Photoshop :: How Do I Prevent The Blurry Image When Saving A File?

Jan 20, 2005

What I have is an alias bitmap (Not anti-alias bitmap) in Phtoshop, when I save it as psd format (photoshop format), the bitmap is preserved. But when I save it as gif or png or whatever, the bitmap become blurs around the edges, making the images be anti-alias bitmap. I don't want that. I want the images to continue to stay alias when saving it into jpeg or png or whatever.


Photoshop :: Why Does TIFF Image Look Blurry When Placed In InDesign File

Jan 23, 2013

I've placed a logo in my InDesign file that I saved out of Photoshop. It appear blurry when in InDesign and I do have it set to high image quality display so that isn't the issue. It is also set as CMYK and I haven't resized it after saving from Photoshop.
I tried saving a jpg so it would be crisper but then I have a white box behind it when placed in the InDesign file.I need to send it to print but can't let it go until I'm sure it won't print like a blurry mess.

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Photoshop :: After Saving, Pics Are Blurry And Not...

Jul 3, 2008

used to use photostudio 5 but PS CS3 is supposed to be alot better so i got this and everytime i save it, (in mypictures folder) the preview and everything looks fine, but once i close the folder out and go back, it looks blurry and when i upload it to the web, its really blurry...

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Photoshop :: Why Are TIFF Files Saving Blurry

Jul 7, 2013

I use CS5.1 and just recently when I go to save my edited file as a TIFF, the file is now blurry. I even tried to save a RAW file as a TIFF (with no editing) and it is still coming up blurry

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Photoshop :: Image Blurry

Aug 10, 2009

I have a image that I have seperated the layers, however some of the text edges are jagged. I have expanded the pixels but it's still ugly. Can anyone give me a tip on how to clean this up.

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Paint.NET :: Not Saving Picture But As Image File?

Dec 19, 2011

when i go to save instead of a picture file its a paint image file..

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Photoshop :: Whats The Best Way To Clear Up A Blurry Image

Aug 6, 2006

I always have trouble taking a small image and making it larger because it always gets blurry and pixelated. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make the image (whether it be a logo etc) larger without making it pixelated?

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Photoshop :: CS4: Image Blurry At Arbitrary Zoom...

Nov 1, 2008

Running Vista-64, OpenGL features enabled (and working).
Nvidia 260gtx card with newest drivers (178.24)

Image is rendered sharp at the predefined zoom levels (like 25%/33%/50%/66%).
Then if I zoom to eg 55% the image gets blurry.

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Photoshop :: Opened Saved File And It's All Blurry?

Dec 31, 2007

i've just been using the brush tool to draw and paint around with, and today when I tried to open up a saved project from last night, It came up all blurry and very undetailed compared to when i saved it. I think it might be the saved file was 16 bit, and maybe it's opening it up in 8 bit which is making it blurry? Or maybe my computer can't handle the 16bit and my resolution on the saved file was too high?

Also, I was wondering some recommended starting specs (like when I open a new window)

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Photoshop :: How To Resize Image To Prevent Stretched

Feb 6, 2013

im using Photoshop Cs5.

in my requirement image should be 951x211 pixels. i have made that but when i put into my web page as a banner the image was stretched however all the other image banner has the same size(951x211) but not stretched as the one i can i re-size to prevent my image and text stretched.

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Photoshop :: Crop, Prevent Image From Moving

Apr 11, 2009

Sometimes when using crop tool, I'm strecthing the crop and then the image start moving up or down the screen? what is this? How do I keep the images frozen so it does not move around?

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Photoshop :: Prevent Form Opening All File Formats

Jul 9, 2007

I want to prevent Photoshop from opening all the different file formats.

I have vista with fax capabilites when I get a fax it opens in photoshop. THen I can only see the 1st page.

All other files that would open a lot quicker in Paint are opening in Photoshop which takes a lot more time to appear.

What do I do to stop Photoshop from opening almost all files

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Photoshop :: Higher Resolution Pics Placed Or Dragged Into 72 Dpi PSD File Are Blurry

Jun 18, 2012

I have a project in which I am designing a website in Photoshop at 72 dpi. Everytime I bring in a photo be it an AI file, or jpeg or even tif that is much, larger than the 72 dpi .psd file I am working in, the image becomes blurry as I scale it down. Why is this and what then should I be doing to get my images crisp for a final file that will be used to slice out web assets during the build.

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Photoshop :: Unable To Prevent Uncompressed Compatibility Image Being Saved In 32-bpc Docs

Aug 19, 2012

Ps CS6
OS X 10.6.8
There seems always to be an uncompressed compatibility image in 32-bit PSD and PSB, and in 32-bit layered TIFF. That's regardless of Maximum Compatibility being disabled when saving. If Maximum Compatibility is enabled, there correctly is an uncompressed composite in the file. 
If Maximum Compatibility is disabled, there's an overhead equivalent to an uncompressed image with the document's size. I reckon the all-white compatibility image is uncompressed! If any image should be compressed, that surely is it. What a ridiculous waste of storage space. An unnecessary consumption of hundreds of MB per document in many cases.
This uncompressed compatibility image would explain why an embedded 32-bit PSB which stores the IBL of a 3D Layer consumes the enormous storage of a large uncompressed 32-bit image despite it being compressible to a few hundred KB.

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Xara :: Prevent Resizing Of Image For End Users?

Aug 13, 2013

Any way to prevent an end user from changing the aspect ratio of an image - in this case, a company logo? I recently designed a new logo for our company, but the persons responsible for applying it to certain marketing materials have been stretching it and making it look different on pretty much every piece of media.

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AutoCAD LT :: Referenced Image - How To Prevent Deletion

Mar 4, 2012

I am drawing an as-built plan and utilizing a scanned image of the plan as a go by. The image is referenced into the drawing. Sometime I want to turn the image off by selecting it and clicking "show image" icon on the show image > options tab. After turning the image off, if I forget to unselect the image before continuing, I risk deleting the image and creating an unreferenced image.

I thought i could solve the problem by locking the layer the image in on, but then I can not turn the image on and off!

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