AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Disappearing Profile Labels?

Jul 25, 2012

acad c3d 2013

My sag and Crest profile labels disappear when opening the drawing.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Sag And Crest Profile Labels Keep Disappearing

Dec 18, 2012

I have C3D 2013 and recently my profile labels for sag and crest vertical curves are disappearing.  When I first open the drawing and the program goes through loading I can see the labels but once it stops loading they disappear.  All my levels are on, I have ran an audit several times, I have deleted the labels in the manager and replaced them but once I save and quit they are no longer visible.  I am able to see the labels through an xref of the drawing but it appears that the labels have been reset to their default position and not where I had adjusted them to view them within the viewport.  I have attached pictures of what it looks like. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Band Labels Keep Disappearing And Won't Plot

Aug 13, 2012

I am running CV3D 2011 on a Windows 7 64 bit workstation.  I have a road profile that has a band which labels the existing and proposed profile elevations.  For some reason the profile band labels (including the stations)  randomly disappear and all you see is the band box.  If you REgen they will reappear but will dissapear again when you plot preview and they WON"T plot...even though they are there in the drawing!

Civil 3D 2013 SP2 | Win 7 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz, 8GB Ram | ATI Radeon HD 5450

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: XREF Labels Disappearing?

Mar 11, 2011

I'm trying to get a handle on what should and should not be expected to work as far as labeling XREF'd entities goes.  I'm using 2011.

I have recently had bearing notes associated with an XREF'd line disappear, and I can't pinpoint the cause.

I had edited a couple of lines in said XREF'd drawing, but NOT the one that was associated with the C3D notes.  There are two C3D drawings that XREF this drawing and that have line labels applied to the same, unchanged, line.  Yet, all of those labels were gone (in both drawings) when I opened them this morning.

So, should labeling an XREF'd entity work?  Are labels predictably lost when a labeled line undergoes a known set of modifications (Sinc relayed his experiences here: [URL] .....

What if the XREF'd drawing is simply saved, with no changes made to a labeled line?  Should that be okay?

If labeling XREF's is known to be unpredictable, it sort of puts us back to manual text labels and manual curve tables.  Is that really what people are having to do?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Disappearing Or Moving Section Labels?

Oct 16, 2012

I have a section view base map that has labeling at the grade breaks of a corridor section. (see correct labels image)

I made a minor change to the alignment the corridor is using and when I opened my section base, most of the section view labels were messed up. (see messed up labels image)

Some views were missing labels and in others, they were grouped together in a lump.

The settings I am using are in the third image. If I checked either the start or end offset box, then unchecked it and closed the dialog, the labels would fix themselves.For reference, there are about 300 section views in this base drawing.

Civil3D 2014 SP1
Win 7 Professional - 64-bit
HP Z400
Xeon W3550 @ 3.07Ghz
24GB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Text / Section Labels Disappearing

May 23, 2013

Moving a text box or section label and it disappears then zoom extents and everything disappears. save the file close reopen and everything back to normal.

I have tried exporting to a different AutoCad year (2010) but the same issue is still occurring.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Info Disappearing

Jan 16, 2013

I am running 2012 C3d and I am having an issue when a drawing is freshly opened, some of the profile data is not showing and it will show up after I sync the different information that is missing.when I run a publish of multiple projects that info doesn't show and I have to go into each project to sync the info and plot each sheet separately.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Design Profile PVIs Disappearing?

Dec 15, 2013

Working in Civil 3D 2014 SP1 I have a Design Profile that I have created by setting the Existing Profile to 'Static' and Creating a Copy of the Existing Profile... This leaves me with a Design Profile that follows the Existing Surface. The problem begins when I delete a section of PVI's and introduce new 'Design PVI's'... I have found that at apparently random times my Design PVI's have been lost and replaced with the original copied PVI's that follow the Existing Surface. This has occurred more than once and I can't find any reason as to why this may be occurring...?

Currently using Civil 3D 2013 & 2014 SP1

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Alignment Labels

Oct 4, 2012

I would live to label the PVI on my Profiles but not show the PVI label at the start and end of my profile. How to set this?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Structure Labels In Profile?

Feb 12, 2013

I would like to have the leader arrow attached to the rim of the structure in profile view. Now they are attached along the side of the structure well below the rim. This is for the dragged labels. How can I adjust the arrowhead attachment point?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile View Vertical Labels

Feb 29, 2012

How to "NOT" label the top elevation in a profile view? (see attached pic)

I can live with the far right and left vertical labels if I could turn the top elevation off.

Civil3D 2014 SP1
Win 7 Professional - 64-bit
HP Z400
Xeon W3550 @ 3.07Ghz
24GB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Spanning Pipe Labels In Profile

Dec 3, 2012

Having problems with the spanning pipe labels in profile.  Sometimes it works fine and others not at all.  It will let me pick the two structures at each end and highlights the pipes, but then it will not let me pick the pipe to place the label on.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Pipe Labels In Profile View

Apr 25, 2012

I click on my pipe in profile. Right click and add label. I see nothing, no label. All layers on and un-frozen.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Grade Break Labels?

Dec 30, 2013

I have labled for grade break on the profile, but it did not lable all break line? how to add grade breaks along the new profile (see attached image).

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Vertical Curve Labels On Profile?

Jan 11, 2013

I just created a profile by choosing my PVIs and linking them together with tangent curves.  How do I add labels to show the vertical curve properties (K value, curve length, station of PVI, elevation of PVI...)?  I'm guessing I have to edit the label style? 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Pipe Network Labels

Jun 19, 2013

If I have a pipe that spans between two profile views, is there a way to label the pipe in each profile view with only the lineal feet that is showing in that profile view?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile View Band Labels

Apr 4, 2012

Is there a way to get the ProfileBandLabelGroup labels from a profile view. I see I can get the ProfileViewBandItems, but don't see a way to convert it into the labels. I'm looking to override the text components. The code below does that, it's just getting the object without having to have the user select it.

ProfileBandLabelGroup labels = ssResult.ObjectId.GetObject(OpenMode.ForWrite) as ProfileBandLabelGroup;
LabelStyleTextComponent textComponent = labels.GetAt(0).GetTextComponentIds()[0].GetObject(OpenMode.ForRead) as LabelStyleTextComponent;
Autodesk.Civil.DatabaseServices.LabelGroupSubEntity label = labels.GetAt(0);
label.SetTextComponentOverride(textComponent.ObjectId, "blue");

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile View Station Labels

May 23, 2012

I have a profile view created with several surfaces including a proposed surface.  The stationing on the X-Axis of the profile view corresponds correctly with the PT's, PC's etc on the proposed surface profile, however the the labels that are actually on the profile line are giving me values such as PC: 0+668.62 when it should read 21+93.63. 

I can't seem to find a correlation in the two numbers and am having difficulty changing the style to correctly reflect the stationing.  

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Manhole Profile Labels Disappear

Dec 4, 2013

I have my design drawing referenced into another drawing for plan and profile sheets.  I made some changes to my pipe network in my design drawing, and my manhole profile labels disappeared in my sheet drawing!

The manhole labels in plan view stayed where they were, and updated with the changes I made.  The profile labels just disappeared.  

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Moving Profile View Labels With The Profile View?

Jul 20, 2012

I tried moving a Profile View and even though I selected everything at once and selected a base point and destination point, the Profile View Station and Elevation labels moved with a different offset than the Profile View itself.  ?

Civil 3D 2012

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Labels For Curb - Rounding Error

Apr 4, 2012

We sre doing 3 line profiles for a road and the left and right curb should be .13' lower than the centerline elevation.  In many cases we are getting .14' or sometimes more or less.  We tried resampling the cooridor with a tighter interval but still the same results. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Missing Profile View Band Labels

Jan 20, 2010

I cannot for the life of me get the start and end labels for any band to display within a profile view. Each band has the 'label start' and 'label end' labels ticked and the major/minor labels display at every other point but don't display anything at the start of the view or end. The profile views are taken from a simple straight alignment and the profiles themselves extend the full length of the view.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Band - Spanning Pipe Labels

Mar 30, 2012

I was looking at placing pipe information into a Profile Band. I see that I can include the following properties in a pipe label in the profile band:

<[Total Slope Across Span(FP|P2|RN|AP|GC|UN|Sn|OF)]>
<[Number of Pipes in Span(GC|UN|Sn)]>
<[Drop Across Span(Um|P2|RN|AP|GC|UN|Sn|OF)]>

Only problem is they don't actually give me the information of a spanning pipe, only a single pipe. I see no way of choosing which pipes will be spanned. Am i missing something in the creation of the profile band that allows me to choose the spanning pipes or is this broken?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Adding Profile Elevations To Alignment Labels

May 10, 2010

Is there a way in C3D to add elevation information from a profile to an alignment label? What I'm trying to do is add labels to an alignment in a plan view with elevation information from a profile design associated with that alignment at a particular station. For example, the note would read:

STA: 12+83.67
ELEV: 435.87

I can't figure out how to add any elevation data to the alignment note. I really don't want to have to create a section and a corridor surface, but that's the only way I can think of right now... and I'm not sure that would actually let me add a station and elevation in the same note in a plan view.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Vertical Curve Adjustments In Profile Labels?

May 7, 2013

On our road profiles, we have to show that low points and high points are adjusted to maintain a minimum of 0.6%.  see attached screen shot.  Currently, I am calculating the adjusted low point and editing the profile label. Since I can't figure out how to edit one label in a data band, I've been wiping out the old elevation and typing in the new elevation over it.

Is there a way to get C3D to do the calculation for me and populate the labels with the adjusted elevation?

Civil3D 2013
Windows 7

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Slope Labels For Feature Lines Projected To Profile

Sep 21, 2011


Say you have a feature line in plan view and you project it to profile view. Is there a way to label the true slope of the projected feature line segments in profile?

The profile view depth labels are not accurate since it's simply calculating the length from station to station in profile.

...and of course this does not correspond to the true segment length since the feature line is not parallel to the alignment.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Adjustable Length Leaders On Structure Labels In Profile

Aug 12, 2012

Any way to label my structures in profile with a vertical line that shows the structure ID, Station number, invert data, etc. all on an adjustable length line. Ive got it worked out for how to show it on a  fixed length line, but the problem is when you have multiple structures in close proximity the labels tend to overlap. Dragging the labels upward pull the leader line compnent with them and they do not remain anchored to the structure. When I say leader, I am not referring to the dragged state as that creates a leade with a landing at an angle. What I really want is a line component that stay perfectly vertical and remains anchored to the structure insertion point even though I drag the text of the label upward. Is there a way to do this? Seaching the internet and reviewing ym texts has yet to yield an answer.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Storm Drain Profile View Invert Labels?

Dec 30, 2013

I've attached an image of a storm drain invert label for a storm drain profile.  As you can see, the middle manhole has all three inflow pipes labeled.  Is there a way to only label the inverts of the two pipes shown in the profile view? 

C3D 2014
Windows 7 64-bit

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Vertical Curve Labels Shift Down When Publishing?

Jul 3, 2013

I have a large scale industrial project with multiple road profiles and sections sheets.  I find that when I plot my drawings manually by opening the drawing everything comes out fine.  But when I publish the drawings manually or thru Sheet Set Manager, it shifts my vertical curve labels on my profiles down, which then conflicts with the profile linework (see attached image). Unfortunately manually plotting these drawings is not an option. Because of the amount of information in each drawing it takes 3-4 mins to open and we have 200+ drawings in a single set of drawings, which we have multiple sets of drawings for the project.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Adding Minimum And Maximum Points In Profile Labels

Aug 13, 2013

I'm looking for a way to add a marker with location & elevation data to the profile (not the bands).

Only mention i found in this forum was for civil2011 (i have 2013) and it is no longer available.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Structure Labels In Profile - Different Text Size / Color

Oct 16, 2012

Suppose you have an existing structure that you are going to tie into with a proposed pipe.

We label existing structures with smaller text and a different color (as opposed to proposed labels)

Is there any way to label the structure where the one single proposed pipe text is a larger text size with a different color, as shown here?

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