Xara :: Screenshot Of Default Xtreme Toolbars

May 31, 2011

A copy whichever version of Xtreme was the last one before the flyout buttons, copy of the default toolbars?

I've used Xtreme Pro v6 since it was released with just the pointless 3D and Live Effect buttons removed from the toolbar, and always mean to get round to putting the other buttons back as they were but always seem to be too busy. I particularly dislike the gallery flyout buttons and can never find the bitmap and name gallery without spending 10 seconds or so looking for it.

Installing Xtreme Pro v7 is the prompt I needed to get the toolbars sorted out once and for all. I'm sure I can work more quickly if the buttons are where I'm used to, but just as with the keyboard I can type very quickly so instinctively know where the keys are, but couldn't write the keys in order if my life depended on it!

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Xara :: Xtreme - Are There Default Settings For Units

Oct 16, 2013

Everythime when starting a new project I first go to 'Options' > 'Units' > 'Page units' and set it from 'Inch' to 'Pixels' is there a way to set this as default ?

Note: I'm currently using the old free version Xtreme 5 Silver because lost the paid version after a system format and register code that didn't work anymore, perhaps of newer version there an easy setting for that, on this one I haven't found it yet.

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Xara :: Any Way To Get Old Style Drawing Back Like Xtreme 2

Aug 20, 2013

the new Xara Pro X9, but did happen to notice... Is there any way to get the old style drawing back like Xara Xtreme 2? In Xara Pro X9, it seems you have to drag a line to make one, where in the older versions it was click a point move click another point and it draws a line between them, it was much easier to draw lines and bend them on the fly with the older version, or am I missing a step with the new software.

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Xara :: Adding Fills And Brushes To Xtreme 4

Aug 28, 2008

I downloaded some fills and brushes from Xara Xone, but even after reading the instructions given, I am unable to add them to Xtreme Pro 4. I unzipped and extracted the files to a folder on my flash drive. When I went to add them to Xara I could access the folder where they reside, but the files didn't come up.

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Xara :: Creating A Sign Wave In Xtreme

Feb 11, 2014

I need to create a sign wave in Xara Extreme or Web Designer. I can generate it with another system I have and export that to a Graphics Stream File (GSF) or png image. Not sure if I can import either of those, though.

What I want to do once I get it into Xara is apply a color to the sine wave and fade from left to right (or vice versa).

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Xara :: Importing CMYK Images Into Xtreme 5

Sep 28, 2012

why I am all of a sudden getting issues with importing CMYK images as per the enclosed, and how can I get around this?

Xara CYMK issue.doc

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Xara :: Use PNG With Transparency As Photo Frame For Bitmap In Xtreme Pro 5?

Jul 20, 2011

how to use PNG with transparency as "photo frame" for bitmap (photo) in Xara Xtreme Pro v5?

I'm try to design pages for photo book in Xtreme. I have set of files in PNG format as "frames" for photos. For example, I attach one (14_v.png) to this message. In another editor I can use them as "masks" for photos - in second attach (capture.png) you can see on left - usual photo, on right - photo with mask as photo frame. How I can make same effect in Xara Xtreme? I try to use different modes, substract/add shapes and other - but no luck.

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Xara :: Cutting Piece Out Of A Text / Image In Xtreme?

Jul 1, 2013

I am trying to cut a piece of the enclosed text/image. It is an h and I want to simply cut the the curly part of the h at the end so I can attach it to the end of another text f, but with me using a rectangle and the Clipview technique to do this I am getting a larger space for the entire image so when I attempt to change the colour the whole rectangle's colour changes.

how I can simply trim the end/curly side of the h without getting rid of the png style effect?

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Xara :: Set What The Default Page Size?

Mar 12, 2013

Is there a way to set what the default page size when you start XP&GD 2013? It always starts with a page size of A4 which I never use. I have a custom template that I would like to set as the default page size.

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Xara :: Changing Default Settings?

Jul 28, 2011

Is it possible to change the default settings of Xara Designer Pro for Units so that whenever a new file is started, it automatically uses the Default Units / Page - Pixels?

Or do I have to change it manually each time?

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Xara :: Set Toolbar To Default Location

Jul 12, 2012

Today I accidentally moved the toolbar. I watched the movie about customizing Xara, but I can't follow it. How to set it back to its default location (top of left edge).

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Xara :: Consistent Default Page Size

Feb 5, 2011

I have just switched to using Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 6 for my graphics design needs. Is there any way to create a default page size so that no matter when the program is opened it will always open up to that particular page size?

I am used to working and creating on a full "blank canvas" or pasteboard, rather than using page sizes that Xara seems to prefer. Every time I open the program I have to return to page options to re-set all of my workspace parameters and it gets frustrating after awhile.

For example, my preferred page settings are as follows: Page Size=A0 (which provides me all white space to work in); Outer Margin=0in [8in is always automatically pre-set by the program]; and I always choose Landscape, but the automatic pre-set is always Portrait.

There should be a way for the user to control how the workspace appears each time the program is opened, but how to make my page settings "once" and then have those settings be the default from there on out. It's just time consuming to go into Options every time I open the program and have to re-set everything all over again.

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Xara :: Can't Change Unit Default In Options

Oct 23, 2012

I purchased Xara 8 in June but now have a new computer. I downloaded the program to my new computer and all seemed to be okay with the install, but I can't change the unit default from millimeters to inches. In fact I can't change the units to anything; it keeps reverting back to millimeters. Then I tried changing the font default and it changed it to millimeters no matter which unit I chose. I don't know if any of the other options can be changed. I generally change them as I need them. Should I uninstall it and try again? I lost my CD copy to theft and have to use the online download.

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Xara :: Designer Pro 7 - Zero Point / Pixel Line By Default

Jun 6, 2011

I didn't want to migrate to Pro 6 when it was released, I was stuck with Xtreme Pro 5 (5.x something) for years. I got myself Designer Pro 7 some days ago and it's much faster, so decided to give it a try.

I've designed tons of things with the product family and I have my habits. OK, some things are different here, most can be customized, it's just a bit annoying/frustrating process, but anyway. Thing I cannot modify (nor can find registry hack for it, I already had to tackle registry for end line selection blobs, that's crazy) is following: for the way I design, I really have need for constant use of zero width line.

Know about zero width line, I've been using successfully for ages and when doing freehand drawing, it's much easier for me to have zero width, then convert it to what's necessary (or create shapes out of it).

However, if I put it to 0, and I start new freehand line, it goes to 0.5pt by default. I can start line at 0.5pt, then get it down to 0, and it works, as long as it's the same line. However, as soon as new line is needed, it reverts back to 0.5pt. If I select 0.1 (manually) or even 0.01 or whatever, it does work. But not with zero. Any chances to modify that, either in Xara or in registry?

I like the antialiased lines, for my own reasons and makes it easier for me to design.

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Xara :: Possible To Change Default Font Sizes Listed?

May 16, 2012

I have been using Xara for a very long time. I have recently started a side business generating signs and banners and continue to use Xara as my primary graphics editor, but I've discovered a tiny issue and I'm hoping there is some way around it. The Font Size live preview slider is limited (for some reason?) to sizes less than 32pt, and the font drop down list starts getting coarse after 24pt and tops out at 72pt sizes. Since most of what I'm doing involves text sizes larger than 72pt and much larger than the 32pt the slider allows, both of those options for adjusting font size have lost their usefulness.

Is there any way for me to adjust the values for the slider and/or for the drop down list to allow larger numbers? I realize I could use a scaling factor and layout my signs as a fraction of their intended size, but then I have hope to remember to change the scale when I import it into my sign cutting software or run the risk of wasting vinyl, so that would be my last choice.

Surely I can't be the only person who uses large text?

Also, any issues with exporting text into EPS and getting a change in the case of the text? If I export "This is Text" as an EPS file, when I import it into my sign cutting software, I sometimes get "tHIS IS tEXT", but if I import the same EPS into Xara it looks normal. Not sure if that is Xara or the sign cutting software (LXi Express Expert edition)... Until I figure that one out, I make sure to convert text to editable shapes before exporting it...

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Xara :: How Many Control Points Are On Object In Designer Pro As Default

Dec 4, 2011

what does it depends that how many control points are on an object in Designer Pro as default?

For example in Shape Tool creating a horizontal line (click and somewhere beside CTRL - click), at me it creates control points at the end of the lines plus two ones on the line.

That is super anyway because immediately can be seen where is the 33% of the line length, but could be set somehow this that how many control point should be as default?

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Xara :: Choose A File And Save It As Default Template

Apr 20, 2012

Whenever I try to open a new blank file in it, it gives me an error message saying I don't have a "default template", and I needed to choose a file and save it as a "default template". So I did, but now, I'm stuck with that template - I can't choose a letter-sized blank page to work on because that choice is no longer on the list under "New". What the heck is going on? I just want a blank page to draw on, and now it's not available.

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Xara :: Change Default Settings Units From Inches To Pixels

Apr 8, 2011

Every time I open Xara I have to change the default settings under "Utilities", "Options", "Units" from inches to pixels. There are other default settings I'd like to change as well, but my question is how do I change those settings to default so that when I open Xara, I don't have to go reset them? This is a PITA! I have searched through the help files and don't see any info on changing the standard default settings!

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Xara :: Changing Default Settings In Photo And Graphic Designer 6 - Permanently

May 1, 2011

I know how to go in to my settings and change the default page settings on a new design, but I want my settings to ALWAYS come up with the settings I change them to. How do I set these so that every time I start Xara I don't have to go change the settings AGAIN?

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Photoshop :: How Do Cut Out A Screenshot?

Oct 16, 2005

I have this videofile, it opens in Windows Media Player. What I want to do is get a screenshot, but somehow something weird happens. When I press Print Screen, open a new file in CS 2, and then paste, it all seems to work fine. But then when I move the image around on my desktop, the screenshot does not move with it. When I save it as a .jpg and then re-open it, the peripherals of the screenshot, like my toolbar and the Windows Media Player frame, are preserved, but the actual screenshot is not visible.

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Photoshop :: Screenshot Of Movies

Apr 22, 2006

how to make a screenshot of a movie scene?

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Photoshop :: Wraps Paste Of Screenshot

Jul 19, 2013

I've had this problem a while. At first, I thought it was Windows, but the problem only happens in Photoshop.
I get a screenshot of a dialog box using alt+PrtScr.  This gets just the dialog box and not the surrounding images.
Next, I go into Photoshop and create a new document (ctrl-n).  This brings up the dialog and sets the preset to Clipboard and the dimensions are properly set, so I go ahead and create the empty document.
Next, I paste (ctrl-v) the image into the document.  The left part of the image (not sure how many pixels) should actually be on the right.  I can cut them off one end and paste it on the other, but this eats up a lot of time when you need to create several images.
This does not happen in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.  Only Photoshop.  I would like to get this fixed because it is much more efficient in Photoshop (if it works correctly) than in Illustrator.
Environment: Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Photoshop CC

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Photoshop :: Saving Color Screenshot

Dec 23, 2003

I've tried to show you the difference in color with this screenshot, but saving the screenshot changed the color too, so if you input the hex code you'll see that the colors you get are different than what was actually in the screenshot. Point is, Photoshop is tinting my images greener than I want. It does it when I use Save As and Save For Web.

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Paint.NET :: Changing Screenshot Images PSD To DDS

May 30, 2013

(As i did i saved the PSD to DDS) so what will i do. SO this is the one i made  I don't know why it look like that but the original picture is like this [URL]........... 

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GIMP :: Post A Screenshot From Wordpad?

Feb 8, 2012

How do I post a screenshot from wordpad?

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Paint.NET :: Highlight Control In Screenshot

Jul 3, 2011

I have taken a screenshot of a dialog in Windows and I want to manipulate it so that one of the controls on the dialog is highlighted. One effect that I have seen other screenshots take is to darken most of the screenshot, leaving the control to which the viewer's attention should be drawn in its original color. The image at [URL] .... is close to the effect I want to achieve -- darken some areas of the screenshot and leave other areas in their original color, thereby bringing attention to the undarkened areas.

How might I acheive this effect in Paint.NET? I am new to the app, so feel free to point me to tutorials if I need to learn about layers or some other aspects of the app.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Get Screenshot In Organizer

Jun 24, 2013

How do I get a screenshot into organizer?

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Photoshop :: Google Earth Screenshot Saved As JPG

Aug 29, 2013

I have Google Earth screen shot saved as a .jpg.  I would like to set the scale.  I know it will be crude. I have a tractor trailer that is 8.6 ft wide in the image. I'm trying to get a rough scale to add in a turf area to show folks what it will look like. 

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Photoshop :: IPhone 5 Screenshot Action Script

Oct 1, 2012

I'm starting to get pretty good at Action Scripts... the tough part I find is making it full-proof. Unselecting and re selecting layers to make sure everything works smoothly.

Here's an action script I did recently, Putting whatever image or screenshot you want onto a pair of iPhone 5s. Complete with glare and everything. Let me know what you think of the script! you can download it here:


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AutoCAD 2010 :: Take A Hidden Line Screenshot?

Aug 19, 2012

I used these commands years ago and cant remember what they are. I am designing furniture in 3D and want to view the object at SE Isometric, then rotate an additional 18 degrees, then take a screenshot that will basically give me a block that is a line drawing of the object with lines hidden. This is a question with two parts:

#1: How do I rotate from SE Isometric 18 degrees to get the view angle I want?

#2: How do I take a screenshot of the object that will produce a block with hidden lines?

There are two seperate commands for each of these, I just can't remember what they are.

Attached is a picture of the final product I'm looking for.

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Photoshop :: Screenshot Of Windows Media Player

Jun 5, 2003

I just took a screenshot of this movie playing in WMP. Then I pasted it into Photoshop. Now.. when I move it around, it only moves the top part: WMP, my desktop etc.. But the movie part stays in the same spot. The samething happens when I zoom in, it doesn't get any bigger. I can't get the part with the movie though. I saved it as bmp and jpg but it doesn't show up..

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