VideoStudio :: X2 - Failed To Open MPEG Encoder

Dec 13, 2010

I've been using VideoStudio Pro X2 for the past 2 years and it has been working just fine since, up until mid last week. I was rolling right along, creating MPEG-2's of the Classic 39 Honeymooners episodes, until I got up to Episode 24, when I started getting the 'Failed to open the MPEG encoder' error message. I searched through this forum to find any possible solution and the only solutions I found were to check to see if the MPEG-2 encoder CODEC is installed, which it appears to be according to the InstalledCodec utility and to uninstall/reinstall VS, which I did. I still receive the same error message, however. What could cause it to go from working one moment, to not working the next?

I tried to attach a text file listing all of the installed codecs on my system, so you can look to see if the needed codecs are installed, however I was unable to attach the file...says 'extension not allowed'. How to upload the file.

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VideoStudio :: Error Message - Failed To Open MPEG Encoder

Jun 29, 2011

I completed a video and when I went to 'Create a Video File' I would receive the following error message...

"Failed to open MPEG encoder"

I'm using Ulead VideoStudio 11+. The 'vsp' file is too long...One hour fourteen minutes. I made a 'Part 1' and cut the vsp to forty-five minutes and still received the same error message.

I cut the 'vsp' to one minute thirty seconds and it would "Create a Video File'. I've never had this problem before.

It seems with Ulead VideoStudio 11+ whenever I have a problem like this I can resolve it, by backing up all the files, then removing the program, thoroughly clean the hard drive and re-install 11+.

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VideoStudio :: Render Video To A File - Failed To Open MPEG Encoder

Jun 28, 2011

Error message:

"Failed to open MPEG encoder".

I'm using Ulead VideoStudio 11+ and when I try to render a completed video to a file I receive this error message. The video is a little large, one hour fourteen minutes, so I cut it in half, saving it under a different name and it still gave me the same error message. However, if I render a very small clip then it renders as it's suppose to.

I've never had this trouble before. I reloaded the software for 11+ but that didn't work.

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VideoStudio :: Creating Video File - Unable To Open MPEG Encoder

Aug 19, 2012

I was trying to 'create a video file' when I received this message, 'Ulead VideoStudio [2000:1:1] Failed to open the MPEG encoder.

I've made countless movies and this is the first time I'm having this problem. Maybe I had it in 2008, but I've just turned 70 and remembering what I did then is a thing of the past!

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VideoStudio :: Encoder Profiles - Unable To Save Changes

Dec 27, 2010

X3 on Windows 7 (can replicate this on both Home Premium and Pro). I migrated from XP and am very very happy with the way X3 runs on Windows 7 but I am having a big problem. I had a library of customized Windows Media Encoder settings (different bit rates, frame sizes, etc.) for output as .WMV files. When I try to copy or customize any of the existing encoder profiles (which all work just fine) the system does not allow me to save. I have set full permissions for the logged user and made sure the directory is not read only.

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VideoStudio :: Use Hardware Encoder Acceleration Greyed Out

Jul 30, 2010

I've had this problem for a few weeks now. Customer Service has been unable to provide a fix (ie complete uninstall, re-installing from scratch, new drivers, etc). I have a fairly new I7 with lots of memory and disk space and an ATI HD4670 video card that is capable of hardware encoding acceleration....I run Vista 64 bit. I also have another software package on the computer that uses this feature okay.

Corel advertises hardware encoding as a big featuire of this release of Videostudio (X3 Pro).

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VideoStudio :: X5 - Enable Hardware Encoder Greyed Out?

May 22, 2012

I downloaded the trial for Video Studio X5 and have managed to make a few videos already with it (mostly desktop screen recordings in 1080p). However, after realizing how slow my renderings were, I toyed around with the settings and noticed that the Enable Hardware Encoder option is greyed out. Meaning that I cannot enable it. I can, however, enable other Hardware acceleration features.

I'm not totally sure what the issue might be since I'm pretty sure my GPU supports this feature ... or does it? Or could it be a limitation of the trial version ... ?

Currently, I'm running:
+ Windows 7 64-bit
+ EVGA Nvidia GTX 670 2GB
+ Intel i7-3770 Ivy Bridge
+ 16 GB DDR3 1600
Other hardware information can be found in my profile.

Also, system information as sourced from the Nvidia control panel:

Select allNVIDIA System Information report created on: 05/22/2012 00:53:28
System name: BODHUM

Operating System:   Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
DirectX version:   11.0
GPU processor:      GeForce GTX 670


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VideoStudio :: Service Pack And Hardware Encoder

Feb 6, 2011

I need a consensus from the forum members here regarding this Service Pack 2 update (which is named Patch3.exe). I've read that it causes problems and I've read where it doesn't. As of right now, without the patch, my version is , I think with the patch it will be .69, or is there another patch (or version) floating around out there that is more stable?

Also, under Settings>Performance the "Use Hardeware Encoder acceleration" is grayed out. How to check that thing off and what hardware are you using to get it to show up?

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VideoStudio :: How To Skip Installing Windows Media Encoder 9 Series

Oct 4, 2013

I have a Windows 8 64-bit system. Why Corel VideoStudio X6 has Windows Media Encoder 9 Series included in the installation package. It is not even supported on Windows 7 and 8. [URL]

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VideoStudio :: Render In MPEG And MP4?

Oct 4, 2011

If I render a Videostudio-file of 15 minute in .mpeg, it is about 750 000 great, if I render it in .mp4 it grows to 1.200 000, why?

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VideoStudio :: MPEG Settings For X4

Apr 24, 2011

I know there must be a thread or post about the best MPEG settings when you are going through the steps to burn a DVD, but did a search and came up with nothing.

Those items in bold are checked in X4.

In the MPEG properties
● Do not convert
● Support X-Disc
● Two pass conversion
● Treat MPEG audio as non-DVD compliant
● Auto fade
● Play all
● Auto repeat

Lower field first?

Under Change MPEG settings/Customize do any of you change anything? General Tab and Compression? I know to move the slider under compression to 100%. Not sure about the rest.

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VideoStudio :: Convert DVD To MPEG-4

Oct 30, 2010

I'm a recovering Roxio user. 6 years. Finally fed up with 2011 crashing everytime I tried to convert DVD to MPEG4. I just downloaded VS Pro X3 and how to do this. I'm assuming it can be done on this program.

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VideoStudio :: How To Convert AVI To MPEG

Dec 3, 2013

When I burned an AVI (that I captured with VS X4) to a single layer dvd VS does the job, except that when I palce the dvd in my living room Sony player I have the following error message : The disk is dirty. I tried twice with the same result! When I capture directly to the mpeg format and then burn a disk I have no problem.

How I could convert AVI to MPEG (no menu, no edition) in a simple way?

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VideoStudio :: Capture In AVI Not MPEG

May 26, 2013

I am using VS X6 ultimate that I purchased yesterday

I am capturing videos from VHS tape using an S-Video connection

I have tried different capture options settings and the capture always saves in MPEG

I believe that AVI has the least loss and would prefer to save in the AVI format since I intend to do some editing of the original content The end objective will be to burn reults to DVD

Can VS X6 capture files in AVI? If so, what settimgs should I use? Any settings that would be best for this type of transfer to HDD?

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VideoStudio :: Capturing VHS To MPEG?

Oct 25, 2010

Capturing VHS to MPEG? Does this tutorial work?


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VideoStudio :: Pro X4 DV-to-MPEG Compression?

Apr 7, 2011

I did a ton of research on Video Editing software and decided to try VS Pro X4 first due to it's ease of use (good for me) and capabilities that I can grow into. So far I would say the experience has been positive and feel I could happily settle in with VS Pro X4 for the long haul, but have just a couple of questions I would like to resolve first. They may not be issues at all, but more due to my lack of knowledge, but figured experienced users like yourselves would be able to determine that in short order.

I've split my questions into separate (3) threads so that people don't have to suffer through content they're not interested in. Here's a brief run down on where I'm at and what I'm trying to do.

I'm about half-way through my 30day trial of VS Pro X4, and starting to feel a little more comfortable with the software, but a few things are still puzzling me. Granted I've only scratched the surface of the SW capabilities so far.

I'm a complete newbie to this digital video stuff, however I'm not a complete newbie to computers. Basically I have a shoeobox of old 8mm camcorder tapes (analog) and have finally decided to take the plunge and digitize them, mainly because we never end up watching the tapes 'cause it's such a pain.

First question; A friend of mine is letting me borrow his ADVC300 converter, connected to a Firewire400 card in my PC. VS Pro X4 capture works fine, was able to capture an entire 8mm tape. It was an entire tape because that's the way it was taped, it was a music performance so the tape ran through the whole show. I was able to add a simple title and burn to a DVD disc. What should I expect for MPEG compression when burning to a DVD? I couldn't fit it all on one DVD disc, had to split it into two discs, not a big deal, just thought the mpeg conversion would have compressed it more? Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part? It's a 2 hour & 2minute video which equals a large ~8.7Gb raw DV capture file through the ADVC. I know a DVD is 4.7Gb max so obviously the 8.7Gb raw file won't fit, but is 2:1 compression/conversion expecting too much for the mpeg conversion? Maybe there's some options I should be using to compress it more?

All in all I'm pretty happy with the ADVC to digital capture functions with VSPx4 so far.

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VideoStudio :: Capture In MPEG Format In X4?

Mar 1, 2011

Is it possible to Capture in MPEG FORMAT with Pro X4?

It was possible with Pro X2 but not with Pro X3.

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VideoStudio :: X5 - MPEG-4 HD Output Properties?

May 3, 2012

I'm testing demo version of this product and I would like to know how to change output parameters of mpeg-4 codec (Share->Create Video File->MPEG-4-> MPEG-4 HD). I live in Europe and my video source is Full HD 25fps, but Video Studio's mpeg-4 codec has only parameter constants 30fps.

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VideoStudio :: X4 PRO Create DVD Using 4.2GB MPEG Reports 6.6GB

Apr 17, 2012

Today I use a dvd maker freeware program...load this mpg file and it creates the dvd folder and I create the image from that. Total size is 4.2 and it reports using 94% of the dvd available space. Freeware program puts in extra screens advertisements so can't use it.

I attempt to use the share-create disc and import same mpg file and it reports in the bar that its 6.48GB. To me this is a problem and I can't understand why it reports it as 2.2GB larger than the actual file size. There is no menu its from a new project, nothing imported to the timeline, just open, create, import and my OS and every other program must be reporting it wrong.

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VideoStudio :: X5 - Can't Export 640 X 360 In MPEG Video

Apr 26, 2012

I am having a difficult time Exporting my 640 X 360 Video In an Mpeg Format, I am making a YouTube Video in 640 X 360 ( 360P I believe the size is called ) only because that is what my source video size is. My original source video is " AVI - 30Fps " I have cut and fine tuned my 8 Second Video that took me 8+ hrs to figure out how to make

Under the Project Properties there are 2 format types available, MPEG and AVI. Under MPEG Project Options --> General, I have only 4 sizes to choose from in the frame size box, 720 x 480 - 704 X 480 - 352 X 480 - 352 X 240, And the user defined selection bullet is GREYED out.

Is it possible that because im using the trial version that I just cannot fully use the software, If so then I can go back and install my VideoStudio X4, I was hoping to Upgrade to X5 because I can directly import my Paint Shop Pro Layers as well as CorelDRAW too.

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VideoStudio :: Why Can't Convert Most Of VSPs To MPEG

Nov 6, 2010

I have about 30 files with the extension .vsp. As it turns out, I can only convert two of them to .mpeg. I'm trying to figure out why that is by looking at every single detail I can to figure out why only two of them can convert but none of the other ones will be accepted. i just get an error message each and every time. The error message says that there is a file mismatch.

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VideoStudio :: Difference Between AVCHD And MPEG-4 HD?

Jun 14, 2012

I just moved from a Sony HDV (HDR-HC3) camcorder to a Panasonic AVCHD one (HC V700). When rendering my final video, I've always used MPEG-4 HD. This new camcorder records in AVCHD. I'm not sure if I should be outputting to MPEG-4 HD or AVCHD. Before I had issues rendering in AVCHD, which is why I didn't use it.

What's the main differences in MPEG-4 HD vs. AVCHD? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which one is better and the one I should use?

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VideoStudio :: Pro 4X Crashes With MPEG Encoding

Mar 6, 2013

I have been using Pro 4X for just over a year now but have recently been experiencing crashes while encoding HD MPEG files. I have also just activated/unpacked the included music with the software and these issues just started after I did this. Note: I do not use the provided music but believe the conflict is because of this.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:APPCRASH
Application Name:vstudio.exe
Application Version:

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VideoStudio :: No Audio In AVI Or MPEG File

May 7, 2012

Working with family project (captured by someone else-not me). Gist is that the raw AVI file doesn't have any sound when I play in media player or VSX2. The avi video format shows up as mpeg4s Decoder DMO and the audio as "Unknown ACM Format". I naively used this to make an mpeg vid file and tried to tweak the audio using LPCM but the resulting file has no audio either. The avi shows the video compression as mpeg4 but when I use my mpeg4 converter it doesn't recognise it so it's obviously an avi file with an mpeg4 video compression used.

Is there any way to recover the audio in these circumstances?

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VideoStudio :: X2 Slow To Render In MPEG

May 8, 2010

Up until recently I had been able to capture a VHS movie using the ADVC-110, edit the avi files and put in transitions, save to a vsp file. Next I would go to Share> Create Video File> Custom. Since this an old movie of only fair quality I would select a bitrate of 6000. I was previously able to render 3 different movies of approx. 70 minutes in lenghth to mpeg-2 in 1 1/2 hours each. Now it suddenly takes 6 to 8 hours per movie. The cpu will go like gangbusters and render the first 50% of the movie in just 20 minutes, and then slow down and take hours for the last 50%. I have Spy Sweeper and other running progs. and apps. shut off, screen saver disabled, internet connection off and D-Link not in use. I am using my "D" drive for all my files, which has nearly 1 TB, and I have plenty of available memory. what causes it to slow down, and what I might try? OS: XP; MB: ASUS P5QL-E; GC: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT; SC: Real tek High Def Audio; Processor: Intel 2 Core Duo @ 3.33 GHZ; Hard Drive: C: 300 GB, D: 1 TB; Memory: 3GB.

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VideoStudio :: MPEG Optimizer Settings?

Feb 20, 2013

My footage are .mts files and edited to .vsp files with "Lower Field First" with VS X4. I have no problems in converting to video files using "Same as Project Settings". Now I wanted to try with "MPEG Optimizer" and the resulting settings given by VS X4 are:[

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VideoStudio :: Only Offered MPEG Option?

Nov 20, 2011

I recently used two Camcorders at a wedding and one (Panasonic NV-GS500) when connected via firewire to VS XP Pro3 showed up straight away with DV (AVI) download option - which is obviously the quality I want/need. The other Camcorder was a Canon HDV HV30 and it only offered MPEG download quality option. Both camcorders used Panasonic DV tapes and both are HD Digital camcorders so why would one offer DV and the other MPEG?

How do I capture from the Canon in AVI? I turned every thing off (VS and canon camcorder) and this time DV option presented itself.

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VideoStudio :: MPEG-4 Audio Doesn't Play In X5 Or X6 But Does In X4

Nov 20, 2013

The following didn't eventually cause me a problem since I have retained some earlier versions of VS. Normally, starting way back with VS version 8, I've happily downloaded avi files from my handicam, edited them and made nice home movies on DVD, worth watching even by non-family .

But now I've just been given a couple of mpeg-4 files (total time of 1 hr 20 min or so) to turn into a nicely edited DVD (it's an orchestral concert). If I insert the files into the timeline in either X5 and X6, the audio doesn't sound when I try to play either the project or the clip. Do the same with X4 and things work perfectly, audio comes through loud and clear. So I've used X4 for the task, I kept it on my computer.

An additional task was to make an audio CD - no sweat, I just created a sound file (in the "share" tab) with X4 and went from there. Trying to do the same with either X5 and X6 caused the software to crash with an error message.

error message

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VideoStudio :: Pro X3 - Creating MPEG-4 HD Crashes Program

May 14, 2011

I have a project with only photos (about 200) and 3 songs. Total length is about 16min. I have successfully created a .MPG (2.3GB) and .WMA (474MB) HD files.

My problem is when I create a MPEG-4 HD files. It kept crashing the program while "Creating File..."

Error message, "The program has encountered an unspecified error and has stopped functioning. Please contact Corel Technical Support and send the dump file for analysis."

I tried another project with photos and music only and encountered the same problem. Shortening the project yielded the same (one song and a few pictures).

I tried using "Custom" and using the HD settings resulted in the same error. Nothing works.

My patches are up to date. How to create Hi Def movie files that I can playback with and Apple computer (Quicktime).

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VideoStudio :: MPEG-4 HD Output File With Glitch

May 7, 2012

I have the following problem. I've created a project which takes about 20 minutes. The projects contains foto's and video's (MTS 1920x1080). When I create an output file in the MPEG-4 HD format there is one point is my video where there is a Glitch.

There is one MTS file in my video where I see some white flickering, which is very disturbing.

I've performed some tests to try to solve the solution, but I think it seems that there is a fault or error in the VSX file.

Below I've added some of the results of some things I've have tried:

When I drag that one MTS file in my project to another location the flickering seems to stay at the same place but then in another video.

When I remove that one MTS file from my project the flickering is gone. It's a solution, but not at this point, it should be working.

When I play the video in Windows Media Player then I see the flickering, but when I play it with Video Lan then I don't see it. If I play the video on some computer with Media Player it also should be working.

Also when I export the video in the AVCHD (1920x1080P) format the flickering doesn't occur.

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VideoStudio :: X4 Crashes While Rendering Highest MPEG HD

Dec 2, 2011

Bought VS X4 last week cause I had problems with X3... And now I really wonder why the hell I bought X4... cause I keep having the same problems.

I've tried calling Corel today and I can only get support if I buy a support card. I just got this program and I would like some purchase support or something. Cause I have this program since Saturday.

Anyhow... It never crashes, only with rendering. First it didn't crash if I rendered it in a lower resolution, but I want the highest resolution, I'm on art school and I need to show it in big on a screen.

Anyhow, with the somewhat lower resolution it didn't crash, but now it also crashes on the lower resolution.

I heard people having the problem with X3, like I had, and they had to remove all apple products. So I did, and trying it now...

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