VideoStudio :: X3 Crashes While Creating Video File With Error

Feb 9, 2012

The error says as follows:

The program has encountered an unspecified error and has stopped functioning. Please contact Corel Technical Support and send the dump file for analysis.


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VideoStudio :: Pro X3 Error When Creating Video File

Mar 6, 2012

I've been editing with no problems for a while now but every time I try to share/create a video file it fails every time at 95%. I'm assuming it must be something specific for it to fail every time at the same point and i've tried it in multiple formats but always with the same result

I have included a screenshot.

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VideoStudio :: X3 Crashes On Save Of Any Video File Type?

Feb 8, 2012

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.. There is no error message, it just says Corel VideoStudio X3 has stopped working... The video is only 48 seconds long (A test video) 1280x720 and was recorded at 30fps.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 Video Card and a 3.4GHz processor and 6GB of RAM

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VideoStudio :: Whenever Click On Create Video File Button Program Crashes

Mar 13, 2012

I downloaded a trial copy of the Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultra. Every time I click on the Create Video File button the program crashes. I get a message that the program must exit. Every time I try this, it crashes.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X5 - Creating Video File And DVD?

Nov 18, 2013

I'm using Corel Videostudio Pro X5 and have been filmimg in ACVHD.MTS format this year for the first time on motorsport events, I've edited all my 2013 footage and all is looking great.and now i want to save the footage into a file on my PC to upload into Sony DVD Architect to make a quality DVD production.

I have done this routine with my SD footage for several years and had no issues at all and created some great DVDs but now i'm using HD footage i'm getting lost with all the video formats that are available.

Basically which is the best format to save my video file onto my PC before i upload it into Sony DVD Architect? I tried the first option HDV which looked great and a reasonable file size but then it started to flicker and freeze during play back on my PC.

Also, even though i've been filming in HD i still only want to make a standard DVD because i share my work with friends who do not have Bluray players, will this be an issue since i have filmed in HD all year? All i after after really is the best quality footage i can produce for my DVD.

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VideoStudio :: Creating The Best Quality Video File

Dec 14, 2010

So, I have created many bluray video files which I store in my hard drive using the Corel pro "create a videofile feature" and they have worked pretty good, but I have found that burning the same bluray video onto a disc using Corel DVD factory has a superior picture quality, specially when you look at strong colors like red, they don't smear and have a rock solid look to it, I have also found that when the camera pans this problem shows its ugly face even more when creating a video file to the hard drive, but not in the burning disc process. I always choose two pass encode and the highest quality setting when burning a bluray disc.

Question, Is there a way to choose "two pass encode" in the Corel pro program or a way to change settings so that I get rid of the problem, or Can I use the Corel dvd factory in a way that I don't have to burn a disc, but just create a video file?

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video File In BD Format

Nov 5, 2011

I created a 4 minute video project in VS Pro X3. Source of video clips were from a Sony HDR-CX550V camcorder. I added some titles to a few video clips and 3 titles on a "Graphic - Color" background. When creating a video file (under SHARE) and choosing Blu-ray ----> NTSC MPEG2 (1920 x 1080), I found the following: Video clips are sharp, no problem, but the titles have black lines at irregular intervals, to the point that the letters cannot be read. What may be the cause and how can I eliminate this problem.

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VideoStudio :: Sound Echo After Creating Video File

Oct 29, 2012

Using X5 to create a video file from a project file in the timeline.

After the file completes rendering, the project preferences default is set to play the rendered file. But I find that when the playing commences after rendering, the sound has an echo effect that isn't part of the original files. Like the original sound is reflecting off walls, and you get the same sound just spaced apart by a small time period. I've tracked this to what appears to be X5 playing both the rendered file and the project file at the same time. If I turn the project preferences item "play after render" off, off course nothing happens after rendering completes. And separately playing the rendered file, the sound is normal.

Is there a way to stop this echo effect? Ideally, just play the rendered file only. But failing that, change the preferences default. However, there does not seem to be any way to change the project preferences default for this item.

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VideoStudio :: V15 Trial / Creating Video File In HDV Format?

May 30, 2012

I own VS 12, and when I work with HDV footage, I'm able to create an HDV video file either with MPEG optimizer or Same as first video clip. The project smart renders and I get HDV file. I've downloaded VS 15 trial as a test, as it has some additional features I'm interested in. However, with the VS 15 trial, following the same steps produces a file formatted as NTSC DVD 4:3 and no smart render. Am I missing something or is this a bug/limitation of the trial? Corel says the trial is fully functional. I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit i5 4 GB ram. I even tried installing the VS 15 trial on my old XP laptop and had the same issue.

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VideoStudio :: Creating 1440 X 1080 MPEG2 Video File In X4

Apr 28, 2011

I'm struggling to create a 1440 x 1080 mpeg 2 video file with a variable data rate.

The original HD footage is 1440 x 1080 but I can't find this option when I try to create a video file from my project. I am sure that I had many more options when rendering a video file in X2.

If I try using Create Video File/Same as Project Settings I can only get a 720 x 576 file.
If I try using Create Video File/Same as First Video Clip it looks like it's doing the job but I think I'm getting a file with a fixed data rate of 25,000 kbps which is too much for playback on my Western Digital TV gizmo (whereas a variable data rate of 25,000 kbps would play okay).
If I try Create Video File/Custom I can only get what I want by switching from mpeg2 to MPEG Transport-Stream Files (whatever they may be) but when I try playback on my Western Digital TV player I get the message "no audio channel" although the image is very good.

So how can I get a Video File the same as my original footage but with a variable data rate?

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video File - Unable To Open MPEG Encoder

Aug 19, 2012

I was trying to 'create a video file' when I received this message, 'Ulead VideoStudio [2000:1:1] Failed to open the MPEG encoder.

I've made countless movies and this is the first time I'm having this problem. Maybe I had it in 2008, but I've just turned 70 and remembering what I did then is a thing of the past!

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VideoStudio :: Pro X4 Crashes When Using Codecs Other Than MS Video 1

Feb 3, 2012

I'm doing screen capture, and MS Video 1 consumes 10 times as much disk space as H264.

I have tried a number of different codecs, and the result is the same.

I have tried looking at the resulting VideoStudio dump file using MSVS 2008, but there does not seem to be any content.

how I can debug this problem?

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VideoStudio :: X3 Crashes / Try To Export Video

Jan 6, 2011

Videostudio X3 crashes everytime I try to export a video. It doesn't matter the file type inputed or how you are trying to export it. It even crashes when trying to export one of the default title screens included with the program. Have tried a clean install with no luck. I have also insured I am using the latest version.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X3 - Creating MPEG-4 HD Crashes Program

May 14, 2011

I have a project with only photos (about 200) and 3 songs. Total length is about 16min. I have successfully created a .MPG (2.3GB) and .WMA (474MB) HD files.

My problem is when I create a MPEG-4 HD files. It kept crashing the program while "Creating File..."

Error message, "The program has encountered an unspecified error and has stopped functioning. Please contact Corel Technical Support and send the dump file for analysis."

I tried another project with photos and music only and encountered the same problem. Shortening the project yielded the same (one song and a few pictures).

I tried using "Custom" and using the HD settings resulted in the same error. Nothing works.

My patches are up to date. How to create Hi Def movie files that I can playback with and Apple computer (Quicktime).

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VideoStudio :: Split Single Video File Into Multiple Video Files?

Feb 13, 2011

I recently purchased Video Studio Pro X3 - and after going through the knowledge base and product read me, I have been unable to find an answer to the following problem I have:


I have a number of videos (HD 1080p) that I have recorded. Each video is on average 50 minutes in length - what I want to do it to be able to do is to slice this video into 10 x 5 minute videos (based on topics discussed in the video), (so essentially clip the video into these segments and edit each one) and then when producing the video file - actually create 10 separate video files (all with editing in place) instead of one single large file.

As far as I have been able to work out, I need to go through the whole file, clip relevant sections, edit them, and then save project. I then need to go trim the saved file 10 times, to extract each time the single 5 minute video I want to create. This is a fairly manual and time consuming process, hence my hope that I can create 10 files based on the clips I have made in the larger 50 minute file in one go.

as I have 30 videos to edit, so looking for ways to save time!

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VideoStudio :: X4 Crashes On Exit With Unspecified Error?

May 2, 2012

I have been creating/editing 3 separate projects/movies over the past few weeks and lately it seems that every time I exit X4 (after saving) the program exist the screen and then I get a window displaying the following error -The program has encountered an unspecified error and has stopped functioning. Please contact Corel Technical Support and send the dump for analysis and it displays the location of the .DMP file.Now I now on the face of it this doesn't affect me as it only occurs when I exit X4?

Should I send the DMP file or would that just be a waste of time (ie does the Corel 'engineers' actually check the DMP file users send them and do they reply?

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VideoStudio :: Creating Multi-video DVD?

Feb 28, 2011

I am having a problem trying to create a DVD with multiple "independent" videos. I want each one to be selectable on the main menu and to act independently of the others. When the selected video is finished, rather than going on to the next video, I wanted it to return to the introduction screen for the user to select another video or exit.

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VideoStudio :: Creating AVCHD Video

Feb 2, 2011

I am using VS2 and have been working on creating a "hybrid DVD" AVCHD video. I have a Canon HD video camera and an HP computer (w/regular DVD burner) with an i7 quad. Hybrid DVD is played on a Bluray player and HD TV. Everything is working well with editing the clips etc... Rendering has gone well with no real problems. I recorded video at the highest setting 24 Mbps. When I click on properties for a (m2ts) clip in the timeline it indicates 21,0000 to 22,000 Kbps that seems normal. I than go directly to the burn step (Create disc>AVCHD) and proceed to burn the disc at 4X. When I click on the middle icon (thumbwheel) these are the properties:

MPEG files
24 bits, 1920 x 1080, 29.97 fps
Upper Field First
(HDMV-NTSC), 16:9
H.264 Video
Video data rate: Variable (Max. 18000 kbps)
Audio data rate: 384 kbps
Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)

These settings seem normal to me. Also, the "do not convert compliant......" is checked.

This is what I am not understanding. When the 18 minute HD project is brought into the burn disc module, it shows only 1.45 GB of data and after the disc is burned, the video file properties found on the disc show a total bit rate of 11,768. As a test with the same project, I did a (create video file>same as first clip) and created a mpg file that is 2.75 GB in size with a total bit rate of 21,649 which seems normal. I understand VS has a max of 18K but shouldn't I be able to create a hybrid disc with a data rate close to 18K. The video at the lower bit rate plays and look ok using my BR player but I wanted to find out if I could create a higher quality video on disc.

I have read probably every post relating to what I think my problem is and after trying a couple of things, I cannot increase the total bit rate of the video on my hybrid disc.

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video Files?

Jan 2, 2011

Groupe a.png

(45.64 KiB) Downloaded 51 times

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video Files

May 10, 2012

I am interested in saving my projects for both uploading to the web and for storing on my hard drive. I'm having some issues

I get by ok with the actual editing part of the VS 4 program. However, I am really struggling to figure out how to create the files in the most efficient format that would balance both quality/file size. I use two HD cams that record in the mp-4 format with h.264 compression 29.97fps. One is a Sanyo Xacti, the other A Kodak Playful. I like to record with the 720p/30 setting, and would prefer to retain the same frame resolution when I create the finished projects. Also these cams record at a rate of about 9000 kbps or so, but would like the finished project to be reduced to about half of that or maybe even less.

OK, so to this point I have experimented in saving my finished project to several different formats. And based on my first impressions, the AVI format looks best (when selecting ffd show and h264 compression). Only there's a problem...the audio is out of sync. About 1-2 seconds ahead of the video I have tried several times always with the same result. If I instead select xvid or h263 or h263+ as an alternative to h264, then everything seems fine. I have also tried creating a movie template with these parameters, as well as just going into the create custom file option and selecting AVI. Can't seem to solve the audio-video sync with h264 as the compression, no matter what I try.

Oh, and now that I've mentioned "Creating Movie Templates" I have another question dedicated just to that.

Why is it that when I save my project using my newly created template, the result is that I end up with several short saved files (portions of the complete project) instead of one single and complete file of my project? Have tried with both an AVI template in h264, as well as a WMV template. Doesn't happen when I don't use a template.

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VideoStudio :: Video Clips Pause When Creating DVD?

Jul 4, 2013

I just tried creating my first video using VideoStudio X6 ultimate. I have multiple video clips, a jpg, an audio and a couple of music tracks. I've created it without problems and it plays great in the program during preview. My problem was when I tried to burn it to a DVD+RW disc. When I play the disc in my player, each time a video clip ends, there is a split second pause before the next clip starts. It also appears this way during the preview in the DVD creating utility. I submitted a ticket to Corel Support, and they told me to install the SP1. But I had trouble installing that service pack, but looking at my version, I see that I have So maybe I already had installed it?

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Illustrator :: CS6 Crashes When Creating New File

Sep 10, 2012

Im using windows 7 x64. And i have installed both Illustrators x64 and x32. I can open Illustrator but when i trying to create new file Illustrator stop working.
Windows 7 Hompe premium x64
procesor i3 4x2.93
ram : 4gb
network with printers

error report

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VideoStudio :: X4 - Auto Music Error / Program Crashes Instantly

Oct 30, 2012

I have reinstalled this program 3 times arlready and the Auto Music feature still does not work? Every time i make a project and want to add some music off the Auto Music feature the whole program crashes instantly? I keep getting over and over again, Unspecified Error? Everything thing else works in the program except the Auto Music.

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video Files In AVCHD Format

Oct 18, 2013

In order to create a video file in the AVCHD 1920X1080 format, I have the following options in the VSP X6:

AVCHD (1920X1080)
AVCHD (1920X1080, 24P)
AVCHD (1920X1080, 25P)
AVCHD (1920X1080, 50P)

What is the differences between those formats, so I don't know what to choose. My original clips are 25 frames/sec, does it means that I have to choose the 25P?

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VideoStudio :: Change Default Options When Creating Video?

Mar 26, 2012

how to change the default options when creating a video?

I keep forgetting to turn off "smart render" and "non-square pixel rendering" in the options dialog when I convert.

Also it would be nice to be able to turn on Dolby 5.1 by default as well.

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Illustrator :: CC Crashes On Opening Or Creating A File

Jan 7, 2014

Out of the blue Illustrator CC has decided to crash immediately on trying to open or create a file.I am on a 64 bit windows 7 machine.

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VideoStudio :: Video Capture Copyright Error

Oct 19, 2011

I just installed VideoStudio Pro X4 on my Dell laptop with 64BIT, Windows 7 Home Premium. I am TRYING to use an EZCAP 64BIT device with my 8MM camcorder connected to it and "Composite" input selected as is appropriate in this connection. VideoStudio loads fine; select Capture tab, fine; click Capture Video, that loads fine with "Capture Video" flashing and waiting to be clicked again to begin capture, fine; I click "Capture Video," the icon changes to "Stop Capture," fine; I press PLAY on my 8MM camcorder; the video and audio begin, and I can see and hear it on my machine for approximately 8 - 10 seconds, then a box pops up with the message, "Unable to capture the file because it is copyright protected. OK"

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VideoStudio :: Cannot Render Video - Unspecific Error

Nov 24, 2013

I have been using X5 for almost a year and everything seems find until lately when I up graded my system to window 8.1. I have assemble a 40 min video but when I tried to use 'share' to output to MP4 iphone/ipad HD,the rendering go halfway then the VideoStudio crashed with an error 'The program has encountered an unspecified error' and a DMP file and ask me to contact Corel support. My project only has 1 video tack, 1 voice track and 1 music track and the project file is 17,426 KB. If I disable the voice track, then the project can render successfully. Since the voice track is recorded using VideoStudio voice over with WAV format, I went back and convert all voice into mp3 to smaller size but still crash when render halfway. My system should have enough resources to process this 40 min video.

Window 8.1 pro 64x
16GB ram
CPU i7
Hard drive 2T.

I have assemble 40 min video with heavy voice before in XP and it render without any problem. Is there are issues between VideoStudio and window 8.1 64x ? Is there a limit to VS project size, or voice track size ? I read some of the posts and you recommend to manfully uninstall the software and reinstall the software. I am reluctant to do this, not at least after I can output my project to mp4, because it might wipe out my setting, templates, libraries, and even my project file. Do you know of any tool so I can read the DMP file ? I don't understand what good to have a DMP file when my software have passed the 30 day or 1 time support warranty?

It has been very frustrate to spend all this time to assemble a video and at the end cannot produce a sharable version. I was about to upgrade to X6 but now I have to think twice if this issue is not resolved. What good are all thees fancy new features in X6 to me if I cannot produce a sharable version of my project ?

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VideoStudio :: Overlapping A Picture Over Video (error)

Oct 10, 2012

I make Let's Play videos on youtube (Video game videos with commentary) and I have been using Corel VideoStudio Pro x4 for awhile. It was only recently that I decided to post a picture over the video and now I keep having the *An internal error occurred when overlapped buffer is full*.

So far, here is everything that I have in my library:

-19:09 (nineteen minutes and nine seconds) of videogame recording
-I have 4 pictures overlapping the video (all of them are PNG) I tried changing to GIF and JPG images to see if it would fix the error but it wasn't successful
-I have 7 points in the video where there is text (not sure if it really matters since I had no problem with text before) each of the text is near 5 seconds long for each
-There is 19:00 minutes of voice recording that is in MP3 format (I never had any problems with this format either) I can change it to a WAV file if it will stop the errors.
-Then there is also short audio clips that are 1 second long in 4 points in the video. It is a WAV file.

So basically I have these type of files- MPG (video). PNG (Images overlapping video). MP3 (voice recording) and WAV (short audio clips)

I am using a Windows 7 home premium operating system that is 64 bit (Acer laptop, Aspire) I got the video game recording from Pinnacle studio 12 HD premium using a Dazzle recorder. I got the voice recording from Audacity using a Blue Yeti USB microphone. And the images I got were on google then I used Paint.NET to merge them together, and the short audio recording I got from a Video Game recording and I used this program to extract the audio from the video.

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VideoStudio :: Save As First Video Clip Error / 18706:1:1

Jul 2, 2011

I just purchased Video Studio Pro X4 and I'm hoping it wasn't the wrong decision. We do a lot of voice overs and wanted to start adding subtitling and audio swap to our list of services. Subtitling with the software has proven to be easy, as well as the audio swap. But I've just ran into a problem that I can't solve (I'm an audio guy through and through...but my video skills are low)

Video Type: H.264 Baseline Profile Video
Total Frames: 6,356
Attributes: 24 bits, 1280 x 720
Frame rate: 25.000
Data rate: 4836 Kbps
Audio Type: MPEG AAC Audio
Audio Attributes: 48000 Hz, 16bit stereo

I easily swapped the original audio for ours and wanted to render the video exactly as it was given to me. However, when I try using the option: "Save as First Video Clip" it gives me the error:

"The frame size (1280 x 720) of the video file does not match the settings and therefore cannot be trimmed." 18706:1:1

This happens on both of my computers (Windows XP & 7). Am I missing some video cards not up to snuff, or something else? Again, I know little about video.

In Settings, I tried changing the project properties to similar settings as the original video, but the highest frame size it will give me is 720 x 480; and 'user defined' is grayed out. Not sure if any of that matters at all.

Lastly, yes I can manually type in all the info in the Custom option and can successfully render a video with similar specs, but I was hoping to just use the "Save as First Video Clip" option.

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VideoStudio :: Burn Video - Stop And Appear Unspecified Error

Dec 26, 2010

I need to burn video.... whenever i burn, it stop and appear unspecified error 5.0.0.

these are the spec:
PAL ( 25fps)
MPEG files
24bits, 720 * 576, 25 fps
Lower Field First
(dvd-pal), 4:3
video data rate: Variable ( Max 8000kbps)
LPCm Audio, 48000 Hz, stero

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