Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Default Workspace Color?

Sep 9, 2011

In the X3 version there was a menue setting for the color of the work space where you could change it and not have to use the Graphite color. In the X4 version there is nowhere to select non default color. There should be as not everyone wants to be forced into having it the default"graphite or whatever"color.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace Color In SP1

Jan 25, 2012

Just updated from X3 to X4. Spent an hour looking for the workspace color so I could get rid of the huge graphite box. Updated to SP1, found this forum, saw how to change the color in the files menu, and was very disappointed that the menu backgrounds changed, but not the BIG GRAPHITE BOX IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN!!

X3 gave us control of the colors. X4 is a big disappointment.what about the big graphite elephant in the room, the workspace?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Loading Workspace

Dec 6, 2011

I have a custom workspace I like quite a bit. In X4 I save it to Users/Owner/My Documents/Corel Paint Shop Pro/14.0/Work spaces..... I believe that is the default folder. I had some trouble with X4 and reloaded it and lost my workspace, so I recreated it. So now when I look in there I see 2 workspaces, cleverly labeled workspace1 and workspace2 and described in the type as Corel PSP Workspace File. Well, no big problem with X4, but I opened it and had the default workspace.

When I go to load a workspace, it doesn't see the ones I have saved. I hit load and no workspaces show up (although I have checked in my preferences under workspace and the correct folder is listed.) If I hit load and then try browsing to it and again no work spaces show up. I have tried to save the current workspace under the clever title "test" and it goes into the same folder. Even stranger, when I go to load work spaces, the "test" workspace shows up. I created both workspace 1 and 2 in X4, not X3...... so what's up.... how come I can't load a workspace?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - Save A Workspace Oddity

Oct 21, 2012

When I Save a workspace, I untick Include Open Images. I have always done this. When I save a workspace in X5, the 'Include Open Images' is always ticked. I un-tick it and save the workspace. X5 then asks me if I want to save changes to the open images in the workspace. Why? I click on No, repeated for all the images that are open at this time.

I then click on Save a Workspace again and yes, the Include Open Images is ticked again. In previous versions of PSP this remained unticked until the user ticked it again.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Personalizing Interface / Workspace

Sep 8, 2011

In PSPP X3 I could easily get rid of the graphite interface (it hurts my eyes). I've downloaded the trial and really liked the speed, but cannot find anything in knowledge base, user guide, search from these boards or on internet to explain where it is if there is such a thing. I could not purchase it if it's not possible.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace View After Resize

Dec 11, 2011

Every time I resize an image, the image in the workspace shows at a certain percent and I have to scroll to zoom in to view it at the normal size. The percent varies from image to image.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Autosave In Adjust Workspace?

Jul 28, 2012

Is this the only place now? I thought it was available in Edit mode. What about all the people (and there are a lot of us) who only use Edit mode? Surely it was available in before the last service pack? Who has not installed SP2 know? We have this in all previous versions of PSP that I have used.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Set Saved Workspace To AutoLoad

Dec 14, 2011

I have a workspace saved as Default.PSPWorkspace. Every time I start PSPX4 I have to select File > WorkSpace > Default.PSPWorkspace so that all the settings for Palettes and Toolbars are as I need them.

Is there any way to set a saved workspace to actually serve as the default without having to select it every time PSPX4 starts?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 Not Remembering Custom Workspace?

Dec 24, 2013

Re: PSPX6 32-bit

I got a message to install service pack 1 this morning. Since then every time I load PSP the workspace is the default workspace and all of the tools I had added to the toolbars are missing. If I load my custom workspace from the load menu, it makes no difference, it just refreshes the screen and nothing changes. Also every time I load the program it displays the Learning Center and Organizer tabs, even though I keep disabling them.

I tried resetting everything back to the defaults but it doesn't work. Should I do a new re-install or is there something I'm missing?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Workspace Auto-loads Unwanted Image

Jun 7, 2013

I can open PSP X4 and edit and process images as desired. My workspace opens to Edit, as I've located that menu selection. I do not have any saved workspace configurations/files. Based on what I've read in the few hundred messages so far, I'd like to avoid a full reset of the program defaults, but if that's the only option, so it goes.

What is happening is that in as-yet undetermined situations, I get an automatic load of an old image. I've been able to recognize that the image that happens to load is the first one in the tray on the Manage tab. I don't use the Manage tab at all and only ventured over there as part of the preliminary diagnostic process to posting this message. Once I discovered that, I renamed the image in the tray and the sequence repeated with the next image in the tray, which repositioned itself to the first location.

I can "force" an auto-load in the edit window simply by starting with an empty edit window, clicking on the Manage tab and then back to the edit window. The first image in the tray magically appears. This magic also happens when I've closed another image that's been loaded. Of course, now that I'm posting this, I can't make it happen other than in the manner described above.

I'd like to have it so when I close the image in the edit window that I'm left with a blank edit window on a consistent basis. If I can determine how the image auto-loads in a manner different than described above, I'll add it here.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Set X5 As Default For Opening Images?

Mar 17, 2013

I have changed all the settings on my computer and in PSP X5 to make it the default program that opens any picture/graphic file except files with the psp and pspimage extension because they aren't even an option. When I try to do it, it reverts back to X4. When I try to make the changes within the program itself, those 2 file extensions aren't even in the list!

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Set Up Default Email Program

Dec 6, 2013

I do not have a default email program associated with this progam,and to set one do I set up a default email program for this corel paint shop pro? then it says if i do have an email default to use that as a default...everytime i try to send it, my windows live email comes up, but it wont allow me to send it...jsut says fails and its keeps saying aol failed..., which is not the default....

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Paint Shop Pro :: No Default Printer Is Installed

Apr 9, 2013

I am using W 7 and PSP X3.My printer crashed and I have replaced it with a new one.It is an HP 8600.I have it connected to my laptop using a wireless connection which is the way my previous printer was connected.I have prepped 2 photos that the Mrs wants a 5 x 7 copy of each.I then click on File > Print Layout and get an error message saying There is no default printer installed.

The printer is known to the computer as I have printed from MS Word and I have scanned from the scanner to the computer.How do I get PSP to know the printer?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Default Setting Program

Dec 10, 2011

Where in this program ( 4x) do i check to not use PSP as my default program? I use another editing program and PSP is opening up my 'bridge' pictures? i need to use the programs as individuals..

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Selection Tool Reset To Default?

Oct 3, 2011

How the tools all have the option to reset to default. I was doing something earlier that required the selection tool and I saw that it had been changed, so I clicked to reset and nothing happened. All my other tools reset just fine.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Default Program For Viewing Images

Aug 21, 2012

I am new to the PrintShop ProX4 family. I just purchased my first PSPX4 software, even though I have been using AfterShot for quite sometime. My question is, how do I prevent PSPX4 from being my default program for viewing images and or pictures attached to my emails.

Prior to purchasing and installing PrintShop ProX4, all my pictures attached to my emails would open up under my Windows photo gallery. But now, they open up under my PrintShop Pro X4 program and since I am still learning the PSPX4, I would like to convert back to the Windows photo gallery.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Default Compression Factor For JPG With CTRL-S?

Aug 1, 2013

I've been using PSP since decades, currently I'm using the latest PSP X5.When I open a .jpg/.jpeg file and without changing anything on picture hit File-->Save or CTRL-S or the Floppy on the Toolbar, any picture is overwritten with a certain compression factor of about 15 (but not exactly). If I go over the File-->Save As..or F12 function, I can choose the compression factor as I want (f.ex. 5) over the options, it will be retained forever, until I change it manually, what is perfectly ok.

I'm quite sure, it wasn't always like this, but since some versions it is. I think earlier the factor I choose on "Save As..." was also used for "Save". But a mystical compression factor is used, which can't be reproduced manually: 15 is a notch bigger but about the closest.

Question:Can I set the default compression factor somewhere, I don't want to make the whole procedure over "Save As..." every time, I just want to open an image, edit and click "Save" with a compression factor of let's say 5. Anything for achieving that is acceptable, like modifiying Registry settings or editing config files to the HEX Level. A lot of googling and searching in settings didn't solve my problem yet.

I use very many features of this great program and plugins and stuff, but it turns out, the only problem I have with it, is about the most basic function.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Undo Default Tabbed View?

Dec 7, 2011

how to undo the default tabbed view? I prefer to see all images, especially when using the clone brush.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Default Presets In Crop Pallet

Apr 14, 2013

I do not use most of the default presets in the crop pallet. I use my own and when I go to the Corel X4 presets dir. Mine are there but the default set are not listed (hidden files?). How can I delete the ones I do not want from the default set so that the ones I have created stay on top?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Default View Setting For Opening File?

Apr 25, 2013

(using PSP-X3 ) I cannot find anyway to set the default of FIT TO WINDOW when opening a file.

All files seem to come in very large and I then have to do a "Window > Fit To Window" to get it right.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Scroll Text And Default Dialog Like Version 10

Oct 15, 2012

I am not liking the new features of X4 text. First, is there anyway to make the default text use the dialog box with holding down the shift key? Second, I am so use to previewing font styles by simply highlighting my text and then scrolling through the fonts drop down menu with version 10. This seems impossible with X4, MAJOR BUMMER and it really slows me down.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Color Profile To Match LR Export Color Space

Nov 21, 2011

I'm exporting Tiff Prophoto files from Lightroom into PSPX4 for further processing. The images are 1 to 2 stops under exposed when compared to Lightroom's image.I have selected PSPX4 color profile to match LR export color space.

I have tried exporting the Tiffs as sRGB and adode1998 and still the images are under exposed. I have little knowledge about color management and have searched around the web for possible answers, but no luck.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Color Replacer Drops Selected Color For Replacement?

Oct 18, 2012

For family history purposes, wish to improve the legibility of some hand written 1930 telegrams; the ink has faded with time so I want to change its colour to black. The form printing has not faded.

The user guide draws attention to the fact that the color selected for replacement must be in the image. Using the Dropper tool with sample size 1 pixel I position the dropper where I want it, see the color in the preview window, then right-click and the selected color appears in the background window on the Materials panel. So far, so good. I then place the Dropper tool over black in the swatch on the Materials panel, click and black appears in the Foreground window of the Materials panel. I think I'm set.

When I select the Color Replacer tool the background window immediately reverts to another color, usually white.Incidentally, the user guide suggests you read up on selecting colors with the Dropper; when you do this you learn that its OK to pick colors from the Materials panel.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Change Color Saturation To Use For Color Changer?

Jul 29, 2011

Question #1.

Were can I change the "color saturation" to use for my "color changer"?

Question #2.

When using "point-to-point" or "edge seeker", is there a way to go back one or two steps, without having to start all over again?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Adjusting Photograph (new Layer) To Default Image Size

Dec 20, 2011

I created a image (with blank background) with dimensions 640 x 480 (its my default working image).

I have copied photograph with dimensions 7300 x 4200 and pasted as new layer on the image (640 x 480). Obviously, the pasted photograph is bigger and it couldn't be showed totally. I am adjusting the size of the photograph manually, dragging and dropping its corner lots of time.

I tried to use "image => resize" / "image => canvas size". But it just act on my default image (640 x 480), not the photograph (even when its layer is selected).

So, is there any way of resize the photograph automatically to fit in the default image (640 x 480)?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Can't Remove Instant Viewer As Default Program For GIF Files

Sep 1, 2013

I recently installed Corel Paintshop PhotoPro X3. I find now that when I double-click a gif file (and I think some other types) it is opened with Corel Instant Viewer rather than Microsoft Office 2010. I want Office to be the default viewer, so from Windows Explorer I right-clicked the gif file, selected "Open with..." then "Select default program", then Microsoft Office 2010, and checked "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", finally "OK". The file then opened with Office. However the next time I double-clicked the same file, it opened once more with Corel Instant Viewer.

The procedure I followed has worked in other cases, so I don't understand why it doesn't work now. Is there any way of preventing Corel Instant Viewer from being the default viewer short of uninstalling it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 - Reset To Default Settings As Software Existed When It Was Installed

Oct 13, 2013

I am using Paint Shop Pro X6. I am an experienced Paint Shop user. Today, I must have done something strange, because now when I use the clone tool, instead of getting what normally occurs, the cloned area consists only of large dots--similar to what a half-tone photograph looks like under high magnification. The dots are the proper color.

Is there a way to reset Paint Shop Pro to default settings as the software existed when it was installed? That might solve my problem.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Change Color Of Paint Brush In X3?

May 15, 2012

I want to use the paint brush for editing a photo I have, but the only color available is black. No matter where I've looked in PSP, there was no option to change the color of the paint brush. I've read online that you need to change the pallet to material pallet, then go to "Foreground & Stroke Properties" and set the color box to the color I want, but the only colors I get are different hues of black and gray.

Even in Paint it's just a matter of clicking the desired color to use different colors. Why isn't it so simple in PSP?

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Paint Shop Pro :: HDR And Color Profile

Aug 19, 2012

I have PSP X4 SP2.

Current color working space: AdobeRGB1998.icc.

I want to take HDR photo. I have 3 pictures JPG in AdobeRGB1998. When I giving HDR/MERGE EXPOSURE program automatically changing color profile of my pictures from AdobeRGB for sRGB. Why does it happen?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Does Not Print In Color?

Sep 15, 2011

When I try to print, the print placement dialogue box shows the image in greyscale, and when I click the options tab, the options to print color and CMYK separations are greyed out. Going ahead to print gives me a B&W print. The same file prints perfectly in color in PSP X3. What setting I need to tweak?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Change The Pin Color

May 17, 2012

the image is attached.I would like to make the pin "blue", without loosing "real" appearance.

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