Maya Modeling :: Μanipulation Tools Doesn't Show Up

Dec 2, 2012

My manipulation tools doesn't show up when i click show manipulation tool. neither move,neither rotation..nothing!

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Maya :: Bonus Tools 2013 Menu Doesn't Show In 2013?

Sep 4, 2012

BonusTools 2013 menu doesn't show in maya 2013,how can show it.

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Maya Modeling :: Losing Manipulator Tools

May 19, 2011

It seems everytime I combine objects or do some weird deforming to objects the the Move Tool/Scale Tool/Rotate Tool drifts off into space and forces me to zoom out of what im working on to use the tools. This gets very bothersome when im moving a piece into just the right place and i need to be zoomed in. Im still quite new at Maya and 3D in general.

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Photoshop Elements :: Why Doesn't Printer Show Up In Automation Tools In E11

Dec 28, 2012

I've tried to add as a plug-in and it sees my old Elements 8 & 10 but not Elements 11?

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Maya Modeling :: Show Piping In A Tank

Mar 20, 2012

I have modeled a tank(storage) and i need to show some of the piping that is inside the tank. I tried removing some faces and extruding the edges, then some beveling, to show some thickness but that really messes up the smoothing around the hole. Is there a better way to do this to maintain the smoothness?

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Maya Modeling :: Extrude Manipulator Tool Not Show Up

Dec 2, 2011

Extrude manipulator tool will not show up when I try to extrude. I don't know how to turn on the construction history either.

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Maya Modeling :: Keep Faces Together When Extruding Doesn't Work Correctly

Feb 2, 2012

I'm pretty sure that 'Keep faces together' when extruding does not work correctly in 2012. Well not on my mac anyhow. If you wish to replicate my problem here is my workflow-

Create cube poly > make some subdivisions> select some faces> extrude with 'keep faces together" unchecked> Select a face and use move tool, notice that faces will move apart as they should> Now select some more faces> extrude with 'keep faces together' checked this time> select a face and use move tool> notice how face is still separate as it SHOULD NOT be.

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Maya Modeling :: Creating Planes In TopView Doesn't Work Properly

Jul 31, 2012

I don't know what went wrong with that View. I can create polygon planes properly in all views but top view.What can I do to make it function again when I set up the Project.this problem occurs everytime when I set up Image Planes for the top, side and front view. URL...

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Maya Modeling :: Simple Poly Cube Smooth Function Doesn't Work?

Jun 1, 2012

after I combine a simple poly cube the smooth function does not work?I use merge edge and merge vertices but still cannot get a smooth object..I have tried saving and reopening but still cannot smooth.

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Maya Animation :: Paint Skin Weights Doesn't Show Color Feedback

Jul 21, 2011

I have problem with Paint Skin Weights Tool. Maya doesnt show colour feedback so when painting weights I am not able to see almost anything.

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Maya Modeling :: Character Modeling From Animation Academy

Oct 14, 2011

I have a problem when I am modeling my character or rather the character from the animation academy. I have created an NURBS sphere and I want to adjust it to the arm, so I go to the component mode add some isosparms and then it happens!!! I can´t move any vertexes... but in the object mode I can move the hole object.

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Photoshop :: 3d Modeling Tools

Apr 7, 2009

What is the best/most preferred 3d modeling package to interface with Photoshop, and After Effects 3d capabilites in CS4?

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3ds Max :: Graphite Modeling Tools

Jun 21, 2011

The UI for max is getting bigger as newer tools become implemented. Some new tools are now in a ribbon browser called "Graphite Modeling Tools" while others are in the old Command Panel. And some old tools like Selection for editable polys are in both locations! Doesn't that seem like a waste?

What is the future User Interface for 3ds Max? I hope to see less mouse clicks, less icons and a more intuitive way of approaching a 3ds max scene.

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3ds Max :: Missing Graphite Modeling Tools?

Jan 31, 2014

I'm currently attending college for digital media and animation, and I have licensing for 3DS MAX 2014 educational. I noticed that at my school, they have ribbon tools divided into sections, such as Freeform> Polydraw, Paint deform, Defaults, etc.
I have absolutely nothing in my Freeform tab. I'm trying to work on enviroment using PolyDraw, but it is non-existent on my computer, nor have I found any information about how to download it. Am I to assume educational version does not come with ribbons, such as Polydraw?
I mean to say that a wide range of my Graphite Modeling Tools are not installed/missing. I have Modeling >Polygon Modeling; Object Paint> Paint Objects / Brush Settings; and Populate features. Freeform Tools & Selection are both completely empty.

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3ds Max :: Graphite Modeling Tools / Viewport Background

Jun 2, 2011

I have just started working at a studio who use Max 2008, however I was previously using Max 2010 in my old job and miss my graphite modelling tools. Are there any scripts or plugins available that provide something similar?

Viewport Background
Also I have been asked to produce an illustration, so I have set it as a viewport background & locked pan and zoom. However, it does not actually lock the pan or zoom and just moves the camera which is causing a bit of frustration, as well as straining my eyes.

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3ds Max Modeling :: Graphite Even / Odd Edge-selection Tools

Nov 16, 2011

i used to work a lot with polyboost and since the change from polyboost to graphite modeling tools, i built my own toolbars in customize the interface, i found all the tools i needed in the polytools big exception is even/odd selection presets (skip, nthselect / step), which i found an extremely useful edge-selection tool. i attach a screenshot of the polyboost tools rollout, where these settings could be found formerly. at the end of this message i also attach a dicription of these settings from the polyboost work. Where to find the command to launch this toolbox. or if this feature possibly was not included in the graphite modeling tools?

selects subobject-elements that have even numbers like 2,4,12 and so on. the "skip" spinner determines how many numbers to skip between the even numbers, so a value of 1 will select elements numbered 2,4,6,8 and so on. a value of 2 will select elements numbered 2,6,10,14 and so on.
shortcut: when used as a shortcut this tool will default to 1 as a skip value.

selects subobject-elements that have odd numbers like 1,3,15 and so on. the "SKIP" spinner determines how many numbers to skip between the odd numbers, so a value of 1 will select elements numbered 1,3,5,7 and so on. a value of 2 will select elements numbered 1,5,9,13 and so on.
shortcut: when used as a shortcut this tool will default to 1 as a skip value.

nth sel
selects the next even or odd numbered element in the model. because of the way the numbers are laid out in a basic primitive in max, this will in a way duplicate the selection further down the element numbers. the "STEP" spinner determines how big the jump is to the next selection. if the "reverse(rev)" checkbox is checked the selection will be created in the opposite way, and if the "move" checkbox is checked the selection will not be duplicated, but moved instead.

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Maya :: Nex Tools Floating Dock?

May 25, 2013

Is there a way to have the new NEX tools window undocked when starting up Maya? I can undock it after Maya 2014 starts. But I'd like to have it this way on launch. Currently it reverts back.

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Maya :: Bonus Tools Mac - No Menu?

Jun 26, 2013

I installed Bonus Tools 2014 for Maya 2013 on my Mac with OS 10.8.4.

Then I launched Maya.  I didn't see the 'bonus tools' menu item up top.

I compared my menu to the one here.  The one in the video has it in the top menu, but mine does not.

I found the bonus tools mel script in the shared sub folders for autodesk, so I know it's installed.

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3ds Max Modeling :: How To Get Hidden Tools To Appear In Freeform And Selection Tabs

Apr 26, 2012

So I have the modeling ribbon but the only tabs that seem to have any tools in them are the "GraphiteModelingTools" tab and the "ObjectPaint" tab. How do I get the hidden tools to appear in the "Freeform" and "Selection" tabs? Does the plugin need to be added?

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Photoshop :: Alt Key Doesn't Work With Tools

Mar 12, 2008

Suddenly the Alt key doesn't work with Clone and other Tools. When it's pressed, it shows a double arrow (black/white)cursor and a selection is not defined ...

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Photoshop :: No Tools Show Selection

May 27, 2009

Vista home premium 32bitPhotoshop CS4  Extended Problem I got is that no matter what tool I use, (marquee, wand, lassoo, ellipse) etc, I don't see the area/marching ants that is being selected untill I release the mouse,

open image in Psselect rectangle marquee toolplace mouse arrow on imageleft click once and holddrag pointer to required pointNothing different shown on screen No marching ant boxRelease left mouse buttonMarching ant box is now seen.

Same pc being used that has photoshop 7 on and that prog runs fine, or at least as it should do... Have checked prog settings and couldn't find anything obvious. Have also tried changing vista visual settings to no avail..

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Xara :: Can't Get Sub Menus To Show In Tools

Jan 25, 2012

Using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 7.12.19319

I can't get the sub menus to show in my left main tool bar.

In past versions all I had to do was click on the little arrow and I was shown a choice of sub tools.

Is there something I have to do now in "Options"?

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Maya :: 2012 Craft Animation Tools?

May 6, 2011

Maya 2012 new features video shows that craft animation tools is new feature in Maya 2012, but i cannot find it inside Maya 2012, is the plugin integrated with Maya 2012 or need to install it after installation? Should i download craft animation tools for Maya 2012 or ?

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Maya :: 2011 Bonus Tools - 3DS Importer

Oct 11, 2011

I have it installed, I have the plugin "loaded" and "auto-loaded", but when I try to import a .3ds file, there is no geometry or anything. I see "Transform1" in the Outliner, and I don't really see any errors.

I tried playing around with windows, hit "show all" on everything I can find.

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Photoshop :: CC Liquify Filter Does Not Show All Tools

Sep 11, 2013

The freeze tool is not pictured on the left with the other tools.  I can access freeze by pressing the "F" key, but there is no way to unfreeze since that tool is missing as well.  Only seven tools are seen now.

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Photoshop :: Some Of The Tools Like Paintbrush, Clone Etc Doesn't Work

Sep 20, 2006

I've got this problem with Photoshop. Some of the tools, e.g. paintbrush, clone, just don't work. Using alt click to select the colour/area works but the tool just doesn't work on the image. Any ideas?

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Photoshop Elements :: All Tools Show Up As Pencil - Keeps Happening

Aug 18, 2013

Just started up Elements 11 and the same issue as one month ago happened. All tools show up as a pencil, wether I want to select, clone, resize, doesn't matter, I only can draw a line. Last time I spend a whole night online with support and I had to de-install Elements and re-install.

But I really do not feel like this is how a system should work that every month I have to reinstall the program.

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Maya :: 2012 And 2013 Merge Vertex Tools Not Working?

Mar 5, 2013

I'm having problem with this tool in maya 2012 it doesn't connect or do the red mark between 2 vertices but in maya 2013 it does the red mark between them but doesn't connect

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Maya :: 3Ds Import Plug-in Missing From Bonus Tools 2014?

May 8, 2013

I just loaded the bonus tools for 2014 Mac....I looked in the plug-in manager and the .3ds plug-in is missing in action...

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Get AEC Modify Tools To Show Up On Pop-up Dialog Boxes

Dec 10, 2007

How to get the AEC Modify Tools to show up on my pop-up dialog boxes? Is there something I need to intall and/or configure?

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AutoCAD Express Tools :: Field To Show Only Part Of The Filename?

Jul 15, 2013

Basically we set up our file names with a # and the title of the drawing. I want to create a field that only shows the number thats in the file name.


if the filename is "10101template.dwg", i  only want the 10101 to show up in my field.

is there a diesel expression or something along those lines that would chose only the first 5 characters in the file name? (our job numbers are 5 #'s long and are the beginning portion of the filename).

if not, is there an expression that would show all numbers in the file name?

I realize there are a few simliar posts, but I haven't found exactly what i am trying to do, but if i do find a solution elsewhere, i will post it here. 

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