Photoshop :: Radial Blur? [Radial Beams Or Rays Of Light]

Nov 13, 2007

I dont have it in my custom shapes and was wondering if i would be able to download it from some where.... anybody know where? need the radial blur like in this background.


Photoshop :: Radial Blur

Nov 22, 2005

how to perform a radial blur to "spin" the propeller. I'm familiar with the basics of radial blur, but I'm not able to create a realistic effect with this type of picture or one that's facing forward at an awkward angle. Am I better off deleting the actual propeller and creating my own, or is there some technique that I'm missing that would make a more realistic blur. I've created a clipping path and done a standard radial blur, but it just doesn't look right. I couldn't attach the image for some reason, so here's a linked image.

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Photoshop :: CS5 Doesn't Radial Blur

Oct 29, 2012

I have a new mac and downloaded CS5 and there is no Radial blur. i need that option.

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Photoshop :: Different Radial Blur Colors

Feb 4, 2006

How do you change the colors of the radial blur like in this picture ....

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur At Angle

Oct 30, 2008

here are my two pictures i have photoshopped, its actually of my car parked. But i added motion blur to the background and then a radial blur to the wheels, however, the radial blur is flat and see how my wheels are at an angle, is there any way of getting the radial blur to be at an angle so that it matches my wheels. I think the first wheel looks good in both shots but the back wheel does not. Thats because of the angle.....

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur On Wheels

Aug 23, 2006

Just recently so many car cover magazines have wonderful covers on them. I have searched for how they achived this look. But i have come up with very little. There are 2 old threads about how to get the wheels and background look like the car is moving, but in fact the car is stationary. The hardest part is how to radial blur the wheels but have the brake caliper frozen still. I have taken a picture from Easton Chang! He was the orginal one that posted about this. That was in 2003. You can find his work everywhere now.

I know one thing is that you have to make a selection of the wheels and transform them so they are flat. But still don't know how to get th caliper and rotor look like they are frozen. Just look at Easton's work.

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Photoshop :: 16-bit Radial Spin Blur In PS

Sep 24, 2008

I first saw this problem in CS2 (Windows XP, Intel P4). The radial spin blur filter introduces pixel noise at about the 8-bit level, which is horribly bad if you're expecting a smooth result out to 16 bits. It can be seen by taking a 16-bit image, applying a radial spin blur (10 degrees is fine), and then bumping the contrast way up (say using levels 125 to 130 in an area that's around 128). Zoom in to see the pixels. The image should be completely smooth but instead you'll see random dots all over. This problem was reproduced by somebody at Adobe during the CS3 beta with a promise that it would fixed for the release, but it wasn't fixed. My question: can somebody try this in CS4 and tell me if the problem has/hasn't been fixed? How about with a 32-bit image? I don't want to be suckered in to buying CS4 like I was for CS3.

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur On Smart Object

Jun 21, 2013

This is an issue I have encountered in CS6 & CC since I've been using a slightly different workflow on a few projects.
I create a smart object, say a coposite of a landscape with a road in it. I add a Radial Blur (zoom) to and move the origina point, file looks great and is adjustable as a smart filter.
Problem occures, if I use Radial Blur (zoom) on another image and change the settings and vanishing point. - When I return back to the image with the blur as a smart filter, the zoom origin point has reverted back to be centred.
On the subject of Radial Blur (zoom) a feature I would like is to be able to set the origin point of the zoom to be outside the canvas area.

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur Won't Spin Within Object?

May 16, 2013

when i try to radial blur this circle inside the object this is what i get.  what am i missing?  the blur center is set correctly.  im using photoshop cs6

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur Keeping A Preset

Sep 17, 2008

I need to use the radial blur on numerous layers with the same preset for zoom location. Once photoshop is closed, I have to relocate the zoom center. I've tried making a action to store the setting, a smart filter, and even using scriptlistener, but nothing will hole the zoom location. I doubt there is anything I can do, but Adobe should fix this bug or flaw.

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Photoshop :: Motion/Radial Blur At Different Angles?

Sep 15, 2005

Ok i know how to do motion blurring and radial blurring just fine, but i was curious how pictures like these two are done? Dont worry i had permission from the authors to post these

Wondering how the motion on the ground was done

Wondering how the different angles of mation blur are done all over the picture... Also how the radial blur was done on the wheels since it isnt a perfect circle.

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Photoshop :: Exact Placement Of Radial Blur

Aug 5, 2004

I would like to use coordinates to place the center of a radial blur. Is this possible? If not, then is there any other way to accurately place the center, other than guessing by dragging the thing around in the white box?

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Photoshop :: Radial Blur Only Blurs One Thing At A Time

Jan 31, 2006

I try to do the radial blur it only blurs one thing at a time.

manually right clicked and rasterized everything and then merged them and it seemed to work, but there's got to be an easier way to do this.

How can I keep everything on the same layer?

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Photoshop :: Big Radial Zoom Blur On Stormy Clouds In Background

Sep 3, 2011

I'm using CS5 to edit DSLR photos, I want to do a big radial zoom blur on the stormy clouds in the background without touching the building in front of it. I tried a mask and a cut'n'paste but the blur brings in unwanted stuff at the edges. What's the best way to do this cleanly?

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Photoshop :: Radial Gradient Size

Sep 5, 2012

I have images that are approximately 5200x2600 pixels.  There is slight drop-off on the ends primarily because the lens I use is slightly wide-angle.  When I use the radial gradient as an after-the-fact center filter, I can't make it big enough to allow lightening the ends. I have the scale set to 149%, which appears to be the maximum.  Even with the Opacity set very low there is a very slight ring of lightness, so to speak, about halfway between the center and the and of the frame.
Is there any way to expand the gradient?  Or solve my problem another way?

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Photoshop :: Add A Radial (circular) Gradient?

Jul 12, 2012

I have a few photos which I want to add a radial (circular) gradient to.  I want them to show the middle portion of the photo (full opacity) and then have them go to zero opacity on the edges in a circular manner (basically fade to white).  I have a background layer which is white.
I am sure this is fairly simple, but I can't figure it out....

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Photoshop :: Create Radial Transparency Gradient Using CC?

Aug 4, 2013

I am using the new Creative Cloud attempt from Adobe. In 6 months, the only consistent documented behavior from photoshop around transparency gradient adjustment layers is to deselect all layers and then select just one layer to use for the failed Photoshop transparency effect.
I have not found any tutorials that I can duplicate on my machine. Either the tools will not appear 99% of time, or when they do 1% of time they do not work as described, work erratically, or do not work at all. I have got the CC Photoshop to perform a linear gradient from layer to black background. That is all CC Photoshop can do consistently for me. For multi-step tutorials, the steps are consistent, but CC Photoshop popups and resutls literally change with each gradient attempt. Freaky application failures. 100% of time CC Photoshop fails, applying the gradient from an object in foreground to a black background.

Layer foreground to black background must be the default. Anything else fails and is highly erratic. It is as if this CC Photoshop is intended as a supplement to whatever they are using in the tutorials. For example, If I had the money for a full Photoshop CS6 box, everything would work fine? CC Photoshop is a total fail on this computer. Adobe telephone support results the same failure. I am always going to get a call back "with a resolution". but the callback never comes, or it comes with the excuse "we are working on this". All I want is a Foreground to Background transparency gradient for a selected layer... ever since the CC beta trial appeared a year ago. For example, how do I create a radial transparency gradient using CC Photoshop?

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Photoshop :: Organic Shapes - Radial Gradient

Aug 31, 2003

The template belongs to pank - I actually made it for TP - I only uploaded it on my site until pank decides if he wants to post it on TP or not.

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Photoshop :: Rays Of Light

Jul 1, 2008

how are these things done? Those pretty rays of super bright light behind an object. Been looking for tute but cant find something that can explain step by step.

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Photoshop :: Rays Of Light?

Sep 15, 2005

the rays of light?

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Photoshop :: Creating Rays Of Light

May 29, 2005

I'm trying to make an object glow and I want to have small rays of light coming off it. The effect I want is something much like a tirquoid glowing aura surrounding objects of complex shape, similar to the blue glow around characters from Star Wars when they die and come back in ghost form (like Obe-one). I can get the glow effect by selecting the brush tool, setting the size to about 9, setting opacity to 50%, and tracing over the object. What I'd like to do on top of that is create rays of light coming off the object. I don't want them coming off exactly straight or from a central point, but more scattered and random, and not very long either, such that the end effect looks more like fuzz rather than streaks of light. How can I do this?

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