After Effects :: Slow Render Time With AECS5 And Imported 3D PSD Files

Sep 20, 2013

I am working with something new in AE this week and I am curious if I am doing something wrong.  I need to insert a 3D thumb tack PSD file I imported into AE with a film I am working on.  As a test I just wanted to see what quailty the pin would render out for the final because the preview in AE looked horrible.  So I have a static shot of the Thumb tack and it is going for 10 seconds.  I started the Render and it has been going for 9 minutes so far and still shows 1hr 28 minutes left.  I've rendered 8 minutes music videos in 45 minutes on this same PC.
I am using a PSD for 3D because I do not have 3D software.

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After Effects :: Imported Song - Won't Fully Render?

May 26, 2013

I imported a song into After Effects CS6 to use audio waveforms. I click RAM preview but it won't render or play past 18 seconds. What am I doing wrong and how do I render the entire audio track so it will actually play all the way through with the effects on it.

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After Effects :: Render Times Of Certain Project Slow Down

Apr 16, 2014

i have a certain tv-promo-project where i have to render several comps which all include the same amount of text and just a hand full of additional graphic elements, e.g. a lensflare and a glowing line which separats the text blocks.
The text of the specific promo-comps are read out of a "main text comp" by expressions. The expression is as follows:
txt = comp("Master Textkomposition").layer("Textebene").text.sourceText;
The rendertimes of the project are constantly slowing down as the render queue and the process goes on. The first comp takes about 8 Minutes to render (it is only 10 sec long) and the second already 20 min, where the third comp reaches like 2 hours of render time. I also recognized that even the preview in the timeline is really slow, although the used effects are usually not that performance heavy.

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After Effects :: CS6 RAM Render To Scratch Ssd Writes Way Too Slow

Jan 21, 2014

The thing is that I recently bought a new pc workstation w/ the following specs:
32 Bg Gigabyte Motherboard - Intel i7 hexacore 4930K 3,4GHz w/ hyperthr. (12Mb Cache)
NVidia GTX-780
2 x Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB - raid for OS and apps
1 x Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB - as AE's dedicated Scratch disk
1 x Western Digital WD20EZRX 2 TB - as storage
Windows 8 / AE CS6
- Adaptive Resolution Limit: 1/8 (Ray-tracing on CPU since my GTX-780 isn't in the list)
Viewer Quality: Zoom Quality: Faster
Color Mgmt Quality: More Accurate Except RAM Preview
Alternate RAM Preview: Preview: 5 frames
Media & Disk Cache:
- Disk Cache enabled (max. Disk Cache Size: 100 Gb) - set on AE's dedicated Scratch disk
- Conformed Media Cache: Database & Cache - also set on AE's dedicated Scratch disk
Memory & Multiprocessing
- Installed RAM: 31,0 Gb
- RAM reserved for other applications: 15Gb (I'm also using Maxon C4d)
- After Effects Multiprocessing's Render Multiple Frames Simulteneously: enabled
- Installed CPU's: 12
- CPUs reserved for other apps: 6
- RAM allocation per background CPU: 3 Gb
- Actual CPUs that will be used: 4
My problem now is that my RAM previews (w/ and w/o Shift) are pretty darn slow, regarding the fact that I'm working on a really basic scene now in 3D space (Classic Render), involving 1 layer w/ the Stroke effect, VCP's Sure Target 2 cam set up and 2 small precomps w/ a small folding contentframe.
To RAM preview a 5 sec take, it takes almost 10 sec to build up this little scene. When I look at the processes in my task manager, I see that as soon as I RAM preview to my Scratch disk, the writing speed is a very dissapointing 3,4 Mb/s. I take it that this is an AE issue, since writingspeed to my Scratch SSD is checked and confirmed 180Gb/s +.

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After Effects :: Imported AVI File Plays In Slow Motion And Staggers

Jun 17, 2013

My imported avi file plays in slow motion and staggers. just started AE but pretty ok with Photoshop. its AVCHD , 50 frames per second

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After Effects :: Is This Possible To Render An Audio React In Real Time

Oct 30, 2013

I am looking for a way to render a 3d model that reacts to an audio in real time. I know processing does the audio reacting in real time but I was wondering if this is possible to render a 3d object that react to the audio via after effect as well?

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After Effects :: Render Time Taking 1 Hour For 4 Seconds

Feb 28, 2014

I am trying to render a 4 second clip of 3d text doing a 360° turn, I export in H.264 and have okay computer specs.
3.04 GHz Quad core
12 gigs of ram
want to start exporting more video for a project, but I can't do it with this render time.

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After Effects :: No Smoother Output When Applying AA And Motion Blur At Render Time?

Aug 31, 2013

I'm rendering at 1920x1080HD 25fps. Used the expression found on numerous threads including this one to generate whole number pixel shifts per frame.
t = time;fr = t/thisComp.frameDuration;x = value [0];s = 4; //Speed in pixels per frame [x, fr*s]

I generated the text and images in InDesign and exported as a PDF. Imported PDF into AE. Have tried a few whole number values for s including 4 and still getting judder.
Generated to H264 and Apple Pro Res codecs doesn't seem to make much difference to judder.Here is my AE project with PDF. Here is output as H264 (40MB).
Also included a Quartz Composer file .where I created the same whole number pixel movement as AE but rendering it out in Quartz Crystal I get different judder but no better. Quartz Composer previews in real time and Quartz Crystal renders same project that took some 16min+ in AE in about 30 seconds. But no smoother output — even when applying AA and Motion Blur at render time.

Any video encoder where I can down-sample say a 75 fps render to 25 fps with frame blending? Does Apple's Compressor do frame blending? What about some other app that I can get this out smoothly from. I have FCP installed but have never done a title in it either.
Since my Dell only has 60Hz at full native res (2560x1440) I set it to 1080p and selected 50Hz to see if that effected anything but it makes absolutely no difference to playback smoothness.
OS X 10.7.5
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB

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Lightroom :: Wrong Date And Time Of Imported Video Files?

May 20, 2013

LR 4.6 shows wrong Date (1988-02-07) and time after importing. Explorer shows the exact date and time of craeting the file. File type is MOV, camera Leica M (240).

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Lightroom :: Capture Time On Imported Video Files Shifted Forward Five Hours

Jul 1, 2012

Video files from an iPhone 4S (5.1.1) are transferred onto my Mac (this story is true under 10.7.4 and under 10.8) via PhotoSync.  In Finder, the files reflect the correct creation date.  On importing the files to Aperture, the correct capture time and date is shown in the metadata.  On importing the files to Lightroom 4.1, however, the capture time shows as plus-five hours from when actually shot.  I can't think of any setting I might have tripped in Lr to cause this to happen on import (I understand how to manually change the capture time).

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 :: Effects Not Working On Imported Image Files

May 29, 2010

I have recently switched from a PC to  Mac and reloaded my CorelDraw 11 software onto my Mac. I have been importing tiffs into my document but am unable to use any of effects tools. What I can do to get this software working on my laptop. I am running OSX Leopard. 

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3ds Max :: Save 50% Render Time / Fix Render Element Bug

Dec 28, 2013

I can´t believe it. Save 50% Rendertime. Fix the Render Elements Bug with Render Optimizer V3! deactivate "contrast all Buffers" with RO V3, and you have the same speed as Vray Renderelements.2014 can comming! URL....

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After Effects :: Unable To Process Image Files In Correct Order / When Making Time-lapse Videos

Feb 12, 2014

I have a problem with After Effects being unable to process image files in the correct order when making time-lapse videos.AE seems unable to identify the correct chronological order from the camera generated file names and the files need to be re-numbered with a number prefix.
However sometimes even after re-numbering AE still cannot order the files correctly and will generate a video with either individual or blocks of frames out of order.
I have another app (Video Velocity) that can also suffer exactly the same problem and which will often process a video with the exact same individual or blocks of frames out of order as AE. 
However VV has options to order the files in various ways including ‘sort by file create date’ in which case the time-lapse video will be processed correctly.   AE doesn’t seem to have this option? Or does it?

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After Effects :: Will Not Render Projects From Render Queue Or AME

Jan 17, 2014

Yesterday Ae was working perfectly. Today, Ae will not render compositions in the render queue or in AME? If I try to render from Ae,I get this error message:
and I can fin nothing about this error anywhere on line.

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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3ds Max :: Network Render Slow Down After A While?

Jul 24, 2012

My render servers slow down after ca. 20min (I don't know the time range, yet.)

They render in mental ray a frame in ca. 2-3Min... after 20min it slows gradually down to a exorbitant render time... The scene complexity do not change very much!

Maybe it depend on the fact that i render on windows 8 "release preview". With the older "Consumer Preview" i have no trouble.

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3ds Max :: Slow Pre-render Process?

Nov 17, 2011

We have an issue where one of our users are struggling with very poor performance during the pre-render stage.

This is especially clear during the following stages

Press "Render" button (takes around 20 second before anything happens)

Pre-Processing scene (takes around 20 second to complete)

Translation Scene & Translation Object (takes around 7 minutes to complete)

This is runned on a HP Z800 workstation with pretty hefty specifications, and a Nvidia GTX 580 graphic card. What is weird is that the user also has another machine with a bit lesser specs and a GTX 295 graphics card that finishines these same tasks using the same files around 6 times faster.

The machine shows no sign of a general performance issue, and when it eventually reaches the rendering stage it performs as expected.

Using 3DS Max 2012 SP1 and Win7 64bit on both machines

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After Effects :: Some 3rd Party Effects Crash After Period Of Time?

Feb 16, 2014

Specifically the Boris Continuum plugins. I get this error: 
Seems to happen for really no reason, even if I apply the effect and let the comp sit idle, it hapens after a minute or so.
Win 7x64, AE CS6 11.04, 16 gb of RAM GPU: GeForce GTX560ti

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3ds Max :: Slow Viewport With Autocad Imported Bluetprints

Aug 6, 2013

Im having some trouble in Max 2013, everytime i import a bluetprin from an autocad file, the viewport runs very slow.

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VideoStudio :: X2 Slow To Render In MPEG

May 8, 2010

Up until recently I had been able to capture a VHS movie using the ADVC-110, edit the avi files and put in transitions, save to a vsp file. Next I would go to Share> Create Video File> Custom. Since this an old movie of only fair quality I would select a bitrate of 6000. I was previously able to render 3 different movies of approx. 70 minutes in lenghth to mpeg-2 in 1 1/2 hours each. Now it suddenly takes 6 to 8 hours per movie. The cpu will go like gangbusters and render the first 50% of the movie in just 20 minutes, and then slow down and take hours for the last 50%. I have Spy Sweeper and other running progs. and apps. shut off, screen saver disabled, internet connection off and D-Link not in use. I am using my "D" drive for all my files, which has nearly 1 TB, and I have plenty of available memory. what causes it to slow down, and what I might try? OS: XP; MB: ASUS P5QL-E; GC: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT; SC: Real tek High Def Audio; Processor: Intel 2 Core Duo @ 3.33 GHZ; Hard Drive: C: 300 GB, D: 1 TB; Memory: 3GB.

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VideoStudio :: Slow Render Times

Oct 25, 2012

I'm running VSP x5 and have made a 90min film with my AVCHD 1920x1080 files. I'll be making some SD discs and HD discs. There wasn't a lot of enhancements to the footage except for several clips that needed a few filters put in. The Project Settings are MPEG Standard Definition dimensions.

When I edit my project, I always observe the Smart Proxy Queue manager, wait until everything coverts, and I get very good smooth action in editing. (probably a solution to many of the problems that needlessly occur elsewhere in the forum).

However rendering takes AGES and AGES (reached 40% after 4hrs). The box is checked "Perform Smart Render". Why is it when I've already waiting for files to be downsized when I first added the clips to the timeline....can I not take advantage of these and save time?

What else can I do to speed up render time?

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3ds Max :: How To Render A Super Slow Motion Animation

Jan 30, 2012

I have an animation of a wine glass breaking. I simulated it using mass FX and particle flow. I will import it to After Effects, add finishing touches and render out a super slow mo clip like you would see on Discovery HD or Time Warp. In essence, I want it to look like it was shot on a high speed camera.

I tried a test render out of max at 960 fps and importing into AE at 25fps but the results aren't quite white I want.

My question is, what frame rate do I render the animation out inside 3ds max and what frame rate do I import/interpret it in After Effects?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Extended 3D Render Time

Jul 17, 2013

does it really takes forever? im waiting for about 2 hours++ now at this moment

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Premiere Pro :: Slow Render Times With Large JPEGs - Complete System Lag?

Jan 8, 2014

In a project i'm working on I have two large jpegs with a small zoom scaling effect. Going from 100 to 103 percent.

I've noticed that both Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro experience a heavy slow down in render time as soon as the jpegs have to be rendered. Not only does the render speed almost come to a halt, the complete system lags very heavy, even the mouse cursor won't respond well.
This happens when i have GPU acceleration enabled and when i do a 2 pass H264 encoding. When I have the GPU acceleration disabled the render goes very smooth, and doesn't seem to slow down...
The jpeg is 4023  x 2677, and 6,97 MB large.
Scaling the jpeg down to about 1920x1080 in Photoshop and put that one in the timeline made the render go a lot faster.
I understand that a large picture takes a bit more time to be rendered, but we're talking about a 10minute render whit the large jpeg file and  a 2 minute render with the jpeg resized. The total time of the two jpegs in the video is 5 seconds in a 3 minutes video. So, that made me think that the render times are exponentially long.

Is this considered normal, I can't remember having such big differences in CS5.

My system:
 Premiere Pro CC (latest)
i7 4930K
2xGTX480Footage and project on a Raid0 disk
Previews/Cache on a Raid0 diskSystem and Premiere on SSD
Render to a single 7200 rpm drive.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Bridge Shows Image That Has Been First Time Imported And Put Through Raw?

Jul 17, 2012

In CS6   Bridge it  shows an image that has been first time imported and put thru raw and photoshop. that  the process version  is  6.7. Should that not read 7.1. Images taken  on canon EOS 450D

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Render Animation Time

Aug 28, 2012

I have a simplistic model (4 parts, 10 or so screws) that I am trying to render an animation through using Studio with the lowest possible output settings, my concern is that the render time is extraordinary long even for the most basic of assembly, why is this ? I have also tried the animate when in an IPN file which does improve render time but the quality is not very good.

I will now try using keyframe animation in Showcase to see if I can get an animation with good quality completed within the hour !

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3ds Max :: Interior Scene - Mental Ray Render Time

Nov 29, 2011

I rendered an interior scene. It took 17 hours 17 minutes and 35 seconds !!!

I used all arch and design materials. Some are used from material library. I am not really convinced with the output i made. I think there in nothing in the scene that making the render too high.

I m using

Core i7 2600 3.4 GHz 4 cores 8 threads
8 GB ram
1 GB geforce GTS 450 DDR3
win 7 64 bit
3ds max 2011 64 bit

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3ds Max Animation :: Tree Proxies Slowing Render Time

Jun 26, 2011

I'm animating a scene with a lot of trees in the background. I'm using forest pack with proxies of xfrog trees. The scene needs to look as realistic as possible but unfortunately, even though they are proxies, the trees are killing my render time.

Any good way that I might be able enhance render time but keep the quality? Maybe another solution to placing trees without using forest pack/proxies?

Autodesk 3ds Max 2010

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AutoCad 3D :: How To Set Time On Precise Value In SUN And LOCATION Panel In RENDER Tab

Apr 14, 2011

How to set time on precise value in SUN & LOCATION panel in RENDER tab. There is only a very anprecise slider (aboute 8 min skip) or in Sun Properties window I can select time only every 15 min. I need to set time every minute to analyse the shadow on the building.

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After Effects :: V6 - Imported MPG Has No Audio

Feb 13, 2013

I just created a new project in After Effects 6 and imported an MPG clip with audio, but despite toggling on the audio switches etc the clip has no sound. The visual stuff is fine but I can't figure out why the audio won't work. By the way I have checked the audio on other devices and with other playback programs and it works fine.

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After Effects :: Render AVI From CS5?

Jun 13, 2013

There seems not to be that option. I have a AE file that is 4480x192 and needs to stay this size! I have tried many converters, but they seem to diminish the quality and change the size. The program this file will be put into ONLY accepts .avi.

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