Photoshop :: Vista Specific File Info Tags

Mar 12, 2009

Since CS4 came out I'm using Vista64 a lot more. One thing I noticed recently has me a bit curious if it's a unique bug in my install or whether it's "normal"..

When I right-click on install files, I don't see a 'Version' tab like I used to see with XP. For example, under XP, when I right-click the recent ACR update (Camera Raw.8bi) I see under the Version tab that it's "Written by: Thomas Knoll of Adobe Systems Inc, the version number, its 'internal name, language, etc.."

In Vista Right-Click-> Properties tab offers 'General', 'Digital Signatures', 'Security' and 'Details'. The 'Details' tab does not offer any of this info. It's a bit of bother to not be able to verify the version of a file before installing it.

Am I missing something or are there Vista specific file info tags that Adobe is not providing?

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Photoshop Elements :: Error Message Applying Tags / Info

Feb 27, 2014

When trying to drag and drop images from All Media to Local Albums receive error message "problem applying tags/info" This is recent but persistent. I have always moved images to albums by dragging and dropping.

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Photoshop Elements :: Assign Specific Place Tags?

Nov 11, 2013

In older versions of elements I could assign a specific place tag.  With elements 12 place tags appear to be referencing a MAP site.  I do not want to do this, I does not flow with how I used place tags in the past.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic - STL Translator Specific Parameters Info

Sep 11, 2013

I am looking for information on the option parameters, any documentation?

I found some code to query what parameters there are (Rule: GetTranslatorOptions), just not sure what the enumerations are for some.

Specifically: ExportUnits, Resolution

Using Rule:ExportSTL

I have changed the Export Units from 1 to 4 and do not see any change to the STL ASCII output.. not sure what this parameter does... Expected it to be an enumeration of the drop-down box that you see during "manual" exporting.  

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Convert Fields Into Text In Specific Attribute Tags

Jan 6, 2014

Convert Fields to text in my Title Block. I want to change some specific attributes only to convert into texts in my title block ( "MODE_A3" is my Title Block name).

For example in "MODE_A3" block having lots of tags like TAG1, TAG2, TAG3 upto TAG10 with fields. I need to change TAG3, TAG4, & TAG5 attribute fields into texts in all layouts.

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Photoshop :: File Info Function (from File Menu Or Key Shortcut) Shows Only Empty Box

Jun 23, 2013

file info in Photoshop shows only an empty box yet works in bridge.

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Photoshop :: Automatically Added File Info When Creating New Or Opening File?

Sep 13, 2012

I used to be able to just open any image and my copyright info would be inserted into the file data. I guess it was a droplet, "when the file is opened or created then add file info from a xmp file". I still have the xmp file with all the data in but i am unsure how to implement it being automatically opened and added to the file when i create a new one? I thought i could handle it, i assume its a droplet of some sort.

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Photoshop :: Error Message :: This File Contains File Info Data Which Cannot Be Read And Has Been Ignored

Feb 8, 2009

After I save a file for "Web & Devices," when I open it, it returns this message, "This file contains file info data which cannot be read and has been ignored." Will this cause any problem with the file once I place it in the website I'm building? I've never seen this message before on a photo I've edited. The changes I made involved color correction.

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Photoshop :: Error / The File Contains File Info Data Which Cannot Be Read And Has Been Ignored

May 31, 2012

We have been sending images out to contractors, and sometimes when they come back the files are having this error:
the file contains file info data which cannot be read and has been ignored
When I then try to Photoshop Script the file info it throws errors. 

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Photoshop :: CS3 - Vista | Slow File

Jan 16, 2008

i dont know the source for this problem, but i think after the last Vista Update Photoshop needs such a lot of time to work and also to open files.
I have reinstall the new update of Photoshop from nothing...

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Change A Specific Attribute From Specific Block To Specific Value

Dec 7, 2011

I've had a simple lisp I've been using for years that suddenly disappeared.  It required that you identify a block name, tag name, and the value that you want the tag to be.  All of this is performed via command line, so it is scriptable.  Since I lost it, I've been experimenting with -attedit.  This command comes frustratingly close to what I'm looking for, except it only appends an existing tag, or replaces a specific string within the tag; I can't get it to replace the entire tag, regardless of its value.

1> Any lisp routine that does what I describe?
2> How to make -attedit replace a tag value without regard to what the value currently is (like a * wildcard)?

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Photoshop :: PS CS2 On Vista Opening Or Saving File...

May 30, 2008

I try to open a file from inside Photoshop CS2 on my new Windows Vista laptop, if I try to change directories by clicking on the directory list on the left side of the open window, I get an error: "Adobe Version Cue - The operation could not be completed. There was a problem with the selected file or folder. It might have been moved, renamed, or deleted. - Error Code -6640" I does this while saving too, which means I have to save files, then go back into Explorer and move them manually.

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Photoshop :: File Info

Dec 16, 2008

Is there a way to save my copyright info and contact info with a picture but NOT include the Camera Data.

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Photoshop :: File Info

Jul 11, 2007

when I save an image for web, all of the info that I have under "File Info" is lost.

who to make it so that the info remains?

And, not just certain fields, but all of it?

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Photoshop :: Automation In Saving Image File With Specific Max File Size

Oct 18, 2013

Background info:
We got several image files every 2 weeks which should be edited and mainly reduced in size for web purpose. This work needs 1 work day for one man/woman to do, because he/she has to open the file save for web and then set the quality to a value were the file is nearly about 150-200 KB in size.
The images are different, some have few colors, some have a lot of colors and there are also different in resolution. But they should not be reduced in resolution, only in quality. All other specs of the image should be kept 
Is there any possible script, plug-in or similar which can do the same (Saving with a specific max. file size) in some automatic and faster way?

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Photoshop :: File Info Not Saved (GIF)

May 11, 2012

Modifying the "file info" for a gif file (in my case, "General" tab, "Document Title" and "Description") doesn't actually get saved with the file - or, at least, if it is saved, it's not visible when re-opening the file.
I believe that I understood that metadata for .png format isn't supported, but I thought that .gif was.  (Test case is easy: open .gif file, add a Title and Description, save, and re-open - information is gone).

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Photoshop :: Where Are File Info Panels For CC

Jun 20, 2013

I need to install a custom one that is working for CS5 and CS6, so that it can be seen and used in CC. But I don't know where to put it?  (on the Mac)
for CS5 it goes here:

Main 3.0: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Custom File Info Panels/3.0/panels/
User 3.0: /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Custom File Info Panels/3.0/panels
for CS6 it goes here:

Main 4.0: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Custom File Info Panels/4.0/panels/
User 4.0: /Users/[userName]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/XMP/Custom File Info Panels/4.0/panels

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Photoshop :: Erase File Info?

Mar 18, 2006

if there is a way to erase all of the file info in photoshop? Camera make & model, F stop, shutterspeed, etc.?

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Photoshop :: PS CS4 Scratch File Info

Jan 1, 2009

how scratch files work in CS4?

- Scratch files seem to be created even in 64 bit Photoshop with plenty of unused memory, so they are apparently not regular swap/page files. What sort of data Photoshop CS4 writes to them and why isn't this information kept in memory instead?

- Do scratch file writes/reads occur at the same time as operating system paging? Is there any practical reason not to put PS scratch disk and OS paging file on the same physical drive?

- Do scratch files benefit more from higher bandwidth or faster seek time?

- What is the typical ratio for Photoshop CS4 for reads and writes to scratch files?

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Photoshop :: Chaning Your File Info

Nov 30, 2004

ok so Does anyone know how to change your File Info in photoshop... well I want to change the name of my Camera in it....

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Photoshop :: How To Erase Raw Data In File Info

Mar 26, 2013

How to erase raw data in file info?

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Photoshop :: File Info Doesn't Work?

Jun 6, 2012

As a digital art teacher I need to check the files my students submit for authenticity. I noticed that since the last 2 CS Suite upgrades the "File info" functionality is no longer available (File>File Info). When I open a student file and I select this option, a blank window appears. I cannot click out of it so I have to do a "Force Quit" and restart the application. I work with Photoshop and Illustrator. I need to be able to see who created the file and when the file was created. How do I restore functionality? Is there a plug-in I need now? I work on a Mac in CS Suites 5.1

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Photoshop :: Detail Info In File / Open?

Sep 5, 2012

I understand we no longer get thumbnails in file/open (apple and microsoft). But what happened to the detail panel for tiffs? I see it for jpegs (like who works with jpegs anymore). But not for tiffs. I have photoshop CS6 and am on Windows XP.  I have the file/open function set for 'list.' I find setting it for anything else too cumbersome. And toggling bk and forth between file/open in photoshop and bridge is beyond cumbersome. How is this an improvement?

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Photoshop :: Font In File Info Dialog

Jan 22, 2009

How do I change the font used in the PS CS4 "File Info" dialog? The type on my Vista 64 machine is unreadable. All of the menus and everything else are okay; it's just this one dialog box. It's hard to keyword images.

The same dialog box on my Windows XP laptop looks fine, and I don't know why my desktop is using a different (inferior) font.

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Photoshop :: How Can I Match A File To, Info In A Database

Oct 21, 2006

I'm renaming my image files from the original DSCF_1234 to say 11_1234 the 11 would be for player no 11 if i was covering a football match, what i want to know is, how i match the file to info in a database, & add that info to the image description.

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Photoshop :: File Info For Multiple Pictures

May 12, 2006

Is there anyway to fill out a file info (description, author, author title, etc..) once and then apply and save it to multiple pictures?

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Photoshop :: File Info Just Gives Me A Blank Dialog...

Mar 1, 2009

I am just starting to use PS CS4. I am using a PC with Windows XP 64, 8 GB of RAM etc. The problem I am having is that when I try to add a caption to an image by going to File Info, I get a blank dialog box. It gives the filename at the top but just plain white blank inside the box. The same thing happens in File Info within Bridge. In the metadata panel in Bridge, I can see the metadata is there, including previous captions. But I cannot access them in File Info and I also cannot activate the caption within the metadata panel to edit the caption text.

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 / File Info And Characterset Used

Jan 20, 2013

Writing File Infoes i PSE 11, using a danish caracterset, looks OK at a first view, but reading the info in Irfan View is horrible.

Writing the same, using PSE 5, gives no problem. Can I change the characterset used i PSE 11 to that used i PSE 5?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Tell Organizer 11 That Imported Keyword-tags Are Person / Face-tags

Apr 2, 2013

I'm using Organizer 11. First time evething was ok, persons/faces were detected correctly, then after a few month Organizer doesn't detected new faces and said every time that all faces were detected already also when I imported new fotos from my camera...
(I use the german version, so I can not tell you the exact error message in english, hope you unserstand what I mean.)
As I found no solution, I created a new catalog and imported all photos including their tags newly to this empty catalog. But allready tagged persons are not persons anymore - their tags are now in the "imported keyword tags" (German: "Importierte Stichwort-Tags") and not in the "person/face tags".

How can I tell the organizer that the imported Tags are persons/faces to having no douplicates in the person-tags and normal keyword-tags?

Here some Background Information about my system:

PSE 11, Windows 8, 64 Bit 8GB, Intel i7.
3 catalogs with each 8000-10000 photos. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Keyword Tags Didn't Get Converted Into People Tags

Oct 21, 2012

I have just upgraded my Swedish PSE7 to an English PSE11. Of course the people keyword tags did not get converted into people tags because People is called Folk in Swedish. I was not aware of this mechanism prior to upgrading. How can I convert those keyword tags now?

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Photoshop :: File Info Not Saving - All Metadata Disappears

Oct 15, 2013

Upon entering File Info and saving the image in Photoshop, all metadata disappears. However, If I apply a metadata template in Bridge, the metadata stays. What may be causing the File Info to not save with the image in PS?
Usig Bridge would be okay, however, I want to create layered images and keep all the metadata. If I attempt to do so in PS, the metadata for all image layers disappear.

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