Paint Shop Pro :: X6 Not Remembering Custom Workspace?

Dec 24, 2013

Re: PSPX6 32-bit

I got a message to install service pack 1 this morning. Since then every time I load PSP the workspace is the default workspace and all of the tools I had added to the toolbars are missing. If I load my custom workspace from the load menu, it makes no difference, it just refreshes the screen and nothing changes. Also every time I load the program it displays the Learning Center and Organizer tabs, even though I keep disabling them.

I tried resetting everything back to the defaults but it doesn't work. Should I do a new re-install or is there something I'm missing?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace Color In SP1

Jan 25, 2012

Just updated from X3 to X4. Spent an hour looking for the workspace color so I could get rid of the huge graphite box. Updated to SP1, found this forum, saw how to change the color in the files menu, and was very disappointed that the menu backgrounds changed, but not the BIG GRAPHITE BOX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN!!

X3 gave us control of the colors. X4 is a big disappointment.what about the big graphite elephant in the room, the workspace?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Loading Workspace

Dec 6, 2011

I have a custom workspace I like quite a bit. In X4 I save it to Users/Owner/My Documents/Corel Paint Shop Pro/14.0/Work spaces..... I believe that is the default folder. I had some trouble with X4 and reloaded it and lost my workspace, so I recreated it. So now when I look in there I see 2 workspaces, cleverly labeled workspace1 and workspace2 and described in the type as Corel PSP Workspace File. Well, no big problem with X4, but I opened it and had the default workspace.

When I go to load a workspace, it doesn't see the ones I have saved. I hit load and no workspaces show up (although I have checked in my preferences under workspace and the correct folder is listed.) If I hit load and then try browsing to it and again no work spaces show up. I have tried to save the current workspace under the clever title "test" and it goes into the same folder. Even stranger, when I go to load work spaces, the "test" workspace shows up. I created both workspace 1 and 2 in X4, not X3...... so what's up.... how come I can't load a workspace?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Default Workspace Color?

Sep 9, 2011

In the X3 version there was a menue setting for the color of the work space where you could change it and not have to use the Graphite color. In the X4 version there is nowhere to select non default color. There should be as not everyone wants to be forced into having it the default"graphite or whatever"color.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - Save A Workspace Oddity

Oct 21, 2012

When I Save a workspace, I untick Include Open Images. I have always done this. When I save a workspace in X5, the 'Include Open Images' is always ticked. I un-tick it and save the workspace. X5 then asks me if I want to save changes to the open images in the workspace. Why? I click on No, repeated for all the images that are open at this time.

I then click on Save a Workspace again and yes, the Include Open Images is ticked again. In previous versions of PSP this remained unticked until the user ticked it again.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Personalizing Interface / Workspace

Sep 8, 2011

In PSPP X3 I could easily get rid of the graphite interface (it hurts my eyes). I've downloaded the trial and really liked the speed, but cannot find anything in knowledge base, user guide, search from these boards or on internet to explain where it is if there is such a thing. I could not purchase it if it's not possible.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace View After Resize

Dec 11, 2011

Every time I resize an image, the image in the workspace shows at a certain percent and I have to scroll to zoom in to view it at the normal size. The percent varies from image to image.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Autosave In Adjust Workspace?

Jul 28, 2012

Is this the only place now? I thought it was available in Edit mode. What about all the people (and there are a lot of us) who only use Edit mode? Surely it was available in before the last service pack? Who has not installed SP2 know? We have this in all previous versions of PSP that I have used.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Set Saved Workspace To AutoLoad

Dec 14, 2011

I have a workspace saved as Default.PSPWorkspace. Every time I start PSPX4 I have to select File > WorkSpace > Default.PSPWorkspace so that all the settings for Palettes and Toolbars are as I need them.

Is there any way to set a saved workspace to actually serve as the default without having to select it every time PSPX4 starts?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace Auto-loads Unwanted Image

Jun 7, 2013

I can open PSP X4 and edit and process images as desired. My workspace opens to Edit, as I've located that menu selection. I do not have any saved workspace configurations/files. Based on what I've read in the few hundred messages so far, I'd like to avoid a full reset of the program defaults, but if that's the only option, so it goes.

What is happening is that in as-yet undetermined situations, I get an automatic load of an old image. I've been able to recognize that the image that happens to load is the first one in the tray on the Manage tab. I don't use the Manage tab at all and only ventured over there as part of the preliminary diagnostic process to posting this message. Once I discovered that, I renamed the image in the tray and the sequence repeated with the next image in the tray, which repositioned itself to the first location.

I can "force" an auto-load in the edit window simply by starting with an empty edit window, clicking on the Manage tab and then back to the edit window. The first image in the tray magically appears. This magic also happens when I've closed another image that's been loaded. Of course, now that I'm posting this, I can't make it happen other than in the manner described above.

I'd like to have it so when I close the image in the edit window that I'm left with a blank edit window on a consistent basis. If I can determine how the image auto-loads in a manner different than described above, I'll add it here.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Custom Edges / Frames?

Dec 28, 2011

Using X4 on Windows 7. I'm trying to create a series of custom edges to supplement those already supplied in X4. I've created the edge ok and exported it as a frame and it works ok. The problem is selecting it in the dropdown menu under Image/picture frames. Whereas the thumbnails of the supplied edges have grey shading to represent the transparent section of the edge, mine don't, they are just plain white and that makes it difficult to know what edge to select. What have I done wrong? I've opened a couple of the supplied edges and they look similar to mine ie no shading.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 - Red Eye Removal Custom Iris Color

May 1, 2012

I'm currently going through a batch of digital photos I took of my nephew, some of which have serious red eye issues.

using the inbuilt red eye removal tool under the adjust drop down has proven quite useful, but I am limited in terms of iris colors. none of the default colors seem to be a good match for his own eye color and they are noticeably inaccurate in the final result. is there any way to either mix the default iris colors then save the new color, or add extra colors any other way?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Selection Tool Custom Sizing?

Apr 23, 2012

I know you can custom size the selection tool by pixel position, but Is it possible to set the custom size of the selection tool to inches? For example I would like to have a custom size of 5 x 7 inches so I can place over an area and simple copy and then paste that 5 x 7 selection as a new image.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Custom Fonts Just Stopped Working All Together

Dec 13, 2012

Just today, while making graphics and such, my custom fonts just stopped working all together. Every single one that I have installed just shows up as nothing and is un-selectable when using it. The one in particular that i was using is Bebas Neue. Although all installed fonts are not working either.This happened out of the blue and I don't remember hitting anything or changing anything. Just typing with the font and it refused to show.

Steps Taken:
1. Reset All Preferences
2. Shift Key Trick on Load Up
3. Restarting the Computer
4. Reinstalling PSP X2
5. Using the font in other programs - Which they WORK (Word, GIMP, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
6. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the Font itself.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Lost Extensive Custom Toolbar Setup - 14

May 25, 2012

In the past week or two, I took time to re-create the tool button config in PSP14 that I've used for many years in Paint Shop Pro. However, the next day I see PSP14 has reset to the DEFAULT toolbars!!

Why did this happen? Was it failure to SAVE the configuration? Are my toolbars lost now? any way to restore besides button-by-button reconfig?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Make Custom Brush Shape Follow Contour Of Path?

Nov 10, 2013

How do I make a custom brush shape follow the contour of a path made with the Pen tool?

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Photoshop :: CC Won't Save A Custom Workspace

Jul 23, 2013

PS CC won't save a custom workspace. Nothing happens. In addition, I get a "Can't apply workspace because of a system error" when i try to view the What's New workspace. Just downloaded the CC today. Mac 10.7.5, 3.4 GHz processor, 16GB RAM.

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Custom Workspace Does Not Work?

May 1, 2012

When I attempt to create a custom workspace (based on x6 defaults) everthing appears to work correctly until I restart the application. At this point the dockers I have positioned at right side of the workspace are either fully expanded (Transformations) or are fully collapsed (Object Properties & Object Manager).

This a major pain since I do not want to reset my workspace EVERY TIME I START THE APP!

I have already done multiple F8 restarts & re-creating of custom workspace with no change/improvement.

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Illustrator :: How To Save Custom Workspace In CC

Sep 10, 2013

how to save a custom workspace in previous versions does not exist in Illustrator CC. Has this option been reconfigured or simply forgotten? I'm using a Trial Version.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Add Custom In A Standard Workspace

Nov 27, 2013

I can add the SNCL-MMG tab in all the standard Workspace.

After that I save in a new profile.

In this computer it's ok.

My custom CUI is an Enterprise CUI.

But when I go to another computer and install my custom menu using my profile saved.

I didn't see the tab I need in all standard Workspace.

Autocad add my custom workspace and everything is fine on my custom workspace.

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AutoCad :: Saving Custom Menus And Workspace

Oct 31, 2013

We run 6 seats of Map 3D 2012. We are upgrading computers but want to remain with 2012 for the time being.

Our old machines were 32 bit; the new ones 64 bit. I am having to load the 64 bit version of Map 3D fresh to all the stations (individual; not network)

I have set up custom menus and a preferred workspace on my station some time ago. I don't want to have to reconfigure everything from scratch.

What files do I need to save and how do I access them once I have reinstalled the new version?

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Illustrator :: How To Update Custom Workspace Without Re-typing Name

Nov 1, 2012

There must be a faster way to updated the current, custom workspace, without having to choose "Save Workspace" and retyping the same name! I constantly tweek my workspace and do not want to save multiple versions, I just want to update the current space.
I'd like to simply hold "option" as I select the current workspace name and have AI update that workspace with my current setup.

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Photoshop Elements :: Save A Custom Workspace?

Jul 12, 2013

Using PSE 11, I get the panels set up the way I want, and the background that shows behind the document white like I want, and all is well. Until the comptuer loses it and I have to redo it all over. How can I get it to save my choices for these things? It also lost all my preferences that I set.

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Photoshop :: Custom Workspace / File Image To Fit Area?

Aug 15, 2012

iMac 27' OS Lion CS4 - I have built a new custom workspace where I have about 10 palettes permanently on the desktop and unlike my older Mac G5 running Tiger, when I open an image file it occupies the whole screen (depending on original size) and is occupying space also under the palettes. I would like for the image to open or if not open then when I keystroke cmd+0 for 'fit screen' so it only occupies the area of the screen that is free.

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Photoshop :: Where Does Custom Action And Workspace Files Stored

Aug 29, 2012

I need to transfer them from CS5 to CS6.  I can't work without them.  I looked everywhere.  Where are they stored (on a Mac)? I did try that useless migration thing. 

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Photoshop :: Custom Workspace - Action Panel Clutter?

Nov 14, 2013

Can a custom work space save a unique set of actions specific to that work space incuding function key short cuts? The idea is to reduce Phoshot action clutter in the Actions Panel.The goal is to have different Work Spaces with differnt action sets and function keys.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: 12 - Converting Old Custom Workspace?

Dec 4, 2011

I have just updated to X5 from CD12. Seems to me I heard once there was some way to convert an older custom workspace.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IPart With Custom Parameter Saves Parts In Workspace

Sep 10, 2013

when i create an ipart with an custom parameter column, the files are created in the workspace. Is there any way how i can change this location?

Many parts are piling up in the workspace.For example to the library (like "normal iparts" do) or to a folder in the workspace (workspace/ custom_ ipart_ folder)?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Install Full Custom Workspace Without Overwriting Current Workspaces?

Apr 6, 2012

I tried creating a custom workspace and was able to do so (without any modifications) but when I was in that workspace, and loaded an old menu, it wiped out all the default workspaces. where / how these default workspaces are stored, or how to upload all my old menu stuff without going through a tedious cui mod?

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Illustrator :: Actions Stopped Remembering PDF Preset In CS6

Dec 30, 2012

I used to have my actions set up so i could easily save PDFs with different pdf presets, depending what the work was for (print, magazine ad with bleed, newspaper ad without bleed etc).

Now when I try CS6 and set up these actions in Illustrator it seems like the action wont use the preset I set it up with, and just defaults to the last one used.
Is there something I'm missing or is this indeed a flaw in CS6?  Its pretty time-saving for me so it would be a big deal-breaker upgrading to CS6.

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AutoCad :: ProSteel Dialogue Boxes Not Remembering Previous Window Settings?

Aug 22, 2013

Just the other day I switched from Windows XP, AutoCAD 2010 (with ProSteel) to Windows 7 (64bit), AutoCAD 2012 (with same version of ProSteel).

Since then I have been noticing that a specific ProSteel dialogue box (Shape/Plate Properties) always resets to it default display. Those of you familiar with ProSteel may know that the Shape/Plate Properties dialogue box has a bunch of expandable tabs/pages on the left hand side, generally speaking I would always like all of these tabs to be expanded each time I open this dialogue box. This has alway been how the 2 previous versions of ProSteel have behaved in the past, until now.

Every time I open this particular dialogue box, all the tabs/pages on the left of the dialogue box are contracted, and must be expanded if I am to access them.

Sounds like a small issue, but it is proving to have quite a large impact... with the amount of times I enter and exit this dialogue box.

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