Lightroom :: Possible To Export Vertical / Horizontal Images To Different Sizes With One Command?

Jul 17, 2013

To prepare the imges for my blog, it has to be 600(width) x 900 (height) for vertical images, and 600(width) x 400(height) for horizontal images. That way the images lineup when they appear on my blog. Is there a way to achieve both dimensions with one export command?

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Illustrator :: DWG Export Changes Text From Horizontal To Vertical?

Dec 16, 2013

So I have been adding in some text over a .jpeg image.  Then I am making them into a .dwg file.  I have running into a lot of issues with the text though.  In the .ai file the text is all horizontal.  When I export it however the text turns vertical.  I am looking at the file in Autodesk Truview 2014.  Just wondering if this is a bug or there is some way to avoid this. I am also using Adobe CS2.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Drawing XLINE - Command Locked Into Either Horizontal Or Vertical Mode

Jul 30, 2010

this in an issue ive noticed for a long time now across a few versions of ACAD, not sure whats causing it. When i try to draw an XLINE sometimes the command will get locked into either horizontal or vertical mode, without me choosing that option. seems to based on the OSNAP pickpoint i grab maybe.

attached are pics of the process.

i run XLINE, pick endpoint and bam, its locked into horizontal mode, very annoying if im trying to make a vertical and horizontal line based off the same point.

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Photoshop :: Sizing Vertical & Horizontal Images

Aug 8, 2006

Is there a way in actions or scrip to size a folder of different size horizontal and vertical images at the same time so that the longer edge ( h or V ) is equal - ie - horiz long side 2", shortside whatever on Horizontal - Vert long side 2", shortside whatever on vertical ? at present I am separating H & V and using two different actions .

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Lightroom :: Change Picture From Horizontal To Vertical

May 20, 2013

in lightroom can i change the pic from horizontal to a vertical pic?

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Lightroom :: Switch Text From Vertical To Horizontal?

Nov 10, 2013

How do I switch the text from vertical to horizontal

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Lightroom :: 4.1 - Export Sizes Not Consistent

Aug 29, 2012

Lightroom 4.1 / Mountain Lion
Settings for Image Sizing:
Resize to fit - Long Edge - 960 pixels - 300ppi - Don´t enlarge
Portrait results: Width_640 x Height_960Landscape results: Width_1440 x Height_960
Lowering ppi to 240 results in the dimensions coming out right
A fellow photographer tested the same on Windows 7 and gets expected results.
I saw what appears to be the same issue in a thread from april 2011, but that thread died without a solution.
Is this a bug in the Mac version? Does it have to do with the ppi and is LR4.1 actually doing it right?

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Photoshop :: Horizontal To Vertical

Oct 6, 2005

i took a picture horizontally, is there any way to change so that it is vertical?

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Photoshop :: Non Vertical/horizontal

Jul 21, 2004

when I am trying to extract an element of an image from a larger image (using a layer mask) come across straight sections - but at an angle - at this point it would be nice to be able to put a "ruler" across that section and brush against it for a nice clean line. I tried creating a marquee and using the boundary box to position it - but when I rotate the marquee it wants to take that bit of the image with it...

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Lightroom :: Small Horizontal Lines Next To Some Images?

Dec 2, 2012

Sometimes some pics after being imported, have short horizontal lines next to keywords before I do anything with the photos. Is Lightroom somehow suggesting keywords that I should apply to these images?

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Photoshop :: CS7 - Cropping On Vertical / Horizontal Pic

Aug 25, 2013

In CS6 when I crop, the crop would automatically be vertical on a vertical pic, and horizontal on a horizontal pic. The new CS7 (Photoshop CC) doesn't do that.

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Photoshop :: Converting Horizontal To Vertical

Aug 28, 2013

I have downloaded photos from an Iphone 4s to my desktop computer.  The photos are horizontal and when I rotate them to vertical and try to save them I get the message " could not complete your request because of a program error".  I have no problem doing this with photos from my Canon camera. 

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Lightroom :: How To Get Vertical Streaks On Preview Images

May 3, 2013

If I import the files from the camera disk directly into LR4, I sometimes get vertical streaks on the preview images.

Yet if I go to develop mode, the picture loses its streaks by merely entering and exiting crop mode without changing the image size.
If I import them from the pictures folder after they were imported through another program, I haven't had any issues.  Go figure!

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Photoshop :: Rotate View But Keep Vertical / Horizontal?

Aug 14, 2012

curious if there's any way to keep guides vertical / horizontal when using the rotate view feature?

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Outlining - Horizontal Much Thicker Than Vertical

Aug 2, 2012

The problem is that when I choose or designate an outline thickness, the horizontal is much thicker than the vertical. I need consistency. Especially noticeable if I modify a font, enlarge it, stretch or skew. I do set the outline to scale with image and also don't outline until I am finished with the modifications. 

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Photoshop :: Horizontal And Vertical Banding Occurs

Mar 16, 2009

Working on a photoshop image. Horizontal and vertical banding occurs in thin lines of solid colors randomly within the image.

They can be repainted out, but with any zoom or tool action more seem to appear.

They exist even after saving and restarting.

Windows XP 64 bit $GB Ram

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Photoshop :: Tools Palette Horizontal Instead Of Vertical?

Apr 22, 2006

can make the photoshop tools pallet horizontal instead of vertical?

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Revit :: Flipping Objects Horizontal To Vertical

Apr 2, 2013

Alright, I made a custom bookshelf to fit under my stairs, however, when I created them, I made them on a horizontal plane, so when I loaded into my project, my book shelf is laying down in the middle of the living room floor, which was fun at first, but nearly an hour later I am not so amused. Is there a way to flip it vertically or do I have to remake the whole bookshelf?

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Revit :: Get Horizontal Mullions To Cut Through Vertical Instead Or Reverse?

Oct 31, 2012

How can i get horizontal mullions to cut through vertical instead or reverse?

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AutoCad 3D :: Horizontal And Vertical Curved 3D Pipe

Aug 12, 2012

I would like to know how to draw this pipe as shown in this picture below. Draw a 3d pipe with horizontal curve and vertical curve elements combined. Here are the design elements

for the horizontal curve for the vertical curve
radius=30.798m radius=18.000m
angle=29deg angle=60deg

The diameter of pipe that i am trying to draw is 5 meters.

3d pipe.jpg

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Illustrator :: Shortcut For Flip Horizontal / Vertical?

Oct 27, 2008

I find myself digging this option from the transform pane all the time, is there a way to assign a shortcut for this simple operation?

I can't get a hang of the Reflect-tool for some reason, it's quite clumsy.

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Photoshop :: Smart Batch Resizing - Vertical / Horizontal?

Nov 1, 2013

how you would batch resize a ton of photos to 50 % of its original size.The workflow I've had before is going trough image processor and doing the resizing when I'm converting to .jpeg. The only problem with image processor is that the resizing doesn't seem to be smart enough to differenciate horizontal with vertical.

So say I choose a specific resolution of 2880 x 1920p all my horizontal pictures are great, but the vertical ones turn out at 1280 x 1920p. 
So how do I batch resize in a way that photoshop would know to turn horizontal pictures to 2880 x 1920p and vertical ones to 1920 x 2880p?

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Photoshop :: Make Vertical (or Horizontal) Instead Of Arbitrary Rotation?

Jul 10, 2013

i am looking for a command that will let me take a scan of something and say "make vertical" and have PS prompt me for two pickpoints with the second pickpoint being directly above (i.e. vertical) the other. alternatively i would like to have a way to "make horizontal" and pick two points that i want oriented in a horizontal line to each other.
right now the way i do this is to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise by 90 degrees, then rotate by some arbitrary amount like 3 degrees, and then to do a series of 0.25 degree rotations - as i check by running a rectangular border top to bottom (or right to left) against something in the image until it is almost correctly oriented.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Horizontal And Vertical Scaling Of Paragraph Text

Mar 21, 2008

is it me being picky or expecting too much.  How come this useful feature of horizontal & vertical scaling of paragraph text fonts still haven't been implemented as of CorelDraw 14?  All the other illustration packages support this feature and Corel just never seem to care about it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Rotate IDW View Horizontal / Vertical

May 19, 2012

In 2013, just placed a view in an idw.  Now I need it rotated 90°.  In pre2012, there was a rotate Horizontal and Rotate vertical command where we could pick the edge and it would align to it.

Has that been taken out of 2013 or am I just overlooking it?  Restarted Inventor and that didnt work.  I did not restore the marking menu because I have some customizations that I dont want to lose.

For what its worth, Wiki help shows the "Rotate View" command in the video..... maybe I don't have the full version...IDK.  Looks like I am missing several commands here, like Apply Design View.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To See Vertical And Horizontal Dimensions Of Ellipse

Mar 12, 2012

I have build a solid in which the projection of the hole on the face of the cube is an ellipse. However, as I did not create the ellipses on the faces, but the ellipses are just the result of the projection of an empty egg inside an extruded rectangle on the faces of the extruded rectangle. How can I see the dimensions of the ellipses? I tried to use the measure distance command, but with no success.

I´m attaching the model file.

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Photoshop :: Vertical Photo W/ Horizontal Black Background?

Jun 16, 2009

I am trying to figure out how to take a vertical photo and merge it into a black horizontal background in Photoshop CS4. I have to upload a vertical photo to a website that will stretch the photo to be horizontal if I don't do something like this.

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AutoCad :: Rectangle Is Angled According To North / Not Vertical And Horizontal In MS

Jan 10, 2013

The building plan has been drawn according to North, etc. When I try and draw a rectangle, for example, the rectangle is angled according to North and not vertical and horizontal in the MS.

How do I turn this off. I tried changing VPORT to 0,0 and it rotated the whole drawing with North at the top.

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Xara :: How To Draw A Perfectly Vertical Or Horizontal Line

Nov 1, 2012

Is there a way to draw a perfectly vertical or horizontal line in Xara (Designer Pro 6) without manually lining it up with the grid? Sometimes I just need an instant horizontal or vertical line and I find I have to turn on the grid, zoom right in and meticulously place the pen tool so that the line is a perfect vertical (90 degrees) or horizontal (180 degrees) without slant or lean. Surely there�s a quicker and more reliable method?

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Revit :: Possible To Use Both Horizontal And Vertical Section Tail In Same Project

Jul 3, 2013

Can I have use both the horizontal and vertical secton tail in the same project?  When I change the tail in one system family it changes the tails on all the types.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Vertical And Horizontal Constraint Shortcuts

Jul 25, 2012

I am having a problem with the vertical and horizontal constraint shortcuts.  If I were to select a line and constrain it vertically the line becomes horizontal and vice versa.

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