Paint Shop Pro :: Resizing Pasted Layers

Mar 7, 2012

I want to create a collage. I set a feather value, make a selection out of a 2nd image and paste it into another file. Pastes in fine, but when I try and grab the corner of the pasted layer and resize it to be smaller, for some reason (I have done this approach on 20 other occasions), it doesn't resize as a rectangle as it should. It starts to resize as an octagon type shape. The following link shows an example of a freshly pasted layer that I tried to resize. There must be some setting that got changed because I have done this across four different versions of paint shop

Example below that shows the big layer getting "bent out of shape". URL....

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 Program Does Not Allow Resizing

Oct 7, 2012

Problems with the resize facility? The program does not allow resizing on some photographs but it does on others, even those taken on similar settings (same ISO) within minutes of each other. Pressing the resize option or the new button on some photos brings up the resize widow at top left of the screen with no data and only the word 'Static' where the original data should be shown and nothing in any of the other various boxes. Inputting data in any of the boxes does not work and the OK button does not work either. On other photos the usual resize window comes up in the middle of the screen with original photo data shown and all the usual options displayed for the required resize.

The same photographs which will not resize in X5 resize normally in my X3 version and I get the message "Requested parameter not found in the repository" when attempting to resize the photos on my laptop copy of X5.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Cropping And Resizing

Oct 12, 2011

I recently upgraded from X3 to X4 and just noticed a Cropping and Re-sizing issue with X4. When I crop or re-size an image and then save it as a JPG, the size of the image prior to saving and the size displayed after saving and reopening are different. When I open the PRINT LAYOUT screen for the JPG, it confirms that the image was NOT re sized or cropped. It almost appears like there is an issue with the way X4 saves a JPG. When I perform the exact same cropping or re-sizing but save the image as a TIF, the problem does not happen. I also duplicated the cropping and re-sizing under X3, saved the image as a JPG and the problem did NOT happen.

By the way, when I worked with tech support, they could not duplicate the problem on their system but when they remotely accessed my computer, they saw the problem. The only difference seems to be that I have a PC with a 3.33 gigahertz Intel Core i7 X 980 processor.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Resizing Images - Less Resolution

Aug 9, 2011

I have resized my images to an 8 x 10 format, but when I sent the files to my print lab, they told me they are less than an 8x10, with a resolution less than what I had indicated in prox3.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Resizing Images Via Batch Process?

Oct 2, 2011

I frequently use a script to resize .jpgs from 3600x3600 to 1000x1000 dpi to save space on my hard drive. After resizing 300+ .jpgs last night, I found that they all retained their original file size. An image that started out as 3600x3600 dpi with a file size such as 3.5mb that was resized to 1000x1000 dpi using the script in X4 still had a file size of 3.5mb when it should have been considerably smaller than 1mb. I relaunched the application and rebooted my computer but no change. To fix the problem I had to run the .jpgs thru the batch process again using the same script but in X3.

The script I was using was created in X3 so I tried creating an identical script in X4. Regardless of which script I used in the X4 batch process, the same thing happened.

This problem seems to be unique to the script and/or batch process. I can open a .jpg file in X4, resize it from 3600x3600 to 1000x1000 dpi, save the changes, and the file size changes accordingly.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Paste As New Layer / Resizing Image

Aug 1, 2013

When I Select All/Copy a photo to Paste as New Layer on top of another photo, it always pastes as a humongous image. I have to scroll & scroll & scroll down to find grab handles, then fiddle & fiddle resizing the image to the same size as the underlying photo. I take the photos with the same camera. Seems to me the photos ought to be the same size!

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Paint Shop Pro :: Zooming Window No Longer Resizing With X6?

Nov 22, 2013

I decided to go ahead with the upgrade at $29 and then immediately installed the SP1. Well now I have an issue that I didn't have before. When I use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out the window does not resize anymore along with the image itself (not using tabbed mode), there are settings in preference just for this type of action so the window should resize with the image while zooming if the settings are checked properly. I did a reset and reinstall without any results. Of course the reinstall includes the updated version now so I can't be sure if the SP1 is the cause or not.

The only thing different since my free trial period is I updated Windows 8 - 8.1 and installed the SP1. Any issue with or without W8.1 or after installing SP1?

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Photoshop :: Resizing A Section To Be Pasted

Dec 5, 2006

I have two similar images of a group of people. I need to cut and paste two of the heads onto to the other image because their expressions are better.
Unfortunately, I seem to have stepped forward a little when taking the photograph, so consequently the proportions are a bit out when I cut and paste.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Pasted Images On Layer?

Aug 18, 2011

I'm fairly new to Photoshop. I'm trying to resize a image which I've pasted into a layer, I know how to Transform and rescale the image but I'd like to enter the width of the image in Pixels somewhere.

I'm designing an advert for a billboard, I've created an A4 landscape canvas and I'd like to put 5 images at the bottom of the canvas but I'd like to set them all to the same size which fits across the whole width of the canvas.

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Paint.NET :: Moving And Resizing Layers In Image

Nov 19, 2013

I know this is basic I slect one layer for the image . When I use the rectangular selection tool on the layer and go to resize or move the selection with the move resize pixel tool instead of moving or resizing the selected area I get blank rectangle that moves or resizes. The selected area just stays the same.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Resizing PDF Document That Was Copied / Pasted - Only Works After 2nd Try

Mar 14, 2012

When I copy and paste a pdf document into Corel Draw, it seems as the default size of the pasted object reflects anywhere from 23" (left to right) & 17" (top to bottom) = 23"x17". After selecting the object, & entering an object size of 8" x 11", the document then resizes to 2"x3". So, then I always have to enter the 8"x11" again for it to finally accept that size - which it always does, but on the 2nd time trying.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 - Layers Out Of Alignment?

Oct 22, 2013

I've had an e-mail from a PSPX6 user friend He says he's been trying to build an image in layers but has discovered that they are out of alignment.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Layers As PNG

May 3, 2013

I have a .PSP file with several layers. I would like to save at once each layer as a different .PNG file. Is it possible?

I could set and save just visible layers one by one, but my point is to find some automation.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Save PSD Or EPS With Layers

Apr 22, 2013

I haven't really used PSP for doing custom graphics, mostly for working on photos; but before that I was using Adobe Photoshop and I liked (and still do) how it made saving easier than PSP does. Unfortunately Photoshop is horribly expensive so this is a better option.

I can't figure out for the life of me how to save .psd or .eps with the layers? It keeps telling me that due to how I am saving or the file format the alpha layers will be lost and so on.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Manipulate Layers

May 4, 2012

I have Paint Shop Pro X4 which I am using to try and manipulate images of postage stamps. I scan the stamp using a film/slide scanner and using the cmyk splitter can produce a good images of the watermark and postmark cancellation, which I save separately. On a lot of the older stamps the plate number, from which the stamp is printed, is engraved into the design of the stamp and quite often this number is obliterated by the black cancellation mark. Is there any way using layers, or any other X4 feature, I can lift the cancellation mark from the image to see what is underneath?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Using Adjustment Layers

May 21, 2013

I'm using 3-5 adjustment layers on some of my work. Even though I have larger files, without Adjustment layers, once I add an Adjustment Layer to ANY piece of work things slowdown big time. For example a 'normal' curves application is almost instant. But if I add a curves Adjustment Layer then what took 1-2 second takes 10-15 seconds using an Adjustment Layer.

So is there something that Adjustment Layers are doing that is a computer hog? Or am I overlooking something? Or are they just configured in such away that they are naturally slower? [URL]....

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Paint Shop Pro :: Add Tools To The Layers Palette

Oct 5, 2011

I am having trouble adding tools to my layer palette in X4. Previously I use X2 and can perform this action. However it seems to be lacking in X4 and I certainly miss that.

In X2 I could easily add duplicate layer in the layer tab and all I had to do was a single click the tool and I could perform this action, it was convenient keeping in the same area where I could also delete the layer.

I know in X4 I can add the duplicate layers in the top toolbar, however it is not as convenient and seems to be counterintuitive to have it away from the delete layer tool. I also miss the other layer palette customizations.

Is there any other way to add the duplicate layers on the layers palette? Is there a way to perhaps copy the workspace from x2 to x4(probably a silly question).

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Select Multiple Layers

Jun 12, 2010

How do I select multiple layers in Paint Shop Pro XI? I've tried with Shift and Ctrl to no avail.

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Paint Shop Pro :: PSD File -Viewing Layers?

Feb 16, 2013

I'm having an issue with layers not opening properly. I have a file that is a .psd, and when I open it initially, the layers are there. Then, if I save it, it pops up a box saying "because of the limitations of the specified file format (and possibly the save options you have selected), group data will be converted to raster data. Would you like to continue?

If I hit "yes", when I reopen the file, it only has 2 layers. What do I need to do in order to save it with all the layers in tact?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Splitting Layers On Opening

Jul 1, 2013

I have just upgraded to W7 and a new computer and now find that when I drag in directly from a folder or open from within X4 the images that are saved as PSD file (originally created in Photo Shop by a friend for me), opens all layers individually rather than one image with all the layers contained to edit. Before the update to W7 I had Vista and the image went in to X4 as expected, contained as one image with editable layers.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To View Layers Palette

Apr 7, 2012

When I was experimenting before, I was able to see the different layers listed on the RH side of the workspace. Now they are not appearing at all. I have searched but still cannot view the list of the layers I have created.

This in turn means I cannot work on them. And yes, I have got the View>Palettes>Layers box ticked. How to view these layers listed?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Erase Through Multiple Layers In X5?

Mar 11, 2013

I have a photo that I've duplicated into 4 layers. (1 background layer and 3 edit layers).

I'm trying the use the Erase Tool to erase the same section on the 3 edit layers at the same time. This action saves me repeating the same erase on all three layers as separate actions.

how I can erase 3 layers at the sametime?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Can't Use Eraser On Adjustment Layers

Dec 7, 2011

Comparing X3 and X4 ...

Is there no way to use the eraser (or delete selections) on adjustment layers? I do/did this routinely in X3. I have missed some sort of configuration setting in X4!?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Opening Images As Layers?

Jan 27, 2013

All I want to do is make a collage of three or four images but I can not open more than one image at a time. How do I get the images into the layers pallet so I can edit from there. I can not find anything in the user guide that will tell me how to do it. I watched and tried the video tutorial intro to layers in PSP x5 but that didn't work for me either. I am using PSP x4

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Paint Shop Pro :: Customizing Layers Palette In X4

Feb 17, 2012

Someone just emailed me that she is "suddenly" able to customize the Layers palette - she even included a screenshot! How to do this???? I can't, no matter what I try. I have PSP X4 - the last drop given to us during beta testing, with the sp1 patch applied.

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Paint Shop Pro :: New Layer Tool Bar Does Not Allow New Layers

Jun 10, 2012

I work at a fast pace, so I need the new layer button, in the toolbar to be available to me.

When I click new layer via the toolbar UNDOCKED to add a new vector layer, the options disappear.

However, If the layer menu is docked, I can click it.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 Closes Every Time When Trying To Merge Layers

Oct 9, 2012

Well I've got a problem when I work with layers, when I want to merge the layers, PSP closes everytime. If I register my work before merging the layers, it's ok.

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Paint Shop Pro :: No Flood Fill On Adjustment Layers?

Feb 21, 2012

In PSPx2 I used to select an area in an adjustment layer and then use the Flood Fill tool to create a mask. Did it quite often.

In PSPx4 the Flood Fill tool doesn't seem to work on adjustment layers. I can get the desired effect using the Airbrush, but it's a tedious and imprecise technique. Is this a known bug (I searched the forum but couldn't find it) or an intentional change?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How Does Link Layers Function Work

Nov 11, 2013

I've clicked link on two layers and set 'Link Set' to 1 on both. I want to make a selection, and move what is in it. But with the contents from two or more layers, not just one. The move tool seems to always move the background layer, although it's locked. What am I missing. I've been looking for this basic feature for a long time. How does the link layers function work?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Create Borders Without Merging Layers

Dec 11, 2013

PaintShop Pro x6 - recently switched from Adobe Photoshop

Every time I add a border [image|add borders] all my layers merge. How can I add a border and preserve my layers so I can save as a pspimage file.

In Photoshop I could add a border to the background and call it a day. Can I do something similiar with PaintShop?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - No Layers Displayed In Layer Palette At All

Sep 8, 2011

I just installed the X4 trial. I still have X3U installed but not open. I keep the layer palette open all the time.

I open an existing image and the current layers are displayed correctly. I open another image and it looks fine too. I then copy the 2nd image or a layer from the 2nd image and paste it as a new layer onto the first image. No matter which image is active, the layer palette continues to show the layers from the 2nd image until I close it. At that point there are no layers displayed in the layer palette at all; not even the background. If I do a paste as new image or even just create a new image, there is nothing in the layer palette then either. It doesn't change if I close and reopen the layer palette. The only way I have found to get the layers to display is to click on something outside of PSP X4 such as an open browser screen and then go back to PSP X4.

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