After Effects :: Missing Stroke Effect In CC

Jul 25, 2013

I can't find the "stroke" effect in After Effects CC. Is it gone? how to get it back?

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After Effects :: Use Crop Effect Brings Up Wrong Effect Controls

Jan 28, 2014

This happens in all versions I have been able to check in - CS5.5, CS6 & CC.
Repro: Import any footage to a new project - any resolution or frame rate. Create new composition from clip. Type in "Crop" in effects search Double click to load it. Result is an effect called "Wigglerama" & "transform" gets loaded instead of the required "Crop" effect
See attached image below - cannot believe I never saw this before

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Illustrator :: Scale Stroke And Effects

Mar 30, 2013

When I scale my artwork I have scale strokes and effects checked but the effects dont appear to be scaling. They look as though they arent even there at all after the scale.  Am i missing something?

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Illustrator :: Missing Stroke Functions On CS6?

Apr 28, 2013

I seem to be missing the stroke functions such a creating dash lines etc, I have the latest version of CS6 Illustrator but don't understand why its missing all I have is the stroke weight (see image below). At first I thought it was because of changed and the effect is no longer there but I read forums and it seems to be everywhere.

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Photoshop :: Stroke Layer Effects Set To Multiply

Aug 18, 2012

When designing for the web, I often like to give text boxes a thin, 1-pixel stroke of a slightly darker color than the box itself. I've noticed that when using the Stroke layer style options, setting the position attribute to "Inside" and the blend mode to "Multiply" has the undesirable effect of multiplying the border color with the background, instead of multiplying the border color with the box color (see figure 1). This seems like a bug to me. The only way I have found to achieve the result I'm looking for is to create a duplicate shape above my box layer, set the fill to 0%, and then apply the stroke effect to that layer (see figure 2). Any way to accomplish this all in one layer? I know I could just set the blend mode to "Normal" and choose my darker color explicitly, but I want the layer style to be portable, so I can use it on boxes of any color and have the resulting stroke a darker shade of that color.I am currently using Photoshop CS4 on a Mac.

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Illustrator :: How To Stroke Text As Group With Effects

Sep 8, 2012

So, created text -- added warp effect. What I'd normally do is just then expand -- then unite -- then stroke it. But -- I'm sure there's a way where I could keep that text and effect editable while adding a stroke to look as if I united so the stroke follows the group and not the individual letters.

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After Effects :: Capture A Drawn / Painted Stroke?

Apr 5, 2013

This isn't directly about After Effects, but the end result is something I will use with After here goes:
I'm looking for a way to use Photoshop or Corel Painter to "draw" an alphabet, while capturing the strokes as they are done in real time. I don't want to see the application's screen cursor. I also don't want to take the completed letter(s) and reveal them with a matte. This doesn't look real, and is also problematic where lines intersect. So, I'm thinking there must be a way to do a video screen capture, but I'm not familiar with applications that do this.
Here's an example of what I'd like to recreate: [URL]
This example appears to have been done with real media, ink and brush. I'm guessing the artist may have shot video from behind a translucent substrate as the letters were drawn, and then flipped the video (so the letters weren't backwards). It looks great, but I'm hoping there is a way to mimic this effect on my Mac.

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Illustrator :: Stroke Weights Missing After Upgrade To CS5

Feb 20, 2012

In Illustrator CS4, I could select a path, click into the stroke weight selector on the Control Bar, and be presented with 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and then 1 - 40. From the keyboard I could use the up/down arrows to move among each of these options. I found this handy because 0.5px and 0.25px are the line weights I most often use.
Ever since I upgraded to Illustrator CS5, the sub- 1px options in this selector have disappeared.

I've edited the default graphic style, to no avail. And yes, I have unchecked everything I know of with regard to "snap to pixel grid". I doubt that would be the problem anyway, because I am able to type "0.25px" and get a 0.25px weighted line. Which is what I have been doing ever since the upgrade. But I am annoyed at having to do it this way and the thousands of microscopic frustrations over the months have gradually accumulated into an ulcer and a disturbing addiction to prescription dandruff shampoos.
Did Adobe remove this from CS5 for the hell of it, or am I missing something obvious?

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Photoshop :: Stroke Effect Transparency - Non-additive

Feb 19, 2012

I am building a specialized map for my local area with territory borders that need to have 8-pt strokes around them. Because each territory needs to live on it's own layer (to be printed seprately after the overview map is done) I found the easiest method to be selecting each territory with the polygonal lasso tool and then make a new Layer via copy and then gve the top layer the stroke effect I need. I worked fine when the strokes were at 100% opacity, but I later decided that each stroke should only be at about 60% opacity so that you can see the roads, rr track and other details beneath. In this case, the problem arises when territory boundaries overlap (as pictured below) because the stroke transparency of becomes additive where the 2 strokes overlap.

what setting I may use to make these strokes so that they can overlap and appear with absolute 60%transparency?

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Photoshop :: Why Stroke Effects On Vector Shapes In 5.5 Not Showing

Feb 28, 2013

Layer effects are enabled for the affected layers and the layers show the stroke effect active on the shapes, in a colour and size that would be very visible.
Is there some other overall setting I may have accidentally triggered?

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After Effects :: Animating A Bouncing Stroke Control By Audio

Jun 21, 2013

I'm attempting to animate a stroke similar to the the new Siri interface in iOS7...The stroke is fixed at both ends but bounces relative to the users voice. How I could possibly recreate this in Ae or even tutorials that exist that follow this same idea?
A video can be viewed on Apples iOS7 site URL....  Its the third phone down on the right.

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After Effects :: How To Directly Animate The Thickness Of Text Stroke

Jul 25, 2013

Just checking -- there's no way to directly animate the thickness of text stroke, is there?
EDIT: Ah -- by using a stroke Animator, it can be changed over time.

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Illustrator :: Rounded Rectangle - Glossy Effect On Stroke

Jun 25, 2013

I have the following rounded rectangle
Need to make border glossy like below image

In order to do that, I've expanded this shape and created a ellipse with no stroke above button, with transparency/screen. This is what I got:

Now I need to get rid of the rest of ellipse, so the button will be transparent on upper boundaries. Inner part of button should be white, but whatever I put between button and ellipse should receive glossy effect. How to do that?

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Illustrator :: How To Make Stroke Twisted Into Ribbon Effect

Sep 22, 2012

On this website is a logo for Okinawa, it has a stroke twisted into a ribbon. [URL] ...

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Illustrator :: 3D Effect With Overlapping Line With Fill And Stroke?

Feb 16, 2014

How can I draw a continuous stroked line with a fill, so that it overlaps and covers the previously drawn part of the line? I'm trying to draw some text so that it has an effect like in fig. 2 of the attached picture, not fig. 1. Is it possible to make somehow? For a simple image like this I could of course manually remove the few lines, but for a more complex text it's not possible, and I can't seem to find a solution myself.

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Photoshop :: How To Remove Anti Aliasing Of Layerstyle Stroke Effect

Jan 15, 2013

I am using Photoshop cs5 win version.

I often use Layer style - Stroke Effect, to get strokes, but If I apply the effect to a layer, the stroke is always feathered, antialiased. Do you know how to remove those antialiased, semi-transparent pixels?

I need all pixels to be 100% opacity, because it's much easier to edit, easier to select. I always use Threshold adjustment layer with white solid layer to get crisp, aliased stroke pixels, but It's a little bit time consuming, so If you know the faster, much efficient way

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After Effects :: How To Find Where An Effect Was Used

Jul 29, 2013

I'm running AE CS6 (on MBPro OS X 10.7.5) and I just re-opened a file made with AE CS4 that uses some BCC plug-ins which I haven't re-installed in CS6. I got an alert that some effects were missing from the project.  I'd like to find out where the effects are used in the project so I can delete them and end the alert message's reign of terror.  Is there a shortcut way of doing that or must I hunt through every layer manually?

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Photoshop :: Lighting Effects Missing In CS6?

May 16, 2012

I am using the trial version of Photoshop CS6 Extended on Windows.  The lighting effects filter appears to be missing.  When I go to the filter-->render menu, it is not there.  I have gone into the edit-->preferences-->perfomance menu and selected Use Graphics Processor, however the lighting effects filter is still not present. what I need to do to get the filter? 

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VideoStudio :: Missing Transition Effects

Dec 12, 2011

I recently upgraded from X2Pro to X4 ultimate and I'm missing some transition effects that I had in X2 but are not in X4.

I'm really disappointed that transition effects and other stuff from X2 content pack are not included in x4 ultimate, and I cant find any content pack for x4 on corel website, is there any?

Can I use transition effects from X2 in X4? I hate to have to use X2 after paying for X4 Ultimate just for transition effects

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Photoshop :: Lighting Effects Missing

Feb 7, 2005

I have Photoshop CS and have recently noticed that I have some Filters missing that I didn't before. Like the "Lighting effects" filter. Someone have suggestions about how to get these back?

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After Effects :: Layer Missing When Render?

Aug 31, 2013

I have created a short 4 second comp and it all plays back fine until I actually try to render it. I've tried rendering the layer on it's own in a seperate comp and it disappears then as well and just becomes a white screen, but the original one when put into a comp works fine. I've spent hours editing it and putting it in place so i really don't want to start again.

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After Effects :: CS4 Missing Data In File?

Jul 22, 2013

AE crashed during the rendering process, a window came out and asked if I would save the file, I did but unfortunately I did not turn it into a new project. After all, AE shutted down.

Then there I was trying to open my project which was saved, although it turns out to be an error which said "missing data in file"

I tried to google it and I looked into like 20 forum pages, I tried putting the project on a new disk and importing instead of opening and stuff.Well I at least learned I should backup the project next time.
But still wondering if there's a way to save my project?
Btw, what does it mean by pressing capslock when importing the project?

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After Effects :: How To Apply Effect To Just Subject In CS6

Jun 20, 2013

I would like to add an effect to just a person in front of a green screen.  I've created an adjustment layer that produces the effect and placed it above the footage layer. How can I have the effect just apply to the actor and not carry over and fill the rest of the screen?
After Effects CS6
Premiere Pro CS6

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Photoshop :: Missing Lighting Effects Filter In CC?

Sep 4, 2013

So ive recently got PHotoshop CC, been using it without a hitch for a week. Then the time came to use lighting effects, but turns out they were grayed out:
I dont know why this is happening. Im in RGB mode, with 8 bit/channel. One thing i did notice though is that my graphics card does not show up in photoshop:
I have a Intel Q35 Chipset with 256 MB memory. I have an Intel Core 2 vPro processor running at 2.33 GHz, with 512 MB RAM. My OS is WIndows 7 (32-bit). im trying to complete a project and I really need the Lighting Effects. I'm using Photoshop CC.

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Photoshop :: Lightning Effects Styles Missing ?

Sep 8, 2004

I've been using photoshop 7.0 for quite some time now and i've realized that when I go to Filter > Render > Lightning effects.... i cant use the styles bar anymore....i use to be able to but recently i just cant anymore.... anyone know why i cant use the styles option in "Lightning effects" ? Would having win xp sp2 cause some conflict ?

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Photoshop Elements :: Missing Shadow Effects

Sep 28, 2012

I am using PSE 6 for mac over a network and under the local user the shadow effects show up under the Effects-> Layer Styles menu, but when I log in over the network those effects don't show up.  How do I get those Shadow options to show?

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After Effects :: File - Script Menu Is Missing In CS6

Jul 5, 2013

after reinstalling my OSX ML from a time machine I had some several crashing problems in Adobe suite, so I reinstalled them all, My problem is that my Script menu is gone in After Effects...

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After Effects :: Error 44 - 3 Missing Data In File

Apr 24, 2013

Yesterday AE CS4 crashed and told me to save the project. Unfortunately i overwrote my only existing file.Now i can't open it any more, i always get the error message displayed above. Anyway, im surprised by the fact that the file still has the same size as before, so there has to be the same data in the file, hasn't it?
I also tried the capslock method and the importing method, non of them worked.At the capslock method AE only imported one audio file, but not a single composition. How to restore it?

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After Effects :: Screen Missing From Blending Mode In CS6

Mar 20, 2013

i just installed after effects  and i can't seem to find the SCREEN(superposition) option in the blending mode.

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After Effects :: Detail-preserving Upscale Is Missing

Apr 13, 2014

After Effects says it is fully updated but I still can not find this effect.

Is it a seperate download?

Am I missing something?

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After Effects :: How To Add Effect To An Image Or Null Object

Aug 5, 2013

Is it possible to add an effect(ex. CC Light Sweep) to an image or null object? I can do it to a solid but I do not want that bg color.

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