Photoshop Elements :: Suddenly No XMP Made When Processing RAW Photos

Jul 14, 2013

Since yesterday, suddenly no .XMP files are being made (or at least I can't see them anymore(!??) when processing RAW (.CR2) photos.

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Photoshop Elements :: Large Block Of Photos Suddenly Missing?

May 10, 2013

Elements 7. Without my opening, moving, renaming or otherwise molesting them, 2/3s of the photos in one of my two catalogs have suddenly gone missing. I have exhausted all the trouble shooting info I can find online and have tried the reconnecting procedures, optimized the catalog, repaired the catalog, rebuilt the thumbnails and uninstalled and reinstalled elements 7 all to no avail. The missing files, a mix of jpeg and nef totaling 272, are grouped in one block starting from the first photos I ever downloaded two years ago except for one which is a recent download. Elements 7 win xp 1G ram.

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Photoshop :: Made Images Suddenly Look Very Bad Once Uploaded?

May 19, 2013

I have a blog and everything for it (header, banners, etc.) is made in Photoshop and up until yesterday it was all fine. But yesterday I wanted to try to put a scanned picture for my header - which on my computer looks white, but on the web it looked gray, so I decided to go back to what I had.

When I uploaded my old header it now looked blue/gray-ish, very pixelated and really strange. When I tilted my screen (laptop computer) I could see some weird edges around the shapes that I had on that header. I ulso tried uploading to Picasa web albums but the same thing happens.

I tried also making another image in Photoshop to test it out - it was white with big spots in green colour and when uploaded I could see the edges of the entire image even though it was white (it didn't blend with the rest of the background like it used to), and when I tilted my screen I saw pink edges around those big dots and it looked all fuzzy almost like it's moving (like on those very old TV's when you lose an image and it's snowy looking).

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Lightroom :: 4.4 - JPEG Photos Suddenly Cannot Be Imported?

Jul 21, 2013

Lightroom 4.4 on a Win 7 computer will not import visible jpeg photos from a chip because the files can not be read.  The same photos import fine on another Win 7 computer using LR 4.4.  Lightroom has been importing fine up til now.

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Lightroom :: 3 Suddenly Won't Open Photos In CS4 To Be Edited

Dec 6, 2011

When I right click on a photo in LR3 and click on 'edit in Photoshop CS4', it opens the dialogue box that it has always opened: 'This version of Lightroom may require Camera Raw version 6.5 to be fully compatible,' or something to that effect. I have never needed to worry about that, and have always been able to just click on OK and it has worked anyway, however suddenly it doesn't.
So I checked (just in case the issue was my version of Camera Raw) and I am running Camera Raw version 5.70.213
So I tried to update it to 6.5.  I downloaded it (and the Adobe installer manager which it seemed to want me to install), but when I try to install 6.5 I get a message: 'This is not required'.So one message tells me it is required, and another won't allow it to install and says it is not required.
I don't seem to be able to install the latest version of Camera Raw (doesn't bother me as I don't use it - I use LR, except if it is causing this problem), and I have the problem of being unable to edit any of my LR catalogue in CS4.

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GIMP :: How To Put Already Made Logo Into Photos

Jun 2, 2012

I already have a logo made. Its a jpeg file. how to put it onto my photos.

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GIMP :: Streamline Daily Activity Processing Photos

Apr 10, 2011

I'm trying to streamline a daily activity processing photos with Gimp by using incrontab (which makes it when you add files to a directory, it will automatically run a program to deal with the event). I have a python-fu script that I need to run after selecting four corners of what will be new photos.

It will run itself on all images open in gimp which reduces my keystrokes or mouse clicks. The problem I'm having is that when I put four photos into the processing directory, incron opens four instances of gimp instead of opening gimp once and adding each photo to its open images. I'm using Ubuntu Linux. I'd really like to make the same instance of gimp open the photos, but I'm not sure how to do that.

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Lightroom :: Coloured Boxes Suddenly Appeared Over Photos?

Feb 4, 2012

I was using lightroom3 today when all of the suddenly some of my pictures (far away from all) got like a coloured box on top of them.. I have attached a photo since it's a little hard to explain. notice that a very small part of all of the pictures is still as normal and the colour box seems to somewhat match the colours of the specific photos.. This is not a recently uploaded catalog and it has always worked fine. The weird thing is that even the original photos in My Documents look the same when previewed in the folder.. However- The exact photos look perfectly normal when opened with Microsoft's Picture Manager.

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Lightroom :: Processing Photos - All Skin Tones Are Bright Pink

Dec 10, 2012

All of a sudden today when i went to process photos, in either Lightroom 4 or CS5 all the skin tones are bright pink? They are fine when viewing them on my computer, just not threw adobe products.

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Photoshop :: Made Backup Of All Photos To External Hard Drive - Can't Recognize File In Order To Restore?

May 30, 2013

I have made a backup copy of all my photos to an external hard drive and photoshop does not recognize the file in order to restore the back up.

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After Effects :: Editable Rectangles Of Still Photos In Composition Panel Suddenly Stopped Showing Up

Feb 4, 2014

I am relatively new to After Effects CC and am using it to create a stop motion film with a large amount of photos.Usually, when importing the individual images into my composition panel, a sequence of editable rectangles appears in the composition panel allowing me to edit the frame length of the still photos.
After around 950 imported images, the little rectangles suddenly stopped showing up. But when looking at a preview of the project, it's as if the photos are in there, in the sequence they should be. I'm just unable to edit them like the previous ones with rectangles showing.
The area of issue is where you see the descending sequence of boxes in the comp panel. The red tracking bar is there to show that there are still photos continuing the sequence.

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Photoshop :: Can Artwork Made With CC Line And Box Tools Be Made Into Vector Image

Jan 15, 2013

I have created city/landscape artwork using photoshop line and box tools. If you go to URL...  then click on the link that says (click here to view Gotham City) you will see one of the images I am talking about.  Can this image be made to look the same in vector.

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Photoshop Elements :: Processing Raw Files With 8?

Nov 19, 2013

I have Elements 8 for the processing the raw files from my Nikon D40.  There has been not issue with these files.  I just recently picked up a D7100.  Now with this camera when i download the raw files to the computer I am receiving a message that Elements does not reconize those raw files and will not open them. 
Is there some different setting for the newer camera's?

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Photoshop Elements :: 8 Suddenly Won't Open?

Jan 30, 2014

I have PSE 8 running on my dell computer with windows 8.  I have been using the program for about one month and two days ago I tried to add a dell printer. I have removed the printer from my computer and PSE still won't open.  I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and still no luck.
I try to open to edit opening via the program and it says that it is launching but it never opens.  If I try to open PSE via a picture (right click, open with Photoshop) it gives me an error message "Photoshop Elements Editor has stopped working"

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Photoshop Elements :: Suddenly Appear To Be In Low Resolution

Jul 4, 2013

Suddenly my text is very low res looking and rounded shapes have jaggered edges. See this phone number graphic I just done:
What might I have done to cause this? How can I get my nice smooth lines back?

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Photoshop Elements :: Image Size With Processing

Aug 4, 2013

New to Adobe, I have had several issues with consumers images. I can not find how to save as jpeg and keep photo intergrity. Either the processer (local pharmacy, big name store.. etc) is cropping my images badly. I have been told this is my problem when I save in jpeg format. How do i protect my image? Resize with the pixels? P

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Photoshop Elements :: Multiple File Processing In 11?

Aug 7, 2013

I was told that to resize a batch of photos to use the multiple selection tool. Howver, this button is not active as it appears in my Photoshop 11. D I have to import the files to a certain location or something.

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Photoshop Elements :: Watermark Image Via Multiple Processing

Feb 14, 2014

I've edited my photos, resized them all the same and now want to use the "process multiple files" funtion to put a watermark on each image.
In the past this has not been a problem but now when I use this feature, the watermark font size is inconsistent between each image.
I have a 200 photo batch and dont really want to manually put my watermark on it!

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Photoshop Elements :: Multiple Processing - All Pics Went Blank

Dec 16, 2012

Tried using the multiple processing and auto fix now all pic are blank had overwrite on.  How to get images back.

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Photoshop Elements :: Batch Processing TIFF To JPEG?

Apr 24, 2013

if it is possible to change a collection of tif-format images into jpeg with one single operation, rather than treat each image individually?

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Photoshop Elements :: Lens Profiles And Batch Processing

Jul 4, 2013

If I import a lot of photos into Lightroom at once and they were all taken using the same lens can I enable the lens profile for them all at once? Or do I have to do this one image at a time?

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Photoshop Elements :: 10 Processing Multiple Files - Error

Sep 16, 2013

Yesterday this was working; today it's not. When I try to process multiple files I get this error message: "Could not complete the Process Mulitple Files command because the disk is not available."
I'm on a Mac - 10.6.8. The disk is not full. I am trying to convert Open TIF files to JPGS. And like I said, this was working for me yesterday.
Here's what I've tried as far as troubleshooting:
1. Going to your username>library>preferences and deleting:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 paths
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10settings
repair permissions and try again.
2. restarting the editor while holding down command+shift+option, keeping the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. I did.
3. restarting the computer
4. shortening the file names
5. moving the destination file
Still no success. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Why Has 12 Suddenly Stopped Saving JPEGs

Mar 3, 2014

I recently had to have a new hard drive and motherboard installed on my PC, which is running Win 7. I didn't have any problems at all with Elements prior to this.
I haven't opened PSE 12 for a few days.
My normal workflow is:
Open RAW file, edit, then separately save PSD and JPG in Irfanview (maybe an odd choice but it's familiar and easy to use).
Just recently I've noticed a problem in Irfanview when entering and saving IPTC data, in that suddenly I'm told the file isn't found, when I try to open it the image area is black, and all I can do is delete it. This is possibly unrelated to my PSE 12 problem, however each time the only way to get a usable copy of the JPG is to re-open the PSD in Elements and re-save as a JPG.
Today, in Elements, when I go to Save As (my usual choice) I go through the usual process but when I check on my hard drive the JPG hasn't been saved.

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Photoshop Elements :: Display Is Suddenly So Big / Can't See Layers Or Effects

Aug 29, 2013

all of a sudden, the display in PSE11 is so big on my Mac that I can't see the right-hand screen components, including the layers or effects. I looked all through the preferences and can't figure out how to re-size the display back to the default. I can't even minimize the display enough to grab the corner and pull the window in a little.  Is there any way to re-set the display to the default so I can see the layers and effects, without reinstalling the program? 

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Photoshop Elements :: Brushes Suddenly Won't Work At 100% Opacity

Jun 9, 2013

My brushes suddenly won't work at 100% opacity. The opacity will change if I change the slider but never actually reaches 100%. For instance if I'm using red one click will get me pink like I'm at 20% opacity, it will get darker as I increase the opacity slider but never quite reaches 100%.  At 100% it is still a shade of pink.I have to click like 10 times to get it red. Everything else works fine, pencil,eraser, etc. I have checked all my settings and can't figure it out.

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Photoshop Elements :: Cut And Paste To New Canvas Suddenly Won't Work

Jul 12, 2013

I was creating Jpeg images in Photoshop for eBay listings by opening my photo file, cutting out the image and pasting it to a new white canvas in the size I wanted. Now, suddenly when I try to do the cut and paste, all I get is a blank canvas with no image pasted into it.

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Photoshop Elements :: Minimizing Loss On Post-processing Of JPEGs

Feb 28, 2014

Today somehow the setting on my camera had raw file saving turned off. To try to minimize loss from post processing of the jpegs I assume I should save the edited files as PSD and develop my final pictures from that?

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Photoshop Elements :: Suddenly Clickable Links For PSE5 Are Not Working?

Mar 26, 2014

All of a sudden my clickable links for Elements 5 are not working, even from the program menu.  The only way to access it is if I right click on a photo and choose Elements 5 as my opening program.  I am worried that if I do an unistall/reinstall that Elements 5 will no longer be compatible with my Windows 7. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Suddenly PSE6 Freezes When Trying To Import Files

Jun 27, 2013

suddenly elements six freezes when trying to import files .Faststone Image viewer imports the same files without problems .

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Photoshop Elements :: Save Changes Made In Editor To Organizer

Dec 14, 2013

I have tried to save my changes made in the editor of Photoshop elements 12 to the organizer, saved in a version set.  Does not seem to save, but can only find it when I click on 'Open recently edicted files in editor'.  I have used Photoshop elements 10 and never had this problem

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Photoshop Elements :: Montages - Creating One Image Made Up From Many Others

Aug 28, 2012

Photoshop elements 10 will enable me to create Montages or mosaics ie 1 Image made up from many others.

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