VideoStudio :: Pro X4 Supports MOV Files?

Oct 28, 2011

I wanted to ask if Corel pro x4 supports MOV files, I'm think buying a dslr canon camera eos 550d that export the hd in mov file, do I have to render the source file through another program.or is not problem and i can insert the file direct to the timeline?

i dont see in this list that corel supprts the mov files [URL] ...

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Paint.NET :: Plugin That Supports PSP Files?

Aug 20, 2012

I have files that are .psp but as far as I was searching so far I don't see a plug in for that type of file. Is there a plug in?

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3ds Max :: Does New Mcloth Supports Cloth To Collisions

May 16, 2012

Does the new mcloth supports cloth to cloth collisions?if so how?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Only Supports 64bit Operating Systems?

Jun 22, 2012

looking at the tech spec, or is that for some functions only?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Does 2012 Supports Multi Core Processing

Nov 3, 2011

Inventor 2012 takes advantage of multi core processing?

In what are inventor 2012 faster than the last Version?

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Lightroom :: Latest Photoshop Supports Sony Nex 6 Camera And Its RAW File?

Mar 15, 2014

i have a sony nex 6 camera. i would like to know if the latest photoshop of lightroom supports this camera and its RAW file - ARW?
If not, what do you recommend i do? i want to avoid having to compress the images, if that would reduce quality.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Supports Unicode And Open Type Features But Does Not Show It

Apr 3, 2011

Corel Supports Unicode & Open type Features but does not show ithi oberon,can you tell me why the screen shows combined ligature while corel document shows part of ligature made of.i wanna use text as displayed in encode check the first word Language Gujarati

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VideoStudio :: Converting MOV Files Into DV Or MPEG Files To Edit

Jul 21, 2011

How do I go about converting MOV files into DV or mpeg files to edit? When I import the files are choppy I downloaded the quicktime, dvx and direct x files. No success.

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VideoStudio :: MTS Files To MOV

Apr 1, 2012

I'm trying to change a few MTS file(AVCHD) to .MOV files,is this possible using ProX4? I have tryed this but the sounds is all messed up or the video is always sticky when trying to watch the outcome.

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VideoStudio :: What UPD Files Are For And What They Contain

Jun 6, 2012

what .upd files are for and what they contain?

They are created along with rendered file and reside in the same directory.

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VideoStudio :: X3 And MOV Files

Dec 6, 2010

Just got a Kodak si8 video camera for my bday... It records in MOV - I am able to open them up and I get through the whole video - 7 minutes... then I go back to clip some areas and the sound gets choppy!?? If I save - close the program and open up again -- I get the sound AOK again ???

What is this about?

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VideoStudio :: No Sound From MPG Or MP4 Files

Jun 7, 2011

Suddenly Pro X3 will no longer play audio.

I import any mpg file which are known to have sound and when i ty to play it there is no audio at all from Pro X3. This has been working all along and it just seems to have stopped. I have made sure of the obvious things.We get sound from other apps so the computer and speakers are fine. I have checked the sound icon from within Pro X3 and it is turned up to max.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X3 - MPEG4 HD Files At 25 Fps

Jun 14, 2010

I'm editing MPEG-4 PAL HD files from a Samsung Cam. After editing, I want to create a MPEG-4 HD file with the same profile (1920x1080 at 25 fps). Choosing MPEG4-HD profile, 30 fps files are generated. Also defining a MPEG4 custom profile with H.264-MAIN type and 1920x1080 resolution, the fps is locked at 30 (at lower resolutions, like 1280x720 the frame rate can be modifies). Ist it a constraint of H.264-MAIN video type ot a bug ?

Please consider that VS X3 is installed for PAL Video System and choosing Bluray profile or AVCHD profile PAL HD files 25 fps are generated.

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VideoStudio :: HD AVI Files Not Accessible On X3

Feb 11, 2011

On the spur of the moment I bought a cheap little Medion [Aldi] HD digital camera which offers five options for recording - 720P60, 1080P, OVGA, WVGA and HD. They all produce .AVI files which play OK on my laptop but when loaded into VSX3 I get the message ‘file not accessible’. The rudimentary ArcSoft program provided with the camera [and now on my laptop] handles the files OK.

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VideoStudio :: Burn DVD Of M2T Files

Feb 23, 2013

With VS X4 I edited my .mts files into .vsp files. Then successfully created video files (.m2t 1440 x 1080 files) . I selected 1440 x 1080 because it is the setting set on my camcorder.

My question is in the Create disc step:

1. if I burn these .m2t files and select "DVD" would the resolution be back to that of .mpg in the final DVD?
2. If I burn these .m2t files and select "AVCHD" and instead of burning directly onto a disk, placed it on a hard drive folder. Then later could I burn it on a regular DVD disk? If that is the case, is the disk playable on a regular DVD player? Or, do I have to burn it on Blue Ray?

I know I could experiment it but my project has 4 Titles, each of about 30 min duration, that I want to burn. I tried to find the answer on the Forum and also in the Manual but could not find the answer there.

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VideoStudio :: MTS Files Compatibility With X2

Mar 9, 2013

Am I correct in assuming that mts files aren't compatible with VSX2? I can drag them to the library but when I put them on the timeline the program shuts down. These are HD files from my Canon video camera.

I also can't import them- I've tried every way to get the files into VS but it shuts down.

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VideoStudio :: How To Create MPG Instead Of M2T Files In X4

May 29, 2011

When I create Blu Ray H264 (1920X1080) video clips in VS Pro X3, all files give me extensions *.mpg, and they can be played with my LG BD 570 player. However, When I create Blu Ray H264, 1920X1080 video clips in VS Pro X4, all files give me extensions *.m2t, and these video files can NOT be played with my LG BD 570 player.

Is there anyway I can create Blu Ray H264 (1920X1080) video files with extensions *.mpg in VS Pro X4? What is the difference between Blu Ray H264 (1920X1080) *.m2ts and Blu Ray H264 (1920X1080) * .mpg file?

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VideoStudio :: Importing AVI Files

Jan 16, 2011

I recently purchased Video Studio Express 2010 and cannot import avi files that were created using a Flip. I have tried importing them from both my hard drive and a flash drive. VSE does not recognize the avi files on either drive. I have been able to import mpg files without any problems.

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VideoStudio :: X4 - Can't Import MOV Files

Feb 25, 2011

I just bought X4 and can't import High Def. MOV files. VS doesn't even see them! how do I import them?

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VideoStudio :: X4 Won't Import MTS Files?

Dec 25, 2011

I've searched these forums for any "how to's" and found some info, but either it was over my head as to the fix or it delt with different video file formats or error messages.

The short version:

I have a fresh install of X4 on a 64 bit Windows 7 (Pro) and I'm trying to import *.MTS video files into the timeline but keep getting "File format Mismatch 1081:1:3" errors. I've copied the files from the SD card to the harddrive. I've also tried renaming the file(s) extensions from MTS to M2TS, AVI, MPG, and still get the error.

The long winded version:

I had X4 on a 32 bit PC for a long time. Installed Panasonics AE reader software that came with the HDC-SDT750 camcorder. X4 could recognize the MTS files and import them into the timeline. The PC motherboard failed so I got new motherboard and decided to do a fresh install of the 64 bit version of Win 7 Pro on a clean harddrive. Did a fresh install of X4. Then installed all Windows and X4 updates and patches.

When I try to insert a MTS video clip (file) into the timeline from either the SD card or harddrive I get the error message "File format Mismatch 1081:1:3". I can play the video files through windows media player (No matter what I've changed the file extesion to) and the video and sound play fine. I can also insert any other video file into a timeline except MTS files (New or older ones). With X4 up and running and searching for which video file to insert I can see the MTS video preview thumbnail in the file explorer window.

The video clips are 1920X1080 at 29 fms and a bit rate of 16794kbps

I can't find the Panasonic software disk and the best that I can tell Panasonic does not have their software online for download.

I will need some hand holding here so I'll need more step by step instructions than "Get the latest codecs" (Whatever that means)

System info:

Editor: X4 (With update)
DirectX: 11
CPU: Intel i7, 2600K
RAM: 8 gig
HD: 1 Tb
OS: Win 7 Pro
Camera: Panasonic HDC-SDT750

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VideoStudio :: X4 / No Audio On AVI Files?

Jul 17, 2012

I got a new camera that outputs .avi files, and put together a video. When I click an individual clip in the timeline and play it, the audio plays... however, when I play the project, the audio does not play. It also does not play when I render it.

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VideoStudio :: Importing X6 Files

Oct 4, 2013

I am new to using Video Studio Pro. I would like to animate my Paint Shop Pro png files or gif files with Video Studio. I figured out how to make the video work and figured out how to change the speed on individual frames. My problem is saving the project. I can only save it as a VSP file and it is too big to upload to Photo bucket. The whole animation is 15KB.

Can you change the save as file extension to include animated gifs?

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VideoStudio :: No Sound On AVI Files?

Apr 27, 2012

Whenever I import an AvI file into Corel Video Studio Pro X5 there is no sound whatsoever. Other file types work fine, but any and all AVIs I try will not play back any audio. I have tried at least a dozen from different origins and no success.

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VideoStudio :: Custom SWF Files

Dec 12, 2010

Can .swf files be created and used in X3 as titles, video, images or other special effects? I'm just curious to know if any .swf files that I would create in SWiSH would be able to be imported into X3.

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VideoStudio :: Exporting WMV Files

Aug 10, 2012

Video studio has an export option "save as first video clip" for mpeg files. Don't see that for wmv files. Is there a way to save an edited wmv file using the original files properties without doing a custom setup? Windows Movie Maker seems to do this but it's a pain to use.

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VideoStudio :: Relinking VSP Files

Dec 14, 2013

I have created dvds using multiple .vsp files. I am now unable to open these projects. It seems like I have to relink the projects .vsp files. I can see that the file size as if the project includes .vsp files but when I go to "share", "create dvd" nothing is there.

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VideoStudio :: Add AVI Files For Editing

Apr 22, 2011

What a good start after just installing X4. I tried to add my avi files for editing and every single one fails with the catastrophic failure message. If I double click any avi file, the windows media player plays it fine.

I have edited these avi files many times with x2 before. I tried opening mpg files and they were ok. So im guessing its to do with an avi decoder? - but if so why does the avi file play fine in windows media player?

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VideoStudio :: Can't See QuickTime Files

Oct 31, 2012

I got a new laptop and loaded VS x4 on it. I have a complex edit that I started on my big desktop, where everything worked fine. I have a mix of AVCHD and MOV (1080i QuickTime) files, and they work together with no problem on the desktop computer.

However, the new laptop simply can't "see" the QuickTime files. I can't load them into the Library, so I can't re-link them in my project. I updated my version of VS x4 to SP2 on this computer, and still no go with the MOV files. How do I get VS to recognize the MOV files?

Edit: I can play the MOV files on the computer and I loaded the latest version of QuickTime. But VideoStudio still doesn't recognize QuickTime (MOV) files. MOV is not a selection in the drop-down list when I choose formats of videos to load into the Library.

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VideoStudio :: X3 Won't Open Files 1GB And Above

Sep 10, 2012

The previous problem I had was it wouldn't smart proxy 1GB files and above (still not fixed), now X3 won't open files 1GB and above. I tried opening files over 1GB that I have edited before, but it's not happening. Basically the files are from a Canon 5D MKII, converted to AVI via Cineform Neoscene. Today I selected about 12 clips I have just converted to AVI I filmed yesterday, and 4 of them (over 1GB) gave the following message

".... file is not accessible"


"these files cannot be added to this project. These files may be of unknown file format. The computer does not have enough memory, or the file is coyright protected"

Is there some restriction setting I have accidentally selected? Like I said this is a new problem, these files would open before. I've tried clearing some space on my laptop's hard drive, so there's over 200GB, but that didn't work either. I contacted Cineform, and they said their file format is the same whether it is above or below 1GB in size, so the problem lies with Videostudio.

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VideoStudio :: Producing FLV And Non-HD 16:9 MP4 Files

Jan 28, 2013

I am trying to produce video files for a website video player that requires either FLV or MP4 videos in a non-HD resolution with a widescreen aspect ratio. I am using VisualStudio Pro X5, and the source video files were shot in 1280x720. The project files are in the VSP format (not HTML5).

I might be missing something, but I do not see any options to render any type of FLV file... is this correct?

Regarding MP4's, I only seen one option for a non-mobile MP4, and that is the MP4 HD which will not work as I need a lower resolution. All of the other MP4 options are various iPhone / i Pad / mobile phone files and do not work with standard web browsers. I am looking to produce a non-mobile MP4 in something like a 480x720 resolution, but that doesn't appear to be possible.

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VideoStudio :: X4 / Making DVD With DV Files?

Feb 27, 2011

I have made dvds from AVCHD camcorder and mov. files but can't make a movie from a dv. I imported a file from my dv camcorder and tried to make a dvd but get an "unsprecified error". I then created a video file and coverted to mpg. file and then tried to make a dvd but it didn't work either. Still get an "unspecified error".

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