After Effects :: Imported AVI File Plays In Slow Motion And Staggers

Jun 17, 2013

My imported avi file plays in slow motion and staggers. just started AE but pretty ok with Photoshop. its AVCHD , 50 frames per second

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Imported Audio File (Stereo MP3) Plays Slower

May 22, 2013

When I import an audio file into Smoke it ends up being longer, and plays slower than it does outside of Smoke.

The file is a stereo mp3, 16 bit, 44kHz
Its normal duration is 13:19
In Smoke it shows up as 13:30

I tried applying a Time Warp to speed it back up but I can't apply the speed change. It is reset back to 100% after trying to change it.

Even if I don't import the file, in the MediaHub, in preview mode it shows up with a duration of 13:30 and plays slowly.
The project has a 24P frame rate in case that has any influence.

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After Effects :: Slow Render Time With AECS5 And Imported 3D PSD Files

Sep 20, 2013

I am working with something new in AE this week and I am curious if I am doing something wrong.  I need to insert a 3D thumb tack PSD file I imported into AE with a film I am working on.  As a test I just wanted to see what quailty the pin would render out for the final because the preview in AE looked horrible.  So I have a static shot of the Thumb tack and it is going for 10 seconds.  I started the Render and it has been going for 9 minutes so far and still shows 1hr 28 minutes left.  I've rendered 8 minutes music videos in 45 minutes on this same PC.
I am using a PSD for 3D because I do not have 3D software.

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VideoStudio :: Imported WAV Plays In Clip Mode But Not In Project?

Dec 27, 2011

X4. I created a 48hz sample rate 24 bit WAV file on my portable Tascam recorder.. I am creating a sales presentation for my invention. I have brought in many different videos I created on my camera and have edited them successfully with single clip and multi clip. Also have been able to split audio out of video. adjust sections using the nodes with the sound mixer.. move audio after split to different areas on the timeline.. However I need to do some voice over work. I figured it would be much easier and better quality for me to use my tascam to create the wav's and then just drop them into the project, edit them and place them where I want them, mute the voice I have on the video..

I was able to bring the .wavs in just fine.. and while editing them in clip mode they play just fine, I can shorten them or cut them where I need too. But when I choose to play back the project with the .wav in one one of the additional sound/music tracks I get very nasty static only. None of my recorded voice is audible. click to clip mode on the wav audio and it plays perfect. I tried moving it to the voice over track area and same exact problem.

am I missing a switch function somewhere? I made sure I muted the video clips above the .wav in the timeline. The manual says to use import option to bring in audio files but I do not see an import button anywhere? missing something? seems to me the drag and drop or add to library a wave file should work.. ??

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Lightroom :: Plays Music In Slideshow Slow

Mar 25, 2012

I am trying to create a slideshow then when I tried to put music and hit the play button the music is distorted in slow tempo.  I tried exporting it and I still got the same result.

I am using lightroom 4 in MAC OS X version 10.6.8

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After Effects :: Add New Layers To Photoshop File Already Imported?

Oct 28, 2009

for a .psd with say 10 layers imported into After Effects I'd like to add an 11th layer.  How do I import this 11th layer into After Effects?  

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After Effects :: Transparent Background Of PNG File Bugged When Imported CS6

Nov 14, 2013

When I import my PNG File into AAE CS6 the background of the file becomes bugged. I have attatched a picture below

This ir the original PNG image.

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VideoStudio :: Slow Motion From 50p

Oct 4, 2010

I have the DSLR 7D and it has these wonderful 720/50p module which could offer some amazing slo-mo, if you use it. Is this possible to do with my program, or do I need a better program like Vegas from Sony?

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VideoStudio :: Convert 50P To 25P Slow Motion

Nov 23, 2011

I am currently filming with Panasonic TM700 1080 50P. I want to creat a slow motion video. I know FCP Cinema Tool can change 50P to 25P slow motion.

Is there any way that I can do this with Video Studio Pro X3.

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VideoStudio :: Slow Motion When Editing?

Sep 19, 2013

I am a user of VS X4 Pro but I have not used it for a long time until now...

When I loaded a video from my camera into the library and from there into the timeline I got a problem. When editing in clip-mode the clip appears in slow motion with a noisy sound! When running in Project-mode the clips appear OK. When rendering the result is OK but it is difficult not to work normally in clip-mode.

What can be the problem? Have I changed by mistake any parameter in preferences? I can´t remember that I have had those problems before...

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3ds Max :: Why Do Objects Get Modified In Slow Motion

Dec 4, 2013

When I switch the display mode from "Wireframe" to "Realistic" or "Shaded" a strange thing happens.Whenever I make a change (say, position, size or color), the change can't be seen in real time. I have to use my middle button to either zoom or move my point of view, and then the viewport snaps to the change I made.
Also, when I change the color of the object, it takes very long (and in a fade in way) to turn to the desired color. Here again, I have to move around the object to see the real change take effect.How do I fix this so that I see the changes in real time?

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Premiere Pro :: Convert 60 Fps To 24 Fps Without Slow Motion?

Dec 30, 2013

Just as the headline says. I shot a wedding and accidently forgot to change the frame rate (Sony AVCHD, if it matters). I need the clip to get to 24fps without using slow motion (I need it to look real time) and I need the audio from the clip as well. So, clearly going to Interpret Footage>Frame Rate won't work because the audio and film slow down. Even unganging it as instructed by Adobe in the manual doesn't work quite right.

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VideoStudio :: Slow Motion Rendering Is Jumpy?

Jun 19, 2013

I have Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 and am having problems rendering clips in slow motion.

I have recorded at 50p in full HD. In Video Studio I have slowed the clips down to 25%, and when I do a preview in the editor, it looks fantastic. However when I render to a MP4 file it looks terrible. You can see every frame.

How do I render and get at least the same quality as I get in the preview window?

Here is the video I am talking about. [URL]...... through to about 30 seconds to see the jumping.

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VideoStudio :: Edit Video In Slow Motion

Dec 26, 2012

Using Videostudio Pro X5. Captured video using GoPro at 240fps. Video imports fine. I want to edit the video in slow motion. I'm using the "speed/time lapse" option - I set the speed at "25%".

However the outcome is that the video is choppy as if it's throwing away frames. At this setting I should be getting decent smooth frame rates but this is not the case. I'm looking to end up with at least 25-30 fps.

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3ds Max :: How To Render A Super Slow Motion Animation

Jan 30, 2012

I have an animation of a wine glass breaking. I simulated it using mass FX and particle flow. I will import it to After Effects, add finishing touches and render out a super slow mo clip like you would see on Discovery HD or Time Warp. In essence, I want it to look like it was shot on a high speed camera.

I tried a test render out of max at 960 fps and importing into AE at 25fps but the results aren't quite white I want.

My question is, what frame rate do I render the animation out inside 3ds max and what frame rate do I import/interpret it in After Effects?

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Photoshop :: Creating Slow Motion Effect - Video In CS6?

Sep 28, 2013

I have a video I’ve edited (text captions etc) in CS6 - Can I somehow slow it down ie create a slow motion effect and then export that?

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VideoStudio :: Apply Slow Motion To Just A Couple Of Seconds?

Mar 6, 2012

Is there a way to apply slow motion to just a couple of seconds or so of a clip without having it apply to the whole clip?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Best Setup For Super Slow Motion

Dec 17, 2011

i have a red file to 120 fps and convert a Pro Ress File. i want a more slow!

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VideoStudio :: Slow Motion - How Does Time Lapse / Speed Work

Jun 27, 2011

I experimented with slow motion of a water fall video clip from Letchworth State Park of New York where we visited recently. The original clip is 1080p24fps. I used virtualdub, avisynth, mvtools method to change the video clip from 24fps to 96fps, and 144fps. This method smoothly builds additional frames between each of the 24fps appropriately and the method works great to create smooth slow motion that plays in VLC slowing the 96 and 144 clips fluidly slow. Inserting the three clips into VS works fine and play normally. Selecting the inserted 96fps clip, and slowing it by 25% plays jerky, and renders as 1080p24fps the same way. Same situation with the 144fps clip. I played with all the parameters: frame and % and I could not make VS X4 play the clips smoothly. I am hoping I don't understand how to use this new Time lapse/Speed feature. BTW, I also own Premiere Pro, and it does the slow down of these clips perfectly. You can see the three clips in VIMEO done with Premiere Pro: [URL]

EDIT: I just tried Microsoft Movie Maker that comes free from Microsoft, and it does the slow down correctly. I am thinking this is a problem with VS X4

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Slow Motion Editing Music Video

Apr 5, 2012

I'm editing a music video, when apply time warp a one shot for example 25% for slow motion , the shot repeat the last frame, 4 frames.

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Photoshop :: How To Access Speed Slider - Slow Motion In Video Clips

Dec 31, 2012

i an having trouble accessing this function.  I have CS6 (windows) and i can't access the 'speed/duration sliders' to slow down my clip to look like its in slow motion.  I know this can be done

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3ds Max Animation :: Create Slow Motion Of The Complete Sequence Without To Use Rescale Time?

Dec 3, 2012

Is there a way to "render every Nth Frame" with a value of 0.5 oder 0.25 ?

To create a slow motion of the complete sequence without to use rescale time?

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After Effects :: Can't See Motion Paths

May 21, 2011

Motion Paths won't display. I'm using the latest updates for AE CS5 and nVidia. Motion Paths have never been visible in AE CS5 all the way back to nVidia driver version 178.x, in fact.

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After Effects :: Where Is Pixel Motion Blur In CS6

Sep 25, 2013

Where is the Pixel Motion Blur in AE CS6?  When I type Pixel Motion Blur in the Effects Search, nothing comes up.

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3ds Max :: Slow Viewport With Autocad Imported Bluetprints

Aug 6, 2013

Im having some trouble in Max 2013, everytime i import a bluetprin from an autocad file, the viewport runs very slow.

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VideoStudio :: X6 - Adding Effects To Motion Tracks?

Apr 23, 2013

I have a clip where I have tracked the motion of two eyes (not the eyemovement, but the location). The tracking is awesome by the way. The placeholders are following the movement very good. My goal is to have some kind of effect on the eyes (scary, sci-fi etc), like lens flare coming out of them. But I can't figure out how to add this effect to the motion I have tracked. I have tried adding the effect to the place holders, but it looks very ugly and they are still just a couple of squares.

how I can add an effect to a motion track like this..?

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After Effects :: Exporting Motion Tracking (Becomes Out Of Position)

Mar 19, 2014

I am motion tracking a logo out of my clip by using simple motion tracking.  The shot is a bit shakey but the tracker does a pretty good job, then afterwards to be certian I am going through frame by frame to ensure the entire logo is blurred out.  (Its fairly big). And doing minor adjustments if need be. 
After rendering the clip in my composition window and watching it, its plays through nicely, exacly how I want it. 
The I hit (Command M) to "Make Movie" and render my clip out.  I use "Best Settings" and render it out, the issue here is that when it is rendering, my blur becomes out of place and does NOT follow the logo like it should be.  It jumps around, it dosent completely leave the logo, and jump all over the screen, but it makes the logo clealy visible. But it somewhat follows the logo across the screen in a horizintal matter, but does not stay in place like how the motion tracker/I set it to be.
This is weird to me because I have blurred out several things in the film using the same method already, and for some reason this one is just not working. 
I am on MAC OSX 10.9.2

Running Creative Suite CS5

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After Effects :: Tracking Motion Picture Disappear?

Sep 5, 2013

Everytime I´m near finishing my project the image that should be tracking motion disappear.
I have a clip, and then I want to paste a picture into it that have a moving mouth. I think I'm on the right track

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After Effects :: Motion Tracker With Text On Moving Train

Dec 10, 2013

I have a video clip of a train moving across the tracks.  The camera also pans to follow the path of the train.  I want text to sit on the top of the first car of the train as its travels from left to right.
I used Track Camera and then parented text to the Null object. 
The problem is that the text has to adjust in size and perspective as the train moves along.     

I have tried keyframing these options but the result appears jittery and jumpy as if the text is dancing on top of the train.     

The text should be the exact width of the first train.  

Tiny in the distance and then large as it approaches cameras.  
Also, there appears to be a bug with the text object not displaying the font correctly.   I have tried many fonts and each appears inconsistent. I have attached a screen grab. 
The red text is how the characters should appear given my font choice.  The red is NOT tied to the null object; its just a text layer.     The black font is tied to the null object.  You can obserce that certain characters are bold and others not. Overall this looks nothing like the font is supposed to appear.

Please note that both titles are the same font. password for the vimeo clip is :  train-tracker

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After Effects :: Isolate Mask From Motion Tracked Video?

Jan 15, 2014

I am trying to use a mask and keep it still while a motion tracked video moves around inside it.

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After Effects :: How To Draw A Motion Path For Objects To Follow

Feb 5, 2014

I was wondering if you could draw a motion path for objects to follow. I have multiple objects(12) that all need to follow on the same path. Do I have to animate all of them individually, or can I draw a path? These objects are NOT masks. They are text imported from Illustrator(CS6).
If Microsoft Powerpoint can do it, then surely Adobe can...

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