Photoshop :: Temp File Folder

Jun 23, 2009

I have a problem with the Temp File folder.  I know that photoshop cs4 uses a lot of scratch disk space and I have about 250 gbs of free space on the hard drive. I am working with very large files that exceed 4GBs at times and the free space on the hard drive is alway diminishing. Should i delete the temp files or is there a way to set how much data gets stored in the folder? Another question is, should i assign other drives for scratch disk space? i have 3 other hard drives but they are not as fast as the system hd.  and if you have tips on tuning the computer for better performance would be greatly appreciated. The set up is among the following lines:ASUS motherboardIntel quad core 2.33 ghzand 32gb of RAMNvidia 9800gt


Photoshop :: Folder Temp Files Not Available

Oct 8, 2008

when I start CS3 the startup stops and I get this message:

The folder specified for temporary files is not available.

The default folder will be used.

After I click OK, the startup resumes.

I have tried scratch disk (turning it on and off), but this does not seem to help.
Also, I cannot find this folder (where is it, ore where should it be?).

Windows XP pro SP3


Free disk space: 60GB on C, 380GB on scratch disk.

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Photoshop :: During Startup Both Bridge / CS6 Try To Make Temp Files On Root Folder Of OS Drive

Aug 18, 2012

There is a serious root problem with Adobe's implemented permissionless-temp-file creation methods (pun intended.) The problem is that during startup, both Bridge and Photoshop CS6 try to make temp files on the root folder of the OS drive. Its affecting many peoples' installations by crashing them on application launch if not run by the super-administrator account on the computer. Adobe says to just run as admin to fix it, which does fix the start up crash. However, for me, it creates a gigantic problem: it breaks OS-to-PS and OS-to-Bridge drag and drop functionality completely!!! I literally was slowed to a crawl in my workflow having to import photos 1 at a time through the file-> open menu because I couldn't drag and drop various files from various locations on my computer. Not everything is clumped in 1 area neatly for Bridge to open everything, and I never realized just how much I used this function until this run as admin band-aid broke it. Eventually I fixed the CS temp location after 10-12 hours of hair pulling research and trial and error, and I finally have Photoshop CS6 working without admin permissions and everything is dandy with drag and drop, but only in PS. Bridge still cannot be run without administrator privileges and cannot have files dropped in or out of it to or from Explorer, and I am getting really frustrated here.
So does anyone else find their drag and drop ability gone once running Bridge/PS CS6 in admin mode? Is there a way to move the default temp creation location of Bridge as well? I'm frustrated and I think Adobe seems to be taking this permissions issue way too lightly!

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Photoshop :: Temp File ..

Nov 5, 2003

My pshop temp file is very large with nothing open. I reset my prefs and it still remains the same. It was 65 megs now it is 130. Is there some other file or files I need to delete? I haven't add any filters actions etc. Pshop has the original files. I am running pshop 7 on W2K. My memory is set at 40% with no history cache and I have the pics turned off on the layers palette. Just trying to understand why it is growing even after a prefs reset. I did a print screen of a clients site and brought that into pshop to make a psd and since then the temp file has doubled. That is why I reset the prefs thinking somehow this file was still in the clipboard cache but the reset did not help the temp file size. The temp file is on a seperate hard drive for the primary and the secondary is on the E drive.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Cannot Open Saved File - TEMP Or Output Drive May Be Full

Dec 25, 2013

I have saved a file in corel. on the second day, when i want to open the file,is writting: "File Copy Error" TEMP Drive or Output Drive may be Full" Is there any posibility to recover the file. The recovery toolbox can not recover the file.

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Photoshop :: File Saving :: Name Of Folder?

Nov 6, 2008

When no file name is specified, Photoshop saves file to the root directory of the drive instead of the current folder. It auto names the image with the name of the folder that was active. Can this be fixed?

I was using "save for web"--not sure if it that matters.

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Photoshop :: Error 48 - File Or Folder Does Not Exist?

Nov 17, 2012

I get this error when trying to access HDR tone mapping. 

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Photoshop :: How To Review PSD File In Windows XP Folder?

Mar 3, 2008

Once I used Photoshop 7, my Windows XP can review the thumbnail of the .PSD files. I can see the images from the folder and don't need to open them from Photoshop. But after I installed Photoshop CS3, the PSD files can't review in XP folder anymore. The thumbnails are the logo of PSD and I can't see the images without opening the CS3. How can I make PSD file review as the thumbnails in the XP folder?

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Photoshop :: Delete Font Test Jsx File From Folder

Sep 8, 2013

Today as a precautionary measure I downloaded the Adobe font test to do a scan on my fonts to see if any is corrupt. The test showed that all my fonts passed. 3 questions though:
1. Does the script work with photoshop CC?
2. Could I just delete the font test jsx file from the folder when I am done with the test? Or should I keep it there?
3. During the initial process, I was unable to proceed and got an error message "failed to get path for font cache files". As such I unticked the clear font caches to proceed. Would this have affected the results?

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Photoshop :: Save File Paths To Specific Folder

Jul 23, 2005

80% of the time I want to save my workfiles to a specific folder (i am quite organized when it comes to Creative Suite files) and I wondered:

Is there anyway to tell PS to go to that specified folder when I want to save, and not try to save into the folder where I found the last source picture?

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Photoshop :: (Save As Jpeg) Shortcut - In Same Folder As Open File?

Nov 29, 2012

I use 'Save as .jpeg' ALL the time (Photoshop CS6, Mac ML), and it really feels like I should just be able to press one button (a shortcut) and the name/quality dialogs don't appear and it just saves a .jpeg into the folder that my original .PSD/file is in.
So basically:
- Press one button to save my open .PSD/file as a .jpeg
- Automatically save it in the same folder as my .PSD
- Save it as '10' quality in the jpeg settings
- No dialog boxes, as soon as I press the button, it saves it - if there's already a .jpeg of the same name, it creates a '-1','-2' etc.
I've tried using 'Actions', but it seems to save it wherever my original Action folder was - it doesn't change to whatever the current folder the .PSD is in...

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Photoshop :: Create A Basic Script To Gather Folder Paths And Then Remove Path Of That Folder

Mar 2, 2012

I am new to PS scripting and trying to create a basic script to gather folder paths and then remove the path of that folder. I have created a basic array and while trying to

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Photoshop :: Unable To Create File In This Folder / Check Access Rights?

Feb 11, 2013

I am converting 1100 files from RAW to JPEG in ACR and after about every 10 or 15 images I randomly get the script alert 'I am unable to create a file in this folder. Please check your access rights to this location'
Under the properties on that folder  'full permission' is checked for everything. All of the images that have been processed are saved into that folder as well.

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