Premiere Pro :: CS6 Locks Up When Encoding Using Modified Files From After Effects?

Apr 5, 2014

I have not had any problems until I started trying to use a green screen, which has turned out to be a major pain. Ultra key did a good job, but I kept being told the after affects does a better job. My computer is a PC has 32 Gigs of ram a 4 gig video card, I7. I also just downloaded all the latest updates. I imported an AVCHD file after shooting a 30 min lesson on green screen. Had to do a lot of editing to get all put together so there were lots of cuts and I had alot nested sections so I can resize myself with the background to keep the perspective correct. After I had decent success with keying, though I wish it were better, I tried moving each indivdual video clip over to after effects to key in there. It looked like it might have been a little bit better than the using ultrakey.

Anyways, after taking forever to get all these clip edited in after affects, I wanted to export my completed video so I could see how well it worked. I never got the the chance because no matter what I choose under MPG2 it would lock up around 8%. Even when I tried to get to encode a 2min section of the video, it still locks up. The only way to get out of the program is to force it closed. As I searched for answer to this problem, someone suggested holding he shift key down while you open CS6, but that did not work. BTW the same file exports fine as long as I do not send any of the footage to after effect
it would be nice to be able to try and use after affects as well so I can at least see if the final result of the keying is better or not.

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Premiere Pro :: Weird Audio Noise after Encoding For MPEG Blu-ray

Jan 10, 2014

Weird audio noise  after encoding for Mpeg for Blu-ray.

It's random and does not happen all the time. Started to do it after I update the latest Premiere CC.

Seems to happen when i apply a transistion to a audio clip from no audio. Sound like a mic to close to a speaker repeating the sound faster and faster. I cant hear it durning the editing, just after exporting.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Locks Up Computer Using Lighting Effects?

May 20, 2013

I have been able to reproduce this lock up consistently using the Lighting Effects, and I can also get it to lock up while using the Lasso tool, and also setting guides, but those are less consistant. I have tried to switch the advanced graphics options around too. It is currently on normal though. I currently have the GeForce Drivers v. 320.14 installed, which at the time of this post is the most recent stable build. I have even gone so far as to try every GeForce driver from 295.73 to 320.14 with no luch at resolution. Some of the drivers let me get a little further with the lighting effects, but still eventually lock up the computer... Currently I have had to uninstall Photoshop and then re-install it just to get PDF export to work right, but even after updating to the newest version of PS, I still get these lockups.
Here are the rest of my specs just in case.
Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x64
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1
System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:13, Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, HyperThreading
Physical processor count: 4
Logical processor count: 8
Processor speed: 3600 MHz
Built-in memory: 16338 MB
Free memory: 13543 MB


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Photoshop :: CC Render Lighting Effects Locks Up System?

Sep 8, 2013

Any time I try to use Render Lighting Effects it locks up my system or states Photoshop has stopped working...

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After Effects :: Importing Sequences To Premiere Pro With Camera And Effects?

Aug 1, 2013

I have made a short film of 6 minutes (in 6 parts on after effects) I have added all the effects and the camera work on AE, but it needs a lot of editing here and there, which I find impossible to do on AE since you can't cut and join scenes like Premier pro. I need to import all these sequences onto premier pro for editing now. The problem is once I import the files, it imports in the right order in systematic folders etc, but it doesn't show any of the camera work or the special effects like gaussian blur etc. All my hard work has gone.
There must be a way you can import the after effects file on premier the way it looks on AE.
Another problem is I read some boards and it has been suggested to edit the clips first on premier and then add effects on AE but I read this really late and I've already composited the whole film on AE. I just need premier for cutting now.
P.S: I also thought about exporting the AE sequences as TGA files but there's ZERO space left in my internal hard disk for that, and it would take forever to export them all anyway. Any other kind of export would reduce the original quality which I dont want, and which I dont have space for anyway, so that option is out as well.

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VideoStudio :: Files Have Been Damaged Or Modified

Sep 27, 2011

I downloaded the free trial of the VideoStudio Pro X4 a month ago and was so impressed that I went out and bought it! Then, after downloading SP!, it encountered a problem and stopped working. It was just a matter of restarting the application but it happened more and more over the weekend, meaning I lost work which I hadn’t saved. So I decided to uninstall the free trial version and install from the disk and it worked fine for a while but I then got a problem with my security program. Not sure whether it was due to the Corel installation or just coincidence.I did a system restore to fix the problem with the security program and since then I have been unable to access VideoStudio and get the message: Error 4: Corel VideoStudio files have been damaged or modified. Please reinstall your original source. But when I try I get the message: “Setup.xml could not be loaded. This may indicate that the file is corrupt”.

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Lightroom :: Saving Modified JPEG Files?

May 13, 2013

I  did a series of shots  with an incorrect EV setting ( Exposure compensation) so I used Lightroom 4.3 to modify the exposure on these jpeg files. I  then exported the modified images, and found that the file size was only 50% of the original.

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Photoshop :: CS6 MAC Crashes On Saving Files Modified By Portrait Professional 10

Oct 8, 2012

I have been experiencing crashes with PS 13.0.1 running on Mountain Lion. I use Portrait Professional Plugin version 2 bundles with PP 10.8.

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AutoCad :: Audit Locks Up - SHX Files Missing

Apr 3, 2012

Mep 2012

I open my file, and a number of .shx files are missing.

I run the audit command and my software locks up.

What is this trying to tell me?

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Illustrator :: Move A Modified Type To A Path / Use Modified Type?

Dec 14, 2013

I want to put type on a perfect circular path.But first I need to stretch the type so it is longer vertically.Stretching type and using it as normal is easy.But how in the world do I use the stretched type on a path?

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Premiere Pro :: Add Graphics Effects

Apr 10, 2014

how to add graphics effects and how to add graphics to titles.

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Premiere Pro :: Automatic Effects On Footage?

Apr 15, 2014

Is there a way to have a certain preset of effects activate on any and all footage dragged into the timline? I'm working in a 24FPS 2K timeline with 60FPS 1280p footage. To have it play the way I want I have to drag down the footage, set the scale of the clip from 100% to 150% so it fits the screen. Then set the time playback to 50%. Is there a way to have the time playback and scale change automatically affect every piece of footage dragged into the timeline?

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After Effects :: Ends A Render When Alt Tab To Premiere?

Feb 6, 2014

If I have a render in progress and I alt tab or to premiere or open premiere/media encoder, the render in after effects wit hthe "happy ring of success" noise. but the file is incoplete and the render has stopped part way done.
OSX maveriks.
current creative cloud versions (7/2/2014)

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After Effects :: Inserting Subtitles Into Premiere Pro (CS5.5)?

Nov 28, 2011

I'm working on a PC with Adobe Production Suite CS5.5 -- doing my rough cuts in Premiere and my final edits in After Effects.
The final deliverable of the vidoe will be in MPEG-4.
Is there anyway to drop in a timed subtitle text file, either .txt or .srt, into After Effects of Premiere Pro CS5.5?

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After Effects :: Import Title From Premiere Pro?

Apr 10, 2013

Is it possible to import a title from Premiere Pro into AfterEffects?

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Premiere Pro :: Audio Effects Not Exporting Properly

Feb 6, 2014

I'm working with the denoiser filter cleaning up some audio in an interview. In the timeline the audio sounds clean but on the export certain clips revert to their non-denoised state. It seems to happen with the same couple clips and I have tried unlinking and relinking the media, outputting audio only, outputting just pieces of the timeline and, of course, restarting my machine. There are lots of other clips in the timeline using the same filter and they sound fine 

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After Effects :: Why Don't Premiere CC Text Layers Translate

Apr 17, 2014

when I transform my edit into an after effects composition from the premier timeline the text layers all come over as black solids and the text content is lost.
I don't give two hoots as to your no doubt legitimate technical reasons for this, but the bottom line is that it sucks, it's a waste of my time and effort and it just seems like a simple thing that you should have implemented from the ground up when building the dynamic linking between AE and PR.
Is there an expected timeframe for the issue to be addressed?
Just to explain my typical workflow a little, I'm an editor/motion artist, so it's very frequent I'll lay out all my picture assets and text objects on a video edit timeline alongside vo and music, and once I'm happy with the flow I move the timeline over to Ae to commence animation for tv commercials, political spots, advocacy work, whatever.

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Premiere Pro :: Get Poor Playback When Effects Added?

Dec 23, 2013

I am using a Lumix GH3 camera and recording in .mov at 50fps progressive and 50mbps.  My computer is a macbook pro two years old with 2.2ghz intel core i7 and 8gb of ram (1333 MHz DDR3).
The footage plays fine in the editing suite until I add an effect then the playback is extremely slow and jerky even after render. I am new to PPCC and I've just moved from FCP 7 as it didn't recognise the footage at all.

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Premiere Pro :: How To Reduce Echo In Sound Effects

Feb 15, 2014

How do I reduce echo without resorting to measures like hanging blankets in the room to reduce echo? apply denoiser and other sound effects?

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Premiere Pro :: Laggy / Choppy Playback When Effects Are Added

Feb 27, 2014

I'm new to Premiere Pro CS6,I thought I had a pretty powerful computer all things considered.  Basically, what's happening is the moment I put any sort of basic video effects on a clip, (e.g. "brightness & contrast" or "fast color corrector") the video playback (but not the audio) becomes extremely choppy and laggy.  Playback and overall performance are excellent before I put effects on.  It's just the moment I put some on it slows down tremendously. 

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Premiere Pro :: Why Won't It Load The Media After Using Replace With After Effects Composition

Mar 23, 2014

I have a sequence that has some video that I wanted to edit in After Effects. I right-clicked on the video in the sequence and selected "Replace with After Effects composition" and did my editing. It shows up in the sequence as Linked Comp 5 but Premiere will not or cannot load the media. Why is this and how can I fix it? I have already closed the program and rebooted to no effect.

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Premiere Pro :: Effects Control Motion Scale Limited To 600%

Feb 7, 2014

Why is there a 600% limit to Motion Scale? Why can't I zoom into a video to 2000% if I wanted? (I have to export to after effects).

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Premiere Pro :: Adding Basic Effects To Footage Creates Flicker?

Jul 11, 2011

I'm trying to understand why adding colour correction, or auto contrast to my some of my clips is causing them to have flicker. It's not a consistent flicker either, but random.
The footage affected is 720p at 29.97fps in a timeline with the same settings. The raw footage appears fine. Once effects are added, the image stutters. I have rendered the preview files and the issue remains the same, likewise when exported.

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VideoStudio :: MPEG2-HD Encoding

Apr 25, 2012

I want to encode a video in MPEG2-HD with 1920x1080 and 24 fps (full pictures) @ 35000kbps VBR. Before i bought VS X4 i was using VS 8. There it was kind of easy to create that but in VS X4 this option is missing. I only have the choice between the PAL-DVD and NTSC-DVD Codecs. In VS 8 there was additionally MPEG and MPEG2.

Where have them gone? Or is there any other way to solve this problem? Do i have to install any additional codecs, which i had installed on my old computer where VS8 was running?

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Photoshop :: Encoding Eps File

Mar 16, 2009

saving photoshop eps with encoding type jpeg will reduce the file size(eg in binary encoding file size is 100mb, after saving as jpeg encoding type it only takes 5mb). my doubt is this(jpeg encoding type) will raise any problem while printing.

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Photoshop :: Gamma Encoding Of TIFF

Oct 17, 2012

Are the TIFF files saved by Photoshop gamma encoded ?

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VideoStudio :: Pro 4X Crashes With MPEG Encoding

Mar 6, 2013

I have been using Pro 4X for just over a year now but have recently been experiencing crashes while encoding HD MPEG files. I have also just activated/unpacked the included music with the software and these issues just started after I did this. Note: I do not use the provided music but believe the conflict is because of this.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:APPCRASH
Application Name:vstudio.exe
Application Version:

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Photoshop :: Data Sets And Text Encoding

Sep 25, 2012

I have a problem when trying to import french text variables into my data sets (for automated generation of lower thirds). I can not get PS to display french special characters correct. all 'accented' As and Es etc. display as weird text strings, just like your browser running on the wrong text encoder.

How do I get PS to interpret the data sets right?
( PS CS6 (13.0.1), Mac Pro running on OS X 10.7.3)

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VideoStudio :: Enable Hardware Acceleration In X4 For Encoding?

Sep 16, 2011

I'm trying to enable hardware acceleration in videostudio x4 for encoding, but the button is just greyed out. The decoding button is enabled. I have a core i7 2600k processor and a ati hd 6950 graphics card. The online support lists DXVA as supported. So is there any way to enable this?

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VideoStudio :: How To Enable Hardware Encoding Acceleration

Jan 10, 2013

I discovered reading the "fine print" for another product that if you have an ATI or AMD graphics card, you may need to download and install the AVIVO codec package from AMD's website in order to enable hardware acceleration for encoding. The package is not included with AMD Catalyst 12.10.

After going to the following web site, you need to fill out a survey before you can download the package.

After installing the package, the "Enable Hardware Encoding Acceleration" option on the Performance tab in Preferences in VS X5 became enabled on my system.

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VideoStudio :: MPEG Encoding And Advanced Settings?

Jul 29, 2011

Black is not all black when encoded to mpeg2, making DVD's. Same as it was way back in 2005 and forward. At least on my TV set. Panasonic PAL. I these days have a new 42" flatscreen Panasonic compared to my old 4:3 "fat TV set" Sony Trinitron. The same experience... I want the same look, contrast and colors, as with the DV tape straight to the TV set, even if there, offcource, could be some artifacts from the encoding itself.

Here is my almost 6 years old thread on that problem.

There was a thread once, I can't find now. Seems to be erased. I have it on paper though. The subject was MPEG encoder settings in VS11+ The starter of it was Jack_HDV and replys came from vidoman, Ken Berry and etech6355. The tip in there was to add the Advance=1 in the uvs.ini file under the subject [viodriver]. I have tried this on the new Corel VS X4 but to no sucess. The mapstructure is also a bit different in W7, users vs. document and settings. The meaning with this added line was to get another button "advanced" under the tab "compression" and be able to change "primary colors" via a dropdown list.

how to do it in Corel VS? Is it maybe something that shouldn't be doable in VS, because of licence payment to the company Mainconcept who has done the encoder. VS should maybe only have the "light" version"? Just before this new thread I managed to encode with an older version of Canopus Procoder v.2, with perfect result as it comes to black and white and also a bit stronger colors. It's so much easier if we could get the same result withing VS.

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