Photoshop :: Line With Faded Ends

Oct 24, 2007

I've been trying to make lines like these to no luck:

I'm aware this can be achieved with the pen tool. Path stroked with a brush with some settings altered. Most likely Fade.

This is where I am so far:

I cant get BOTH ends to fade.
A long path wont get fully stroked since the fade happens too soon.


Photoshop :: Faded Line Effect And Background Elements

May 20, 2009

How can I make the faded line effect and the background color elements.

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Photoshop :: Soft Ends

Nov 13, 2007

Im using the pen tool and stroking it with the brush tool and clicking the stimulate pressure setting but I still get hard edges at the end of the strokes.

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Photoshop :: Lines With Rounded Ends

Aug 15, 2006

way to draw lines (with the line tool) with rounded ends? Something like the arrow head option except with semi-circles?

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Photoshop :: I Save As Tiff, But Ends Up As Micrsoft...

Jul 18, 2009

I save an image as a tiff in CS2, but when I view the image details in the folder it reads as amicrosoft office document imaging file..I have been saving as tiffs for years, but only recently has this started happening.

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Photoshop :: Faded Borders

Apr 4, 2005

Can somebody show me how this border effect is done? I've been trying to figure out cause I'm seeing this effect a lot lately.

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Photoshop :: Faded Colors

Dec 23, 2006

All of the colors when I use brushes always appearance very faded. It takes a couple of layers and 're-clicking' too get the dark color I'm looking for. I've tried re-installing and re-setting default's, but it hasn't seemed to work or I'm doing it wrong. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the default. This is for CS3 Beta BTW.

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Photoshop :: Faded Grids

Mar 8, 2004

im trying to make a fading grid i cant think of a way to do this is there any way to do this?
i want to lines to start fading out on the right hand side of the image.

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Photoshop :: Faded Heads

Jul 30, 2004

I want to do a montage of a load of portraits (which i've cropped from other pics) which are all faded and merged together in a circle and I then want to put a logo on top of it.

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Photoshop :: Faded Jpgs

Aug 23, 2006

I'm trying to import a jpg from PS into Flash. When I do, the jpg is washed out looking. The save preview in PS looks great, but when I open the jps in any other program, it looks washed out.
Any ideas?

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Photoshop :: Monochrome Curve Layer / Flipping Scale Ends

Feb 13, 2013

On PS CS6 Extended 64 & 32 bit I noticed the gray scale ends of the curve in monochrome images is, to my mind, flipped. I understand some of the historic reasons for this, but I though I had found a preference somewhere or flipped the ends in previous versions. It has been a while. My most current version previously was CS2.
I'm also looking for, and will post separately, something akin to the Photo bars add on from Extensis. I still can't believe how backward the Adobe development team appear to be in terms of interface usability design. There are many multi-click patterns I use repeatedly and something like Photobars, even an add-on would be acceptable.

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Photoshop :: Feathering, Faded Edges...

Sep 30, 2006

I want the edges of a picture to fade into the background. I know I can use the erase tool to obtain this effect. A friend of mine showed me a few years back a different and somewhat easier/quicker way. She showed me to use the rectangle/elliptical tool and select the area you want to show. Then select inverse. After that use the feather option to round the edges/amount of feathering. My question is what would be the next step? I know there is something else that needs to be done to actually fade the border, but I can't for the life of me remember.

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Photoshop :: Faded Edge For Photo

Jul 28, 2005

i'm trying without success to fade the edge of some photo's.I need to reduce the opacity of about 2cm all the way around a photo.

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Photoshop :: Faded Then Focused Pictures

May 5, 2006

there is a picture and it is kind of greyed out a bit then there are a couple of boxes around some important things that are in focus.

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Photoshop :: Faded Worn Out Edge Look

Apr 6, 2004

doing is applying a faded edge type effect to some images, the effect I'm after is used on the following website

not sure if this was done in photoshop or not but if it were to be, how would one do it?

To me it looks like layers, transparency etc by placing the worn edge on top of any image, just want to be able to create the worn edge in the first place.

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Photoshop :: Faded Image In Background

Jan 16, 2006

ok, I have a quick question, and I am a beginner, sooooo, I was wondering how to take a an image and make it like faded in the background and then put more images in the form of a collage on top of it?

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