AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing And Using Alpha Channels In Autodesk

Oct 2, 2012

I am experimenting with Smoke 2013 pre-trial and I am having issues with importing images and video with alpha channels.

1. If I have a layered Photoshop file or png with an alpha channel (a still frame lower third), I see that I can import it as a multi layered clip, but what is the best way to have it in the sequence to show up properly?

2. If I have a QuickTime in animation format or Pro Res4444 format with an embedded alpha, how can I import that file to show and cut it on a top layer to animate above my video?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Can Publish Export Clips With Alpha Channels

Nov 24, 2013

I haven't tested every single combination yet in the publish menus.  To save me trying them all, is there any option that works to publish all the shots in a sequence together with alpha channel?
I have a sequence of CFXa clips with matte output connected in CFX, I duplicate the sequence and commit cfx... every clip has a matte container.  So far, so good.  Now I want to output the whole sequence as individual shots with alpha.
Tried the EDL option, changing file type to OpenEXR... no alpha.  Tried EDL, changing output type to movie and then selecting ProRes 4444.  Alpha was solid black.
Is it possible to get publish to create individual movie files for each shot at all?  Everytime I try this it writes one continuous quicktime file even though I select a shot number token.  Writing individual shots seems only to work with image sequences, is that the case?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Import 8 Channels Of Audio - Only First 6 Come In Correctly

Sep 27, 2013

Using Extension 1, I am importing an RGB Uncompressed clip with 8 channels of audio with 7&8 a stereo pair.  Only the first 6 come in correctly, the 7th channel has no audio and is not marked as a stereo channel.  The 8th channel is not shown at all.  
I tested the same clip in Flame 2012 and all 8 channels import correctly.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To View Individual Color Channels

Mar 8, 2012

I was wondering if there was an easy way to view individual color channels (Red, Green, Blue) in the viewer, and if so what the shortcuts are. I know you can do this simply in flame but can't seem to find a way to do it in Smoke.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Can't Seem To Import DPX With Embedded Alpha

Oct 30, 2012

Can't seem to import DPX with embedded alpha.. Am getting a checkerboard image.

Is this correct.. PS. Tried with matte container and without.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Repeat Both Fill And Alpha

Nov 26, 2012

1st issue: I deal with alot of still images. Mostly .png files with embedded alphas. When I import them sometimes they come in able to be put on the timeline and trimmed to any length. Other times Smoke thinks the still image is a clip and it has a set number frames. If I need to extend beyond that set number I have to freeze it. When I import, set the clip options to frames. That works - sometimes. I've tried different formats tga and tiff with no luck. I've also tried the repeat tool but that doesn't repeat the alpha. If I were to use the repeat tool for this, how do repeat both the fill and alpha?

Second Issue: When I put an image on the timeline that is larger or basically any resolution different than the timeline, Smoke automatically puts a resize on it. If I bypass the resize then (depending on the clip resolution) the clip becomes distorted. Is there a way to keep the clip's resolution independent from the timeline?

Third issue: What is Smokes preferred still image format? Today I had a jepg that was 500x350 (or something like that) and after a lot of trial and error I found that it was this relatively small image that was choking my system. After I deleted that file and tried a different file everything seemed to run fine. Is there a certain bit depth or color model etc that I should be using?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: View Alpha Overlay On Top Of RGB

Mar 16, 2013

Is there any visual tool in smoke so i can view the alpha/matte and rgb at the same time (by overlaying alpha on top of the rgb) ? I can't find a way to do it. Did i miss something ? or does this tool exist ?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Combine Alpha Of The Caption

Jul 5, 2012

I'm running 2012 Advanced.

I have a caption strap as a matte and a fill. Then a matte to wipe the caption on to it.

Now say if I need three of these on the screen at one time and to be able to reposition them individually.

In batch/action I was trying to combine the alpha of the caption and the caption matte, using a matte source node and a blending mode on the top image, but it didn't seem to work. I thought multiply should have done the trick...

I think the thing I'm stuck on is getting the intersection of 2 mattes. So you only see where they are both white.

I did do it with 2 source mattes, kind of in a cascade... but it's a messy solution for such a simple thing.

I ended up combining them out of action using blend and comp node. But then if I needed to resize the strap and 2 mattes independently of the caption itself I ran into problems.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Export QuickTime With Embedded Alpha

Aug 3, 2012

I tried exporting a container, but that didn't work.... Is there any other way?

Smoke 2012 SAP2 SP4
Smoke 2013 SP2 (Smoke Classic Keyboard Shortcuts)
Mac Pro 4,1
OS X 10.6.7
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
14 TB RAID (Areca)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Enable Generate Alpha In CFX Clip

Aug 30, 2012

I'm trying to create CFX clip with alpha so that i can place it over another clip in timeline. CFX clip is build from source and then i generated mask with gMask node and brought together with Blend&Comp node. I created CFX clip from Blend&Comp node. There is option in CFX clip settings Generate Alpha, but it is greyed out. Does some one know why is this so or how can i achieve same result with CXF output?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Dragging Embedded Alpha Image Into Action

Nov 28, 2012

I got single clip in desktop and it got an alpha embedded. If i drag that clip into the cfx , the clip will be interpreted correctly where alpha will be recognized. The problem in action is when i drag into action schematic, the alpha is ignored Smoke should know if there's alpha embedded then by default it should use it. ANother problem is when in media list , i add new media then click the clip twice (to grab F and M from the same clip), the result : i got blank alpha. Again it should load the alpha while there's alpha embedded . I think , this should become the dafault behaviour to deal with alpha. Although loading this clip in cfx schematic will solve the problem, i think the action still need to be fixed.

Also it should be cool feature if i can drag the clip from library and drop it in media list , and it will replace the media of the selected item in media list.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing MTS Files

Jun 12, 2012

Since the aim of this pre release is to squash bugs there is another thing I found out so far:

The media library crashes when I enter a folder containing .MTS files (AVCHD file container for the Pana AF100 & Sony FS100 for example).

I think these medias should be transcoded automatically since it's a popular codec right now but unusable for edit.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing M2T Files

Jul 17, 2013

The shop where I work shoots with Sony HVR z7u cameras.  The small memory recording unit on the back of the camera records m2t files.  Smoke does not seem to recognize these files natively.  (Neither did FCP without a downloadable Sony driver).   Is there a recommended workflow for dealing with m2t files?  

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing PNG Files With Alphas

Nov 2, 2012

I have png files with alphas sometimes Smoke will import them as a still frame that I can change the duration of . Other times it will import it with 23.98 time code and then I have to freeze it to extend the duration.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing 4k Material Via Backburner?

Jan 23, 2012

I just imported a bunch of 4k clips via the gateway using the backburner. Is it normal that it took about 2 minutes per frame to render? I had 36 clips, 53 000 frames in total, and it took about 8 hours to get them all in (with store local copy and proxies turned on).

Smoke 2012 SAP2 SP4
Smoke 2013 SP2 (Smoke Classic Keyboard Shortcuts)
Mac Pro 4,1
OS X 10.6.7
NVIDIA Quadro 4000
14 TB RAID (Areca)

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing TIF Image To Timeline?

Jan 29, 2013

Graphics import into the library with a default length of 1 frame. Is there a way to lengthen that so I don't have to zoom way in to grab the edge of the clip?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Process Of Importing Alexa Material?

Apr 11, 2012

Where can I find some info on the process of importing Alexa material to Smoke? Is it as slow as RED material? I need to Color Correct 10 min of 2k material from that camera.

Smoke 2013 Ext1
17" Mac Book Pro
OS X 10.8.5

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AutoDesk Smoke :: 2012 SP3 Crash On Importing Files?

May 29, 2012

Any time the gateway scans a directory, which has a clip that has stereo audio, Smoke hangs. Is this a bug? Specifically the file was a Canon 7D file which had audio recorded with it. The crash does not happen when we try a file without audio or a file whose audio has been converted to mono. The file was directly from the camera. Same thing happens when it is a Prores HQ file with Stereo audio.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing Corner Pin Data From Mocha Pro?

May 24, 2012

I'm testing Mocha with Smoke Advanced and have run up against a problem.When I import the corner pin data from Mocha for a mobile phone screen, there is a significant offset for each corner.

Mocha support have been very useful, and the problem is not to do with aspect ratio or frame size. The track looks perfect inside Mocha.I've followed the exact process featured in the link below.


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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing R3d Files To Project Reel?

Apr 15, 2011

when i import r3d files to a project reel, will it create a file in project or it will only take the original red file?

is there any way to do the soft import r3d files?

what is the native support means?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing / Changing Frame Rates

Sep 17, 2012

I have a QT at 14.97 fps. By default Smoke imports it as 25 fps and so changes the duration.

Can I either import it without changing duration or change once it's in?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Colour Shift On Importing RGB Uncompressed QT

Jun 25, 2012

I have a job done in Smoke 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack and exported an RGB uncompressed QT. I can pull this pack into the same software version on any of the other 14 Smoke on macs I have and it is exactly the same as the original. I have installed the new bug fixed Smoke 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack2 and this same clip comes in with a large colour shift. The whole image is about 10% darker! I have exported the same clip as YUV2 uncompessed QT and also a TARGA sequence and pulled these into both software versions and it is identical to the origianl. NO CLOLOUR SHIFT.

I also have 2013 beta version and I'm getting the same colour shift.

Have you done something to the colour management of RGB Uncompressed QT's in your newer software releases.

All my masters source files have been RGB uncompressed QT's for years and this is now causing big concerns.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Get Time Estimate On Backburner Importing

Dec 4, 2012

Today I was messing around with import. Tried to pull in 100GB of footage and found it took nearly 1hr 45 mins over USB3. I know the slow speed was down to the rubbish hard drive I was pulling from but it would have been really useful to know that it was going to take 1hr 45mins. I could've gone to the pub!

We get a time estimate on backburner importing? I also wanted to check that smac 2013 isn't throttled anywhere on import speeds? I know that smoke all the way up to 2010 vsn was throttled so that you would never get import as fast as your disks could go.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing And Caching Media In ProRes 422

Feb 13, 2013

I've been running the trial for a week with no problems importing and caching media in ProRes 422. Today when I booted up smoke I attempted a similar practice run with importing some random clips and playing around again and noticed that nothing was getting cached. When I clicked import it said it could not connect to backburner on port 0.

There appear to be a couple of threads regarding this issue where people lose the ability to cache media or export using backburner. I followed a thread posted here: [URL] ....

I tried restarting backburner, restarting the mac, reinstalling smoke and attempted the "clean install" script that is listed in the article above. After I performed the terminal commands and reinstalled Smoke, it connects to backburner but now in the jobs tab/backburner manager says it is waiting (occasionally switches to "busy" for a second or two).

Here's the error I get in backburner manager:
Matthews-MacBook-Pro.local 1946321280 swBIOSubJobServer.C:385 02/13/13:16:23:24.347
1946321280 swBIOAdapter.C:454 02/13/13:16:23:25.403 Cannot process tasks 0... in /var/tmp/WireJob/SubJob0
Unimplemented feature while reading source frames

I'm running Smoke on an internal SSD and my framestore is also on an internal HDD, but I can't imagine that's an issue since I had already successfully imported media before.

I also attempted to export a sequence of soft imported footage (also failed). The error is below:

Matthews-MacBook-Pro.local 2893642280 transcoderMediaProvider.C:312 02/13/13:16:56:30.268 Cannot get type of clip IFFFS-16:/stonefs7/Stinkzone/workspace/Media Library/_Export_130213_165628_1/H_16777343_S_1360792589_U_170633/hires: Project Stinkzone not found

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing Still Images - Mediahub Only Read 2 Or 3 Files

Jun 11, 2013

Trying to import some still images into Smoke 2013. There are 15 files, all from the same source, all the same format (.png), however, when I open the folder in the mediahub, it reads 2 or 3 of the files and nothing else. The other files are in the folder and are no different than the ones Smoke does read, yet for some reason the other files are nowehere to be found through the mediahub. This isn't the first time I've had something like this happen.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing TWs To Smoke

Jan 10, 2014

Whats the dealing with importing TWs to Smoke? I have a show that's 70% keyframed with timewarps and need a way other then baking the effect to bring it into Smoke. It's comming from FCP7 and we have Automatic Duck but neither the XMLs or AAF bring anything other then the first speed of the clip. Any way to retain the keyframes?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Unable To Get Preview When Importing 3D Model / Choosing A Font

Jul 26, 2013

When doing a import of 3D model or choosing a font, I don't get preview, just a bunch of empty thumbnails... why... and how to update. 

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing A Slate With Soft Text Effect From 2012

Feb 15, 2013

This has happened repeatedly for me, importing a slate with soft text from 2012 corrupts my default library. I get-

"The following bins are corrupted: Default Library Choose recover or hit the Enter key to try and recover a backup version of the bins."

Recovering fails and I'm forced to hit cancel which let's me into the project with my media gone.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Importing Huge Maps To Create Pan And Zooms - Max File Resolution

Mar 1, 2013

I have this HUGE maps I have to import to create pan and zooms. The file is a PNG with a resolution of 25000 x 16400px. Smoke doesn't play nice when I import this dil. It's all black and won't render. If there a max file resolution in Smoke? Or is it a problem with PNG files? (I tried with PSD adn it did the same).

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Caching Hangs On Waiting When Importing With Cache Source Media Selected

Mar 27, 2013

Although rendering seems to work when I try to import media with cache media selected and link to source media unselected the jobs queue just shows the status 'waiting' on the imported clips.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Smoke And AJA Dual Stream Stereoscopic Output

Aug 29, 2013

I know that the AJA Kona 3 card has 2 outputs.  Can Smoke send one eye to one channel and the other eye to the other of the Kona 3 card?  Dual Stream output is what I am really getting at.

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