Photoshop :: Recover Erased Area From An Image

Jan 22, 2005

way to recover the deleted area of an image? Say for instance you have an image someone sent to you and part of the image has been erased to hide something so no one could see that part of it. Part of it has been erased and it's just white in that area. Can't you recover that area? I don't know if this is the place to make such a post but I figured it could be done in photoshop.


Photoshop :: Image Editing Is Erased When Printed

Oct 10, 2008

For some reason with my Photoshop CS3, the image adjustments; i.e. contrast, brightness, etc. , are completely missing when the image is printed. The image file after saving looks fine on screen in a photo viewer, but when printed, the image reverts back to pre-edited state.

Things like cropping,color and transforming carry over , but the image adjustments don't . This is really strange, you would think that once an edited image was saved, all the changes to it are now permanent no matter what form it's displayed.

How is printing the image reversing the image adjustment editing to the file? Is there some kind of setting that it's in thats making it do this?

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Photoshop :: How To Recover The Image Files?

Aug 6, 2009

I have Windows XP pro OS.  I have installed Microsoft MyPrivate Folder 1.0 Software to lock my pictures.  Unfortunately my system got infected with VIRUS, and not able to open myprivate folder files.  So I have formatted and reinstalled the operating system and recovered the backup of myprivate folder files.  But Now I am not able to open those files. I want to know how to open those files. I have very important documents scanned and saved in myprivate folder.  So please help me how to recover and open the files.  some softwares to open and decrypt my files?

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Photoshop :: Recover Non-saved Image

Jun 17, 2008

I recently was editing a image on adobe photoshop 7.0 and I was doing a great job I was almost done (took me around 4hours to do) The problem I had was there was a thunder storm, so some how the power went on and off in my house so I think I lost everything Is there any way to get the edited image that was creating back? Like is there a auto save program that if your computer shuts down Instantaneously is auto saves for you, like on Microsoft office 2007 programs?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Recover Corrupted RAW (DNG) Image - Pro X4

Aug 20, 2012

I was working with a RAW photo and attempting output to JPEG when it seems that the original RAW image was corrupted somehow. It seems that the original image data is still there as I can open the original RAW file in Windows Picture viewer etc. but if I try to open it in PSP X4 it shows up as a grey box with an X and I get a dialogue saying "The specified file cannot be identified as a supported file type". If I try to open in my camera's software; Pentax Camera Utility (Silkypix) again it shows up as a broken image. how to recover this file? It seems that somehow the metadata attached to that file is broken, if I could strip that away it would probably be fine.

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Photoshop :: Keyboard Shortcut To Zoom Image Area To Image Size?

Feb 22, 2006

Is there a keyboard shortcut to zoom the image area to the image size. Kind of like the shortcut ctrl + 0 but the reverse.

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Photoshop :: Stop An Image Aligning Itself To The Edges Of The Image Area

Jan 28, 2004

how do I stop an image aligning itself to the edges of the image area.

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Photoshop :: Erased PS6 And Now Can't Download New Version

Sep 20, 2013

i unistalled photoshop 6 from my computer when i renewed my subscription (i did this cause it wasn't opening) and now i can't download a new version.

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Photoshop :: Can Erased Files Be Retrieved?

Aug 21, 2008

I saved a .psd as a flattened image. Is it possible to retrieve the former version that has all of my layers?

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Photoshop :: Recostruct The Erased Part?

Mar 17, 2008

I use the Eraser Tool to erase part of a picture before posting it in a public forum (for example a License Plate or a face for privacy reasons), is there a way that someone coud later reverse the process digitally and recostruct the erased part? Or is it impossible? Also, many times I see that even if I resize a picture before posting it to a forum that the EXIF info is still there (camera the picture was taken with, time, etc). Is there a way to erase the EXIF info from a Picture?

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Photoshop :: Color Fill Layer Erased Too Much

Jun 30, 2006

to add some color to a black and white photo.

I don't need anything too complicated, so I just added a solid color fill layer and erased everything that wasn't that particular color. However, I erased a bit too much, and instead of adding another fill layer for this one little part, is it possible for me to draw into the layer to add the color back?

I tried taking a black brush and painting into the layer, but nothing happened.

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Photoshop :: Photomerge - Parts Of Individual Images Erased

Jun 22, 2012

We have recently installed Photoshop cs6 on two Mac Pros. On one of them, Photo merge is erasing parts of the individual images while stitching. The part of the original image that is covered by masking, is also erased when the mask is disabled. The merged image generally comes out fine, however, this problem can make it much more troublesome if one needs to adjust the combined image.
On the second Mac, Photo merge works the way that it seems to work in all examples I´ve found online - the individual images retain all their pixels under the mask.
The method we´re using is Layout: Auto, with "blend images together" as the only checked box.

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Photoshop :: How To Avoid Wand Selecting Both Sides Of Erased Border

Nov 3, 2013

I have eraser tool trimmed all round an item I wish to take out to another photo, so lets say I have a car, round its edge is now  an 8 pixel border of transparency, car within, road scene outside, I click the car and get parts of the picture both sides of the erased border ,  I just want all of the car, or alternatively I click outside the erased border and get bits of the road scene but also bits of the car.
I have tried contiguous on and off, select all layers on and off, different wand tolerances, various combinations,...have I overlooked one that I can wand the road scene and it will select all of it up to the gap around the car ?  I can then expand selection a couple of pixels and delete out the road scene.
So far I am left with carefully picking my way around the middle of the border with the straight line selection tool and erasing chunks away that way. Having taken ages to go round the edge of a complex shape , to have no option but to repeat the path with the stright line tool is a pain. I use a variety of brush sizes/settings and quickmask mode to initially select out the item. I should have used the lassoo tool then inverted selection, it doesnt allow for a variety of hardness in one selection and you cant sew what exactly you have got, unlike a pink edge.
Its simple stuff like this that I hope Pshop after many years would have a tool for, as well as all the luxuries/gimmicks.

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Photoshop :: Custom Workspace / File Image To Fit Area?

Aug 15, 2012

iMac 27' OS Lion CS4 - I have built a new custom workspace where I have about 10 palettes permanently on the desktop and unlike my older Mac G5 running Tiger, when I open an image file it occupies the whole screen (depending on original size) and is occupying space also under the palettes. I would like for the image to open or if not open then when I keystroke cmd+0 for 'fit screen' so it only occupies the area of the screen that is free.

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Photoshop :: Gradient ( White <-> Transparant ) Area On Image

Aug 24, 2004

image w 600 h 155

background = light-green ( layer1 )

with dark green dots with shadow (layer2)

the dots are faded away from right to left ( Layer3 - gradient lightgreen -> transparant used ) .

so far no problem, or does someone a better methode? Please write me ;-)

on the left, above the backgr, a image of a 'building' layer4 ( no problem )

the result should be an image divide in three hor. strokes ( height 45-70-40 )

light-green ( dots faded away ) -> light-green ( with dots )

light-green ( dots faded away ) -> almost white ( no dots ) ( does have some overlap

where some dots are visible )layer 7

light-green ( dots faded away ) -> light-green ( with dots )

the middle stroke should have the underlaying part of the 'building' image and

background a little unfocused ( like not 100% sharp when you make a photo ) and the

middle stroke should also be a little glossy.

I know it should be not difficult.... for you, but for me, I need a little help.

Should I copy from the 'building' (layer4) the middle part, make this unsharp ( layer5). Then make the .... glossy...with a light sized border?

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