AutoCAD Architecture :: How To Create Curved Semi-circle Stairs

Jun 16, 2011

how to create curved semi-circle stairs like the attached image?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Repeat Semi Circle To Repeat Over Curved Surface For The Bottle

Feb 4, 2013

I am designing perfume bottles and for that i need to to repeat a semi circle to repeat over a curved surface fo the bottle. To simplify the problem i have created curved surface and made a semi cirle as a feature, now i want the feature to repeat on the curved surface. I have tried to rectangle pattern, aswell as the circular pattern in all possible ways i can think.

P.s. I have hp I7 processor, 8 gb ram, windows 7 and am using autodesk inventor pro 2013

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Create Concrete Construction Under The Stairs?

Jun 21, 2011

I wonder how do you create a concrete construction under the stairs?

The way ACA creates stairs looks like just a top layer (tiles or wood panels), but I want to put those tiles on a concrete construction.

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AutoCad 3D :: Draw Roof Vent Cap - 3D Semi-circle

Aug 31, 2011

I am am trying to draw a roof vent cap in 3d. So far, I drew an arc and revolved 360 deg but it leaves a hole in the middle of the solid. Then i extruded it and got the top profile correct but i need the bottom to follow the curve and not fill it completely in.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Add A Break Line For Stairs?

Mar 9, 2012

How do you add a break line for stairs? In windows it is under 'express tools' but I can't find it in the mac version.

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Photoshop :: Text Into A Semi-circle

May 4, 2003

I was just wondering how to make text into a semi-circle. Like if I'm trying to make a logo like the US presidencial seals and want text around the outside of a circle. I tried using the warp features but it wouldn't work.

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Illustrator :: How To Align Intersected Rectangles To A Semi Circle Path

Mar 27, 2013

how to create in Illustrator something like that pictureabove? 

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AutoCad :: How To Create 3D Stairs

Oct 18, 2011

I'm trying to create some 3d stairs using autocad 2009 and cannot make it.

Would it be possible to guide me through the steps to accomplish this.

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AutoCad 3D :: How To Draw A Circle On A Curved Surface

Apr 30, 2013

i wants to draw a circle on a cylinder's surface[3D curved surface]. And that circle should be co-planer with the cylindrical surface.

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AutoCad :: Rounding On Screen Display Of Circle / Curved Surface

Nov 5, 2011

I have used this attribute often in the past, but cannot recall how. The circles on my current drawing display a number of facets (flat surfaces) which can be overcome by redrawing of regenerating.

There is however an attribute which one adjust to resolve this.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Create Semi-sphere

Jun 5, 2013

Any step by step procedure, to create semi-sphere  in Inventor or how to draw semi-sphere ?I am unable get this semi-sphere, using all the "extrude", split" options.

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Revit :: How To Create Railings Along Stairs

Nov 8, 2012

I have a stair that along one side of the sloping part is a window. I have 2 railings along this stair, 1 is a chair rail, the other is a wainscot panel. Obviously the chair rail and wainscot cannot be built to cover the window.
How can the railings be "cut" around the window?
I know how to start/stop the chair rail, but the wainscot needs to continue under the window (keeping in mind that the window is horizontal and the wainscot is sloping with the stair.)

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Revit :: How To Create Flight Of Stairs By Component

Mar 4, 2013

I'm trying to create a flight of stairs by component (Revit 2013). When I view them in 3D I notice that one of the walls from Level 1 that should be "cut" where the stair run intersects the wall @ top of wall, does not cut and instead goes through the staircase up to level 2. How to get this wall to be "cut" following the rise of the stairs? I've remade the stairs dozens of times and it still does not automatically cut the wall. 

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Curved Curtain Wall

Feb 9, 2011

I have a curtain wall I need to make, but I need it to be curve on elevation. Its an arch. I can do it on sketchup but I need autocad precision to establish the modules. I have this division settings, horizontal 3.111 vertical 3.559m.

The profile arch has a 40.062m radius. 27.741 arc length. and a total angle of 39.673.  

My question is, how can I bend the curtain wall??? I can make a flat curtain wall to follow my referenced base curve, but I need tu curve it in elevation.  Here is a demo view from sketchup.What i'm trying to do is the coloured face.

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GIMP :: How To Create A Semi Transparent Text Box

Aug 19, 2013

On the image of the slider of my Homepage I want a semi transparent box to appear and then after a few seconds some text will appear on the semi transparent box. The text and the semi transparent text box are on different layers. I found a tutorial on a website and followed the instructions.I created a rectangle with the sizes I need and then:

Colour > Colours to Alpha > Left Click on the pop up box that appeared > Left Click on the Colour to Alpha Colour Picker > Click on the colour I want to make transparent > Export as .png

What I got is indeed a semi transparent foreground text box to place my text on but it is too dark (Pic.01). I would like it to be light semi transparent like in Pic.02 on the right(Avada 3: The Best Yet)

How do I change the transparency level / Opacity of the foreground text box? I changed the Opacity to 50% on my second try but I did not see any visible change.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Sliding Door Around A Curved Track?

Sep 1, 2011

how one would go about creating a garage door that slides around a cruved 90 degree track?  I.E. has 5 VERTICAL divisions and slides around a curved track to rest flat against an adjacent wall?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Horizontal Section Of Curved Walls Are Faceted?

Jul 25, 2011

We have an interior space built out for a commercial project incorporating curved walls in 3D.  We need to generate a 2D drawing to be turned over to the on-site architect.  Generating a 2D section yeilds a faceted wall.  AECFACETDEV has no effect on the curve quality. Is there a control for Horizontal section?  Walls do not show up using flatshot so that is not an option.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Creating Elevations / Sections From Curved Solids

Nov 27, 2013

I designed an upholstered furniture with curved surfaces. When I generate sections or elevation I'll see the invisible edges on curved surfaces! Is there a way to get the same result as the object viewer hidden line (or shaded with edges)?

2nd question. is there a way to control how many  steps the surfaces are tessellated? The outline is not very smooth!

Top View

Elevation (too many edges visible)

Result of the object viewer.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Elevation Projection Onto A Curved Wall In Revit

Mar 30, 2011

Is it possible to project an elevation drawn in CAD onto a curved wall in Revit?

The pattern of the cladding is very complicated and varies in both directions (curves) so it was easier to draw in in CAD, but I would like to project it on my curved wall in Revit, co that I could calculate the cladding areas accurately.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Curved Curtain Wall Infill Panels Not Behaving Correctly?

Aug 13, 2012

I created a curved curtain wall based on a reference curve. I set the divisions and mullions and everything seems to be working like its supposed to except for a the mullions and the infill panels. First, the mullions vertically and horizontally dont seem to line up nor have any way to miter with themselves. They should because they are extruding along the same center point. This should be simple but it doesnt seem to work. Second, and the most annoying, is that the curtain wall infill panels dont seem to know where they are supposed to cut themselves. They leave themselves stranded at the ends for some reason and none of the settings for the panel or the curtain wall itself seems to address this. I thought it might have to do with the center point of the profile I used for the frames and mullions but apparently they dont and I dont have control of it. Seems like it should work a little more cleanly. Unless it is some sort of bug in ACA 2013.

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AutoCad 3D :: Create A Curved Oval Solid?

Jun 28, 2012

I have attached an image of the chair i'm modelling, I need to create the back and seat but can't find a way of modelling the curve feature. I can create the oval shape and extrude to 3d, fillet the edges etc but can't curve it. I'm new to 3D Modelling

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AutoCad 3D :: How To Create Curved Window Frame

Dec 23, 2011

I am having trouble trying to make a curved window frame, I can't seem to think how I can offset or make a smaller version of the outline of the frame so that it can become a 3d solid.

The picture seen below was created using the arc and polyline tool, autocad won't let me join these lines either!

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Surface Coil Along Curved Path

Aug 16, 2012

I've read the posts pertaining to coil features along curved paths. The existing solutions are limited in that they must rely on a solid with the addition of a bend feature. How can I create a helical surface structure including multiple bends like the one shown?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Work Point On Midpoint Of Curved Edge

Apr 1, 2013

Is it possible to create a work point on the midpoint of the curved edge of any feature.

I was not able to access the midpoint of an edge.

Config :: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPU E31245 @ 3.30 GHz, 16.0 GB, 64bit win7
Inventor 2013 and Vault Basic 2013

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Make Cylinder Wall Or Closed Curved Wall?

Jun 3, 2013

I can make a curved wall, now I need to make a "cylinder" wall or a closed curved wall. If a curved wall can be closed I cannot figure it out.

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AutoCad :: How To Create NURBS Circle

May 9, 2013

how to create a NURBS circle in AutoCAD?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: True Purpose Of Create Curved Mesh Element In 2012 Simulation

May 30, 2012

Below is my test procedure for "Create Curve Mesh Element" by Inventor simulation 2012.

1. I made a box 100(W)X100(D)X20(H) with 2xR20 (mm) fillets at the opposite edges.

2. I copied a box I made for making 2 type mesh.

3. I made mesh on the box without "Create Curved Mesh Elements" option.

Node number: 2374
Element number: 1365

4. I made mesh another model with "Create Curved Mesh Elements" option.

Node number: 2374 (same number, not increase)
Element number: 1365

Mesh shape is different(please refere attachiment jpeg file).

I think that "Create Curved Mesh Element option" is not for making second tetrahedron elements.But I cnanot the true porpose of "Create Curved Mesh Elements" option.For only P method, not H method?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Non Circle Hold

Mar 13, 2013

How can I create a hole in a part using a sketch? I tried using the create hole command on a sketch and it still only wants to create a circular hole. How can I create a hole such as a rectangle in inventor?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Curved Label For Curved Feature Line?

Mar 8, 2013

How to create a flow arrow label for a feature line that parallels the curve?

I've a vague notion that this could be done with a dynamic block and a few fancy expressions.  I'm comfortable with expressions, but I've never used dynamic blocks at all, so I wouldn't know where to start.

To be clear, I know curved text is possible, but I'm looking for a curved line (ie an arc) that would look 'parallel' to the arc of the feature line (ie have the same centre point).  This would have to be dynamic to allow for different radii and for flipping to the left and right side of the feature line.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Extrude To Curved But Without Curved Resulting Surface?

Aug 6, 2012

I want to extrude a big number of pillars to a rather complicated surface and that works out fine. But each end of the pillars warps around the surface and I want them just to go up to it and stop with a resulting horizontal face.

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AutoCad :: Create A Blend Radius Between Line And Circle

Nov 28, 2013

I am trying to create a blend radius between a Line and a Circle, the Blend command does not accept the circle as a valid object.

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