AutoCAD Architecture :: Option To Create Block And Never Changed Text When Mirror Or Rotate

Apr 13, 2013

i used autocad 2010  and when i create a new block and rotate in that block text hhave been changed by cad.

 is there any option to create block and never changed text when did mirror or rotate.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Array With Option To Mirror Or Rotate Over Other Item

Aug 9, 2012

I've spent a day and a half coming up with a way to make this dynamic damper block work. Now, I need to fig out how to get every other blade to rotate 90°. I have attached a file with my block and an example of what I need to make it do. I’m running AUTOCAD 2009 LT if you need to know.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Mirror A Block Without Mirroring The Text Within

May 16, 2012

If you can mirror a block without mirroring the text within? I tried the mirror text variable and it did not effect the way the block was mirrored.

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AutoCad :: Create Dynamic Block Using Stretch And Rotate Parameter

Apr 26, 2013

I have a block of a circle and a line coming from the left and right side quadrant of the circle to a common point (see pic). I want to create a dynamic block using a Stretch and Rotate parameter. You select the block, the Rotate point (grip) shows at the end of the two lines. I can grab that grip and rotate both lines and circle by moving this point around the screen, but cannot Stretch this point to a new location at the same time. How can I have the Rotation end point follow the Stretch parameter?

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AutoCad :: Text To Rotate With The Block

Mar 1, 2013


I have a rotate feature set up and I have a tag for the block. When I rotate the block, the text rotates as I have set it up to do but it turns upside down or sideways as the block rotates. I would like the text to stay the same orientation but just move round with the block as the example below.

I want my block to do this.dwg

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AutoCad :: Rotate Block - Text Attributes

May 10, 2013

How I rotate a block but set the text to stay readable.

At the moment I have a 600x600 light fitting with a Tag inside for typing the letter of the fitting. E.G. Type A, B, C

I have a rotate function also so I can rotate the fitting to the orientation of the room.

But when I rotate the fitting the text rotates also, therefore if I turn the fitting round 90 degrees the text is on its side. How do I rotate the block but leave the text orientation the correct way?

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Photoshop :: Rotate A Text Layer Not By The Free Transform Option?

Dec 16, 2004

is it possible to rotate a text layer not by the free transform option? can we do it (for example) precisely 90 CW...?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Universal Text Change Option

Jun 13, 2013

I would like to know if there is a tool/plugin that would be similar to match properties that would allow me to change a text and then use that text to point and universally change all other picked text within a drawing environment.

Right now we are making manual changes per mtext line to make the transition and I am sure there must be a more productive and quick way to do this.  Just have not been able to find it.

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GIMP :: Create Text Words That Have Silver / Bright Mirror Effect?

Jul 8, 2013

Not sure if GIMP can actual do this.

I am looking to create text words that have a silver/bright mirror effect. The effect might look like silver liquid (water) effect. Or do you know what software it could be designed on.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Create Door And Window Block Style?

Aug 30, 2011

I created a dog leg laundry door and window and finally got it to work but when I open the door the window pane moves with the door, also the window does not show up in the plan view. The cut plan is set at 1400 and the window sill is at 1200.

Have a look at the dwg file

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Part Are Not Constrain In Assembly If Use Mirror Option

Dec 6, 2012

I am working in assembly .there is lot of similar parts in both side. i want to mirror that part. it was mirror but not constrain.

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Illustrator Scripting :: Create Mirror Text And Stroke Text In AI Scripting

Mar 16, 2013

the Script of creating mirror text and stroke text in Adobe illustrator scripting.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Annotative Text In Block

Aug 23, 2013

Why can I not check the Annotative Scale box for the attribute? Please see attached. The circle scales up and down but I only see the text in the 1/8" scale and but not in the 3/16" scale. The 3/16" scale is selected in the attributes scale box.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Attribute Block Text To Layer 0?

Apr 1, 2013

I am ACA 2013.  I received a file from an equipment company and has these blocks that are huge in file size, so I am cleaning things up on them.  Their blocks have multiple layers in them with different colors and linetypes.  I see the setbylayer command and it works, but not all the time.  On some of the blocks, they have attribute text in them.  the individual lines of the attribute are on different layers.  I want to keep the info, but set all to layer 0.  then I can move it to the block to the layer I want. 

another question, is there a way to make an outline of a block?  Some of these blocks are so detailed that I want to make a simple outline and then delete the block.

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3ds Max :: Mirror X And Y Option In Curve Editor

Mar 13, 2013

To make it possible for every parameter i could put the key like as in Xsi...You can make keys as in Cinema 4d - the first press m-mode modeling, the second key - e - extrude.

when i press Alt+Q, I want to see the object and his material in the material editor, I do not want to find material..i want mirror X and Y option in curve Editor like Cinema 4d - easy make reverse animations

Tools for animation as the camera when shooting handheld and most importantly to usability..I have a lot of ideas how to improve 3DS max. I have experience with almost all these programs for 16 years. Contact me on Skype, telling what you can do better - for a long time. Final3d1

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Text In Dynamic Block Not Reading Correctly

Nov 27, 2012

Attached is a dynamic block of a smoke/c.o. detector. I have a few of these on a floor plan and at times the entire floor plan needs to be mirrored. I would like the text itself to mirror as well so I don't have to select each dynamic block and mirror it again to read correctly.

I have mirrtext set to 0. I have read that creating attributes will solve this problem however I have created attributes in the dynamic block and I still cannot get it to read correctly when mirrored.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Larger Routine To Create And Rotate Text Based On Object Selected

Dec 29, 2011

the expression in question is part of larger lisp routine to create and rotate text based on the object selected and the viewtwist variable (we use dview twist to rotate our views when needed)

So the expression in question:
(< (/ pi 2) ang (* pi 1.5)
where ang is the total angle used to determine proper rotation of the text.

Now the problem. In most cases where ang = 90 (or 1.5708 radians) this works fine. the two exceptions i have encountered

in testing are a line at 70 degress, viewtwist 20, and line at 50, viewtwist 40. For whatever reason at these two conditions the expressoin evaulates True instead of nil and rotates the entire text object incorrectly (180 degrees). So question is how exactly is this being evaluated? i know its comparing ang (* pi 1.5) to (/ pi 2). is there some sort of rounding error? or maybe the expression needs a wee bit more definition? attached image and full lisp routine for reference of what is happening, blue text is angle of the line as created by routine at viewtwist 0.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Steel Members With Block Text Don't Show On Vport

Aug 30, 2011

There I have an issue trying to show the text I include on a structure steel members. On model space you can see and print that info. But if I go to paper space and put the drawing on a view port the text disappears? See attached. Just jump from model to work (paper space) and you will see what I am talking about.

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AutoCad :: Dynamic Block Scale And Mirror?

Apr 18, 2011

On some of my blocks i have started using quiet a few parameters, Although i have noticed on the blocks that have scale and flip, it goes wrong. is there a way i can get the flip parameter to follow the center of the block after scaling?

similar with a block of a door in plan, i have got the rotate working, and the scale to fit the door opening, but if i rotate first the scale parameter don't follow the rotation of the door making it difficult to then scale the block from the using the block parameters!

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AutoCad :: Rotate With Reference Option

Jan 16, 2014

I frequently use ROTATE with the reference option, which is a very useful tool. Just wanted to do this again, but instead of the usual 4 point picking process I am asked to "Specify the reference angle" after choosing "reference". Never came across this before.

Did I unintended change some settings? It´s the first time I use ROTATE after reinstalling my AutoCAD a few days ago.

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GIMP :: Create Path From Text Option Missing?

Jun 24, 2012

I'd like to outline some text, so I went to the Text tool, entered the words, highlighted them and then looked for the button that would let me create an outline path. It's not there. Plain and simple. There's an empty space between "language: English" and the tool pre-set buttons. I checked under the paths dialog, but the option isn't there, either.

I've never used the text menu before - actually, I've just never used GIMP before. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious? I read a couple of tutorials, but none of them said that you had to do anything other than highlight the text to make the "create path from text" option appear.

I'm using 2.8 and Windows XP.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Snap Rotate Option

Mar 4, 2012

I am working through an AutoCAD training book and on one exercise it tells me to use the Snap Rotate Option and select points A as the new origin and point E as the rotation angle.  The problem is that I can't find this Snap Rotate control anywhere.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Create A Block With Text In It?

Dec 9, 2013

I'm completely having a brain fart on how to do this. I want to create a block with text in it. But the block text will change because the block will be used in many different areas through out my drawing. How do I create this?

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AutoCad :: How To Create A Block / Attribute / Text

Apr 18, 2013

I am wondering if it is possible to create some sort of block which will detect the angle it has been rotated to and present this angle as a text? For eg. to calculate the superelevation and present it as a multileader with 3.00% above it.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: White Ghost Boxes With Copy / Move Or Mirror Command

Jun 8, 2013

I am getting these white "ghost" boxes with every copy, move or mirror command. They can be individually deleted but that takes too long. The more there are the slower each command takes, to the point a copy can take over a minute. If I save and close then when I reopen they are gone -- until I execute a command. This is unique to a single file I recieved  from a friend using a PC based Autocad; I use Autocad for Mac. I had no trouble with his file until I did a "Save As" and used it as a base for a new file. Now, every file that is a copy of it, even any file in which I x-ref it, has the same problem. All of my original, older files are fine. There is simply too much work in these (now) five files to start over. See attached.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Tool Palettes Have Changed?

Apr 25, 2013

Just on to ACA 2014 and noticed many of the detail tabs missing. No longer interior, exterior, etc. tabs and can't find how to replace them. Also Detail compnent manager toolbar icon gone and can't find command in CUI?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Hatch Set Origin Button Properties Have Changed

Jan 16, 2013

Typically when I click on the Set Origin button, all I then have to do is click on the page where I want the hatch origin to be, and everything works just fine.

I work on a shared computer.  Start working this morning, and now when I click on the Set Origin button, it prompts me to inform it "SIngle or SUbobject?".  And through a number of further selections, I can eventually get around to selecting my origin and having things shift around properly.  But that really slows me up.  Seems like one of the system variables got changed.  I've doodled around a bit online, but haven't been able to find how to get things back to how they used to be.

And I tried opening a new page, restarting the program, etc., and the new way the button works has taken hold.  I can't get it to reset. So on my computer (not working properly) when you click on the Set Origin button, the command line says "Command: _-hatchedit select hatch hatch objects: _S"  then it says "ambiguous response, please clarify" "SIngle or SUbobject?"

On the computers that are working properly it only displays the "select hatch objects: _O"  and doesn't show the _S part. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Create Sheet Notes With Different Line / Paragraph Spacing - Text Formatting

May 22, 2012

I'd like to create sheet notes with different line spacing and paragraph spacing in ACA 2013. When I change before/after Paragraph spacing settings in the Text Formatting window, I get a message reading "please provide a value within range of 1/4" and 4". I'd like to use 1/8" for the paragrpah spacing, which is the same size as the text.

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Revit :: Mirror Project Is Hanging At 29% Architecture 2013

Jan 26, 2014

I am using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013. I am using mirror project from the manage pulldown under position. I have used this tool many times in the past with success. This particular home is an average size two story. The file is about 40Mb. I tried flipping the home and Revit gets to about 29% and stopps. I let it run for an hour over lunch, even over night and no luck. I tried the same house on another computer running Autodesk Revit Arch. 2013 and it did the same thing.
I tried purging the file, I made sure nothing was locked, I even got rid of my grouped items. I tried copying the plan into another "fresh" file with nothing extra (like title blocks or other families).
I do have some floor framing shown in this plan. I used structural 2x10s to produce the framing (I did try getting rid of the framing and it didnt work). I tried turning off the roof lines (it has about three reverse gables) and nothing.

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AutoCAD LT :: Block Grip Dynamic Input Changed

Nov 14, 2013

I changed something about how AutoCAD displays and enters data for block grips.

It used to display the current value for the parameter when I dragged a grip.  For instance grabbing a grip for a linear parameter would give me the current length of the parameter and if I typed 24" into the dynamic input it would change the parameter's value to 24"

Now the grips behave as if they were ordinary entities.  For example if I grabbed a linear grip that had a value of 12" the displayed value is 0.  As soon as I move it displays the value of the difference.  Stretching it to 16" will display 4" when it used to display 16".  If I were to type in 16" however the parameter shoots to 28" (12" + 16")!See, it's giving me the polar distance I dragged the grip and not 2'-2" (the value of the linear parameter) like it should.  
AutoCAD 2010
AutoCAD LT 2013

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Wall Disappears In Plan View When Elevation Is Changed?

Aug 26, 2011

I placed walls at 12'0" elevation as they wereconflicting with walls below (overlap). I can't see them in plan view - In 3D iso view they are visible.

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