Lightroom :: 4.4 - How To Extract Metadata From Images And Export It Into Excel

May 8, 2013

I want to extract the metadata I have added to my images and export it into an Excel spreadsheet.  Can this be done within LR4.4?  If the software doesn't have a function for this is there another way to do it?

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Lightroom :: How To Export Images With Borders And Metadata Caption (IPTC / Exif)

Apr 8, 2013

Is there a way to export images with borders (like the slideshow layout) and metadata caption (iptc/exif). I'm using a plug-in Mogrify now, but this way I have to export every photo twice (first to create borders, then to add the metadata). photo below is exported with the Mogrify plug-in.
It would be awsome to export photos like the gallery layout since most lightboxes have only 1 line of caption and no design/edit options. This would save heaps of time.

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Lightroom :: How To Extract Parts Of EXIF Metadata To Use In Smart Collection

Dec 14, 2012

I want to aggregate all of the images I've captured by Capture Month and identify those images that were scanned or have no Capture Date.  This question actually attempts to open the door for read access to all of the image metadata and the ability to store some of it in user-identified fields which, somehow, the user will be able to populate.
So - if the date fields (i.e. DateTime Original, DateTime Captured, DateTime Modified ) were broken down into, for example using DateTime Original:  Original Year-YYYY, Original Month-MM, Original Day-DD.  It may be possible to do this with a redefination of the schema used to define each of the fields.?

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Lightroom :: How To Export Metadata Presets

Nov 22, 2013

Am just setting up on a new laptop and would like to transfer my metadata presets over from my old computer. How do I export and then import them to the new computer?

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Lightroom :: Metadata Not Updated On Re-export

Jul 7, 2012

LR 4.1 latest ver.I post process a CR2 file in Lightroom. I then add text to the Title field.Export  as jpg using a pre-defined export preset.
I then notice that I have a typo in the Title field.
Correct the typo / text in the CR2 parent file using Lightroom.

Re-export again (same export preset)... answering yes to overwrite file (and Yes to all metadata).

Surprise ...surprise... the Title data is not updated in the exported file (ie by viewing the metadata  in the g or e view.
I delete the jpg

Export again ...yes... same preset export settings.

Metadata on jpg is correct.
So, it looks to me that Lightroom is not updating the metadata when exporting and overwriting an existing image.
Is this normal or a bug.

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Lightroom :: 4 - Export Function Is Removing Metadata?

Sep 15, 2012

Building a new website in BigFolio.
I'm a photographer but not all that computer savy. In fact unless I'm wrong just discovered that running images through "Save for web" in PS6 removes metadata as well so images load faster. That's what I want to do but it seems time consuming.
So my question is in the export function of LR4 is removing the metadata there doing the same thing because if so it would be tons faster.

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Lightroom :: Export JPEG Of Metadata Is Not Present

Aug 23, 2012

when I export JPEG, some metadata is not present :  For example, I have Watouuu, France, but it lacks Paris. In the xmp file, the metadata is ok

I have saved the metadata with CTRL + S and I selected ALL in the list "Metadata" module export.

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Lightroom :: Use Image Metadata For (put In Subfolder) Export Option

Nov 6, 2013

Would it be possible to automatically set the name of the folder in the "put in subfolder" export option, based on that image metadata (or on a preset, as it is, for example, for filenames)? Maybe a plugin? - image in "summer 2013" gets exported in "summer 2013 jpg" subfolder, where "summer 2013" is taken from the "folder" metadata and "jpg" either from the filetype or manually added.

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Lightroom :: How To Export Files With Metadata Information Displayed

Oct 23, 2013

I want to wash my .jpg files through LR 5 in order to display the filenames.  Via the Slideshow module I have been able to select and direct the displaying of the desired metadata option.  When I export the files the displayed metadata information does not make the trip.

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Lightroom :: Export / Save All Of Original Metadata To The File - LR4

Apr 2, 2013

When exporting images, how do I export/save all of the original metadata to the file(s) when using LR4?

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Lightroom :: Can't Find IPTC Metadata After Aperture Export

Apr 24, 2013

I am exporting approximately 25,000 images from Aperture 2.1.4 and importing them into Lightroom 4.  I started working with my small projects of about 300 images to test.  From Aperture, I exported the Master files with the Sidecar (IPTC4.XMP) files.  [My masters are a mix of .jpgs and .NEF, and I read that the jpgs don't always carry the meta data through].  I successfully imported the master files into Lightroom and ran the "Read Metadata from File" command.  I also exported the keywords file from Aperture and imported those into Lightroom as well. 
Prior to exporting, I edited one file in Aperture by entering "test caption", "test location", "test keyword", "test copyright" etc. into several of the IPTC fields.  These fields are NOT appearing in the equivalent Lightroom fields.  I checked the .XMP file (using text edit) and it does contain the correct "test values".  I am getting all of the EXIF metadata, but none of my custom values.

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Lightroom :: Adding Metadata To Images

Oct 27, 2013

I am working on adding metadata to my images. Many are works of my own or public domain art pieces. I need to be able to add an artist's name as Lastname, First, but that would result in two metadata bits. Is there a way to add in a comma as part of the tag?

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Lightroom :: Keep Keywords And Other Metadata When Import Images?

Apr 30, 2013

I'm creating a catalog with images from a group of photographers. Their image files already include metadata. I want that metadata to be imported with the images so I have the keywords, captions and other info that the photographers have already added to them.
I'm using Lightroom 4

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Lightroom :: Importing Images With Existing Metadata?

Jan 7, 2013

How can I import images into a new LR library and retain the existing metadata for each image? It only seems possible to import and apply new metadata or to import without applying metadata which means the existing metadata is not imported...?

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Lightroom :: Metadata Changes Not Applied To All Selected Images

Dec 12, 2011

I am having 2 problems.

When I am in lightroom's library (3.5), I would like to change the time of capture for multiple photos, and apply keywords.
However, when I perform either of those actions, the changes are only applied to the image shown in the "more brightly highlighted" image, not all that are selected.
Is there a setting I am missing?  I just cannot seem to figure out why this is not working.

Also, I aplogize if my searching skills are weak and this has been covered already.  I did attempt to see if this question has been answered before posting.

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Photoshop :: Extract Image File Metadata?

Dec 19, 2012

I'm transcribing some of the metadata from image files to build a simple catalog.  Included are things like dimensions, resolution, and photo date.  Is there a way to extract this data other than manually?

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Lightroom :: Losing Metadata Presets Applied To Images

Jun 2, 2012

I have one basic metadata preset that I apply to images after they have been imported. I've noticed that on a regular basis, every single image in my library loses its applied metadata preset and it reverts back to "none". For the life of me I cannot figure out why this is happening and I don't know whether it's a bug or a feature.
My standard workflow is that after I import images, I select all the images in the new folder I have designated for those images and apply my specific metadata preset but it seems that a few days later or after I import new images, all metadata presets are gone again. I have noticed this issue with Lightroom 3 and again with Lightroom 4 after I have upgraded so I don't think it's related to a specific version.

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Lightroom :: How To Copy Image Metadata Without Duplicating Images

Sep 16, 2012

Environment: Lightroom 4.1, Windows 7, JPG and RAW images
We often work remotely on a laptop, then come back to the studio and transfer images from a shoot to the main PC for further work.  Some adjustments in Lightroom were done to some images in the folder already, as well as rating some of the best images.  
It seems the recommended way of copying images from a laptop to the main PC is to use the "Export as Catalog" function with the "Export negative files" option turned on.  However, when working with hundreds of files, this process takes a very long time, and also duplicates the images on the same laptop in the export location.  This doesn't work well when working with 50GB of files, especially when only a few of them have any Lightroom adjustments anyways. 
Is there a way to just copy the entire directory structure over to the main PC (copying files is fairly quick  over Gigabit Ethernet), and then export only the metadata for the files (or catalog) over to the main PC so I can keep the adjustments?
In other words, instead of having to do this:

1. Export as Catalog
2. Wait a very long time for the laptop to duplicate all the images and export files
3. Re-import this catalog to my Main catalog
4. Wait a very long time for this to happen
It would be WAY faster to just do this:
1. Copy entire folder structure from laptop to main PC (this is quick)
2. Export metadata from these files only
3. Import metadata to new PC

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Lightroom :: Export Info To A File Such As Excel

Sep 21, 2013

I do bird photography and would like to create a smart collection that would capture for example all of the warbler / magnolia that I have captured.  I'd like to have the capture date, file name, and keyword in a spreadsheet file.

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Lightroom :: Why Does Date Created Metadata Change When Images Exported

Mar 18, 2013

why does the Date Created metadata change when images are exported?  How do I stop it from changing? I must have a preference set up wrong.

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Lightroom :: 4.3 - Multiple Identical Images Displayed With Use Of Metadata FILTER

Mar 23, 2013

Lightroom 4.3 version. All updates applied. Windows 7 64 bit.  Single hardrive used. No problems on disk.  Memory 8 gig.  Speed 3 MHZ.  OK
Here is how I use filters.  Select folders/SE:ECT drive letter where it shows number of images/turn on filters/select metadata/ use flat or hierarcy does not matter, select a date.  No problem, all the images from the entire drive relating to a day display. 
PROBLEM - multiple images are displayed in grid or filmstrip.  Search of the hard drive reveals those multiple images do not exist.  Now what is the solution ?  Metadata status ALWAYS displays image changed always.  Status responds correctly when images are displayed - no problem there.
When Catalog is selected as above, same results are obtained.  Does not matter - raw data or processed images into JPEG.
I can't express this problem any better - all the details are there.  WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  I need the metadata filter to use dates.

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Lightroom :: 4 - Half Of Images Suddenly Blurred / Metadata Dialogue Appears

Jun 30, 2013

I was working in LR 4 on Mac OS 10.8.4 when I suddenly saw the preview of an older jpg-file when moving the cursor over the image folders: The half of it was blurred. I moved into the folder to find the image and clicked another jpg file. Half of it turned blurred and somehow inverted as well, see here: [URL] .....
I starred at it and in the library view more and more image turned this way. There was an icon next to the images, when I clicked it there was something like (translated): "metadata for this photo was changed by LR or another application. Should LR import the settings from the disk or overwrite the disk’s settings with those of the catalogue?" 
There was no new version of the file or something like this. All affected files are jpg files, some from an old smartphone and most from an EOS 5D MII.

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AutoCAD VB :: Excel VBA To Extract Attributes

May 9, 2013

I have a program that I used years ago to extract attributes from AutoCAD into excel.   The VBA program is in excel.  It is Attribute extraction Utility for AutoCAD Release 14.   I want to use it again for 2014 but when I run it I get a compile error can't find project or library and it highlights the the following code "set doc = ACAD.ActiveDocument". Below is the entire VBA sub routine.


Sub Extract()
Dim sheet As Object
Dim shapes As Object
Dim elem As Object
Dim Excel As Object
Dim Max As Integer


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AutoCAD 2013 :: Extract Data From Excel To Field

Feb 2, 2013

I enter data into an Excel job setup worksheet. I then want to be able to extract data from given cells in the Excel worksheet, and have this become fields in AutoCAD. I do not want to use a table in AutoCAD - I want (ideally) to have the Excel data come in to AutoCAD as a field. I can see that Data Links tends to come in only to a table in AutoCAD. 

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AutoCad :: How To Extract Pile Coordinates To Excel Or Spreadsheets

Mar 2, 2007

how to extract pile coordinates to excel or spreadsheets, or anything that works and is quicker than just individual pile coordinates. i have about 446 piles.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Edit / Extract 3D Coordinate After Excel XYZ Upload

May 9, 2013

I'm doing some work with routed tubing at the moment using the Excel XYZ upload facility with auto-bend enabled and it works great. What I would like to know is if there is a way to edit an individual intersect point after the 3D line has been created? I've tried myself but can only movethe complete line, (all coordinates).

I would also like to know if it is possible to extract all XYZ intersect points back to excel or a table within Inventor so I could use the data with a CNC bending machine? Even displaying all coodrinates on the screen at once would be useful.

A working example would be as follows..., I will upload the customers XYZ data to create a 3D line, modifiy specific intersect points to simplify manufacturing and then extract the new co-ordinates to be used for prototyping purposes.

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AutoCad :: Extract Data To Excel Without Replacing Document Header

May 17, 2013

I have an excel document with a document header reserving rows 1-12. When i use "extract data" in autocad, i don't want the excel header to disappear. Can i set another cell than A1 to be the starting cell in Excel? Or how do i keep the header in the document?

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Lightroom :: Difference Between Copy Metadata And Synchronize Metadata

Mar 23, 2012

As far as I can tell, Copy Metadata and Synchonize Metadata do the same thing.  Is there a difference in what they do?

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Any Way To Extract All Dimension Text At End Into Excel

Aug 16, 2012

I'm dimensioning an old drawing with the real (measured) dimensions and with the drawing dimensions in brackets (using ' 1500 (<>)' to give '1500 (1505)' for example.

What I'd like is to also be able to put on the difference between the length I type in and the length in brackets - as this would let me see any really glaring errors that can't be attributed to user-error on the laser measure.So I could type in '1500  (<>) (X)' where X is the formula, and get ' 1500 (1505) (5)' back?

How to be able to run a script that could highlight any dimensions where the number is brackets and the typed number have a a difference of, say, 50.Or failing that, any way to extract all the dimension text at the end into excel so I can see the differences myself?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Extract Some Info From Table To Reference File That Can Be Opened In MS Excel

Jun 15, 2013

I've spent the last 4 hours searching for an answer to this question, but I simply can't find one.

As a start I think you have to know that I'm currently using AutoCAD 2012.

Here's the problem: I need to extract some info from an AutoCAD table to a reference file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Everything I find on the subject is actually an answer to the question "How does <DATAEXTRACTION> work?" or "How to do an extraction of DATA in AutoCAD?"....

In this particular case I have a set of production drawings (cut tickets) for manufacturing of stone. And in every single sheet I have this material schedule or a table, if you wish, that is made with an AutoCAD table. In this schedule I have the height, width and thickness of the stone plate and with a function it measures it's area and volume. What I want to do is to extract those values into a reference file that I can open with Microsoft Excel, as I already said.

How exactly?

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Illustrator :: How To Extract Images Images Without Losing Quality

Oct 29, 2012

I am working on pdf file, in which all the assets has been created in illustrator. I am opening that file in illustrator, and by save for web option exporting the images. But somehow the images as not proper. There are some colour related issues and also the images are not proper.
Is there any other way around so that I can extract those without loosing the quality ?

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