After Effects :: Flickering Text Effect And Split Screen

Feb 12, 2013

how you create a flickering text effect as seen in the video :30 in. Also I would like to know how to get a split screen like they do in 1:07. URL...

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After Effects :: Screen Starts Flickering While Rendering Then Freezes?

Nov 11, 2013

When rendering a Video, first AE is ultra-slow, then the Screen starts to flicker, then several AE Icons appear in the Taskbar and than it freezes... 
System: Windows 8 on Intel i7 3930 with 32GB Ram, 2TB SSD and AMD Radeon HD 7970m... latest drivers installed...

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Photoshop :: Flickering Screen In CC?

Oct 29, 2013

I am currently still in the trial version of CC Photoshop.  My window keeps flickering in and out while I am trying to edit. 

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Photoshop :: Flickering Screen

Jan 26, 2007

if anyone had any clue what might be causing this problem. I recently purchased a new notebook PC, and loaded my old copy of Photoshop 7 onto it. When I open a document and work on it, I get a periodic, very random white flicker on the document. Very frustrating, considering I plan on purchasing CS2 in the next week and don't want to be dealing with this same problem. I was thinking it might be just a glitch in the Photoshop install, yet when I loaded up Corel painter 9,

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Photoshop :: CS6 Screen Flickering Black

Dec 27, 2012

I'm trying to draw on CS6 and the screen keeps flickering Black, I've tried to switch off using the graphics card and switching to Basic mode, that hasn't worked.
OS: Win 8
Intel R HD Graphics 3000

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Lightroom :: Screen Flickering When Editing In LR3?

Jun 20, 2010

Occassionaly when editing in LR3 - final, the whole screen flickers off then on very quickly (Less than a second). I've only seen this effect when using lightroom 3, i.e. it doesn't happen at any other time.
System is a no-name PC, with AMD dual core 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, LR3 64 bit, 4GB ram, ATI Radeon X1200 graphics (On-Board).

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Screen Flickering When Using Brushes With New MacAir 2013?

Jun 26, 2013

[URL] screen flicker in Photoshop CS6 when using any of the larger brush type tools (cloning, eraser, brush, spot healing, burning, and dodging). The flicker is screen wide black boxes, sometimes the whole screen goes black.  It only seems to happen when we put the cursor over the image to edit.
Hardware:  MacBook Air 13", Haswell 1.7 GHz, 8GB, 512 SSD Software:
Photoshop CS6 v13.1.2 20130105.r.224, OS X v10.8.4 (and perhaps others)
Looks like a CS6 is not compatible with the new MacAir.

Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.1.2 (13.1.2 20130105.r.224 2013/01/05:23:00:00) x64 Operating System: Mac OS 10.8.4 System architecture: Intel CPU Family:6, Model:69, Stepping:1 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, HyperThreading       

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Lightroom :: Screen Flickering - Picture Will Disappear Then Reappear?

Nov 14, 2012

I'll be working on a photo in the develop mod and after making a change the picture will disappear then reappear - kind of like a flickering. It doesn't do it everytime but often enough. If I close the program and restart it this typically works.
Win 7 64x
i7 940 quad
16 meg of ram
nVidia 285 GTX
I should have plenty of horsepower to run this program. I still have Lightroom 3 on the computer and don't have this problem.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Flickering Screen And Added Menu Bars?

Sep 20, 2011

I looked through the discussion groups and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.  Our office recently upgraded their server.  Since this happened, my dual monitor blinks when highlighting objects or  zooming in and out.  Plus, it adds extra menu bars (gray horizontal bars).

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After Effects :: Creating An Animated Space Scene Light Flickering Off Asteroids

Apr 1, 2014

I use AE CS5
The Issue as the title suggests is light source flickering off the asteroids... the asteroids were created using VCP plug in "Element 3D"
I havent had much experience using element as this is the first time I have tried it.. The light source is just standard AE light set to spot. It doesnt seem to make any difference changing it to "point" light or anything else.
I tried a few renders with different settings.. quicktime with sorenson 3 codec and animation codec didnt seem to do anything but I dont know alot about codecs to be honest
I've also posted a 4 sec vid for you to see my issue.. the flickering only seems to exist directly on the edge of some of the asteroids.
UPDATE --- Now that I have uploaded it to youtube for this forum post alot of the flickering seems to have dissapeared.. theres still a little I hope you can see it.. The anomoly is still very strong tho before uploaded....strange !

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GIMP :: Split Screen Dock In 2.8

Sep 19, 2012

I just loaded Gimp 2.8 from 'ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp' with the idea of using the 'all-in-one' new arrangement. I am using Mint 13 Maya and the new gimp interface is not yet in the repository.

That said, having opened the 'new' gimp I see the docks arrangement is a bit different. Whereas there used to be two docks one on either side of the drawing area, now the right hand dock is split screen.

The problem is that just for say the colour wheel it uses loads of screen space. I know I can toggle between 'all-in-one' and multi-mode but they both have a split screen for the docks on the right.

I don't see any obvious way to move the colour wheel dock back to where it has been under the toolbox and brushes docks.

Maybe this is a fixed arrangement in 2.8, if so I will have to go back to my Mint 13 native version.

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AutoCad :: How To Allow Split Screen Of Two Different Drawings

Apr 9, 2011

I have autocad 2000i and can't open two drawings on the same screen. The book I am reading currently is autocad 2002: no experience required. In the book it as to open the drawing that I am currently working on and a new drawing after, then choose window>tile vertically. That doesn't seem to work for me. Also, when I click on window ther is only the active file on list instead of two or others that I have previously opened. I think I am stuck. Maybe there is something to change in the options for the allowance of more than one file to be on the list so then it would become possible to allow a split screen of two different drawings.

FIGUERED IT OUT! tool>options>system>single-drawing compatability unchecked.

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AutoCad :: Split Screen In Paper Space?

Oct 4, 2012

I am working in paper space having more than six viewports which are arranged vertically. When I am checking for alignment, I need to pan more. To avoid this, is it possible to split the screen for the same file while working in paper space?

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Paint.NET :: Glitch / Color Split Effect?

Nov 29, 2013

I've been using as is for years and never even knew downloadable plugins for it exist till now. I suddenly find myself drowning in things my beloved paint program can do. I like this effect and wonder if there is a plug in for it.
This website has an online tool that creates it [URL]
Im hoping i can get the look in I've got some totally sweet results glitching some of my landscape pictures of the desert but it wond render anything large enough to use as wallpaper.
what to use or how to create the effect?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Toolspace Split Screen Glitch?

Aug 27, 2013

When I open Civil 3D 2014, my prospector will be off, If I open it, my screen splits as if it were two vertical viewports. Prospector appears in only the top one, which does not respond.

Here's a screen cap

I've been opening old drawings that don't seem to have this problem, and then creating new drawings. Is it possible that this has something to do with a dual monitor setup?

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AutoCad :: Split Screen And Work On One Side Independently?

Apr 27, 2013

split screen.cad tutor..jpg

In AC LT 12 can you split the screen and work on one side independently of the other without it also showing up on the opposite side?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Split Screen / Viewer In Conform Module?

Apr 1, 2013

i'm trying to link my edl with the correct clips. So when i got a green check icon , indicating that smoke have found the matched clip. But before i link it i just want to make sure that it's the correct clip. So in the bin, the clip is highligted and i double click it to open it up in the viewer. The problem the viewer split control is disabled so i can't do split screen to match that clip with the guide/offline (in the edl sequence i've inserted the guide movie). all i can see i have to link it first then go back to timeline and now i can view in split screen.

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Photoshop Elements :: Split Screen - Can Merge Photo With Template

Mar 22, 2013

How to split my screen so i can merge a photo with a template. i am used to using photoshop elements 7 and now have #11.

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After Effects :: Use Crop Effect Brings Up Wrong Effect Controls

Jan 28, 2014

This happens in all versions I have been able to check in - CS5.5, CS6 & CC.
Repro: Import any footage to a new project - any resolution or frame rate. Create new composition from clip. Type in "Crop" in effects search Double click to load it. Result is an effect called "Wigglerama" & "transform" gets loaded instead of the required "Crop" effect
See attached image below - cannot believe I never saw this before

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VideoStudio :: Split Screen Or Side By Side Videos

Oct 10, 2013

I have been using various versions of VideoStudio for years to successfully edit videos for courtroom presentations, but this is the first time I have been asked to create a video using two videos playing simultaneously or a side by side image. The first video is a surveillance camera video of a traffic accident, and the second video is a video of a reconstruction of the accident recorded later on the same surveillance system. Even though we can play the videos separately in court, the prosecutor is asking whether or not there is a way to combine both videos into one final product, thereby showing the actual accident side by side with the recreation.

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Maya Modeling :: Polygon Split Tool Does Not Split All Polygons

Sep 2, 2013

I made all my polygons with the same technique but somehow interactive polygon split tool does not split all polygons... I attached a file with which I have problem. Split tool just "disappears" after submitting changes... 

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Illustrator Scripting :: Split Text Into Layers?

Jun 30, 2013

script that is able to do the same as this photoshop one [URL] ...., I would use that one in photoshop but its not working in CS6.
find a script that will seperate the text into layers ready for export to After Effects to be used in Kinetic Typography  pieces.

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Photoshop :: Old TV Screen Effect

Jan 13, 2009

I've been trying replicate the effects used with this very interesting website called photofunia. How it works is you choose an image out of their selection, then choose a picture with a face to upload. Within seconds it photoshops the face you chose perfectly in the image.

my image chopped into their stock image

Notice the tv lines accross the screen? Well they seem to not be visible on a portion of his face. Right in the center of the screen, the lines aren't visible like the rest of the screen.

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After Effects :: Transparent Smoke Text After Effects CS5.5

Feb 27, 2014

I've made a fabulous Smoke Text effect that  I then insert the .mov file into Final Cut Pro.  The smoke effect I downloaded from the tutorial has a black background and therefore when rendered out, it's a basic white text against a black background.  Once in FCP, I have to turn the file's opacity down in order for it to layer over a video file and not black out what I layer over it.
How can I make the file transparent?  A simple toggle of the transparency grid isn't going to do it.  I need to make or find a video of smoke that is transparent?

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VideoStudio :: Green Screen Effects

Jun 15, 2011

Looking for green screen effects, like explosions, fire and so forth. I found this site Detonation Films , but the clips crashes SV.

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After Effects :: Using Multi-mov Files In One Screen

Apr 30, 2013

I've imported three mov files and have created them on three separate layers in my AE comp screen. When I press to preview the files they play but only for about 3 seconds. I need them to play the full length of the mov files which is about 15 seconds.

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After Effects :: How To Find Where An Effect Was Used

Jul 29, 2013

I'm running AE CS6 (on MBPro OS X 10.7.5) and I just re-opened a file made with AE CS4 that uses some BCC plug-ins which I haven't re-installed in CS6. I got an alert that some effects were missing from the project.  I'd like to find out where the effects are used in the project so I can delete them and end the alert message's reign of terror.  Is there a shortcut way of doing that or must I hunt through every layer manually?

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Photoshop :: Screen Print Effect

Nov 20, 2007

how to create a cool looking screen print style finish?

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After Effects :: Comp Renders As Black Screen?

Dec 3, 2012

My AE comp renders as a full-length video of a black screen (with audio, when enabled). Comp plays fine in RAM preview, and I've tried all types of codecs and disabling RAM intensive effects, though I'm working on a quad-core i7 macbook pro with 8 gigs of RAM, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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After Effects :: Tracking Screen-grabbing In Realtime?

Mar 27, 2013

I heard about that its possible to track/grab/capture your brush/viewport while you are working in after effects.

Is this done in AE or did they use tools like fraps etc..?

You can do some cool Realtime Masking Effects with it.

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After Effects :: Screen Missing From Blending Mode In CS6

Mar 20, 2013

i just installed after effects  and i can't seem to find the SCREEN(superposition) option in the blending mode.

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