Paint Shop Pro :: Paint Brush And Eraser Stopped Working

Apr 9, 2011

My program worked just great, then all of a sudden the paint brush and eraser will not do a thing.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Eraser Tool Not Working Correctly X5?

Jul 21, 2013

Since I first upgraded from PSP X3, 5 months ago the eraser tool has worked great. But just in the last week I have been having problems with it not working correctly. It seems like it is faded and not erasing like it should. The hardness IS raised up to 100 but still no luck. The background eraser is working great, it is only the eraser tool that is acting up. Here is a screen capture of what it is doing.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Has Stopped Working?

Sep 12, 2011

I had been using X3 for quite a while, on this ancient machine... yet today, I downloaded X4 to see how much of a difference getting that program would be.

Installation went fine.

Program started up, asked me to put in my email address for registration confirmation.. no problem.

Loading screen: Paintshop Pro X4 has stopped working. I cannot get the program to load at all. All pre-required software and updates installed.

Here's a quick screen:

X3 still runs without issue, though I am also curious as to why that program weighs in at a 1.37GB total, and X4 is only 340MB? What's missing in X4 that takes up 1GB in X3?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X1 Stopped Working

May 13, 2012

My PSP X1 stopped working on me (and does not want to get reinstalled), and right now, i need a tiny information: what is the max brush size in X1? Is it 500 or 999?

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Photoshop :: Eraser And Brush Tools Stopped Working In 6.0

Feb 18, 2003

I was using my eraser and airbrush tools on a small image on a larger layer and I moved the image and, after that the eraser and paintbrush tools stopped working on all layers. When I went back to a previous version of the file the tools worked fine.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Has Stopped Working - Error

Nov 29, 2011

repeat error each and every time I use any adjustment on graphics, photos or anything I am working on with PSP X3. Am including a screen shot, edited down to the forum specifics, and I had to edit the screen capture with PSP X2 since to reload PSP X3 will now require my restarting my computer.

I have used Paint Shop Pro since it's very first incarnation as a tiny program courtesy of the folks with Jasc, so this is not my first time using the product, just the absolute worst experience doing so.

No matter what the image, file type, or set-up, when I try to make adjustments (even if I make sure to stop and make double sure they are finished processing), eventually the program locks up and I get the error shown and stated.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Corel X4 Has Stopped Working

Jan 16, 2012

Getting the error message "Corel PaintShop Pro X4 has stopped working". So far no workaround discovered, still does not work.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, fully current with updates.
Memory: 8GM RAM
1 TB HD in each C; and E:
CPU: AMD Phenom 3GHz processor
GPU: ATI Radeon Graphic 3100

First installed in Windows 7 in

C:Program Files (x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X4Corel PaintShop Pro.exe,
then in
E:Program Files (x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X4Corel PaintShop Pro.exe (currently)

1. Installed, that error message
2. Patch, that error message
3. Removed, rebooted, e-installed, that error
4. Rebooted, reinstalled in XP, Works in XP! (I need it in Windows 7)
5. Removed ESET (needs to be relicensed anyways, this is priority right now)
6. Spybot shut down
7. Everything else works
8. Have been with PSP since JASC owned it as 4.0 (?) back in the mid 90s.
9. Frustrated with no answers, no solutions.

No AV, Spyware checkers, Malware checkers running. I took ownership of, have all permissions to and "Run as Administrator" Corel PaintShop Pro.exe

This is the application log:
Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 1/16/2012 5:39:18 PM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Stopped Working / Freezes PC On Uninstall

Jul 10, 2013

I have been using PSP x3 for awhile with no issues, but about a month ago, it simply stopped working. I open the program via shortcut, and the logo blinks onscreen, but the program never opens. No explanation, no trace.

I have attempted to uninstall and re-install, but each attempt to uninstall completely freezes the PC dead and I end up having to physically turn the PC off. I'm detecting no infection on the PC.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Custom Fonts Just Stopped Working All Together

Dec 13, 2012

Just today, while making graphics and such, my custom fonts just stopped working all together. Every single one that I have installed just shows up as nothing and is un-selectable when using it. The one in particular that i was using is Bebas Neue. Although all installed fonts are not working either.This happened out of the blue and I don't remember hitting anything or changing anything. Just typing with the font and it refused to show.

Steps Taken:
1. Reset All Preferences
2. Shift Key Trick on Load Up
3. Restarting the Computer
4. Reinstalling PSP X2
5. Using the font in other programs - Which they WORK (Word, GIMP, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
6. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the Font itself.

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GIMP :: Set Brush Size For Paint Brush And Eraser Separately?

Jul 5, 2012

I'm using a tablet with gimp and I want to be able to set the brush size for the paint brush and also for the eraser, separately. What happens now is that I'll set the paintbrush size to 10px, paint for a little while, turn the pen over to erase and the eraser will now be at 10px. So I'll adjust the eraser size to something like 50px, erase, turn over, and now the paintbrush is at 50px. Grrrrrrr... I tried creating new brushes for both the paintbrush and the eraser, but there's no brush size option. This is my first time using gimp so I'm probably missing something.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Can't Use Eraser On Adjustment Layers

Dec 7, 2011

Comparing X3 and X4 ...

Is there no way to use the eraser (or delete selections) on adjustment layers? I do/did this routinely in X3. I have missed some sort of configuration setting in X4!?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Change Color Of Paint Brush In X3?

May 15, 2012

I want to use the paint brush for editing a photo I have, but the only color available is black. No matter where I've looked in PSP, there was no option to change the color of the paint brush. I've read online that you need to change the pallet to material pallet, then go to "Foreground & Stroke Properties" and set the color box to the color I want, but the only colors I get are different hues of black and gray.

Even in Paint it's just a matter of clicking the desired color to use different colors. Why isn't it so simple in PSP?

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Photoshop :: 5.5 - Eraser And Paint Tools Not Using Entire Diameter Of Brush

Apr 19, 2012

All brushes have been reset and are set the same. We are running CS5.5 Master Edition on a brand new 27" iMac 3.4 ghz Intel Core i7 Quad core using a Radeon AMD HD6970M.
This is a sample of how the tool is not using the entire diameter. This could be either erasing or painting a color.

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Paint.NET :: Duplicating Layers And Using Eraser Or Brush To Give Jagged Look?

Apr 30, 2011

I have searched google, PDN, and hades for a solution.

I am fairly new to PDN but love it so far.

I am creating a logo for my company and wanted to "cut" an object in half and place a saw blade in the middle (to give to appearance that it was cut). I thought about duplicating the layers, placing them apart and using the eraser or brush to give a jagged look?

Attached Thumbnails

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Paint Shop Pro :: Using Eraser On Layer Getting Orange Instead Of Background

Feb 12, 2012

I've converted hundreds of photos to B/W and used the eraser tool or masking to bring out the color detail from background.

I received one last night exactly the same image information that was on the other files. It was taken from my daughter's cell and previous pictures she sent never had a problem.

72 PPI
RGB-8bit channel

Duplicated the background converted it to B/W in the Effect>Photo Effects>Black and White Film Clicked on eraser and instead of my daughter's white teeth there was an orange transparent area where I erased.I tried masking with the same effect.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Use Background Eraser To Remove Foliage

Mar 23, 2013

I have a jpeg of two people standing in front of some foliage. I want to use the background eraser to remove the foliage.The tool removes most of the foliage but leaves small unerased areas all over. I have to go over it many times to remove everything which takes ages.I am using the default settings for the background eraser tool. The only setting I have changed is the size (to 150).It certainly does not seem as easy to use this tool as the Corel tutorial on background removal makes it seem!

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Eraser And Brush Mask Tool Showing Icon Instead Of Circle Or Square

Mar 1, 2013

I must have fat fingered something and I now when I click on the Eraser Tool or the Brush Mask Tool instead of getting a circle or square, I get and icon of the tool instead.  They still work but they're harder to use without seeing the circle or square depending on what's selected.  I've been using Corel for many years and never had this happen and I can't figure out how to switch back.

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Photoshop :: Eraser In CS5 Just Stopped Working

Nov 20, 2012

I am working on a floor plan in CS5 Photoshop. Just basically tracing over an original document and erasing what I trace over. I do this all the time and it has been working fine.

But now the eraser won't work at all. When i turn off all the layers except the background layer I can erase things, but then when I turn the layers back on, it doesn't show up erased. I've tried resetting the tool and that didn't work. I'm so confused as to why it just stopped working.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Stopped Recognizing Camera Photograph Name Change

Mar 1, 2013

I'm having strange things go on with Paint Shop Pro. One, it stopped automatically recognizing the camera when I plug it in to upload new photos. Now I have to tell it to open the camera, and, even if I have 100 old photos and 25 new ones, it uploads all of them again! Second, the file names have changed for the photos. They've always been the date "20132713_*.jpg". Now it opens them as "001.jpg, or 002.jpg, etc. How can I get it to go back to opening with the date as the file name.....and recognizing the camera and automatically open new photos in the camera?

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Paint.NET :: Paint Brush Not Working

May 20, 2011

The paint brush does not work no matter what color or size chosen???

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Photoshop :: Brush Size On Paint Brush / Clone Stamp Are Not Working Properly

Nov 11, 2012

The brush size on my paint brush and clone stamp are not working properly.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Banding In X4 Warp Brush

Sep 10, 2011

I am getting strange banding when applying the X4 warp brush to a tiff file out of lightroom. Never seen anything like this in X2, X3 or adobe 16 bit brushes. pic below (win 7 pro, i7 950, X58 MB, GTX460)

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Apply Gradient Map To Brush

Jul 26, 2011

I was reading a tutorial on Photoshop about using a gradient map on a brush (the case in point was of drawing fire, with four colours, black, red yallow and white, making up the gradient map) such that you'd paint just once to get all four colours from each brush stroke. Here is an example. I was wondering how to do that in PSP X3 Ultimate. I am not new to PSP but I never used the more complicated brush features. Scripting doesn't scare me too much, if it comes to that, but I'd prefer a manual approach.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Change To Target Brush

Jul 17, 2012

PSPX4's change to target tool has never worked right for me. I have X2 which does work right. In PSPX4 no matter what the setting it applies way too much color. Even at 1% opacity it is like about 80% in PSPX2 with all settings the same.

Latest updates installed. PSPX4 still does not like Adobe LR4 JPEGs when resaving them, although I now get an error message instead of a save that loses the file for good as some 4-8k sized file that can't be opened. I still have to use X2 for those two reasons.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Using Effect Brush For Gautasian Blur

Sep 19, 2013

Can I use a brush to apply gautasian blur? I have paint shop pro x6.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Can't Increase Clone Brush Size

Jun 1, 2011

PSPRo X.I have lost the ability to increase the size of the clone brush either by the presets or by the mouse and keyboard.It will not show by more than about one eighth of an inch square .

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Paint Shop Pro :: Lost Wrap Brush Tool Bar?

Dec 28, 2013

I was using the warp brush tool (Paint Shop Pro X4) and for a stupid manipulation the tool bar where I had the value related with the brush tool slipped away. Now I 'm not able to recover it and I cannot change the dimension of the brush of the warp brush tool. I don't know what to do and I'm in trouble. I have tried all the tool bars but it doesn't appear anymore. How can I change the dimension of the warp brush tool without that?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Check Tool / Brush Action

Sep 22, 2012

Check the following

Smudge Brush.
Size 40. Doesn't matter what size.
Hardness 100. Doesn't matter hardness setting.
Step 1.
Density and Thickness 100.
Rotation 0.

Here's my problem. If I set it to 71 or below nothing happens. If I set it to 72 or higher I get a big smudge. I can't get an opaque smudge. 72 I get nothing and at 73 I get a lot of smudge. I can go with a higher setting ok but I can't get anything below 72.I can play with density but that' gives a different result. Not what I want.

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Photoshop :: Eraser And Brush Are Not Working Correctly

Dec 28, 2012

For some reason photoshop at times will only let me erase or draw within the confines of a specific layer. It seems to happen randomly without me accidently hitting a hotkey of some sort.
For instance in the image below, I was drawing and randomly I noticed I could no longer draw. It would only let me use the brush/erase tool within the confines of the line work I had already established. The only way I have been able to correct this so far is to completely restart photoshop.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Make Selector Circle Smaller When Using Oil Brush

Dec 9, 2013

When using the oil brush, the color selector circle in the mixer palette is huge. Is there a way to make the selector circle smaller when using the oil brush The dropper at the center of the circle didn't show up in the screen grab.

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Paint Shop Pro :: KPT Plugins Not Working?

Jul 25, 2011

Yesterday I purchased Paint Shop Pro, downloaded it along with the extras -- KPT Collection, Magic Bullet, Win Zip, etc. -- all of which I was able to load/run, but the KPT Collection of effects/filters are not available. The filters are listed under plugins on the menu, but they are not highlighted and therefore can't be accessed.

Is there something I'm missing in trying to use the KPTs or something else that needs to be done to activate them? I did a search here on the forum, but didn't see anything that related to this problem.

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