AutoCad 2D :: Toolbar To Toggle Layer On And Off

Sep 27, 2011

i use section planes quite a bit and if you're familiar with planes than everytime you insert a new section plane the settings reset. i would like to insert into my template 3 section planes each with my custom settings one being for plan one being for front one being for side. each being on a seperate layer. i would like to create a macro along with a toolbar that toggles a particular layer on and off. how do i do this? using the same shortcut to turn the item both on and off? to toggle....

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Apply Layer Filter To Layer Toolbar Disables Function Of Layer Filters In Tool Palette

Aug 1, 2012

It appears that the Layer Filters functionality is broken again with 2013. Unchecking the "Apply layer filter to layer toolbar" disables the function of layer filters in the tool palette.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Layer Toolbar Won't Show Current Layer Selected

May 8, 2012

When i click on the green line has you can see on the image. The layer toolbar wont show me the right layer, like if it's not working. But i can see the right layer inside propreties.

Is there a system variable to ajust to see my layers inside the Layer tool bar?

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AutoCAD LT :: Freeze Layer In 2013 From Layer-II Toolbar Menu

Jul 26, 2012

I try to freeze layer in ACAD LT 2013 from Layer-II toolbar menu but it is not working.

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AutoCad :: Selection And Layer Toolbar

Nov 6, 2011

The ability to have the layer toolbar show what layer an object is by selecting the object in model space has ceased to function. Not sure what I did. It's not specific to the drawing either as I've tested it in other drawings as well. It's a toggle somewhere in autocad. BTW Its on my 2006 version. I own 2012 but i'm an old dog that doesn't like to learn new tricks.I just noticed that the prelection ability within autocad is shut-off. For example you select a few object and then use the copy command. The copy command does not recognize the pre-selected objects anymore. Autocad now requires me to select the object from within the command itself.

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Illustrator :: How To Toggle Layer Lock / Visibility In CS6

Jun 16, 2012

How to toggle the layer lock/visibility in CS6 than in the earlier versions.

It seems that there's more padding around the lock/visibility icon, and you have to be really precise to click it... increasing the row size doesn't really make any difference, as the "padding" is still there. Wheres in the earlier versions clicking anywhere within the toggle box would enable/disable it.

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AutoCAD LT :: Using Layer Toolbar Dropdown Menu

Oct 20, 2012

I have been having problems using my layer toolbar dropdown menu.  My drop down bar will show the current layer or the current layer and the layer of a selected object.  I need to open the Layer Properties Manager in order to turn on/off or freeze/thaw other layers.  It seems to happen the most when I have external references loaded into the drawing.

Also, the Layer Properties Manager has a few quirks.  If I create a new layer, it will not record changes to the layer color, linetype, etc on the first try.  I can make these changes, but when I close the Layer Properties box, all of the changes are lost.  I need to reopen the Layer Properties Manager and make the changes again.

The Layer Properties Manager also seems to have a glitch where it will deselect from the manager back to the drawing without a mouse click.  Also, when I click once on an external reference layer to select, it tells me I cannot modify this layer.  I would assume this would pop up if it were a double click action for modification, but it does this after a single click. 

It seems that there are some major glitches with the Layer Properties Manager. 

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Photoshop :: How To Toggle Visibility For A Layer Group And All Its Sub-groups

Sep 1, 2012

As I am using Layer Comps more frequently, i find myself frequently needing to toggle the visibility of layer groups, which contain several sub-groups. I tried all the shift + cmd + option - click variations, but none seems to do the trick.
here an example:
Visibility           Type           Name
OFF                Group         Row
ON                  Group         Button 1
OFF                Text            Help!
OFF                Shape         Bg
ON                  Group         Button 2
OFF                Text            Help Please!
OFF                Shape         Bg
so what i am looking for is a short-cut so that when i click on the visibility of the Group Row, it will turn on the visibility of all the layers contained.

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Photoshop :: Keyboard Shortcut To Toggle Specific Layer On / Off

Jul 17, 2013

I just recently discovered the keyboard shortcut for toggling the current layer on and off and it is an incredible time saver.  Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut dedicated to toggle a specific layer on and off regardless of what layer I am working on?  I use Photoshop for painting and I'll have a layer set up like an overlay, with my line drawing set to Multiply blending mode at about 25% opacity. 

However, as the painting progresses, I need to turn that layer on and off continuously to be able to see my painting without the lines overlayed.  I know I lose a lot of time having to go over and turn the eye off and then back on over on the layers pallete.  I've tried setting something up as an Action, and had a shortlived success, but when I added new layers or moved them around after setting it up, it stops working.  I have to say, it was my first attempt at creating an Action of any kind, so there may be a way to keep it working regardless of what I do to the other layers, Having the ability to somehow dedicate a key for quick toggling of my drawing layer would be another tremendous time saver.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Add Layer State Drop-down To Toolbar?

Aug 21, 2012

I would like to add the layer state drop-down from the ribbon to one of my toolbars, but can't find it in CUI command list.  Is this feature only available with the ribbon?

LT, C3D 2005 - 2014
XP, Vista, 7

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Layer Control Dropdown Toolbar Vs Xref

May 20, 2013

Why does the layer control toolbar always state the Xref layers by default. Is there a workaround, or a setting so the layers of the current drawing are displayed by default? 

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AutoCad :: Toolbar Properties Manager Shows All Elements In Layer 0

Feb 1, 2012

I am using ACAD2004. The toolbar properties manager shows all elements in layer 0 but on the working area the color and line type, line weight selections are not present.

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AutoCad :: LT2010 - Right Click Editing And Layer Toolbar Not Working?

Aug 13, 2012

im using LT2010, with the autocad classic menu, if i click on a line the layer toolbar is not displaying the layer name of that line, it seems stuck on the current 'set' layer. also right click edit has stopped working and i cant seem to reset it via, tools/options/user prefs.

if i click onto the 2D drafting workspace, the layer problem above doesnt occur but the right click edit still doesnt work.

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AutoCad :: Change Length Of Layer Control Dropdown In Toolbar?

Aug 3, 2011

is it possible to extend the dropdown box so i can view whole layer names?

layer toolbar.jpg

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3ds Max :: Create Absolute Layer And Activate Setup / Animation Mode Toggle

Jul 1, 2011

The big problem with CAT. 3dsmax 2012 64-bit. Problems have appeared after installation SP1. I adjust a skeleton. In Link Info In Setup Mode I activate Animation Controller and Additive To Setup Pose. Then I create an Absolute Layer and activate Setup/Animation Mode Toggle. The bone departs not clearly where.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Use Toolbar To Load Toolbar From Partial Customization Menu

Dec 19, 2013

I've tried to figure out the pattern of how the command works for inputting partial customization menu toolbar names but I'm unsuccessful.

You should be able to show and hide partial customization menu toolbars with the -toolbar command because it can hide all toolbars including my partial customization menu toolbars currently shown. I've tried the toolbar menu alias (defined in the CUI command) and the name (refer to this link to the same image embedded below) and none work.

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Cannot Toggle Images On / Off

May 8, 2011

 I use images in this new version of map 3d, I can't seem to toggle the selected images on/off.

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AutoCad :: Toggle Between Two Lines That Are On Top Of Each Other?

May 14, 2011

I cannot seem to find a way to toggle between two lines that are on top of each other. I am in 2012 TL.

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AutoCAD LT :: Toggle Snap To Xref

Jan 26, 2013

Is there a way to toggle snapping to a layer or xref?

When using object snap and you are drawing with a busy survey xref in the background, the mouse cursor really hunts around a lot on the contour lines and stuff instead of on what I am drawing. But, I would like to see the contour lines as I go, rather than hide the layer.

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AutoCad :: Toggle Keyboard Input

Sep 19, 2012

I used to be able to open up 'Windows Explorer'-style boxes to select files and type in file names to save. Now, I must have toggled some option to only do this through the keyboard and mouse.

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AutoCad :: Creating A Toggle Button

Sep 26, 2013

Is there a way to add a toggle button to the applications status bar? I would like to be able to quickly toggle the frameselection on and off.

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AutoCad :: Reassigning A Key To Toggle Ortho

Mar 30, 2013

My new HP laptop has functions assigned to the F function keys, and this disables the autocad functions for these keys. I am told by HP that it is not possible to turn off these functions to allow cad to use them. I just tried working without using the F3 and F8 keys, and I am crippled. How can I assign another key - say Q - to toggle ortho?

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AutoCad :: Toggle For Metric Dimensioning?

Apr 18, 2011

I am using Autocad 2000. I know, I am like an old dog who gets comfortable by the fireplace, and is happy with what I have. where the toggle is to set the dimensioning for metric dimensions. I have seen it in a couple of places and after I set it for millimeters, for some reason it still dimensions in English measurements.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Toggle Between PS And MS

Nov 8, 2011

I upgraded from Autocad 2004 to 2012 recently and my lisp file doesnt work anymore.

what it's supposed to do is when looking at the layout tab that you want you can switch to the model space location of the same zoom as the layout tab without messing with the layout zoom.

(defun c:msp ()
(setq cm (getvar "cmdecho"))
(setvar "cmdecho" 0)
(command"view" "d" "tmp")
(setvar "tilemode" 0)
(princ "Click TWICE on desired VPORT: ")
(command "mspace" pause "view" "s" "tmp")(princ)
(setvar "tilemode" 1)
(command "view" "r" "tmp")
(setvar"cmdecho" cm)

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Toggle Between Coordinates And Last Input

Jan 9, 2014

How do I get the last input to come up when pressing the up arrow key?  Say I'm drawing a line & input @10,10.  When I press the up arrow, the coordinates come up.  How do I get @10,10 to come up?  I've changed it before, but I can't remember how & I can't think of what to search for.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Toggle Menu Mode

Jan 8, 2014

Somehow I activated a mode where when I click on an object, if there are several objects there, it will bring up a little menu to pick which one I want, similar to Inventor if you hover or say "Select other...". How do I toggle this mode? Turns out I like it sometimes but usually I don't need it.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Toggle Text Window?

Sep 18, 2012

I can press F2 to open the AutoCAD Text Window, but I'm looking for a reliable way to close it once it's open.  If it's not overlapping with AutoCAD, F2 doesn't close it.  I currently have it on a monitor other than the monitor AutoCAD is on.

Is there a system variable I can use to setup a LISP to toggle (or at least close) the Text Window using a keyboard shortcut?

System specifications: AutoCAD 2014 64-bit SP1, Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Intel Core i7-2600K, AMD FirePro V4900
16GB RAM, Crucial M4 SSD, 3 Dell Monitors (2 30" 2560x1600 & 1 20" 1200x1600)

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Change Toggle Polar On / Off

Dec 12, 2013

I am looking for a way to change the toggle polar On/Off from F10 to F6. I already did it with the "delete" and the "Ortho" keys but i can't find the macro for the toggle polar on/off.

Has you can see on the picture for Delete it's  ^C^C erase;

For ortho it's ^O

Maybe for Polar it's ^P  but i could validate with you before i do any changes. (;

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AutoCad 2D :: Toggle Between Ortho On / Off - Measure Command

Jan 28, 2013

I have moved onto a new machine and there are 2 AC functions I need to change.

1. I used to be able to toggle between Ortho on/off by holding the SHIFT key, on this machine it doesn't activate. Is there a command for this? I know I could use F8 but my hand is over the SHIFT key when I draw so its easier to do it this way.

2. When I activate the MEASURE command AC automatically activates Dynamic Input which makes my cursor jumpy when I move it. How can I stop this from happening? To clarify, I don't want Dynamic Input on when I am in the measure command.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Run Lisp By Toggle DCL Menu

Oct 12, 2013

i have toggle dcl , and lisp as an example , who can say that how can i make combination by toggle and define to change lisp ? and of course run to change lisp after my choise from toggle menu

(defun getValues () (setq a1 (get_tile "toggle1") a2 (get_tile "toggle2") a3 (get_tile "toggle3") a4 (get_tile "toggle4") a5 (get_tile "toggle5") (done_dialog 1) ) (defun c:aaa (/ an dcl_id) (setq dcl_id (load_dialog "rc-cap.dcl") ) (if (not (new_dialog "ABC" dcl_id)) (exit) (progn (action_tile "accept" "(getValues)")

[Code] .......

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Using A Rule To Toggle Part Visibility

Jun 12, 2012

I have a simple Assembly for a Frame that I made with Frame Generator. I'd like to use a rule to toggle the visible of some of the framing members.

In the sub assembly (called Frame0001:1) I created a rule:

(I have a variable called LeftAngle, and the bar I want to toggle is called Bar1.)

If LeftAngle = 90 then
Component.Visible("Bar1") = False
Component.Visible("Bar1") = True
End If

I am sure this is VERY basic, but I can't get it to do anything. There is no error message - just nothing happens.

I know the rule is running though - it will change other parameters in response to the If Then statement.

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