AutoCAD Inventor :: Does 2012 Supports Multi Core Processing

Nov 3, 2011

Inventor 2012 takes advantage of multi core processing?

In what are inventor 2012 faster than the last Version?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Use Multi-core

Mar 29, 2013

I have a multi-core machine. How can I tell Inventor to use as many cores as possible?

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VideoStudio :: Only One Core Of Multi Core Cpu Utilized

Aug 19, 2013

I have been a VS user for a long time now. I am currently using VSPro X5. I have an Intel Core i7-3770K overclocked to about 4.3GHz. I am running a little tuning utility program by intel to validate that when using VSPro X5 it is indeed utilizing only 1 core and about 19% of the CPU. This is irregardless of whether or not I am editing or encoding video. I have selected all of the hardware acceleration options and optimizations to no effect.

I also use MainConcept's encoder to render certain video and have validated that all 4 cores are engaged during the process and about 65% of the CPU is utilized.

I downloaded and installed the trial version of X6 and ran it and used it to process video with the same results as X5.

I am running 64 Bit Win7 Ult.

For the sake of comparisons, an AVI file converted to MPG (720x480, 1500kbps) is converted by: MainConcept at about 200fps VSPro X5 at about 30fps

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Photoshop :: Bridge CS4 And Multi-core CPUs

Jan 22, 2009

Does anyone know if Bridge in the CS4 version benefits from a dual-core processor?

Those thumbnails take a loooong time. Also, if it does indeed benefit from a 2-core:

1- Does it benefit from a 4-core over a 2-core?

2- And this is a value judgement: Money is tight but am i crazy not to scrape together $200 more to get a 4-core at this date and time even if Bridge does not [yet?] benefit from a 4-core? Do you, in the next 3 years think CS could be hindered by an old 2-core? I will probably get a 12MP camera next year and i often use multiple [3]HDR exposures and often multiple layers. [I already know to get 8GB RAM].

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Item To Multi-Value-List Of User Parameter (2012 API)

Jan 3, 2014

IV2012 API with VB:

How can i add an item to a Multi-Value-List of an existing User Parameter in Inventor2012 (Accessing API with Visual Basic) ?

My idea is for example:

uParams.Item(i).ExpressionList.AddItem(As String)

The problem is, that such a function "AddItem" doesn't exist.

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Photoshop :: Dual Core And Quad Core Are They

Jul 14, 2008

I am thinking of upgrading my PC, but only if the dual-core and quad-core machines will run Photoshop and Lightroom faster than a single core machine (which I have now). Does anyone know if Adobe has upgraded their software (CS3 and Lightroom) to take advantage of the multi-threading that's possible with multi-core PCs?

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GIMP :: Text With Multi Color Horizontal Stripes (2012)

Jul 25, 2012

Both here and to Gimp. Tested it a bit on and off, but the breakthrough for me was the single window mode, so now I am currently making an effort to learn something.

My first question is actually about something I am failing to do with Photoshop CS4. I create a text, rasterize it, then create the stripes via the rectangle tool (in this case I am messing with different national colors, like Germany). Now so far so god, but I never get around to actually be able to merge the strips with the text. The closest I have gotten is to see the text behind the stripes, but then the strips also covers the space between the text. I followed this tutorial for that: [URL]......

I looked at Your Sweet Candy tutorial and, excluding some steps, seems to be relevant, but for step 15, where I do not want to select stripes available inGimp, but create new ones.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X4 Supports MOV Files?

Oct 28, 2011

I wanted to ask if Corel pro x4 supports MOV files, I'm think buying a dslr canon camera eos 550d that export the hd in mov file, do I have to render the source file through another program.or is not problem and i can insert the file direct to the timeline?

i dont see in this list that corel supprts the mov files [URL] ...

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Get More Processing Power With A Tesla GPU

Jan 10, 2014

I use Inventor tube and pipe heavily for my job, and work with very large models that incorporate architectural data imported from a Revit file, as well as using Navisworks (both are 2014 version).  Since Inventor doesn't support mutiple cores on a muti-core processor (except for when rendering in INventor Studio), would using a NVIDIA quadro and Tesla card combo would give me more processing power.  I know there are other programs, (3dsMax, Showcase, FEA, and CFD) that can off load some of the processors number crunching to the Tesla GPU. But I haven't been able to find anything as to whether Inventor or Navisworks cand do that under there "normal" modes. 

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3ds Max :: Does New Mcloth Supports Cloth To Collisions

May 16, 2012

Does the new mcloth supports cloth to cloth collisions?if so how?

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Paint.NET :: Plugin That Supports PSP Files?

Aug 20, 2012

I have files that are .psp but as far as I was searching so far I don't see a plug in for that type of file. Is there a plug in?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Only Supports 64bit Operating Systems?

Jun 22, 2012

looking at the tech spec, or is that for some functions only?

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Lightroom :: Latest Photoshop Supports Sony Nex 6 Camera And Its RAW File?

Mar 15, 2014

i have a sony nex 6 camera. i would like to know if the latest photoshop of lightroom supports this camera and its RAW file - ARW?
If not, what do you recommend i do? i want to avoid having to compress the images, if that would reduce quality.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Why Express Tools Not A Core Part Of It

May 18, 2012

can't use express tools commands because they forgot to click on install express tool, what is the reason that you have to click on it and Fusion is a part of autocad?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Any ActiveX Interface For Core Console?

Aug 27, 2012

I have a question about new feature "Core Console".

Is there any ActiveX Interface for "Core Console" like "AutoCAD"?

// this code can get AutoCAD COM Reference.
object obj = Interaction.CreateObject("AutoCAD.Application.19");

// Is there any code for "Core Console" like this?
// object obj = Interaction.CreateObject("AcCoreConsole.Application.19");

Reference: [URL] ........

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Thread Through API

Jul 29, 2012

You can organize a multi-threaded work with data through Inventor API? For example, there is a assembly and I need the first part of assembling a list of items to consider in a data set, the second part of the list - in the second data set, the third - the third and so on up to N, where N - depends on how many threads can run in the system . Whether these flows are processed and to receive data in parallel? Or go to the consistent implementation of this algorithm will first be processed by the first part, and only after it will start the second ...?


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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Supports Unicode And Open Type Features But Does Not Show It

Apr 3, 2011

Corel Supports Unicode & Open type Features but does not show ithi oberon,can you tell me why the screen shows combined ligature while corel document shows part of ligature made of.i wanna use text as displayed in encode check the first word Language Gujarati

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AutoCAD .NET :: FATAL ERROR With Core Console (Automate Plotting)

Nov 21, 2012

I'm trying to automate plotting DWG to make PDF.

My File :

My DWG has one model and one paperspace with view of the model.

Each view can have many viewport and has a cartridge.

My Goal :

I want a PDF File. One view per page.

My method :I have an intermediate step, which create many Postscript File(One per View)

The second step use GhostScript to concate PS Files in a PDF.

 The steps:

1st step : Read DWG File to create script file, in order to automate plotting with AccoreConsole.exe. My method give me the point for plotting in a window with both corner.

2d step : Use the Script File and Software like (TRUEVIEW or ACCORECONSOLE(Autocad 2013) to create PS Files.

Last step : Run GhostScript to make my PDF File as I wish.

 Problem :

Old method It works with DWGTrueView, but I would like a silent mode for executing.

Solution ==> use AccoreConsole.exe include in Autocad 2013

New method Using Accoreconsole with a ProcessStartInfo, I realized that accoreconsole.exe can raised error that DWGTrueView didn't raised.

It works with some files, but sometimes, it's crashed, and I don't understand why.For exemple, a file that succeed with DWGTrueView

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Directional Keyway

Dec 21, 2011

I am using 2012 currently. I am trying to make 2 key ways in opposite sides of a short aluminum round tube or bushing. the keyways will start at the top edge of the tube,  cut to the center of the tubes length, then go 90 degrees in either direction going with the curvature of the tube wall, then back towards the top edge, but not all the way back out.The keyway will be through all, on both sides.

It essentially is a twist lock for a shaft with two pins to be pushed in, turned 90 degrees and sprung back into a locked position.  What autodesk intended its Inventor 2010 and 2012 users to use to put this feature into the parts drawing or model.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Sheet Layout

Jan 10, 2012

Our configuration management tool requires a DWG for our system assembly drawings.  A single DWG with all the sheets layed out in a sheet space.  Right now I do a "Save As" out of inventor and it creates X number of seperate DWG files and then I stitch them together in AutoCAD by taking each sheet and placing them into a single sheet space (copy paste). My work flow would be much faster if I could get Inventor to create a single sheet space with all the active or selected sheets as a single DWG output.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi-Value List Not In Order

Jan 10, 2012

I am trying to create a form, so that my designers can pick their parameters when they first start a new part. 

For this form I have created a multi-valued parameter for them to select from.

My issue is, why does Inventor not list fractions in the correct order.

What I would like to see:


What Inventor lists:


Is there a way to get Inventor to list these parameters in order of value?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Width Polyline

Oct 22, 2012

I am having a problem with trying to come up with a way to create an inventor entity that is like an an autocad multi-width polyline. We make some of our lines in our silk screen as multi-width polylines - see example fig 1. I can't figure out how to accomplish this type of line effect in inventor - see example fig 2. We are actively trying to move from MDT2009 to Inventor and i can recreate most everything except this multi-width polyline.-

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Part Holes

Feb 20, 2013

I have a 3 part assembly . Holes have to be made though the 3 parts . The holes can be made and snet/projected/though all/though distance  and this work fine. The holes are shown in each part and the participant command works fine

The holes are shown in a drawing file....all GOOD


The holes are NOT shown when each part is opened!

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Multi-value Parameter With ILogic?

May 1, 2012

Is there a way to create a multi-value parameter with ilogic?

Inventor Pro 2013 (PDS Ultimate)
Vault Pro 2013
Windows 7 64
Xeon 2.4 Ghz 12GB

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi-select Parts In IPN File

Sep 23, 2011

I know I can select multiple parts in the browser and selecting them individually in the model window. Is there a reason or a way to select multiple parts by dragging a window like in acad or even .iam files?

Dell t1500 i7 8 gb ram
Windows 7 64 bit
ati firepro v4800

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi-Body Mirror Holes

Dec 7, 2012

Is there a way to get the mirrored hole to go all the way through both parts of the mirrored solid bodies.

I do realize that I can create the hole in a seperate feature, after the mirror.  It will only let you select one 'solid' during the mirror command.  Here is a simple .ipt to demonstrate the issue.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Error In Multi-body Parts

Apr 26, 2012

what this error means and what's causing it and how to fix it?

IV2010, editing a multi body part gives these errors:

1. No more memory available. Attempt to allocate 208 bytes of memory failed.


2. See attached.

This error is preventing me from saving or closing the program.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi-Body Colour Update All

Dec 10, 2012

Any way of forcing an update of the colour styles from the original Multi-Body part to the assembled/derived components.

I always control colours in the original Multi-body part as I can select groups in one go to change colours, this doesn’t filter down to the derived/assembly component I then have to go into each part and uncheck then recheck the 'Use color override from source component'.

I am aware of the reg file/vba to remove the source override completely but which works for certain ways of working / problems, but I want to control it from the original part which I assume was the way it was intended as it is the default option!

Win7 64 Pro - Asus P8P67 PRO - i5-2500k CPU O/C@4.5Ghz- OCZ Vertex 2 SSD - 8GB Ram - GTX550 Ti - SpaceExplorer.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Multi Body And Importing Parts

Jan 27, 2012

I am working on a multi body IPT and i would like to use some purchased valves and air cylinders in the design.Is it possible to put them into the IPT. I have downloaded the cad files and converted them to IPTs.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Set Multi-parameter / Iproperty Using Ilogic

Jun 26, 2012

How to set multi parameter, iproperty using ilogic (or smth else)?

I hav eparameters: d1=50, d2=100, d3=5. I need to set a new multi parameter/iproperty that the final value is:

Angle 50x100x5 (suppousedly code should contain smth like: "Angle", "d1", "x", "d2", "x", "d3") but I do not know exactly...

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Renaming Sheets In A Multi-sheet IDW

Oct 4, 2012

Is there any easy way to have sheet name automatically pull the "description" iProperty from the part that is on the sheet?  It can be very handy in a multi-sheet drawing for each sheet to have a descriptive name in the browser, but the only way to do this (that I know of) is to manually change it.

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