Photoshop :: How To Split An Image And Use One Half...

Mar 24, 2008

I would like to take face pictures and split the faces in half. After that, I would like to use the left side of the face and match it to the reverse left side face together(having 2 left sides which will look like a normal face after the 2 sides will be brought together).


1. picture of a human face (head)

2. slipt the face in half

3. remove the right side

4. highlight the left side and make a reverse image

5. put together the real left side and the reverse left side in one face

How that is possible with Photoshop?


AutoCAD Inventor :: Can Split A Model In Half And Then Mirror It

Dec 29, 2012

I decided to model an industrial iron caster wheel with polyurethane tread, and all went well. Tonight I added three ribs to one side of the caster wheel, which looks great, but I would rather not repeat the process on the other side because of all the fillets and such which would have to be repeated.

Is it possible to split the wheel down the middle and then mirror the side with the ribs? I saw that I can split the model with a plane, but I can't figure out how to remove the geometry on the left side of the plane.

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Photoshop :: Half My Tools Work/Half Don't

May 1, 2008

I am trying to edit a JPEG. It is one layer. My mode is Normal with 100% opacity, 100% fill. The layer is not locked.

I can use several tools including move, magic wand, paint bucket, crop. However, I cannot use the eraser, paintbrush, healing tool, clone stamp (which is the one I desperately need to use) or many others.

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Photoshop :: Split An Image In 2 Halfs

Aug 21, 2007

how to split an image in 2 halfs with like a ripped effect im useing CS2...

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Photoshop :: Split Image Into Smaller Tiles

Dec 1, 2008

I'm sure I've seen how to do this somewhere, not sure if it's photoshop or flash. I want to split a picture into multiple small jpeg tiles so that I can have one thumbnail picture and a higher res one used to zoom.

Anyone know what this is called, the package used to achieve it or where I should start?

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Photoshop :: Split Image Into Multiple Images?

Feb 21, 2007

I had an jpg thats 1024x1024 and I wanted to split it into 4 seperate files of 256x256.

Is there any way to get photoshop to do this for me?

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Maya Modeling :: Polygon Split Tool Does Not Split All Polygons

Sep 2, 2013

I made all my polygons with the same technique but somehow interactive polygon split tool does not split all polygons... I attached a file with which I have problem. Split tool just "disappears" after submitting changes... 

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GIMP :: Image Split Into Strips About 1/4 Inch Wide

Feb 25, 2011

What I need to do is, take an image, split it into strips about 1/4 inch wide but have them so I can put them back.the actual size of the slices can be varied but each slice has to be the same size across the whole image.

is there a way to do this using GIMP on a mac?

I did see a add in but it was for windows only.

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Photoshop :: Half Circleee

Apr 28, 2004

how can I make a half circle with a word??

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Photoshop :: Half Transparent

Feb 4, 2008

to make and image half transparent, 1/4 transparent and etc.?

Like if the image is totally blue and I make it half transparent, If I put that image in a red background in a site it would appear to be purple. Any way to make a image half transparent on photoshop 6.0?

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Photoshop :: Half Of Filters Gone Since Trying To Update To 14.1.2

Sep 28, 2013

Just realised that most of my filters have disapeared since trying to update to 14.1.2.   The update has failed several times, and I now get a 'There is a problem with Generator' message every time I start Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Half Rounded Rectangle

Jun 20, 2003

how to make a rounded rectangle selection now. But what about a rectangle with only the top-left and top-right corners rounded, and the bottom corners flat 90 degrees.?

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Photoshop :: Half Tone Dots?

Mar 23, 2005

i really like the effect of half tone dots but i dont know how to acheive it.

the effect im going for is in this pic.

i assume it a series of filters

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Photo Half Black And...

Jun 29, 2009

Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to make a photo black and white with abit of colour like the one attached... on CS4?

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Photoshop :: Cutting A Square In Half (Illustrator)

Apr 19, 2007

How in the world do I cut a box in half so I can have 2 objects I tried using the slice tool, but not working.

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Photoshop :: Half Size Images On Paste

Sep 26, 2004

I've been working on a project, and I created all the elements separately in JPG, gif, etc...

However, when pasting them in the final document, they look even smaller, but they should be only half the size.

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