look so good. (all i did was merge layers and red doesn't bleed through properly anymore, same result when saving as png)

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Photoshop :: Masking Multiple Layers In Different Groups With A Single Mask?

Apr 9, 2012

author one mask that effects multiple layers without using a group mask?  Unfortunately I can't throw all the layers in a group and use a group mask in this case since the layers that I want to share the mask must be in different group folders.  (I am using actions to export the results of each group to the different flattened files.)  So I have similar but not identical layers in separate groups that I would like to share one authored mask.  I also can't use smart objects because the layers are not identical. 

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Photoshop :: Possible To Select Multiple Layers (with Layer Mask) And Merge Them

Aug 12, 2013

is it possible to select multiple layers (with layer mask) and merge them?
tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS6"
tell current document
set current layer to every layer of layer set "bloem 1-9" of layer set "Bloem"
tell current layer
end tell
end tell
end tell

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Photoshop :: How To Apply New Mask To Multiple Existing Adjustment Layers

Oct 25, 2013

how to apply new mask to multiple existing adjustment layers

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Photoshop :: Layers Or Quick Mask - Go Back To Being Like Image On Bottom?

Sep 24, 2012

I'm not sure exactly what I did to my photoshop.  I'm use a MAC platform.  This is what it looks like right now but I want to to go back to being like the image on the bottom.  I think I turned on or off something but I have no clue what I did. 

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Photoshop :: Can't Ctrl-click Layers When Unlinked Mask Selected?

Oct 2, 2013

I frequently encounter this problem across numerous versions of PS (CS4 - CS6)I like to CTRL+click on my layers to select them for convenience. If in the layers panel, I have a Layer Mask selected (that is, the white border highlight is around the alpha mask thumnail) and the mask is unlinked from the layer itself (there is not a link icon bewteen the layer thumb and alpha mask thumb), the CTRL+click feature seems to be disabled.
I have to relink the mask to the layer in order to restore the functionality. This occurs regardless of the order of any of the layers in question.Is this correct?

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Photoshop :: How To Display Alpha Channel Of Layer Mask In Layers Palette

Jan 18, 2013

when I added a layer mask to a layer, it would display in the palette as the alpha channel, which was very handy. Now, when I add a layer mask, it only appears as the mask icon; i.e., gray square with white circle in the middle. I have no clue what I did to change from the one to the other, but I would certainly like to get the alpha representation back!

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Photoshop :: Copying Two Layers Through Same Selection Mask Produces Different Dimensions On New File

Oct 29, 2013

I'm creating an animation in AE eventually but initially have two hand drawn images of the same object that I've scanned into PS.
I have a single mask created that I turn into a selection to copy the two images to output as new single files to then import as 2 frame png sequence into AE.
Normally, and this is critical, the dimension of the new files would/should be exactly the same. But they're not! How is this possible, the selection is the same for both layers.

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Photoshop :: Color Fill Vector Mask Thumbnails In Layers Panel

Jul 2, 2012

I find that the color fill vector mask previews within the layers panel are not as useful as they were in CS5. Having the vector path along side the color swatch worked better.

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GIMP :: 2 Layers - Mask One Through The Other (PNG)

Jun 20, 2013

I have 2 layers and I want to mask one through the other. I've attached a png showing what I want. Here is what I am doing:

- select the text layer
- menu -> "Layer/Transparency/Alpha to selection" (now the outline letters are selected)
- select the background layer
- hit delete button
- no change in image

If I do the following steps, then the entire background is cleared:
- select the text layer
- menu -> "Layer/Transparency/Alpha to selection" (now the outline letters are selected)
- menu -> Select/Invert
- select the background layer
- hit delete button
- background image deleted

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Illustrator :: Applying Clipping / Transparency Mask To All Layers?

Feb 27, 2013

Alright, so I'm about to rip my hair out. I'm a Photoshop guy who occasionally vectorizes stuff into Illustrator CS4 by exporting work paths. Usually it works fine, but it's been a few years since I've done this and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to apply an opacity mask to an area of a layer so that it is transparent through all objects of the layer down to the background.
Basically, I created an image with text in Photoshop. I exported work paths to illustrator and colored/filled in all the objects. I need to cut out certain parts of the image so that they're transparent through to the background so that when the image is printed up on a shirt, fabric shows through rather than ink. This sounds like a stupid question, and it probably is, but I just can't get it to work.
I've gone through all the steps of creating an opacity mask, but every time I make the object transparent, I just get a white fill from an underlying object. It will not cut through to the transparent background. I need to get this object to cut through all layers.

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Illustrator :: Opacity Mask Applied To Multiple Layers?

Feb 14, 2013

I'm trying to apply an opacity mask to multiple layers (which happen to be contained within a Layer Mask). When I make the Opacity Mask, it takes all of the stuff on different layers and compresses them to a single layer (see attached images). I would like to keep the data on their assigned layers for later editing. I've done this before, but I have a feeling I have a setting or pref de-selected somewhere. Could the layer mask be the culprit?

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GIMP :: How To Create Layer Mask For Each Of Three Layers With Text Messages

Mar 28, 2012

I am trying to develop an animated GIF to use as a web-ad, I have readthe docs and googled but still having problems :-(

The ad (portrait format) is very simple: a background logo at thebottom of the ad, and three different text messages which rotate. Ithus created a bottom layer with the logo covering the bottom third; asecond layer with nothing but the first text message on the upper2/3rds, another layer with the second text message also in the upper2/3rds and finally a layer with the third text message in the upper2/3rds. While the logo at the bottom should be displayed at all timesthe three different text messages are shown one at a time.

After reading the docs I then expanded each layer with a text messageto be as large as the ad itself. My next step was to try to create alayer mask - for each of the three layers with the text messages, saidlayer mask to cover only the lower 1/3 where it would be transparent.

This is where I ran into problems, no matter what I tried, I could notaccomplish this. There must be something very basic I have yet tounderstand!

Last, in order to create the animated GIF, I exported all four layersusing "replace" in the dialog box. I also experimented with "combine"to no avail. No matter what I tried, I either ended up with an animatedGIF where the logo and the three different text messages over timebecame overlaid, or, an animated GIF where only one thing was shown atone time.

What have I missed?

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Illustrator :: Layers Palette Stuck In Opacity Mask Layer Mode CS6

Aug 22, 2012

I have two layers. Upper most with text is locked.Bottom layer is an image I have applied a transparency/gradient mask for the raster image. Now, seems my layers palette is stuck in a mode called 'Layers (Opacity Mask)'.Not seen this before, but this is CS6. How do I get out to the main, root level of the layers palette?

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Photoshop :: Raw Adjustments VS PS Adjustments

Aug 7, 2008

I understand the benefit of shooting camera raw and I like the adjustments you can make without effecting the photo itself. The one thing I can't get used to is the limiting workflow in raw that allows you to undo only one change. Being a long time user of Photoshop I'm spoiled by all the image changes I'm allowed to make in combination with one another and the ability to back out of all or some of them.

I'm I missing something in the raw workflow? I wasn't sure if this should be posted in the Photoshop, Bridge or Raw forum. If any of you know of a forum that discuss's this sort of stuff,

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Photoshop :: Unable To Scale Shape Layers Layer Mask Independent From Shape

Sep 25, 2012

In Photoshop CS6, when you have a shape layer with a layer mask, and the two are not linked together, and the layer mask is selected, you should be able to scale the layer mask independently of the shape. What actually happens is the shape gets scaled and the layer mask stays untouched. In fact, even if you option-click on the layer mask to show the mask by itself, and then try to scale it, you still end up scaling the shape instead of the mask. Even if you go as far as to make a pixel selection of the layer mask and attempt to scale the pixels, the shape still gets scaled and the layer mask still stays put! Unbelievable!
This works correctly in CS4, but not in CS6 (don't know about CS5).

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Photoshop :: Copy Layer Mask To Smart Filter Mask....

Nov 2, 2008

How do I do this in CS4?

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Photoshop :: What Is The Difference Between A Layer Mask And Clipping Mask?

Apr 26, 2009

My subject line pretty much sums up what I want to ask.

The thing is I've learned how to do both of them, but every textbook exercise I've done regarding one I found out that I can pull off with the other too.

Are they simply two different mechanisms for doing the same thing?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Background Mask (Text Mask) Editable In 2012?

Mar 22, 2012

how to manipulate the size of the wipeout for a text mask. 

Simply selecting the masked text in C3D 2011 provided pick boxes at the four corners of the wipeout, making it very easy to manipulate the size of the wipeout box.  I'm hoping to do the same in C3D 2012, but the wipeout seems to be treated like a block and lacks the pick boxes.A system variable maybe?

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Illustrator :: Editing Mask Path Transparency Throws One Out Of Mask Mode

Dec 30, 2012

While creating various circular masks with a radial gradient from white to black, whenever I change the blending mode of the mask path Ai will throw me out of mask mode into layer editing mode. Since this is on a large document of ~2Gb file with multiple artbords for large poster & UI refresh speed is slow, this has become quite frustrating. Is this normal Ai behaviour?

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Illustrator :: Clipping Mask On A Layer Is The Entire Document Covered In A Mask?

Jan 27, 2013

Level: Newbie   OS: Win7 64bit   Ia: Cs6
Once I use a Clipping Mask on a layer is the entire document covered in a mask?
And/or is all the artwork from then on inside the mask?
I've read about how to add and how to remove art from a mask. I've read about how to make and release and lots of other things.
So, then I went and found a lesson that contained the use of a Clipping Mask.
I am suppose to Select the main shape and "just" copy it and move it down (doesn't say rather to Paste in front or back but I assumed in back ~ not that it has mattered thus far)
However, while making the main shape I used Gradient Mesh and used an Offset to create a "replica" and so when I go to Select the main shape the mesh is selected and so when I Paste (in back ~ seems most logical) and then move it down the details such as the colors of the Gradient and other such things are visible in front ~ ??
So, I have been trying to abate my problem in lots of different ways.
I have tried using the Pen tool to draw behind the main shape, I've tried making a New Layer and placing it above and below and inbetween the main shape layer, I've tried adding the artwork to the Mask ... I've tried everything I can think of and I've been through many an article in the manual and FAQ's to no avail.
I suppose, what I think I need to know ... is, how ... how on earth do I draw behind this main shape? Am I not able to do it because I am not getting behind the Mask?

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Photoshop :: Cant Un-mask Parts Of A Mask

Jan 7, 2009

I have been trying to and a layer mask to my image. When I go to unmask my image it wont work it shows it in the layer mask thumbnail but not in the real image.

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