AutoCAD Civil 3D :: The Ribbon Does Not Have Any Tabs Or Panels Currently Loaded

Aug 17, 2010

My IRM officer had to install some sort of update to my AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 package. When I loaded AutoCad, it gave me a message where my ribbon was that "The Ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded." I was able to fix this with the WSCURRENT command, but when I switch to the "Task-based Geospatial" or the Tool-based Geospatial" module, I cannot get the Ribbon back.

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AutoCAD LT :: The Ribbon Does Not Have Any Tabs Or Panels Currently Loaded

Nov 10, 2011

I accidentally deleted my menuload ACADLT.cuix and my AUTODESKSEEK.cuix i found and reloaded them and now my Ribbon is gone. If if type ribbon in the command line "The Ribbon does not habe any tabs or panels currently loaded." appears.

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AutoCad :: The Ribbon Does Not Have Any Tabs Or Panels Currently Loaded

May 17, 2008

when i load autocad it says "The ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded"

ive tried everything i can find and cant make anything show up there. im on page 4 of 800 in my AutoCad book and it doesnt say what to do if nothing is there in the way of tools to use.. how can i make my toolbars appear? ive tried typing "ribbon" but nothing...

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Ribbon Does Not Have Any Tabs Or Panels Currently Loaded

Mar 3, 2009

This morning after no problems yesterday.

"This Ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded."

It was there yesterday until I quit ACA, where did it go?

Did Autodesk install a virus that deletes the Ribbon after a predefined number of uses? It doesn't make any difference which workspace is invoked it is not there. In Document it is just completely gone and typing ribbon at the command line brings up the "This Ribbon..." as is the case in all the other workspaces. How does this happen?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: The Ribbon Does Not Have Any Tabs Or Panels Currently Loaded

Mar 14, 2010

My Ribbon is blank and says, "The Ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded."

I have tried "reseting" my CUI acad.cuix file and restoring it and it won't work -- I heard that was the golden ticket to my problem; however, my ribbon still says it doesn't have tabs or panels loaded...I've tried restarting AutoCad and then reseting my main cuix file as well.

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AutoCAD LT :: No Panels Or Tabs On Top Ribbon

Aug 22, 2011

I turned on my AutoCAD LT 2011 this morning at work, and I didn't have any panels or tabs on the top ribbon. After searching for a way to turn them on, I found a way to remove the ribbon completely and am unable to get it back. How can I get my ribbon with tabs and panels back on the top of the screen?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: No Panels Or Ribbons Loaded

Feb 2, 2012

I never do any in depth changes to my cui.  It won't load ribbons or panels because it claims that my cui file is removed, renamed, or missing.  It is not, I can specify it in the AutoCAD options (the second picture link).  But when I type in cui, It gives me the error message (the first picture link).  I've restarted and it does nothing.  I've verified that the acad.cuix file is there... and it is (aka not removed, renamed, or missing so the error is bogus)  The only strange thing I found though was that when I do a cui load, I can browse to the file, select it, but when I click to load, nothing happens.  No hourglass cursor, no hiccup, not anything.  If I repeat the same process with a different cui file, it works as it should. URLs...

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AutoCAD Architecture :: No Tabs Or Palettes Loaded

Sep 2, 2013

I was installing my Express tools & somehow hit the unload button by mistake,now when i type Ribbon..It says no tabs or palets loaded.Which file do i have to Upload ?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Load Tabs And Panels

Mar 30, 2013

I just down loaded the new autocad 2014 yesterday and I have no ribbon. If I go to tools - palettes - ribbon, an area where the ribbon should be opens up with the message "the ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded".

How do I load the tabs and panels?

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AutoCAD LT :: In Stock Ribbon Some Of Panels Fly Out When Roll Over Them

Apr 4, 2012

In the stock ribbon, some of the panels fly out when you roll over them, some you have to click to get them to fly out.  How do you set this?  I have created some custom panels but they all require a click to fly out.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Lock Ribbon Panels

Jul 17, 2013

I rearranged the order of the panels of the "Home" tab to suit the way I like them to be. When i come in for work and open AutoCAD for the first time, or even if I need to shut it down and open it back up, not only does AutoCAD not start in my profile, but when I do set my profile to current, all of the panels rearrange themselves into default location. I even went into the 'Tools> Customize> Interface' menu to change the order the panels are set in there, but it still doesn't work. Everyday, I need to manually change their locations.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Customize Panels In The Ribbon

May 24, 2013

I am trying to figure out how / if you can customize the contents of panels or what is always displayed.  For example, I would like to add or show the draw order buttons because I use them frequently.  So far, the only way I can get it displayed is to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar or go to Tools>Toolbars>AutoCAD>Draw Order and then place it near my ribbon. 

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Missing Ribbon Panels

Mar 22, 2013

I just upgraded to 2013 map to a different computer. I loaded my 2012 profile and other than having to load the profile every time, I also do not have most of the ribbon tabs which I had upon the initial installation of 2013. After about 2 days I lost all od my map ribbon tabs, and at the same time my cui stopped loading automatically.

What is going on with this 2013 thing? It seems there may be a serious need for another hotfix or service pack. 

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AutoCAD LT :: Make Dropdown Buttons For Custom Ribbon Panels

Mar 14, 2012

I have made a 2012 LT custom ribbon and a custom panel.  I have transferred buttons from my autocad 2006 to my 2012 LT.  They work just fine.  The probem is that in 2006 I had drop down buttons to save toolbar space.  I want to be able to add the drop down button feature to my new panel.  I do not see how to create that type of button, so I can add the regular buttons to it and have one drop down button with those commands in it. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Create New Custom Tab Panels In Ribbon 2011

Oct 15, 2011

send me a link to tutorial to create a new cutom tab panels in a ribbon 2011

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Adding Combo Boxes To Ribbon Panels?

Oct 16, 2010

I preparing an addin written in VB.NET VS2008 which allows uses to do several different function depending on the type of document opened and the ribbon environment active.

I have add lots of different icons/buttons to execute simple runtime commands, but I wish to develop my code a little better.

I currently have code that when the button is pressed opens a form with a combo box. If the active file opened in the workspace is as Assembly Document, the combo box is populated with the colors from the Styles Library. Once the user selects a colour, the program then cycles through all of the parts in the assembly and changes the colour at the part level be that which the user has selected.

I would like to short cut around opening the form and maybe add a combo box definition directly to my custom panel that I have created in the "id_TabAssemble" Tab ribbon.

have a snippet of code which adds a combo box to a ribbon Tab panel and allows that combo box to populated with whatever the user desires.

People may say that this is already done with the colour combobox that is in the Quick Tool menu for assemblies, however this colour change is only at the view rep level and not at the part level, if the part is used again in a different assembly the colour will be the original colour.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2014 Pro Addins Not Loaded Vault Ribbon Missing?

Sep 27, 2013

Since yesterday The vault ribbon is missing in Inventor 2014 and also add ins are grayed out(not loaded).

win 7 x64 system?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Missing Tabs In Ribbon?

Jun 13, 2011

In AutoCAD Architecture 2011, some of the tabs are missing. One is the Insert tab. So I can not insert an xref.

how to regenerate the ribbon...if that is what I need to do.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Rename Ribbon Tabs

Feb 15, 2012

I want to rename some ribbon tabs.  For example in C3D I have an insert tab, but also a map insert tab, but they are both named "Insert".  I would like to be able to rename one of them Map Insert instead of just Insert.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Turn Off Contextual Ribbon Tabs

Nov 22, 2013

I'm a right clicker.  Contextual ribbon tabs pop up every time I touch an object. They require additional clicks and mouse movements. I don't want them. How can I stop them? I just want the default ribbon.  I was able to do this on a previous version but now I forget how. Version upgrades do not bode well for old people.

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AutoCAD .NET :: How To Create Ribbon Tabs That Persist Through Workspace Changes

Sep 3, 2013

I've followed a few examples and am able to create a new tab on the Ribbon, with panels and buttons, that appears when my DLL is loaded. However, it doesn't persist through workspace changes. I've read that this is due to my use of AdWindows.dll and my current code, as opposed to AcCui.dll, which would modify a CUIx file (that I don't know much about) to make persistent changes.

Here is a sample of my current code.
public class Commands : Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime.IExtensionApplication{public void Initialize(){Application.Idle += callback_Idle;}private void callback_Idle(Object sender, EventArgs e){CreateRibbon();Application.Idle -= callback_Idle;}private void CreateRibbon(){RibbonControl mainAcadRibbon = ComponentManager.Ribbon;if (mainAcadRibbon != null){RibbonTab rTab = mainAcadRibbon.FindTab("Tab Name");if (rTab != null){mainAcadRibbon.Tabs.Remove(rTab);}rTab = new RibbonTab();rTab.Title = [code].......

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Combine Multiple Add-Ins Ribbon Tabs?

Feb 1, 2012

Have installed 3 Autodesk Exchange add-ins and they each create their own ribbon tab named "Add-Ins". Is there an easy way to combine them into the same ribbon tab?


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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Nested Drop Down List In A Ribbon Panels?

Feb 22, 2012

how to create a nested drop down list in a ribbon panel.

is it even possible. It must be, but I don’t know how Autodesk managed to do it in the C3D.cuix for the create ground data panel, point drop down.

second question, where is the icon for a drop down list saved.

looking at a C3D dropdown list icon there is no path to the icon, but when I create one it shows a path.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Switching Layout Tabs By Clicking On The Tabs?

Sep 19, 2013

issues switching layout tabs by clicking on the tabs?

Occasionally, clicking the Model or other layout tab results in no action, as if I'm not clicking on it.

All other controls (within and external to C3D) function normally so it's not a mouse hardware issue.

It will usually correct itself if I "restore down" the main application window, then maximize it again.

The -layout command is a workaround too.

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AutoCAD .NET :: How To Load CUI File (Ribbon Tabs) And Make Visible

Jun 3, 2011

How do I Load CUI File (Ribbon Tabs) And Make Visible via .NET?

I know how to load a cui file, I know how to make a Ribbon... but how do I load a CUI file and then make the ribbon visible via code? 

.NET Code or Refernce to the correct objects and properties would sure work. 

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AutoCAD 2013 :: 2013 - Ribbon Panels Will Not Tear Off

May 8, 2013

All of a sudden my ribbon panels will not pull off... some refer to this as 'tear off'. The interface is not locked either.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Missing Panels On Start

Jun 21, 2013

On one of my computers, a couple of panels continually disappear on each start-up of Civil 3D 2013.  On the modify tab, both edit geometry and edit elevations continue to uncheck themselves.  I have save a workspace, made it default to no avail.  Next startup i do the same thing, and so it goes throughout the day and every day.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Configured Heidi Driver Cannot Be Loaded

Sep 26, 2012

Every time I attempt to open a drawing in Civil 3D (r2012) I receive a message stating "The configured Heidi Driver cannot be loaded."

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Define Own Blocks And Get These Loaded When Creating New File

Nov 15, 2013

When a new Civil3D file is created, there are some blocks available for insertion when I type "Insert". So these are the preloaded blocks defined by Civil3D. I was wondering if I can define my own blocks and have them automatically loaded when creating a new file?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Publishing Several Tabs

Mar 13, 2012

I am having issues with the publishing command.

 When I plot a single tab the frozen layers in the viewport do not plot, which is correct. But when I publish the same tabs the frozen layers in the viewports all plot.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Layout Tabs Keep Moving

Feb 28, 2013

For some reason our layout tabs keep re-arranging themselves. All of a sudden our sheet 2 ( or what ever) is between tabs for sheets 35 & 36 (or where ever it wants to be).

we use tabs because 45 sheets of images require never ending scrolling. the current tab is never the image shown....they always start at the 1st tab?

when you are on sheet 40 and want to go to 44.....scroll .

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