Paint Shop Pro :: Add Tools To The Layers Palette

Oct 5, 2011

I am having trouble adding tools to my layer palette in X4. Previously I use X2 and can perform this action. However it seems to be lacking in X4 and I certainly miss that.

In X2 I could easily add duplicate layer in the layer tab and all I had to do was a single click the tool and I could perform this action, it was convenient keeping in the same area where I could also delete the layer.

I know in X4 I can add the duplicate layers in the top toolbar, however it is not as convenient and seems to be counterintuitive to have it away from the delete layer tool. I also miss the other layer palette customizations.

Is there any other way to add the duplicate layers on the layers palette? Is there a way to perhaps copy the workspace from x2 to x4(probably a silly question).

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To View Layers Palette

Apr 7, 2012

When I was experimenting before, I was able to see the different layers listed on the RH side of the workspace. Now they are not appearing at all. I have searched but still cannot view the list of the layers I have created.

This in turn means I cannot work on them. And yes, I have got the View>Palettes>Layers box ticked. How to view these layers listed?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Customizing Layers Palette In X4

Feb 17, 2012

Someone just emailed me that she is "suddenly" able to customize the Layers palette - she even included a screenshot! How to do this???? I can't, no matter what I try. I have PSP X4 - the last drop given to us during beta testing, with the sp1 patch applied.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - No Layers Displayed In Layer Palette At All

Sep 8, 2011

I just installed the X4 trial. I still have X3U installed but not open. I keep the layer palette open all the time.

I open an existing image and the current layers are displayed correctly. I open another image and it looks fine too. I then copy the 2nd image or a layer from the 2nd image and paste it as a new layer onto the first image. No matter which image is active, the layer palette continues to show the layers from the 2nd image until I close it. At that point there are no layers displayed in the layer palette at all; not even the background. If I do a paste as new image or even just create a new image, there is nothing in the layer palette then either. It doesn't change if I close and reopen the layer palette. The only way I have found to get the layers to display is to click on something outside of PSP X4 such as an open browser screen and then go back to PSP X4.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Materials Palette

Jan 11, 2012

Whenever PSP X4 is restarted, the Materials Palette reverts to factory defaults. All the saved colours I have used are lost, and the background/foreground are both black.

Is there an option that can override this so it remembers the last settings? My workspace has been customized and properly saved in every aspect except the Materials Palette. It always reverts back to default settings.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X Materials Palette Gone?

Apr 21, 2012

Have lost my materials palette from the working window.I go view-palettes and Material is checked.Ditto when I go Palettes-Material.F6 does not do anything.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Exiting Out Of Tools

Nov 1, 2013

How do we exit out of the tools (such as the background eraser) when finished using it? It stays on the screen until the item is saved.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Adding Another Item In Palette Bar

Apr 23, 2013

At first install', the palette bar contains 2 items. If I want add one (History), it is impossible to be embed in this bar. If a palette is Anchor, it is automatically "un anchored" when I move it.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cannot Find Palette Organizer

Mar 19, 2012

I use PSP X2 ultimate. I cannot find the palette mode organizer. I am having to use the document organizer which I do not like as well. I have tried the "View" tab and I have the organizer on and I have also switched to "Palette Organizer" but the only one that works is the "Document Organizer" I tried the Palette tab in the upper right corner and have it detonated to organizer and that doesn't work either. is my palette organizer gone?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Recently Used Color Palette Pop-up X3

Aug 30, 2013

Attached is the popup that displays whenever I hover over a color with the dropper.This "SHOULD NEVER SEE!" is what appears.I have used X3 since it was released, and today is the first time this has happened, and it won't go away.

I've closed psp, re-booted the computer, then opened psp. No change.I reset the workspace to default, which sometimes fixes issues, but again, no luck.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Emptying Organizer Palette?

Dec 10, 2013

I recently installed PaintShop Pro X6 and started playing with it. Somehow I ended up with a bunch of pictures in my Organizer Palette. (I don't know how.) How do I empty it? I opened some pictures after these initial ones were in there and they DIDN'T show up in the Organizer Palette.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Materials Palette Changed

Aug 29, 2011

X3 Materials palette has 3 different color sets/tabs

I clicked to see them and went back to the default.

Now every time I open PSP it gives the second palette (that has coloured border) and I do not want that!

Tried multiple times to select the default one and close the application -no change- opens still with the wrong one next time.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Selection Tools Not Working?

Oct 23, 2011

The selection tools, i.e. shape, freehand and magic wand, have suddenly stopped working. I do freehand, double click and nothing happens. The freehand selection actually disappears. I click magic wand and nothing happens.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Tool Options Palette Becomes Detached?

Dec 23, 2011

The Tool Options Palette which normally resides in one of the bars along the top of the screen in the Edit Mode becomes detached. Basically undocked and positions itself somewhere else.I can drag and move it around but I cannot reattach it. It appears like a separate tool bar or palette in that it has its own status or title line across the top with the X to close at the right edge.

It responds normally as to all of the tools on it which correspond to the specific tool selected. The palette floats on top of the screen so finding a place to put it where it will not intrude on the image or other pallets or tool bars is a challenge. When the palette becomes detached like this, the line where it had resided above the work area no longer exists.

I don't recall conducting any particular task or operation which caused this to happen. I just noticed that it was no longer in its place and was now floating in a spot on the right side of the screen.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 Histogram Palette Docking Location?

Nov 1, 2013

I just wanted to say that it appeared sometime in X5. I didn't install X5 until SP3 was available. I don't know if it first showed up in one of the SPs since I only ever installed SP3. In X4, I work with the Histogram Palette docked below the image at all times so I can monitor what is happening as I work within the various adjustments. If I check/uncheck the "Preview on Image" box, I can toggle the differences on the histogram as I work. This is invaluable functionality. I depend on it for my work. [I wish the Histogram window would give me readouts of Histogram values when I place my mouse over the Histogram window, but that is an enhancement request for another day.] Now with X5, I can ONLY dock the Histogram window over on the right side. This is about the most braindead place for it, as the width is extremely limited, which limits the scale at which change information is displayed to the point of being useless. Seemingly more braindead, while docked, the only dimension in which the Histogram can be expanded without sacrificing image preview size is vertically. Corel has taken what was a very useful tool and rendered it mostly useless. Knowing this is also a problem in X6, I will not be purchasing that version unless it has been fixed, which I gather has not happened yet. I tried to Save an X4 Workspace and Load it into X5, but X5 cannot even open an X4 Workspace. I guess Workspaces are another USELESS "feature" since Corel seems not to preserve basic function across Revs.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Customize Layer Palette With Icons

Sep 15, 2011

I'm trying to customize the Layer Palette with icons that I mostly use but it does not work. It have been possible in all previous versions. Is it just me or is it a bug or something new that we have to live with?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Materials Palette Has Virtually Disappeared

Sep 19, 2012

My materials palette has virtually disappeared! It's all black . .. no colors, no gradients, no patterns ... just black.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Loss Of Colours In Materials Palette?

Nov 1, 2012

I have been happily using PSP X4 & previous versions back to 6. Suddenly my materials pallette is all black & white, & nothing I do will bring up the colour picker . When printing the thumbnail is also blacked out, although the print is OK. First noticed it using the Border tool -it only shows black even though it is printing a white border !

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Materials Palette Swatches Vs PAL File

Jul 3, 2012

I just started using PSP X4, but I have used previous versions of PSP in the past to do the following:

1. First, I use a different program (AutoCAD) that exports a .bmp. This bitmap has more than sixteen colors.
2. I open the .bmp in PSP. Then I load a 16 color palette (.pal file) by going to Image | Palette | Load Palette. This converts the .bmp to sixteen colors (just the colors that are included in the .pal file).
3. At this point, in previous versions of PSP, I am pretty sure that the Materials Palette would only display the colors from the .pal file that I had just loaded. Now with the new X4 version, it seems that the swatches shown in the Materials Palette have nothing to do with the .pal file I just loaded.

Is there a way I can force the Materials Palette to show the colors from my .pal file (and only the colors from my .pal file?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Accessing Image Windows With Other Tools

Oct 30, 2013

Using external tools to automate PaintShop Pro operations? Such as AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Macro Express Pro, etc? To do stuff that scripts can't?

Mine is an old version, PSP 8, but this issue probably applies to more recent ones.

None of these programs seem able to access PSP's image windows. They don't appear in the list of windows when using AutoIt v3 Window Info, for example, or AHK Window Info 1.7. If there's some way to work with these 'child' windows.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - How To Refresh Navigation Palette To Show New Folder

Aug 19, 2013

Here's the scenario:

1. PsPx5 is open

2. I insert my SD card into the computer

3. Import pix via Windows into a new folder in the My Pictures folder

4. Look in the Navigation palette, but the new folder is not listed.

5. Closing & reopening Navigation palette does not refresh it

6. I need to close down PsPx5 and reopen in order to see the new folder listed in Navigation

Is there a way for the new folder to show up in Navigation without having to close & reopen PsPx5?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Color Palette No Longer Works Only Half Of It?

Apr 5, 2013

I must have accidently hit something and changed things.

text- learning center says- choose color from foreground pallette. Choose color from background pallette.

type your text....etc.

My foregorund pallette is X'd out (i.e. a circle with a slash through it). I have this also when trying todraw a poly like a circle or rectangle.

Also background eraser does not erase fully anymore.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Unable To Access Layer Palette Options

Jul 25, 2013

I'm using PSP X4, have an image open in edit but I'm not able to add any layer(s). None of the layer type options will remain highlighted for me to choose when I go to new mask layer or new adjustment layer.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Material Palette Changing Colors Back

Jun 2, 2013

I recently started having this problem with the material palette changing colors back to what I had previously used. I am using windows 8 operating system 64 bit, and PSPX5. I will be working on something and if I change tools then my colors will change.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Suntan And Thinner Tools - No Options Listed

Nov 2, 2013

When I click on the makeup tools in version X6 – 64-bit it brings up 5 separate tools. I can find no options for the suntan or thinner tool although its states clearly in the user manual and other functions that there should be size and strength options. I have checked this forum and there are some posts that say there is no strength option for the suntan tool, however this is not what the user manual states. Is the user manual and the help function incorrect and if not, how do I bring up these options?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Where Are Detail Tools In Tools Palette

Jun 18, 2013

How or where I can get the Detail tools that was in the 2013 Tool Palette?

Batt insulation

pretty much everything you need to build a detail.  Where are these tools?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Loss Of Color In Materials Palette For Scanned Document

Dec 6, 2012

I scanned a document into PSP X5 and I am trying to use the materials palette to highlight (in red) certain spots on the document. The palette defaults to grey shades only. I reset the workspace to factory defaults and even tried the SHIFT-START - without luck. However, if I open any color images, the palette shows full color options. if this is a problem with how I scanned the document into PSP X5?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cropping Tools - Blank Icons On Floating Tool Bar

Jun 14, 2012

For some reason when I use the cropping tool the floating tool bar has blank icons on it. Sometimes there may be lines in them like they tried to load but most of the time they are just completely white.

They still work and everything but you have to run your mouse over them and wait for the box to pop-up thats says what it is to see which one you need.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Layer Palette Opacity Slider Arrow Keys Don't Work

Jun 9, 2012

I have been working in PSP since PSP 7 so I am pretty familiar with the program. In PSP X4 when I go to adjust the opacity of a raster layer using the opacity slider on the layer palette toolbar. I click on it and I can't use the arrow keys to adjust the value. My arrow keys have no effect on the opacity slider at all. how I can get it working? It has never worked for me in PSP X4.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 - Layers Out Of Alignment?

Oct 22, 2013

I've had an e-mail from a PSPX6 user friend He says he's been trying to build an image in layers but has discovered that they are out of alignment.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Layers As PNG

May 3, 2013

I have a .PSP file with several layers. I would like to save at once each layer as a different .PNG file. Is it possible?

I could set and save just visible layers one by one, but my point is to find some automation.

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