AutoCAD Architecture :: Workspace Doesn't Open With Workspace 2D

Jan 4, 2012

is there a way to have the profile be on 2d drafting already as yoju open a new file or should you always open a new file and then change the profile from architecture to 2d drafting?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Where To Find Workspace Settings To Change Workspace

Apr 11, 2012

I just downloaded 2013 Autocad for MAC and I can't manage to see my drawing toolbars and also don't know where to find workspace settings to change my workspace to autocad classic.

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AutoCad :: How To Change From 3D Modeling Workspace To Standard 2D Drawing Workspace

May 1, 2011

I am trying to go from the 3D Modeling workspace to the 2D workspace without the XYZ coordinate gizmo on the drawing screen (just want to see the XY ucs) to work in 2D format.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Migrate Workspace From 13 To 14?

Oct 14, 2013

Can you migrate you settings from acad 13 to acad 14

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Change Workspace From 2D Drafting

Apr 15, 2011

Am I able to change the workspace from 2D Drafting and Annotation to Autocad Classic?  When I open the workspace dialogue box, AutoCAD Architecture is the only option.  With AutoCAD 2010, the workspace dialogue box gave me three options:  2D Drafting and Annotation, 3D Modeling and AutoCAD Classic.

How do I get Autocad Classic as a workspace option?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Add Classic Option Into Workspace

Mar 8, 2011

How to add the Autocad Classic option into my workspace pulldown. I only have Architecture as an option and I can't get the traditional tool bar display.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: 3D Modeling Workspace Switching

Jun 30, 2011

I am new to 3D modeling after getting quite skilled in the 2D area.

Problem: I cannot seem to access the 3D modeling workspace switch down in the bottom right of the screen, it just comes up with the active 'Architecture' with no other options. In some Tutorial videos I have seen an option to select '3D modeling' but this is not the case for me. I have also tried using the quick access toolbar to customize and add a 'Workspace 3D Modeling' button but this has not worked either. What I want to do is the change the ribbon thus tabs to the the 3D Modeling mode so I can go from there. (Using 2011 version.)

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AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Restore Classic Workspace

Aug 28, 2012

I just installed Autocad Architecture 2013 only to learn that Autodesk once again is hard at work making our lives difficult. For some reason they seem to want us ALL to use the ribbon. The ribbon in my opinion is HORRIBLE. I MUCH prefer the classic workspace since I do not use many toolbars and I key in the vast majority of my commands. As such, I get rid of the ribbon because it takes up too much space considering the fact that I only use a handful of buttons from the ribbon. But Autodesk has thrown a bunch of obstacles in my way.

1. Type "ribbonclose" - this closes the ribbon.

2. Type "cui" - this bring up the Customize User Interface dialogue box.

3. Right click on workspaces. Enter a new name for your new workspace.

4. (optional) Right click on toolbars to make your own. Then drag and drop commands from below into your new toolbar.You may also notice that you no longer have toolbars, soooo..

5. Type "menuload" - things brings up the Load/Unload Customizations dialogue box.

6. Click "Browse".

7. Select the first file ending in ".cuix". Click "Open". Click "Load". If you get an error message don't worry.

8. Repeat step 7 for each and every file ending in ".cuix".

Now you have tool bars and menus. However, the Express menu may STILL not work.

9. Then visit this webpage:URL.... to get the Express menu working.

10. Close autocad. and re-open autocad.

11. Set up your screen the way you like it.

12. Either click on the workspace switching icon on the lower right portion of your screen or type "workspace" and select "Save Current As".

13. Save your workspace with whatever name you like.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Lack Of Tool In Current Workspace?

Jan 2, 2014

I have recently installed the newest AC Architecture. Unfortunately I have some problem with tools in one palette CHANGE.

When I choose one of them (f.e. sign door or sign window) I get this kind of allert that "I can not find the tool in the current workspace". I have no ide what can be a problem.

More over on my friend's computer all this tools work correctly but only from the ribbon (it isn't possible to use this tool directly from command space).

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Can't Use AEC Dimensions / Tool Is Not Found In Workspace

May 4, 2011

i have a problem in Architecture 2012, First i can't use AEC dimensions because the tool is not found in the workspace and i'm using the loaded architecture work space.also i cannot get into the cui, i click on it and it just stops working.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Workspace - 3D Modeling Option Not Showing?

Mar 28, 2013

i do not show 3d modeling as a workspace setting option. only architecture. i was able to right click and 'solid', etc will show up on the pull downs now. but does is matter not to have the 3d modelling workspace?

using autocad architecture 2012 and 2013

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Photoshop :: Possible To Open Multiple Files In Their Own Workspace

Apr 16, 2013

You could do this in CS5, but it doesn't seem possible in CS6. It's a bit clunky when dragging from one file to another in the tab mode. I liked having the workspace open side by side. 

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Photoshop :: Force Image To Open In Center Of Workspace?

Apr 10, 2012

Is there any way to set a preference so that when I open an image from my Finder (Mac) it opens in the center of my Application Frame workspace rather than always docked to the top left corner?
CS5.1 Extended, updated, current Mac OSX updated

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Photoshop :: How To Open Image In Exact Center Of Workspace

Jun 17, 2012

When I drag a 3600x3600 px image onto a 3600x3600 px canvas, my image gets placed on the canvas with it's center at 1803,1803 px. So it's off just a tiny bit. When I place an image smaller than 3600x3600 px, it gets placed on the canvas with its center at 1802,1802 px or 1802.5,1802.5 px  It's not terribly difficult to center it after it's placed, but I'd rather not spend the 5 seconds or so every time I place an image if I don't have to.

CS5 12.0.4 64bit running on Windows 7 home 64bit

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Photoshop :: Why Does Every Photo Open In CS6 Workspace Go Black When Click On It

Dec 11, 2012

Why does every photo i open in the cs6 workspace, go black when i click on it?

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Photoshop :: Open Files As Thumbnails At Bottom Of Workspace Instead Of Tabs At Top

Jan 20, 2013

In previous PS versions I could see my open files as thumbnails at the bottom of my workspace instead of tabs at the top.  I would love to keep using that workflow- can this be selected somehow?

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Photoshop Elements :: Open Raw Files (NEF From Nikon) In Edit Workspace On E8

Sep 15, 2013

how do I get raw NEF files (from Nikon) to open in the edit workspace of elements 8?  I have windows 7 , and when I try to open NEF raw files from the viewer, it says cannot recognize the file type.

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Photoshop Elements :: Editor Workspace Has Stopped Working And Will Not Open

Mar 13, 2014

In Photoshop Elements 11, the editor workspace has stopped working and will not open.

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AutoCAD .NET :: How To Protect Workspace

Sep 7, 2011

I just wanted to know is there any way, not to allow user to change,  workspace or  save workspace in another name.

we have 2 shifts of  drafters in our company who work with one machine. Shift 2 always complain about user on shift one change  panel and ribbons . we have a standard icon and panel , But you know some users have their own way which thinks is the best and always keep changing UI.

So I need to know is there anyway to lock acad.cuix  or  lock workspace.

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AutoCad 2D :: How To Set Workspace Into Inches Instead Of Mm

Dec 12, 2011

Another problem i'm afraid!!! We had a problem with a drawing which came from an outside source, and some how set up the workspace of my colleague into inches instead of mm?! we managed to sort that (how - just randomly clicking!) but now they can only select one item at a time? they can select by dragging over the items but cannot individually select item by item

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AutoCad :: Ribbon Workspace Set Up

May 16, 2013

I have Cad 2013 and don't know how to set up the ribbon style workspace. Ihad set it up a while ago in 2011 and labeled my workspace as KPRIBBON. This workspaceis selected, but the classic CAD Is still the view now in 2013.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Delete Workspace

Dec 14, 2012

After I figured out how to delete a project (why not just have a delete button in the Project Dialog box)  that I didn't want created in the first place (apparently some missed option in the pack&go process) I now cannot delete the incredibly convoluted wokspace folder structure it created.

I deleted the project shortcut as was posted somewhere else and it no longer shows up in the Project dialog box.  However, the workspace it created cannot be deleted.  I had even removed the workspace from the project before I got rid of it.

I simply get a windows error that it cannot delete the folder(s).  I am an admin of this entire folder structure and everything beneath it.

I have opened and closed inventor making sure the project is still not in existence.  I have verified the workspace is not listed under any other project.  No other user has been to this folder or opened any files even closely related to my work.

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Loading 3D Modeling Workspace

Sep 10, 2012

Curious as to how to load the 3D Modeling workspace so that I can access the editing features and whatnot without having to type in the commands.  I have seen a few different questions dealing with this issue, they pretty much said to into the "custom user interface", click on the transer tab and then path to the support folder where you would load the "acad.cuix"  file and drag the 3D Modeling Workspace over to the left hand side.  The issue I'm having is that when I path to the folder with all the different ".cuix" files there isn't a plain "acad.cuix" file to be found and none of the other options offer any sort of 3D Modeling Workspace? 

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Copying Workspace

Jan 8, 2013

I asked this last year, but never figured it out.

I am an AutoCAD user, not a Computer wiz, so the "obvious" isn't always so, to me.

I have my Office AutoCAD set up the way I like it.

I have an AutoCAD at Home that I'd like to have the screen appear the same.

How and Where do I find my Workspace settings?

How and Where do I put it at Home?

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AutoCad 3D :: Create (in 3D Workspace) 3D Polyline

Jun 13, 2011

I'm trying to create (in 3D workspace), a 3D polyline which starts from the "ground" and goes up the Z axis for 45 units (meters for example), then, the polyline continues "up" but in a 45 degree inclination, and then it goes up further but still 45 degrees from the last segment.

I attached a picture of this to the post, the top line is the one I want to create, and the bottom one is what I get.
The thing is that the 3dpoly command doesn't let me set the line on the Z plane, unless I fix it in ortho mode, and even after I do the first segment that way, the next one stays fixed in either the Z plane or the XY plane, but not in the 45 degree between them that I want....

P.S. - when I click the 3d polyline command, there are no options in the command area, just "specify first point...." - is this what should appear?

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AutoCad :: How To Change Workspace Background

Aug 10, 2011

After reloading archecture 2008 on my new computer, the workspace is now black background. I'm used to white. How do you change back to white?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Saving Workspace In It?

Jan 17, 2013

In my workspace I have loaded pull down menu's, and I have saved my workspace in workspace settings.

But every time I close AutCAD and re-open it again, the pull down menu's disappear!! Is there a setting.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Get Electric Workspace

Sep 26, 2013

looking to do shop drawings for electric showing pipe runs, i saw a video and  a guy had "electric" and "plumbing" workspaces down along the bottom, my autocad doesn't have.

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AutoCad :: Difference Between Workspace And Profile

Jan 26, 2014

difference between a customized workspace and a saved profile? What are the specific uses of each?

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AutoCad :: How To Copy Workspace From One Profile To Another

Dec 6, 2011

I'm running Autocad mechanical and I want to copy workspace settings from

<<ACADMPP>> to <<VANILLA>>. I am using a plugin that setsup like so,

"C:Program FilesAutodeskACADM 2011acad.exe" /b"C:Program FilesM.E.P.CAD, IncAutoCAD ARX90x64AlarmAlarmCAD90x64.scr"

and I'd really like to work "/p <<VANILLA>> " in there somewhere.

The goal is to use the 2D Drawing and Drafting workspace with this plugin.

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AutoCad :: Export Workspace Layout

Nov 21, 2006

in Autocad i have set up my workspace layout (how all my toolbars are arranged), How i can export this and use it on somebody else autocad (transport via flashdrive).

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