Xara :: How To Invert Transparency Tool On A Circular Shape

Dec 11, 2011

how to invert the transparency tool on a circular shape, so that the edges are coloured and the centre is clear..?

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Xara :: Copy / Paste Original Images And Converting To Reflections By Using Transparency Tool?

Jan 26, 2011

I am having problems trying to produce an image with reflections. I have been doing it in the past with Xara4. My procedure is to take a number of images, create copies of them, flip them then add transparency once they are in place as refelctions. These are all placed onto a dark background; reflections are stretching beyond the background at this stage. And in the past if I select all, then Arrange>Combine Shapes>Intersect Shapes then I can have the whole image without the transparent regions of the reflections. My plan is to have the background transparent and save all as a png to preserve the transparency on web. But it doesn't seem to happen in my latest attempts. Instead at the Intersect Shapes stage I get a tiny part of the background as my final image....

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Xara :: How To Draw With Transparent Line In Shape Tool

Jul 4, 2013

is it possible maybe to draw with transparent line in Shape tool?

Currently if I draw a line, make it transparent, the next line as default the same color and width, but does not inherit the transparency. That means it is not possible or just at me

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Paint.NET :: Plugin That Can Invert Positive / Negative Space With Transparency

Jun 18, 2012

I need a plugin that can invert positive and negative space with transparency.

Example: I have a filled square in the middle of a transparent image. I use the plugin, and the square is now transparent, where as the originally transparent space is now filled.

Visual example:

Of course, I need this to do more complex shapes. Also notice the blur is accounted for.

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Photoshop :: PS CS4: Crop In An Circular Elliptical Shape?

Jan 13, 2009

how is it possible to simply crop in an circularelliptical shape?

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Photoshop :: Circular Shape With Stroke But No Fill

Mar 22, 2004

how do i make a circular which has a border, say 2 pix but it has no fill or the fill is transparent or something like that.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Text Alignment In Circular Shape

Jul 16, 2013

I have text in a circular shape but how do i place the text inside the part on to the front of the face?

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Photoshop :: Select A Circular Shape And Delete Area Outside Of It

May 8, 2006

I need to place a circle selection around a ring shape in a gif graphic and then delete the background outside of the ring shape. The gif I am working with is a square shape with a green background and on that is a white circle shape with lettering going around it and a small pic inside the circle shape. I want to only use the white circle shape with the text going around it and the pic inside and discard the green square background appearing outside the ring.

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Paint.NET :: Change Rubber Shape Square Or Circular?

Nov 23, 2011

Is there a way i could make the eraser square, or circular in shape and change the size?

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Photoshop Elements :: Crop A Photo With Circular Shape

Oct 10, 2012

I need to crop a photo with a circular shape. At the end of the day the picture has to be circular. How do I do that? At the course I learned how to crop with or without proportions, but I want to crop with different shapes...

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Xara :: Converting Ripple Shape To Bitmap Copy And Then Slicing Shape

Jan 4, 2012

I just read the thread the thread "...plus ask about erasers" but it doesn't answer my question about combining shapes to remove unwanted portions - or at least I didn't quite understand it. Here's my issue. I've created a nice "background" image with ripples and live effects, but it has gaps, and isn'tthe right shape. I need to erase parts of it and clip it to the right shape, but every time I try to do this using the slice tool, it puts the gaps back into the image! Attached is my image and the shape I want to clip it to.

I just tried converting the ripple shape to a bitmap copy and then slicing the shape - that doesn't get me the rippled effect I want - just the shape I already have. Then, I tried just creating the water ripples in my shape - but again that leaves gaps and when I try to "slice" them away it does all kinds of weird things to the shape..

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Any Tool To Invert Greyscale

May 10, 2011

Is there a tool in Draw or Paint to invert a greyscale; in other words to make a photo 'negative' from a positive image (and vice-versa)? I seem to remember using such a tool some years ago but can't find it anywhere - if indeed it ever existed!

I've got a bunch of very old negatives and need to convert them.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Have Circular Shape For The Frame Of Leader Text

Apr 5, 2012

How to have “circular” shape for the frame of leader text?
I wanted to have circular shape for the text of the leader and wondering if such option might be exist.

Software: AutoCAD 2014, AutoCAD C3D, AutoCAD M3D, Revit
Windows 7 (Ultimate 64 bits),
Firefox 20.0,
Kaspersky 2013.

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Photoshop :: Turn Black And White Checkered Line Into Circular Shape?

Jun 3, 2013

I am trying to turn a black and white checkered line into a circular shape in photoshop.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Detail View Fence Shape (Circular To Rectangular)

Sep 3, 2012

Is it possible to alter the Fence Shape of a detailed view from circular to rectangular after the view has been created?

Autodesk Inventor 2013-64Bit Edition
Intel Xeon W3520 @ 2.67GHz
Win 7 Pro
6.7 System Rating
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Cursor Turns To Circular Shape When Open Particular Drawing

Jan 9, 2014

I'm running Autocad 2013 Civil 3d, when I open a particular drawing the cursor turns to a circular shape as if it is downloading something, but it is actually not loading anything. This circular cursor does not let you do anything with the drawing, you just have to keep hitting esc until it gives you a fatal error message that says "FATAL ERROR: Cannot write to undo file (probably disk full)" and it kicks you out of autcad. How to get rid of this ciruclar cursor?

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Illustrator :: Remove Circular Shape From Rectangle - Smart Guide / Snap To Point Not Working

Aug 6, 2013

I am trying to remove a circular shape from a rectangle in illustrator, the retangles width is 10px and the diameter of the circle is 13px, I centre the circle ontop of the rectangle ( or I appear to)  but when I use the Shape mode tool minus front, the circle is no longer centred ( see images).

I have tried switching off smart guides and snap to grid and am still having the same problem.

In the above image you can see once I have divided the 13px circle from the rectangle it has moved off to one side.
Also when I am trying to manually place the circle ( rather than using the centre guides ) I can only move it by a large degree it alway moves further than I move the mouse, could this be because of a pixel grid? I do not think I am using this. ( can see in the above image where I am trying to place the circle and when I let go of the mouse, the grey circle is where it lands.
From the 2 images below you can see that there is a 1px difference on either side of the extracted circle I was trying to get centered.
I should mention that the 'Align to pixel grid' in the transform menu is inactive when I am trying to do this, as I initially thought that this may be the cause of my problems, but it made no difference.

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Photoshop :: Circular Selection Tool

May 1, 2007

This might seem a bit basic, but is there a circle selection tool?

I would expect there to be a circular option in the top left where you can choose different brushes.

I'm on Mac OSX 10.4.9

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Xara :: Transparency For The Web

Mar 17, 2011

I have no problem with transparency in Xtreme. I cannot seem to get it to translate to the internet. When I convert to PNG or Gif I get no transparency just a black rectangle.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Can't Marquee Select With Rectangular Shape With Shape Tool

Jul 30, 2013

I just installed CD on my daughter's computer and her shape tool only allows for a free form selection by following the cursor in a free form way. My install allows for a rectangular click-and-drag type of selection. I see no options for this tool Is her install bad?

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Xara :: PNG Transparency In PGD 9 Vs 2013

Jun 28, 2013

I have an image that I need to export as a PNG with a transparent background.

In PGD 2013 it works fine - PNG is saved with a transparent background.

However, in PGD 9, it saves with a white (non-transparent) background.

There was a warning dialog about transparency pop up the first time I used PGD 9 to export the PNG, but I can't remember exactly what it said - something about transparency not supported for this type of file I think. I chose to ignore always and I can't find anywhere I can re-enable that option to see if it fixes things.

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Xara :: Exporting Object As PNG With Transparency?

Feb 1, 2011

Import a photo image which is, for example, 100px high by 500px long. Now apply a simple fade transparency from the left edge to 100% transparent 100px in from the left edge (i.e. 400px of the image's length is now 'invisible').

Export this as a png and then import this png. It will still be 100 x 500 - can you tell Xara export the image truncated down just the 'visible' portion (i.e. 100 x 100)?

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Xara :: Transparency On Contour Object

Sep 10, 2013

How to make a Contour object transparent? In below example is set a 1 step contour on the star, setting transparency the yellow is transparent but the grey not.


I am aware that the star could be turned to editable shape, after clone and subtract so the transparency could be controlled on both shapes, but is there maybe some other way?

Also could be a way of course to set outline for the star and not contour, but I do not like as in that case the line half inside and half outside of the shape.

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Xara :: Palette Shifting With Hue Transparency

Jan 5, 2012

this is not rocket science either [nothing much I do is, is it ] and to some it will be well known

to others it might be instructive, and if nothing else it's a free 'complementary-complement' palette [ couldn't resist that ]

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Xara :: How To Print And Export Transparency

Jul 4, 2013

Reading the Help document it says that transparency in a document is rendered as a bitmap when printing because PostScript can't handle it. This is also the case when exporting to certain file formats.

Isn't there a better solution to this? There are some truly magnificent tools in Xara and I'm sure this means that the technology is there to render documents in a suitable form when printing and exporting.

I've just tried to get a simple logo using some flat transparency from Xara into a Microsoft product and the transparent parts have given me big headaches as I want a true vector solution. The only way I found to work was going via Adobe Illustrator. If Illustrator can do it then why can't Xara? Isn't there some way that Xara can analyse the parts with transparency and create new vector objects where possible?

How does everyone else handle this - do you all simply ignore the transparency tool and work without it?

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Custom Shape Transparency Mask?

Jul 17, 2013

I need to make an object or group transparent towards its borders.

In particular, I drew a red heart and gave it a yellow contour with 20 steps, imitating a gradient. So the heart looks like it has a gradient (from red to yellow) towards its border. 

Now I need this heart to also be transparent towards the border. The transparency should begin somewhere in the red part and slowly mask everything and it should end just before the outer border, which should be completely transparent.

The radial transparency tool does not produce good results, because the heart borders are not uniformly transparent. I need a mask exactly of the heart shape.

how to do it inside CorelDRAW?

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: How To Control Transparency For Shape Files

Dec 17, 2013

I just upgraded to Map 3d 2014 from 2010 and cannot figure out how to control the transparency for shapefiles. I thought that it was a glitch with the upgrade so installed the servepack and still no luck.  So when I go to edit style and then to the style polygon dialouge there is no control for the foreground and no control for the trasparency, there is just a the word tranparency option with "0" but no way change it.  I have installed 3d on 2 computers and the same on both.

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3ds Max Modeling :: How To Create Circular Shaped Elevator With Circular Fence

Feb 25, 2013

I'm working on a UDK level for a college assignment.

I want to create a circular shaped elevator with a circular fence around it that's roughly half the size of an average sized character standing on it. I then wish it import this as a static mesh into UDK.

Here are 2 sketched up designs of the elevator, what I want to create.

1st image: [URL]....
2nd image: [URL]....

I am very new to 3DS Max so I would prefer a list of steps to follow to create this elevator with a a fence,

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AutoCad 3D :: Divide Bridge Deck Section (sort Of Trapezoidal Shape With Circular Hollow Section Inside)

Nov 27, 2013

I need to divide a bridge deck section (sort of trapezoidal shape with circular hollow section inside) but I need to keep the centroid level of each section to be at the same height. is there any simple way of doing it using Autocad 2014?

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Xara :: Linear Transparency Not Affecting Lines

Jan 26, 2011

When I apply simple flat transparency to a line, or a shape with an outline, it becomes translucent - as expected.

But when I apply a linear (or circular / elliptical / conical etc) transparency, only the fill is affected, and the line remains opaque

[Using Xara Designer Pro]

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Xara :: How To Export Alpha Transparency Properly

Aug 8, 2013

I think this is related to Xara's inability to export alpha transparency properly. I've talked about this before, somewhere. Feel free to find the old post.

The thing is, without a decent export the feature is largely useless isn't it? .Xar is almost never the destination format.

I can get round the edges issue by printing to PDF instead of exporting, but then the bounds of the original bitmaps are visible. So neither solution is any good at all. Surely this is a massive problem?

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