Lightroom :: 4 Not Saving Changes To Images Upon Export?

Oct 20, 2013

I finished a project yesterday only to find that LR4 did not save any of the changes to my images.

I checked my second computer and it works fine but for some reason my laptop LR4 is not saving the edits to my images. I open the subfolder for LR images and they are untouched.

other than using my second computer! My workflow is set up to edit on Laptop and do bookeeping on my PC.

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Corel Photo Editing :: How To Export Batch Images Form CDR And Saving In Serial

Jan 23, 2010

I have a around 500 cdr(corel draw ) files, and each pages have around 20 images in it.

so what i do. select every single image on the pages then using convert bitmap option to save them on my computer. That consume my whole time in saving them to my computer.

Is there any fast option available to select all images at once and convert to bitmap 20 images and save in a number say 1,2 ...20

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Lightroom :: Saving Images To A Jump Drive?

Sep 28, 2013

How can I save an image to a jump drive, I have done this many times in the past and now it is not an option. Only the desktop and one other file comes up as an option.

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Lightroom :: Can't Export Images To Computer

Nov 20, 2013

I cannot export images from LR to computer. It tells me there is not enough memory, but I have 60gb  free

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Lightroom :: Why Images Getting Corrupted On Export

Mar 6, 2012

Since the last update I am having images corrupted (truncated) by lightroom, when I open some files in CS5 i get the message about the file being truncated and then only half the image come up.
If I export the file again from LR it works so it's not the usual card malfunction or import errors, my hard drive is in fully working order and tested with drive sentinal.

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Lightroom :: 4 - How To Export Images With Watermark

Jan 31, 2013

I'd like to export images from Lightroom 4 with a watermark.  It COULD be text, but I want to rotate the watermark 30 degrees.  I can't see a way to do that in the watermark editor in Lightroom... 
Alternatively, I created the watermark in Photoshop, put in the text, rotated it, and saved it as a jpeg.  I can't get a clear background.  It appears jpeg doesn't support that.  SO, I saved it as a .png (jpg and png appear to be the only two formats supported for a graphic watermark in Lightroom).  It looks FINE, except in Photoshop the text is WHITE, which is what I want in Lightroom, but every time I open the .png file in the watermark editor in Lightroom, it comes in with BLACK text...
How do I get a Lightroom export watermark with the text I want in the font I want, angled the way I want?

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Lightroom :: Unable To Export More Than 5 Images?

Feb 21, 2014

I have LR 5.3 and everything has been working fine. Now I cannot export more that 5 images even though I have checked my registration number and it is correct.I am using Windows 7, 64 bit.

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Lightroom :: Can't Export Images After Processing In LR5

Jul 8, 2013

I cannot export images after processing in Lightroom 5 (the newest version). See the message on top.

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Lightroom :: Failed To Export Images With Droplet

Jun 6, 2013

I've Created a droplet and tested it successfully in Photoshop, then I use this droplet by select it in Post-Processing when I export DNG to TIFF in Lightroom, but there's a problem:
1. If PS is not opened when I'm exporting images in LR, the droplet will work well, i'll get an processed TIFF

2. If PS is opened before  I'm exporting images in LR, the droplet won't work, then I get an unprocessed TIFF
Due to Situation 1, if PS is not opened when I'm exporting images and I tried to exported 30 images with droplet, finally I'll get only ONE image successfully processed, because PS was opened when LR export the  first image.

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Lightroom :: 4.3 Will No Longer Export Images Properly

Feb 27, 2013

Lightroom 4.3 no longer exports photos correctly.

Error Message is :-   Unable to Export :- an internal error has occurred; WIN32 API error 2 (the system cannot find the file specified) when calling ShellexecuteExW fromAgWorkspace.shellexecute.
Photos are exported, but without the EXIF data?
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom. I have also tried Restoring Win 7 to an earlier build, but with no success.

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Lightroom :: Images Aren't Crisp When Export From 5?

Feb 20, 2014

I edit an image in Lr5, and it's crips and perfect.  But then I export it and it's hazy and out of focus looking. I've tried exporting it as a psd, then opening it in ps and changing it to's a TAD more clear...but nothing like it is in lightroom. All of my settings are set like they "should" be as far as I know.  jpeg, 300ppi, quality is at 100... all of that. 
Here's a screenshot of what it's doing...   (the one on the right is in lightroom and the left is the opened jpeg after I export it)

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Lightroom :: Export Cropped Images From Books

Dec 4, 2012

I work with lightroom for wedding photo. I use Book Module to prepare lay out of the final book.
When I put images in a book they are sometimes cropped by the specific page lay out.
I don't use the printing service of Lightroom, instead I prefer to send the files to my local printing service and then stick them to an album (wedding stuff).
Is there a way to export cropped images from a book?

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Lightroom :: Editing RAW Images After Export To JPEG?

Nov 24, 2013

Is it possibe to return to a RAW image and edit it once I've exported it to another location as jpeg?

I've edited and exported an image to a different folder on my desktop. I've realised I still need to do some work on it

but when I try and open it again in Lightroom ( I see it in Library)  I get a mesaage saying file not found...

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Lightroom :: How To Export Images In Correct Size

Nov 14, 2012

I want to export images from LR. But when I nominate a size - eg. portrait 5x7", images that are in landscape are resized incorrectly.

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Lightroom :: Error When Trying To Export Images From LR5 To Photoshop CC

Nov 16, 2013

When I try to export an image without LR adjustments (original or copy) from LR5 to Photoshop CC, I get this message: "Adobe Photoshop CC cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Adobe Photoshop CC works with this version of OS X..."

I'm running 10.8.5 on an iMac and have the latest updates of Photoshop CC and LR 5 installed.

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Lightroom :: How To Export Images For Large Format Printing

Apr 17, 2013

Exporting large file sizes. In short I'm trying to export some images for large format printing but am having trouble preparing the right size in LR4.
Specifically I'm trying to produce w 30" x h 20" images. I understand that to do this I'll need a image that is 9000 x 6000 pixels set at 300 ppi. My problem is that when I export this, with the dimensions set to width and height in pixels and resize unchecked LR4 produces an image that is 9000 x 4887?
what i'm doing wrong here? Is it simply that the aspect ratio of image is wrong to produce this size image? My concern is not producing an exact file size for printing.

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Lightroom :: Save (export) Several Separate Files Of Images To One CD?

Jan 30, 2014

I have 9 separate files/folders of images on my drive in LR . I want to save (export) the images to one CD, keeping the images in the 9 separate files as named in the hard drive. How do I do this?

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Lightroom :: Export Images To Precise Final Dimensions?

Mar 19, 2013

I'm trying to export images with lightroom but i need to have exact final dimension(s). I mean, may be I need *exactly* 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 pixel final jpg dimensions, so i need a way for having automatic black borders added to the image if it does not match proportions - as you probably have understood images have to be shown on different screen/monitors and I have troubles with automatic zooming fitting and proportions. ?
I can't do photo by photo due to the fact i have hundred(s) of images to export.

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Lightroom :: Export Will Only Open 25 Images Per External Process

Jul 26, 2012

I use the Lightroom 4.1 export feature to export my HDR panorama images as 16 bit tiff in a temporary folder and after that to open the images automatically in PtGui Pro 9.1.x. The problem is if I export more than 25 images PtGui Pro starts one time for the first 25 images, then a second time for image #26 till 51, and so on. This happens during all my test with multiple image formats like 8 bit tiff with/without compression or with jpegs. It makes no difference whether the temporary folder is located on an SSD or a regular hard drive.
Additional I tested LR4 Export to Hugin 2011.4.0 (32Bit) and Gimp 2.8 (64Bit) and the result is the same like with PtGui Pro: After the 25th image a new instance of the program started.
Because of this behavior in different programs, I must assume that the fault must be with Lightroom. Is there any hardcoded limits by handover of pictures to external programs?
(Windows 7, Lightroom 4.1 and PtGui Pro 9.1 are 64 Bit versions)

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Lightroom :: Can Export Images From One Open Catalogue To Closed One?

Feb 3, 2013

If not, is there a plug in that would do that?  I need to select, then combine photos from different catalogues into a new one. 

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Lightroom :: How To Export File Of Over 100 Images For Proofing Byclient

Dec 8, 2011

i'm new to all of this and i've got a couple of questions.  i'd like to export (from lightroom 3) a file of a little over 100 images for proofing by a client.  a)  i'd like them watermarked on the website i send them to --how do i do this?  and b)  how do i remove the watermark on the images that i have that i want to make prints from?  i'm terrified of doing something that i can't take back and ruining the photos.

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Lightroom :: How To Export And Email Images Transferred From A Disk

Mar 16, 2014

I loaded some old, saved images I have on disk to Lightroom. When I attempt to export the image to email, the command states It can't locate the mage, even though I am looking at it.

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Lightroom :: After Editing Images How To Export And Preserve GPS Data

Oct 25, 2013

Im shooting Nikon D5100 and D3200 cameras. Im recording GPS data with a Nikon GP1. Im shooting jpg FINE and LARGE 6016 x 4000; 24.1M. I need to be able to batch and individual edit the images which Im able to do but after exporting them my GPS data is gone. Im running an iMac with the latest software and LR 5.

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Lightroom :: Export Settings For Uploading Images For Albums?

Jan 28, 2013

I can not upload my files to an online site to design a photo album.  Apparently they are too large.  Any screen print of how the export should be set to produce a quality 10 x 10 album and will upload in a reasonable time frame?

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Lightroom :: 4.4 - How To Extract Metadata From Images And Export It Into Excel

May 8, 2013

I want to extract the metadata I have added to my images and export it into an Excel spreadsheet.  Can this be done within LR4.4?  If the software doesn't have a function for this is there another way to do it?

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Lightroom :: Can Make Export Preset That Exports Two Sets Of Images

Jul 11, 2012

For example, I often export a folder of full-res images, and then go back and do the same images as lo-res with watermarks, that I export to an "email" folder inside the hi-res folder. That way, I email the little ones for clients to peruse, and then send the full-res after they agree to buy. I know I can set up two presets and do them separately, but thought I'd ask.

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Lightroom :: Export Images Into Folders That Mimic A Keyword Tree?

Aug 31, 2012

I would like to export images from Lightroom into a folder structure LR creates based on the images keyword tree.  I have noticed that this might be possible if LR uses collections as a basis for the folder hiearchy it creates but not based on Keword Hierachy.

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Lightroom :: How To Export Catalog File From Laptop Without Negatives (images)

May 31, 2012

I have version 4.1 LR on both my home desktop as well as my laptop.  I keep my desktop fairly well organized, and it is where I keep my image files for backup.....internal drive backed up onto an external drive.
My laptop is not so organized, and I am trying to clean it up.  I use it primarily for a working system, when I'm not home. 
My folder system on my laptop is different than the one on my organized desktop.  Further, I may have image files on one system but not the other.
An example of what I do is as follows:  when I am away from home for awhile, I like to try to save my pictures on the Compact Flash card until I get home.  And, I also back them up onto my laptop and external portable hard drive as well.  Before I get home, I often will use my laptop and LR to edit certain photos.  I may in fact create new files when I create HDR images on my laptop.
When I get home, what I usually do is upload as soon as possible those original pictures from my Compact Flash card or external hard drive onto my home system so I have it there, with its backup.  However, what I have not been doing is exporting any catalog settings file from my laptop and importing it onto my desktop.
My question is this: if I export a Catalog file from my laptop, without the negatives (images), and if there is a mismatch between the files on my laptop and my desktop, whether that's because of the file structure differences or whether that's because my laptop may have slightly different files on it than my desktop has, will the Catalog settings still transfer properly?  For instance, if I have an HDR image on my laptop, along with any Catalog settings, and this HDR image is not on my home network, will a problem or error be created when I import the laptop Catalog file from my laptop without also importing that HDR file?  I would think that the catalog settings for that laptop HDR file would be there, but because the HDR file is not being transferred over, perhaps there might be a problem?
I know I should probably get better on my workflow while away from home, but for now, I'm trying to clean up the existing problem that may exist.

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Lightroom :: How To Export Large Numbers Of Images At A Time With Same Size

Jul 15, 2012

I would like to be able to export large numbers of images at a time with the same size, compression, etc. and be able to save these export settings so I can use them again. Does LR have this ability? What is it called?

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Lightroom :: Possible To Export Vertical / Horizontal Images To Different Sizes With One Command?

Jul 17, 2013

To prepare the imges for my blog, it has to be 600(width) x 900 (height) for vertical images, and 600(width) x 400(height) for horizontal images. That way the images lineup when they appear on my blog. Is there a way to achieve both dimensions with one export command?

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Lightroom :: How To Export A Series Of Images In Different Aspect Ratios To Same Height

Dec 18, 2012

How can i export a series of images in different aspect ratios to the same height?
I wish to make a slider callery for my website. all the images need to be 750 Pixels high, the width does not matter.  I have a mixture of square pandscap and protraite images can i do thing as one export or do i have to do it twice?  Once for long edge and once for shot edge?

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