Xara :: How To Reset Fill Gallery Back To No-fill

May 28, 2012

I just added a fill/texture to an image and now when I create more objects, the fill is still there. How can I re-set the fill gallery back to no-fill?

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Xara :: Import And Adding Through Bitmap Or Fill Gallery

May 28, 2011

It's not a biggy or even a buggy.

But where has the rightclick>replace bitmap function gone?

Now one needs to go through the menu>import and adding through the bitmap gallery or fill gallery adding a folder again.

For me dragging from win explorer doesn't work.

At least not adding it to an object,only adding a new photo to the page

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Xara :: Using Fill And Resizing Fill?

Mar 20, 2007

Im making some little buttons with filled backgrounds. Below is an example. Is it possible to adjust the resolution of the fill, lets say smaller, to make it look more crisp on the button?


The above looks nice, but the one below, this is suppose to be snow but the resolution is so large you cannot tell what it is.


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Photoshop :: How To RESET Delete Key To Bring Up Fill Dialog

May 18, 2013

This seems to be the opposite of a problem which arose with Content-Aware Fill.I am a fairly recent (starting with CS5) user, and I am used to the Delete key bringing up the Fill dialog.  However, this has stopped happening, and when I select a portion of the background layer and press the Delete key, it appears to delete those pixels.  I would like to return to having the Delete key bring up the Fill dialog.

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Xara :: Designer Pro 7 - How To Get Brush Gallery Back

Jul 27, 2011

I recently purchased Designer Pro 7 after a trial period. During the trial, I had the default brush gallery, and had also downloaded some additional brushes. After downloading the content pack earlier this week, my brush gallery disappeared. The only brush that is available is the "normal line". All of my "galleries" are checked in the Utilities menu. How to get the brush gallery back?

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AutoCad :: Fill Rectangle With Back Color

Jun 28, 2012

I have placed a rectangle in my template and want to know if there's anyway to fill this rectangle with a color?

I can use another object if that's better - mainly wanting to be able to fill a pre-determined space with a back color.

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Photoshop :: How To Fill Canvas With Color Without Having To Cover It With Large Rectangle To Fill

Sep 12, 2013

How do I get it so that when I draw a shape it will fill with color? In my options bar there is a rectangle with color where I can choose that, but sometimes that's not up. How do I pull it up?
How do I fill a canvas with color without having to cover it with a large rectangle to fill? I've gotten answers to this but none has solved the problem.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How Long For Part Fill / Mold Fill Analysis

Sep 7, 2013

Okay, so it's been a while since I've done one of these, and I haven't done one on 2014 at all yet.

I've got a fairly simple part, it's about 6" long x 3" wide, less than 3/8" thick, without a whole lot of complex geometry to work with.  I've built up my whole mold for it, and that went okay, but the fill analysis seems like it's taking forever.  Like hours.  It gets to the "Fill" stage, gets just a sliver of green on the progress bar, and then sits.

Last time I tried this was on my workstation at the office, using 2013.  It didn't take nearly this long, and the part was much larger and far more complex, with a significantly slower computer.

Is something broken with this in 2014?  I guess I can just let it run overnight, see what happens in the morning ...

Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013, 2014
Autodesk Inventor 2013

Work: Dell Precision T1600 (Xeon E3-1280 / 16GB / 512 GB SSD / 250 GB (Internal) / 1 TB (External) / Quadro 600)
Home: i7-4770k / ASUS Z87-Pro / 16GB / 250 GB SSD / 1 TB HDD / 3 TB USB3 HDD / 2xRadeonHD 4870 in CrossfireX
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite P755-S5269 (i7-2630QM / 8 GB / 250 GB SSD / 750 GB HDD / GT540M)

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GIMP :: Fill Selected Background Area With Flame Fill Pattern

Dec 17, 2012

see xcf attachment...

I used a heart fill pattern of the right 75% of the picture and the left 75% of the picture is selected overlapping the first fill in the background... I want to fill the selected background area with a flame fill pattern where it overlaps the selected portion of the heart pattern as well as the transparent area... 'overlay' looks better but Gimp is FAILING to fill the transparent areas, it ONLY fills the overlapped heart pattern portion of the selected content!!! I even tried filling the transparent area with 'white' then filling the selected area, but it STILL ONLY wants to overlay fill the heart pattern, it STILL leaves the rest alone!!! it doesn't matter if the background is white or transparent, it leaves that alone and ONLY fills the heart pattern area of selected portion of the image!!!

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: How To Jump Directly To Uniform Fill - Models Dialog For Fill Color

Apr 23, 2012

In Corel PhotoPaint X5, changing the fill color was possible by e.g. double clicking the (left-most) color square, then hitting Edit. Already, I found this was a bit too many clicks. Now in Corel PhotoPaint X6 it's gotten worse -- after hitting Edit, I'm not in the left-most tab "Models", but in the right tab "Palettes"!

My question: Is there any way I can open the Uniform Fill dialog with one click? (The Color Docker doesn't have a big color preview field so it doesn't work well for me when selecting and changing a color.) And is there any chance Corel will fix the bug with the wrong tab being opened?

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Illustrator :: Fill Section But Using Fill / Stroke Only Changes Line Color

Feb 17, 2013

I traced an image earlier, expanded it then wanted to change the line colour. For some reason I couldn't get this to work even though I've done it in the past. So, I used the magic wand to select the line then dragged it into my new document and changed the line colour.
Now, I want to change the fill on certain sections, however when I change the stroke it changes the colour of the line and when I change the fill it changes the color of the line.

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Xara :: Using Vectors As A Fill?

Oct 1, 2011

I realize that one can use a Bitmap as a Fill for some shape and that one can tile it.But is there also a way to create some Vector-Shapes as an interactive Fill for some other shape - while having the Input retain editable?

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Xara :: Possible To Add More Than One Fill To Same Shape

Jun 28, 2012

2 numpty questions for DPX

1. Is it possible to add more than one fill to the same shape i.e two elliptical fills to a shape.

2. When you add the shapes together how do you maintain the fills in each shape - I have 3 shapes that i have 'played with' all with one fill (so far !) when i add the shapes together they combine to form a single shape but with only one fill

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Xara :: Cannot Fill Some Fonts

May 7, 2013

I'm usilng the Xara P&G Designer 2013 trial, and having trouble doing a simple flat fill of text.

I figured out that the basic reason is that when some fonts are applied to text, the text is grayed and cannot be filled. When other fonts are applied to the same text, it starts out black, and can be filled with any color or gradient, etc.

So it seems related to a font difference--seems most common for Black or Heavy fonts--why those fonts can be used but not filled?

And if I want to use one of these fonts, how do I make it possible to fill text to which is has been applied?

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Lightroom :: Won't Stay At 1:1 Magnify And Immediately Returns Back To Fit / Fill

Jul 31, 2012

In the Library and Develop modules, when I click on an image to magnify it to 1:1, the image expands to 1:1 and then immediately returns back to fit/fill (depending on what the setting was before). Clicking on 1:1 magnification in the Navigator works fine as well as using the CMD + shortcut; the image expands to 1:1 and stays at 1:1 magnification. I am running LR 4.1 on Mountain Lion on a MBP. I tested in other programs and had no problems.

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Photoshop :: Fill Tool Doesn't Completely (fill)?

Jul 16, 2013

When I use the fill tool to simply 'fill' a selection, it does not completely fill it. There is an ivisible barrier or line that prevents it from filling all the way to the edge. Do you think I have my settings wrong?

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Illustrator :: Auto Switch Between Stroke Fill And Fill

Nov 20, 2012

I spend 12 hours a day in illustrator and some functionality seems to simplistic and ultimately annoying.I'm using Windows 7 64bit. Adobe Illustrator CS6
1. Please auto switch between Stroke fill and fill when I select text. 99% of my time is spent only using fill on text. I would rather manually switch to Stroke when I want to add a fill to it rather having to switch to fill each time.
2. Same for Stroke, from point 1.
3. Add an auto layer for Guides. When I am using the Scissors tool, the majority of the time I don't want to cut my guides up, I would rather instead cut up the shape below it. Again manually changing the layer to select the guide would be preferable.
4. I personally never use the Eraser tool and I switch to the Scissors Tool. Without fail every time I launch Illustrator I have to switch from the Eraser Tool too the Scissors tool. Please add cookies or something so I don't have to always switch to the Scissors Tool.
5. Move "Align to Pixel" toggle somewhere outside a file menu.

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Xara :: Imported SVG Shape Will Not Fill

Jul 1, 2013

URL....i dropped it into xdpx ungrouped everything extracted the france shape and tried to fill it.i check and it is definitely a closed shape.i can manipulate the outline as normal but nothing i do fills it it's definitely not transparent to remedy this i draw a square under it, select both and subtract shapes this gives me a square with france cut out of it then i draw another square inside the former square but outside the france outline i move the square underneath, select both and once again subtract shapes finally i have my shape filled as i require.

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Xara :: How To Import And Fill Text

Feb 13, 2013

I am wondering how, for example, I could fill the letters of text with a pattern or texture or image (...) I found on the internet (google images for instance). For example, I found a knit pattern I like and I want to fill the text words with that. How would I go about that?

In general, I am having some problems getting onto how to import various fonts, textures, etc.. that i find.. I've read the instructions and can't figure out where to place the folders, etc.. Any links to very detailed instructions would be great..

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Xara :: How To Fill Page With Hexagons

Aug 16, 2011

I just tried to fill a page with black-filled hexagons so that they are all aligned perfectly vertically and horizontally. I duplicated and positioned as best I could by hand. Then, I used Alignment>equispace on horiz row selections then vert selections. No matter what I do, it will never be perfect with hand placement, obviously.

Is there a way to fill a page with the hexagons so that it looks like the attachment (ie everything perfectly squared in respect to the page)? I would need perfectly uniform spaces between the shapes so that it comes out perfectly squared with the page. This would be the first step I need to do in making a seamlessly tiled alpha for ZBrush.

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Xara :: How To Color Fill Of Bitmap

Sep 11, 2013

Sometimesw you want to color the fill of a bitmap without the fuss of opening another app. For example, Bitmap files in corel color differently. Is there an equivalent to this in Xara?

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Xara :: Shape With A Text Fill?

Apr 25, 2011

I have a shape (an Open Book) that I would like to Fill the two Open (showing) Pages with Text -I thought of just making a smaller than the page text box under page shape for each page; but, then I thought I'd check with You Pros here and see if a Shape could have a 'Text' Fill...?

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Xara :: How To Transfer A Bitmap Fill

Apr 7, 2012


About five years ago I had to prepare a series of cave maps and one of the caves was in granite. I needed to have the geological symbol for granite as a fill for use in the various cross sections. OK. I made the fill (a random scattering of "V"s) and used it. And kept the file, lets call it A.

Switch to now. I am making a map of an arch that I explored last year. The map is almost finished and I need the fill again. This is map B.

My question is how to I get the fill out of map A so as I can use it in Map B?

I know the answer is possibly very simple but not obvious to me. I have tried a workaround which involved importing the whole map A into Map B and then removing the original. This worked but seems really kludgy.

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Xara :: How To Create A Linear Fill

Aug 31, 2011

I have tried to create a linear fill and it looks fine in Xara Designer, but after exporting the image as a jpeg, the gradation does not look smooth at all, it looks rather terrible. It does not look as smooth and as seemless as work I have seen which was created using software such as Photoshop. Am I doing something wrong?

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Xara :: How To Use Fill Tool Twice For Object

Mar 19, 2011

is it possible to use the fill tool twice for an object, because i want to make 2 effects and the problem is, if you made it first time and click to make a fill effect second time, the first effect dissappears.

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Xara :: Fill Area With Colour In 6?

Jun 22, 2011

How to fill an area with a colour in Xara 6, when that space is surrounded by different 'objects'?

So say I drew 3 separate lines to form a triangle. How can I fill that triangle with a colour? If I select the Fill Tool and choose a colour, then click in the centre of the triangle nothing happens.

If I were to do the same thing in Illustrator then it would simply create a new shape that fitted the space.

Perhaps this is not possible? Such a simple thing though, I feel I must be missing something. Is it perhaps available on Xara 7?

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Xara :: How To Fill Interior Of Object

Mar 10, 2011

The attached example shows an enlargement of a object that represents the result of a scanned hand drawn shape.

I would like to be able to click one of these objects and apply a fill to the interior. I have too many of them to create a companion object for each and align it.

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Xara :: Shape Won't Show Fill Colour

Nov 12, 2012

How do I get XXDP7 to show the fill colour of a shape?

The outline width is zero and transparent, but the pallete on the bottom of the screen fails to show the fill colour.

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Xara :: Crop And Straighten With The Fill Tool?

Dec 19, 2012

You can easily fix crooked photos, zoom and crop with the fill tool.

The first step is to make sure you have the rulers enabled (window>bars>rulers) then click and drag a horizontal guideline from the ruler.

Select your photo and select the fill tool, you will see that your photo is actually a vector shape with a bitmap fill. Click and drag the outer fill handles to enlarge (zoom) the bitmap within the shape and rotate as needed to straighten the image. Move the cursor over the line of the fil handles until it changes to a hand then click and drag the photo around to adjust it's position within the shape.

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Xara :: Get Outline Of Object To Take On Graduated Fill?

Apr 21, 2012

I have Designer Pro 7. Is there a way to get the outline of an object to take on the graduated fill transparency of an object? The line goes transparent with the object's fill when a linear transparency is applied, but remains opaque with a graduated one. I understand that I could turn the outline into an object and then apply the transparency but if I have to edit the object later, I would have to repeat the process.

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Xara :: Reverse Colors On A Fill Gradient?

Feb 29, 2012

I've got an object that I've filled with a circular fill/gradient. Is there a button that allows me to swap the start color and end colors in one click? If this was a linear gradient I could just position the start and end points to reverse it but since its circular I must swap the start and end to retain the circular effect.

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