Photoshop :: Copy A Layer's Shadows To Another Layer

Jun 19, 2007

I have a layer that has the exact shadowing I want on another layer. Actually what I really want is to keep the image (colors etc) on one layer and just apply the 'shapes' and 'shadows' from another layer to it.

I've tried putting the layer with the image I want to keep above the shadowed layer and creating a clipping mask and that didn't do anything. I tried changing the opacity of the image that I want to keep to like 30% and that works, but it fades it out too much. I tried creating a pattern with the shadow layer and applying it as a texture to the image layer and that didn't work well either.

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Photoshop :: Layer Via Copy / Free Transform / Multiple Layers Doesn't Work

May 27, 2012

I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6, latest version as of 05/25/12.I have 19 layers, each has a 1200x1200px texture. These are of course overlapped, so setting them all to visible will only show the top layer.
All layers are rasterized, and contain 1200x1200px:
1) I select all 19 layers using shift+click, all are highlighted (in the layer pane).

2) I select a region using the selection tool, in this case a rectangular region that is 172px high and 35px wide.

3) I right click the selection, and then select: layer via copy. (Note, Layer via cut is disabled for some reason)

4) *problem* It creates 19 new layers with the full image from the selected layers and not the selection which is what I wanted to place in the new layers.

5) *problem* when I right click the selection and select "Free Transform", the transform box surrounds the entire canvas and not the selection.

6) *problem* when I skew, it skews the entire image and not just the selection.
7) *problem* Previously, I have been able to select a layer from the layer pane, go to image menu, select adjustments, brightness/contrast, and adjust the brightness/contrast for just that layer. Now it wont let me.
8) *related problem* If I have 3 layers (background, 1, and 2) on a 1200x1200 canvas, with the image in layer 1 being 150px, and the image in layer 2 being 150x, each rasterized, and then stack the images on 1 and 2 over eachother, then select both layers, then select a region inside the stacked images, then select free transform, the free transform selection embodies all pixels inside the canvas (not the entire canvas this time) and performs the transform on these pixels and not the original selection.
If I do it making all the layers visible as well as selected, it behaves the same.What appears to be happening is Photoshop is ignoring the selection and for some reason is using a pixel region (or if pixels cover the entire canvas, the whole image) when performing actions intended for the selection.
What's strange is when I made these textures, I started out with 19 150x150 pictures, I set the canvas size to 1200x1200, selected all the layers in the layer pane, selected the 150x150 image in the middle, and was able to move all 19 textures to the top right corner, able to switch to transform on all 19 pictures, able to rotate 180 degrees all 19 pictures, was able to flip horizontal all 19 pictures, then able to copy all 19 pictures to new layers, move the 19 pictures all at the same time to the right 150 pixels, rinse and repeat, to eventually come out with 19 1200x1200 textures tiled from the 150px pictures. In other words, I did exactly what I am attempting to do with the 1200x1200 pictures with the 150x150 pixtures and it worked like a champ.

The end goal of course is to take a selection of all 19 of the 1200x1200 pictures, transform, then skew that image to make a collage of images applied to an added background. Performing this on all 19 textures and getting the same exact skew, etc would take days considering I need to do about 15 of different portions of the tile.

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Illustrator :: Copy Parts Of Layers From One AI Doc Into New One With Same Layer Names?

Sep 30, 2013

How do I copy PARTS of layers containing many objects from one CS5 AI (v.15.0.2) doc into a new CS5 AI doc and keep/create the same layer names?
To start with, I have one fairly complex AI document with 100 layers,  with several hundred items in each layer. For example, one layer named "Stars" contains  400 separate stars (not grouped), another layer named "Crosses" contains 300 separate crosses, and a 3rd layer named "Text" contains 200 separate words (not outlined).
If I select, by marqueeing a section of the image/artboard, some (but not all) of the individual items contained in the several layers, then  paste that selection into a new CS5 AI doc, I cannot get them to  create new layers of the same name. Instead they go into one general layer (e.g. "Layer 101") as a jumble of discrete, but unorganized objects (no layers or sublayers). In other words, I have lost the 3 main layers from which I selected a bunch of objects.
Checking "Paste Remembers Layers" has no effect on this result. In fact "Paste Remembers Layers" does not remember layers at all. Only if I select ALL the items in the several layers will it paste those layers by those names into the new doc (or create new layers of the same names).
Of course it is a COLOSSAL waste of time copying the ENTIRE document, then pasting the WHOLE thing into the new doc (with layers retained), then deleting the parts I DON'T need.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Script / Copy And Merge Visible Layers Into A New Layer

Mar 11, 2013

If you've ever created an image having multiple assorted layers, and want to apply a modification to the final image while keeping those original layers intact, here's the script to do that:

Select allfrom PSPApp import *
def ScriptProperties():
return {
'Author': u'Ken Arway',
'Copyright': u'2013',
'Description': u'Copies all visible layers to a newly created ra'
u'ster layer.',


Just use your favourite text editor to copy that code into a text file, and save the file as "CopyVisibleMergedToNewLayer.pspscript" in your user scripts directory. Doesn't matter if it's the "Restricted" or "Trusted" directory.

As the name implies, all the visible layers will be copied and merged, so it's easy to first "hide" the layers you don't want merged before running the script.

Yes, it's just a series of recorded actions; but the key is its use of the "Select All" and "Paste Into Selection" actions -- that ensures that the resulting merged layer maintains the same positioning as the individual layers. In other words, if your original layers have a transparent background and opaque areas that are off-center, simply using Edit...Paste As New Layer will center those opaque areas in the canvas, which is not what you want....

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Illustrator :: When Copy Layers - Objects Grouped And Layer Information Disappeared

Oct 17, 2012

I have a single file with couple objects on different layers. When I copy/paste into other files, the objects seem to be grouped and layer information disappeared. Can I move around objects with layer setting as well?

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Illustrator :: How To Copy One Group Of Paths / Elements From One Layer To Other Existing Layers

Jul 5, 2013

Note Layer > Duplicate will not work in this regard, because I want to copy one group of paths/elements from one layer to other existing layers, not to a new layer.
I have not found a command for this, nor have I found any scripts. Note I'm using CS3 but have been thinking about an upgrade.

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Photoshop :: Layers And Drop Shadows

Apr 27, 2006

Layer > I have a cat on grass, with a layer mask to give just the cat.
Layer > Underneath is a layer with just an orangey box on white.

I want a cat on the orangey box, with a shadow, all on a white background.

Having applied a drop shadow to the mask layer, it goes on the background which I don't want.

How do I mask it off? ................

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Photoshop :: Rendering Multiple Layers - Shadows Screwed Up

Jan 1, 2013

Why takes the rendering of only 1 layer with 3 letters (incl shadows) over 37 days on a pc with a  3770K, 16gb ddr3 1600, 550/550 SSD and GTX670 2GB....this can't be right....
and when I want to render multiple layers, will it be possible to render them at once instead of layer by layer? If I merge them somehow the shadows are screwed up....

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Photoshop :: How Can I Make Shadows Other Than The Layer Style

Apr 30, 2009

how can i make shadows other than the layer style?

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After Effects :: Layers Not Casting Shadows

Jul 28, 2008

I've set up a comp with a light behind a large number of grey solids aranged in a grid. The light shines through the grid and onto a perpendicular solid ground-plane.

The thing is, the grid solids aren't casting any shadows. Now, they're in a precomp which is set as a 3D layer, but all the materials options are set correctly. All of the solids AND the precomp are set to cast shadows, and the ground-plane is set to accept shadows. The light casts shadows (and it works with other objects in the scene), but no joy on the solids grid.

Here's an image showing two views of the scene along with the corresponding overhead view to show the camera and light placement. The horizontal line in the overhead view is the solids grid. Also, Trapcode Lux is on to visualize the light cone, but it's not to blame, since there are still no shadows with it off and removed from the comp.


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Photoshop :: Export Single Layer (with Shadows And Effects) To Png

Feb 1, 2008

I have 2 layers, a background image and a round button with a shadow effect.

How can I only export the button, including his shadow, to png ?

I used Photo Impact, and in Photo Impact, I clicked on the layer, I selected "Export object" and the layer (object) was saved to a desired filename (in my case, I want png or tga, with transparency) .

Also, if I have a background layer, a button layer and a text over the button. If I select the button and the text, how can I export them to png (merge them and export them) directly ? Exactly like the case above, but with multiple players.

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Photoshop :: Copy Linked Layers In Layers Palette Without Maintaining Links To Originals

Sep 30, 2013

I often will copy a layer in the layers palette via option drag. If the original layer is linked to another, the new layer is also linked to the orginal layer I copied as well as any other layers that original was linked to.
Is there anyway to option drag to copy a layer in the layers palette without the new layer being linked?

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After Effects :: Pre-composed Layers Not Consistently Casting Shadows

Apr 14, 2013

I've been trowling through th interwebs for an answer and it appears a lot of people have come accross similar issues yet I am still to solve my little hiccup.
I have a bunch of 3D layers sitting on a 3D plane. Everything was going swimmingly until I animated these layers in individual pre-compositions, when all the shadows disappeared. All shadow settings are set correctly, lights are in the right places, layers are separeted on Z axis and there are no effects on anything.
I'll include some images so you get the gist:For some reason, 1 shadow is working. i've checked all the settings and nothing seems to be different between them.

Here's a shot of the stats on the working comp:

And one of a non-working comp:

Now the pre-comps are no longer interacting with the ground at all. You can see the working one in the background is hanging out half way through the floor where as the front characters should be doing the same but aren't.

And finally, for some reason, at the 7second mark, it suddenly works again!?

Now, nothing changes at the 7 second mark, the camera and lights are in exactly he same place.

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Photoshop :: How To Copy And Paste On Another Layer In Same Location As Previous Layer

Jul 19, 2012

I'm trying to copy a portion of a graphic and put it on another layer while keeping it's exact location as to how I view it am I understanded?

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Photoshop :: Resolving Layer Via Copy Or Layer Via Cut - Grayed Out

Feb 24, 2012

There are many times you will "place" a picture file inside your Photoshop document, and want to resize it, put it in a different layer, or crop the image inside Photoshop - but you may find a simple error message or grayed out layer via copy/cut prevents you from doing so.
To do this, you will most often do this one of three ways:
1) Select the Marquee tool and outline the area of the image you want to copy or cut
2) Go to Layer > New > Layer via Cut/Copy
3) Click Ctrl+J
Many times, you will find none of these selections work. All options will be greyed out. You may be tempted to create a new layer, and then use one of these options in the new layer. In this case, you will get the error message "Could not make a new layer from the selection because the selected area is empty."  All these errors are a result of photoshop not identifying pixels that you are trying to cut/copy.
There is a simple solution to this problem.  Go over to the "Layers" box, and click on the layer listing for the layer where your newly placed image resides. Make sure your image is the only item in this layer, if not relocate the image into a new layer by itself.  Right-click on the layer where your photo is located in the "layers" box and click on "Rasterize Layer".
Once you do this you will now be able to follow one of the steps above to Layer Via Copy or Layer Via Cut.

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Photoshop Elements :: Copy Layer Style From One Layer To Another In 9?

Nov 20, 2012

I am trying to copy "fx" from one picture to another but when I try to drag to next photo it doesn't seem to work I have held the alt key and dragged but no luck...

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Copy A Mask From One Layer To A New Layer

Dec 4, 2012

I have been trying to copy a mask from one layer to a new layer in Elements 11.  I can do this in CS3 by using alt and dragging to the new layer.  It doesn't work in Elements 11.  Is this feature unavailable in elements 11 or is there a different command?  there doesn't seem to be much point in spending all that time making a complex layer amsk and then being unable to use it on another layer.

I have to give a tutorial on layer masks using both CS3 and elements at the Camera Club!

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Create Layers In Adjustment Layer And Transfer Those Layers

Nov 11, 2012

How do I create layers in an adjustment layer and transfer  or duplicate those layers in another image ?
I need to transfer the same colour readjustment from one image to several other images ... I have been told to do this in the adjustment layer platform how ever I cannot drag or copy those layers over to the other images I have open and in need of adjustment to the same layers ...
Images shows my layout and what i've done this far

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Photoshop :: Filter Effect And Layer Style In Same Layer Versus Separate Layers

Mar 18, 2013

I'm adjusting a photographic image and am using both a filter effect and a layer style in the same layer on a Smart Object.  I want to separate the two effects into two layers, so one layer has the filter effect (Nik) and one layer has the layer style (Color Overlay) (with the goal of merging/rasterizing the Nik filter effect with the Smart Object but keeping the layer style unmerged).  I can make two layers and move one effect without problem, but the visual result of each effect on a separate layer is quite different from having both effects in the same layer.   The Blend Mode for all my layers is Normal.  Within the Color Overlay panel, the blend mode is Linear Burn.
 Layer 1: a layer style and a filter effect, stacked
looks very different from....
Layer 2:  a layer style
Layer 1:  a filter effect

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Photoshop :: Error :: Layer Is Not A Valid Layer. Some Layers Will Use Existing Pixel Data

Feb 13, 2007

Upon trying to open a line sheet i'm working on, photoshop tells me:

Problems were encountered reading layers
Because the layer is not a valid layer. Some layers will use existing pixel data.

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Photoshop :: Layers Palette Won't Let Me Drag Layer To 'new Layer' Icon

Dec 18, 2006

this is how i usually duplicate a layer, by dragging and dropping to the new layer icon at the bottom of the palette. it is not letting me do that.

also, when i select a a single, or group of layers and move them around in the palette, i thought it used.

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GIMP :: GIF Image - Copy And Merge Selected Layer Over Every Other Individual Layer Automatically

May 1, 2011

I have a GIF image that I need to add something to, but I don't want to add it to every single individual layer. Is there a way to add it over or behind the entire GIF so that it remains static while the GIF's frames cycle - like a watermark or something?

Or if not, is there maybe a script-fu that copies and merges a selected layer over every other individual layer automatically, without messing them up?

I know I'll probably have to just end up manually adding it to each layer, (so many layers...).

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GIMP :: Copy Result Of Subtract Layer Mode To New Layer

Apr 16, 2013

I have two similar images where the subject has moved between the images. I have them in the same file as two separate layers and am using the subtract layer mode to identify where they differ, (roughly!).

I want to be able to use the subtract layer as a completely new layer so that I can make edits to it. The only way I have found to do this at the moment is to 'copy visible', but this still brings other elements that I don't want from where the layers overlap.

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Photoshop :: Copy CSS From Layers

Jan 22, 2013

I don't have the option to Copy CSS from layers | Creative Cloud. i have reinstall the product as they told me and change to English International and still no luckthe latest version i got everytime I update is

Adobe Photoshop Version: .13.0.1 (13.0.1 20120808.r.519 2012/08/08:21:00:00) x32

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Photoshop :: Copy Layers

Jan 4, 2005

i made a photo collage in 20"by30", i want to copy it to a 25"by35" "new blank image" the problem is that when i copy the collage it only copies on layer, i have around 50 layers in that collage. I tryed to flaten the collage so it turns into one layer, but then i am stuck with just one big layer in the 25"by35". i want to add new pictures in the collage but its hard to blend them together when i have just one big layer.

Is there any way i can copy all the layers without having to flatten them first so i can keep they layers intact in the bigger image?

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Photoshop :: How To Copy Layers From One File To Another

Jul 5, 2012

How can I copy layers from one image file to another?This is a useful technique if you have to reprocess a raw file in Lightroom to take advantage of newer features such as chromatic aberration correction. After reprocessing, you can paste all of your selection/editing layers from the old file on to the new file.

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Photoshop :: Copy All Layers And Edits?

Jun 10, 2009

I've edited a picture of an old house.... made it look like it was taken in the 1920's. Love the way it looks, I used multiple tools... gradient overlays, noise, sepia tones....on and on..... Now I want to take every action I used from my layers pallet and apply them to the next 20 photos. I'm using CS3

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Photoshop :: How To Copy A Seletion Of Linked Layers?

Jun 4, 2009

way to take multiple layers that I have linked together, then select an area on the image, and copy the linked layers that are within this area so that I can paste them somewhere else in the image and each layer will remain intact, so that after copying this selection of layers I can still turn them on and off along with the original layers they were on. basically want to copy a selection of multiple layers while allowing them to stay linked together. I can copy a selection of multiple layers, but they merge together instead of staying on separate layers.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Copy Layers From One Image To Another

Apr 26, 2013

I am editing figures for a journal and I need arrows for multiple images.  Is there a standard arrow?  I can only see free hand.  If I use a free hand arrow I then want to copy it to the other images for consistency.  How do I copy or share layers between images?

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Photoshop :: Multiple Layers And Copy Merge Saving As PDF?

Mar 27, 2012

I need to make multiple duplications of the same layer. This will solve my problem, however after I get the results I want, if I merge the layers, it reverts to the look as if I only had one single layer again. This will also happen if I do not merge the layers but save it as a PDF to get it ready for print. This results in a very muddy/neutral results. I have tried to simply select the layers and copy as merge, select everything and copy merge into a new document, and flatten/merge the image. None of them worked and reverted the image to the original one layer look.

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Mask For A Few Copy Merged Layers

Mar 31, 2013

Here are a few copy merged layers, which I dragged in from another image; now I need to remove the extra stuff;

clicking on the mask icon gives the prohibitory sign.

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