After Effects :: Projects Imported Into Project

Feb 10, 2014

so I frequently bring older versions of projects into my current AE project, particularly when revising spots, what I want to understand clearly is the behavior of AE projects once they are imported into a larger project.
If I make edits to the compositions of the nested project, are those changes saved back to the nested project's orginal file?  If I alter the original nested projects file, how much will it change instances of it nested in other projects?

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Photoshop :: Project Doesn't Retain Transparency When Imported Into Another Project

Mar 12, 2012

I'm having issues with importing an image I created in photoshop that has a background transparency into another photoshop project. The part of the image that should be invisible, is not.

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VideoStudio :: X2 Stuttered Movement In Imported Projects?

Oct 27, 2010

When importing a HD project (not rendered footage) into another HD project in VSX2, the movement of objects in the rendered AVCHD is 'stuttered' - why ?This is NOT a transition or title stutter as per one of my previous posts - which was resolved by downloading the trial version of VSX3.

In VSX2 I have cut down my AVCHD source film into smaller, more manageable chapters - each a separate VSX2 project.When assembling these chapters, I chose the "import project" (ex chapter 2 into chapter 1) as I used to do with UMSP7.0 Once BD-RE is cooked, the first chapter looks fine but the subsequent chapters have very noticeable problems with movement - especially vehicles moving accross the screen - it looks like the frame rate has gone right down to 10fps (iso 25 for PAL).

Oddly enough (I would have thought it should be the opposite), if I render each chapter to AVCHD and then import the rendered chapters, image movement is much smoother (virtually same as original).The project properties are all the same in each project (PAL AVCHD 1920X1080 25fps); I have tried activating the 2-pass render and have tried switching on and off the anti-flicker but no improvement.

The "import project" feature that I used in UMSP7 is great because it allows you to create the chapters independently but then put some uninterrupted music over the links between chapters in the final project to ensure continuity if desired.

Win Vista, Pentium Core Duo 2.26GHz, 4Gb DDR2 300Gb HDD + 2 x 250Gb USB-connected HDDs, BD-burner, Sony HDR-CX550

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VideoStudio :: Combining Projects Into Single Project Before Editing?

May 5, 2013

I have several discrete projects which I have created in VideoStudio over time and would now like to combine some into a single project before editing.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Missing Projects In Project Editor

Sep 6, 2013

I downloaded Inventor 2014. My O/S is Windows 7 Ultimate. In the projects folder there is supposed to be Projects called iLogic 2011 Samples, iLogic 2011 Tutorials, iLogic 2012 Samples, Railing iLogic Sample Advanced, and Railing iLogic Sample Base. None of these PROJECTS show up in my projects editor. Do I have to completely uninstall and reinstall Inventor 2014 to get these projects to hopefully load?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Moving Project Navigator Projects To Another PC

Dec 27, 2012

I am new to the project navigator, I have several projects I would like to move to another computer and I am not sure how to do this. I have searched but must not have used the right words in the search. What is the correct way to move or export these project and import them into the other PC?

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After Effects :: Are CC Projects Backwards Compatible With CS6

Aug 21, 2013

Are After Effects CC projects backwards compatible with AE CS6?

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After Effects :: Projects With MXF Files Crashing

Feb 4, 2014

The last one wasnt so drastic, because it was only 1 file. I rendered the .mxf file as a quicktime in media encoder, and the problem was gone. But now I have another project that must be reworked, and it is a long edit with just .mxf files.
the error is:
After effects error: Error (4) reading frame from file "D:PROJECT DATAunternehmen aus der regionfilmsOptikGeistRawCONTENTSVIDEO0055B.MXF".

The material is from a P2 card. Every time I move the time indicator in a sequence, it hangs for 30 seconds, and I get the error message again.

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After Effects :: How To Enhance Flash Projects

Sep 4, 2013

How can I use AE to enhance my Flash projects?

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After Effects :: Unable To Open Projects?

Dec 30, 2013

I'm running the latest version of CC.  Just before the holiday, we had a power failure at work, however, both my computer and the server are on battery backups that functioned as expected.  Upon returning to work today, I'm finding that all After Effects projects are failing to open, including server backups.  This is the error I get:
Our computers are mac, running Mavericks. 

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After Effects :: CC - Saving Projects Takes Much Longer Than In CS6

Jun 21, 2013

I've noticed that After Effects CC takes much longer to save my current project than previously (about 2-3 minutes). I'm used to saving quite often so this is slowing down my workflow.
The project was imported from AE CS6. I've tried starting a new project and importing the previous one manually (instead of a conversion). Same lag.
All unused footage has been taken out and the footage has been consolidated.
The AE CS6 project file and AE CC file are about 15mb so CC is not any bigger.
There are about 50 files in Arri Raw 3K, the rest is in DPX and ProRes 1080p.
I'm working from a Macbook Pro Retina 16GB Ram and all media and cache are on an external Lacie Big Disk thunderbolt Raid SSD.
My impression is that AE CC is indexing all the files before saving so it's going through all the RAW sequenced files. This could slow down the saving process quite a lot.

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After Effects :: Opening Existing CC Projects Goes To Queue

Mar 6, 2014

When I click on ANY existing project AE goes to welcome queue or, if I uncheck the "show welcome screen..." box, it just goes to a new project window. Either way I used to be able to click a project and AE would open THAT project. This is a double search issue that is distracting and downright aggravating. Is something messed up in my preferences?

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After Effects :: How To Combine Different Projects To Create Final Clip

Jan 22, 2014

I have downloaded  different templates from web and edited them according my wish and now i  want to create final movie by combining all the clips. Some clips/projects are with different resolution, i have rendered all projects separately and created individual .mov clips. Now i want to create final movie by combining all the clips. I am working with adobe after effects cs6.

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VideoStudio :: Imported WAV Plays In Clip Mode But Not In Project?

Dec 27, 2011

X4. I created a 48hz sample rate 24 bit WAV file on my portable Tascam recorder.. I am creating a sales presentation for my invention. I have brought in many different videos I created on my camera and have edited them successfully with single clip and multi clip. Also have been able to split audio out of video. adjust sections using the nodes with the sound mixer.. move audio after split to different areas on the timeline.. However I need to do some voice over work. I figured it would be much easier and better quality for me to use my tascam to create the wav's and then just drop them into the project, edit them and place them where I want them, mute the voice I have on the video..

I was able to bring the .wavs in just fine.. and while editing them in clip mode they play just fine, I can shorten them or cut them where I need too. But when I choose to play back the project with the .wav in one one of the additional sound/music tracks I get very nasty static only. None of my recorded voice is audible. click to clip mode on the wav audio and it plays perfect. I tried moving it to the voice over track area and same exact problem.

am I missing a switch function somewhere? I made sure I muted the video clips above the .wav in the timeline. The manual says to use import option to bring in audio files but I do not see an import button anywhere? missing something? seems to me the drag and drop or add to library a wave file should work.. ??

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After Effects :: V6 - Imported MPG Has No Audio

Feb 13, 2013

I just created a new project in After Effects 6 and imported an MPG clip with audio, but despite toggling on the audio switches etc the clip has no sound. The visual stuff is fine but I can't figure out why the audio won't work. By the way I have checked the audio on other devices and with other playback programs and it works fine.

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After Effects :: PSD Shape Layer Imported Incorrectly

Mar 14, 2013

I have a Shape Layer in Photoshop. When the .PSD is imported as a comp, AE CS6 is layering the masks incorrectly. It requires the user to manually re-order the masks to display correctly.
is there any way to interpret PS shape layers as pixels or Illustrator vectors instead of masks? [without rasterizing in PS, of course] When AE turns them into masks, AE obviously won't update the masks if I make changes to the shape in Photoshop.)

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After Effects :: Turning Imported Shape Into A Mask

Nov 13, 2013

This is probably an AE 101 question.
I have a shape that was made in Illustrator. See right. It's the thought-ballon-y-looking thing.
The everything outside of the black part is transparent. I want to use this shape as a mask so that another comp will appear inside the balloon shape, but not outside the shape.
Easy to do?

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After Effects :: Imported Song - Won't Fully Render?

May 26, 2013

I imported a song into After Effects CS6 to use audio waveforms. I click RAM preview but it won't render or play past 18 seconds. What am I doing wrong and how do I render the entire audio track so it will actually play all the way through with the effects on it.

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After Effects :: Add New Layers To Photoshop File Already Imported?

Oct 28, 2009

for a .psd with say 10 layers imported into After Effects I'd like to add an 11th layer.  How do I import this 11th layer into After Effects?  

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After Effects :: Getting Pixelation When Add Camera Layer To Imported MOV?

Jan 20, 2014

I've created a composition with animation in After Effects.  Because of the complexity of the composition and its many layers, adding a 3D camera layer to it spawned a whole lot of issues with the wipe effects I had on the pre-existing layers and movement of my layers.  So I rendered the composition without the camera layer, nested the .mov into a new comp and added a camera layer.  The animation works great but I'm getting a lot of pixelation.  Highest HD settings, full resolution, preserving quality of layers when nesting and not sure what's happening. 

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After Effects :: Transparent Background Of PNG File Bugged When Imported CS6

Nov 14, 2013

When I import my PNG File into AAE CS6 the background of the file becomes bugged. I have attatched a picture below

This ir the original PNG image.

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After Effects :: Transparency / Alpha Great Mystery (IMPORTED PNG Sequence)

Mar 28, 2013

The problem: I am importing a PNG sequence into After Effects (CS 5.5), however AE refuses to see the Alpha channel contained within the sequence. Now before anyone jumps the gun and says, "But wait, PNG does not really support alpha, it just supports transparency!" Right, something I just learned, and still -- quite honestly -- baffles the heck out of me.
But anyway, another PNG sequence exported from the exact same program, imports into After Effects just fine with an "alpha channel" and all. I double-checked, and there is NOT an option in the program to export the PNG without transparency info.
Importing sample images from each sequence reveals the EXACT SAME THING ... both have transparency, but NEITHER have an alpha-channel per se.
1) why in the heck AE would interpret one's transparency, and not the other?2) Is there a way to FORCE AE to see the transparency of the one?3) IF not, is there something out there that will convert the PNG's with transparency to another format (TIF, TGA, PSD) with an alpha? I just don't want to have to re-render the sequences again. 

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After Effects :: Imported AVI File Plays In Slow Motion And Staggers

Jun 17, 2013

My imported avi file plays in slow motion and staggers. just started AE but pretty ok with Photoshop. its AVCHD , 50 frames per second

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After Effects :: Slow Render Time With AECS5 And Imported 3D PSD Files

Sep 20, 2013

I am working with something new in AE this week and I am curious if I am doing something wrong.  I need to insert a 3D thumb tack PSD file I imported into AE with a film I am working on.  As a test I just wanted to see what quailty the pin would render out for the final because the preview in AE looked horrible.  So I have a static shot of the Thumb tack and it is going for 10 seconds.  I started the Render and it has been going for 9 minutes so far and still shows 1hr 28 minutes left.  I've rendered 8 minutes music videos in 45 minutes on this same PC.
I am using a PSD for 3D because I do not have 3D software.

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After Effects :: Will Not Render Projects From Render Queue Or AME

Jan 17, 2014

Yesterday Ae was working perfectly. Today, Ae will not render compositions in the render queue or in AME? If I try to render from Ae,I get this error message:
and I can fin nothing about this error anywhere on line.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 :: Effects Not Working On Imported Image Files

May 29, 2010

I have recently switched from a PC to  Mac and reloaded my CorelDraw 11 software onto my Mac. I have been importing tiffs into my document but am unable to use any of effects tools. What I can do to get this software working on my laptop. I am running OSX Leopard. 

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After Effects :: Imported A Clip From Imovies And Cannot Play Back The Sound In Preview

Aug 25, 2013

I have imported a clip from imovies and cannot play back the sound in preview. What have I done wrong?

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After Effects :: Project Won't Allow To Open It?

Nov 1, 2013

I was working on a rather large project in Adobe After effects (i spent 5 hours on it) The next day i went to reopen the file to make a few minor adjustments this error appeared : this project took a long time and i don't want to have to do it again!

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After Effects :: Cannot Open A CS6 Project

May 18, 2013

I have build a project in CS6 and it was working fine until late last night.
When I try to open it, it get to 81% and then stops. The software then crashes if I try to do anything.
I have deleted some of the source file the project it useing but this should not stop it from opening.

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After Effects :: Crashes When Opening Project

May 2, 2013

I was working on a project just fine until when I went to open it this morning. When I open it, AE crashes with either this message:
OR this message: 

and finally ends with a message like this:
There are no special plugins being utilized in the project I am working in, only several Illustrator files. I'm not sure how dynamic link has anything to do with this because i'm not using it with Premiere Pro. All I know is that the project worked fine when I closed it last night, and now this is happening. It's a paid job as well, so it's very important that I can open it again.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling CS6 and my video card drivers. Just to be clear, AE opens just fine, it's only opening this specific project that gives the crash.

Windows 7 Ultimate (updated)
Core i7 3770k
GeForce GTX 570 1.2 gb
16 gb ram
256gb SSD
1TB media drive

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After Effects :: Project File Won't Open In CC?

Oct 21, 2013

Everytime I try to open my Project File in After Effects CC, it tries to open it, but then freezes. Really frustrating and this project is for a job that I am doing. Put in a lot of work to start over again.

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