Photoshop :: HUGE Photoshop CS4 Temp Files! (55 Gigs!)

Dec 16, 2008

I just started to try to clean up my hard drive and using CCleaner I found that I had 70 GIGS OF FILES IN TEMP! most of this is made up of a 55 gig photoshop temp file and a bunch of 300-750 MB photoshop temp files. I am just wondering why these are in there, why they are so big, and if I can safely delete them.


Photoshop :: 4 Gigs Of Memory But CS3 Only Uses A Little Less Than 2 Gigs

Jan 7, 2008

New computer (XP)with 4 gigs of memory but CS3 only uses a little less than 2 gigs.

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Photoshop :: Temp Files

Feb 1, 2005

I have found out that my hard drive is filling up and on checking I find two files Photoshop temp 11527 and Photoshop temp 51230 that are gigabytes in size,

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Photoshop :: Temp Files

May 24, 2006

I'm trying to free up space in my hard drive and I've found three big files called "PhotoshopTemp" (followed by 5-6 digits). They're in my Temp folder (C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemp).

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Photoshop :: PS Temp Files

Mar 14, 2006

Does anyone know exactly what the files are used for? I do realize that they are in my cpu's Temp folder and could easily be discarded. However, I was moreso wondering how these files were used by Photoshop. I have accumalated more than 1.5 gigs of them.

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Photoshop :: Folder Temp Files Not Available

Oct 8, 2008

when I start CS3 the startup stops and I get this message:

The folder specified for temporary files is not available.

The default folder will be used.

After I click OK, the startup resumes.

I have tried scratch disk (turning it on and off), but this does not seem to help.
Also, I cannot find this folder (where is it, ore where should it be?).

Windows XP pro SP3


Free disk space: 60GB on C, 380GB on scratch disk.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk/temp Files

Mar 24, 2005

On my system I have small(330Mb) virtual RAM-disk R: . My system configured so that all temp-files, cookies, cache... all placed on this disk R: . Now - I try to work with Photoshop CS. I know, that 330Mb isn't enough for work files for Photoshop, so I try to tell it: "Use real hard-drive C: for you scratch file(s)". For that I went to "Preferences->Plug Ins & Scratch Disks" and set _ALL FOUR_ scratch disks to "C:". All the same - when I start my work Photoshop CS create it's temp file(name like "Photoshop Temp4122672") exactly on R:, not on C:! Of course after 10min. of work I have stable error: And so - how to force PS to use C: as storehouse for temp-files?

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Photoshop :: Working With Huge Files

Feb 7, 2008

I could really use some help. I have to work on a vergy large photo (a 2x2.5 metters print, in 300 dpi). Someone told me that I should work on a small version of the file, and then copy and paste the history from the small to the big file

The thing is: how do send the modifications from one file to another?

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Photoshop :: Optimize A Huge Number Of Files For The Web

May 7, 2004

I have hundreds of web galleries that I need optimized. I need each photo opened and resaved. However, I need the photos to be saved via "save for web" so that the files end up being about 20-30 k. If I use just "save as > jpg" the files end up being about 100-130k. IMPORTANT NOTES: I want the current files to be overwritten (partly because, if I designate a destination, they will be unorganized, and partly because each photo comes in 4 diferent versions: bwlrg, bwsml, clrlrg, clrsml.

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Photoshop :: During Startup Both Bridge / CS6 Try To Make Temp Files On Root Folder Of OS Drive

Aug 18, 2012

There is a serious root problem with Adobe's implemented permissionless-temp-file creation methods (pun intended.) The problem is that during startup, both Bridge and Photoshop CS6 try to make temp files on the root folder of the OS drive. Its affecting many peoples' installations by crashing them on application launch if not run by the super-administrator account on the computer. Adobe says to just run as admin to fix it, which does fix the start up crash. However, for me, it creates a gigantic problem: it breaks OS-to-PS and OS-to-Bridge drag and drop functionality completely!!! I literally was slowed to a crawl in my workflow having to import photos 1 at a time through the file-> open menu because I couldn't drag and drop various files from various locations on my computer. Not everything is clumped in 1 area neatly for Bridge to open everything, and I never realized just how much I used this function until this run as admin band-aid broke it. Eventually I fixed the CS temp location after 10-12 hours of hair pulling research and trial and error, and I finally have Photoshop CS6 working without admin permissions and everything is dandy with drag and drop, but only in PS. Bridge still cannot be run without administrator privileges and cannot have files dropped in or out of it to or from Explorer, and I am getting really frustrated here.
So does anyone else find their drag and drop ability gone once running Bridge/PS CS6 in admin mode? Is there a way to move the default temp creation location of Bridge as well? I'm frustrated and I think Adobe seems to be taking this permissions issue way too lightly!

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VideoStudio :: X5 Temp Files?

Jun 21, 2012

I am trying to cleanup my harddrive so I have more space. I found files and don't know what they do. They are under CorelPro - 15.0 - DMV-TEMP - Cvted Title. Here is a screenshot of where they are. I am still working on a couple of these project. What are they and is it ok to delete these now?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Turn Off Temp Files?

Jun 27, 2012

Inventor 2013 is creating .tmp files. Is there a way to shut this feature off?

Using Inventor 2013

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: How To Clear Temp Files

Apr 19, 2011

Lately opening CorelDraw takes longer then it use to. how to clear the temp files.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 :: Deleting Temp Files

Mar 13, 2013

I was extracting a portion of a picture when I started getting the messages that my temp files may be full.  I could not save, save as, or export what i had done.  I am using Corel Draw Suite 12.

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AutoCAD LT :: Automatic Save Is Not Creating Temp Files

May 7, 2013

AutoCAD LT 2012...I have set up automatic file saving to save files every 10 minutes but files are not saved. I have deleted most old files from the "temp" folder thinking it may be full but the save function is still not working. Sometimes drawings do get saved but only at random intervals and definitely not every 10 minutes.

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Photoshop :: CS2 2 GIGs Ram Still Not Enough To Load

Mar 3, 2008



"Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)" trying to save a LARGE .PSD file with 2 GIGs memory.


I have a HUGE 60megs PSD file that consists of over 200 layers, along with tons of Folders and Subfolders inside conveniently organizing a very large project for a Client.

The problem is i've reached my limit apparently.. Opening up the file immediately causes the photoshop.exe to use 1.7 GIGS of ram.

Now it seems that can't go any futher in this project since the memory required is nearly the MAX installed and can't get more as I have the MAX 1 GIG per each of the 2 available slots that comes with the motherboard.

There HAS to be a setting I have wrong.. Adobe recommends least 512MEGS of RAM for Photoshop.. Yet I have the MAX my motherboard can hold which is 2 GIGS..

So I am assuming there must be a set up reason? Why couldn't it just use Virtual RAM DISK?

Is there ANYTHING that can be done to stop the out of memory problems???

In fact I can load the file up, then just SAVE IT (Done nothing to the file) and it sends that Not enough RAM prompt.


Motherboard: Asus AI Series (P5S800-VM) with 2 memory slots at a max limit of 1GIG PER slot.
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 CPU (3.0GHZ)
RAM : 2 GIG's (1 GIG per slot installed)

[Main setup]

C: = 10 GIGs remaining
D: = 19 GIGs remaining

Computer Loads on C:

- Adobe is on C:
- Adobe Settings - Scratch Disk : First = "D:"
: Second = "None"
: Third = "None"
: Fourth = "None"

- Cache Settings (Levels = 6) (I've tried 1 - 6 but not sure what this does)
- Min Memory used my Photoshop : 40% (705MB) (Again, I've tried all the way to 90%)

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Producing Huge PDF Export Files

Jul 21, 2011

I had a road map drawing in Draw X3, mostly lines and text,  and used to export to pdf for smartfphone compatibility, getting typically an adequate quality 204 kB file using "export for editing" export setting.   After upgrading to Draw X5 the same file gives a 1508 kB pdf file which is too large.    If the export setting is turned back  to "web" I get a small 40 kB file but the quality is not so good.    How do I compromise between "web" and "edit" settings for exporting to pdf.

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VideoStudio :: Created Video Files Are Huge

Jan 8, 2013

Shooting with Canon 5DmkII DSLR, which provides 1920x1080 .MOV files at 29.97 fps. Data rate on the files is about 45Mbps, with a total bit rate marginally higher.I have been asked to output .MOV at 29.97, 1920x1080 progressive with PhotoJPEG compression at 90%, square pixels.

In Proj. Properties, I seem to need Microsoft AVI (MPEG doesn't allow 1920x1080 option). No compression, and have obviously kept 29.97 fps. Whether I want to perform non-square pixel rendering at this point, and haven't yet found any info on whether the camera shoots square or non-square pixels. Or I want frame-based or upper or lower fields first. I haven't found any explanation of what this means in the product documentation.

I've created an output template to give 1920x1080 at 29.97 fps, 24-bit colour. Again don't know whether to pick frame-based or upper or lower field first. Using PhotoJPEG compression (100% seems the only setting available, but that's OK).

In the final Create dialogue box Options, there is another chance to render non-square pixels (I'm assuming "no" here since I want square), as well as a checkbox for Smart Render, but again no explanation as to why I would need it.

So I've been practicing with 10sec clips to see what happens. With the above settings, the creation takes a couple of minutes and I have been able to generate a huge 1.6GB output file. Play is somewhat jerky since I don't think my computer can keep up. The input files are e.g. 233MB for 44sec, or about 5.3 MB/sec. Am I wrong to expect the output to be about the same size? Curiously, I have been able to generate 50MB files for two of the videos, and the rendering only took a couple of seconds. Unfortunately I have not been able to repeat this, but rather get these 1.6-1.7GB files as the routine. I have tried different input files with the same result.

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Photoshop :: CS4 64 Version Using 5.6 Gigs Memory W...

Jan 20, 2009

I just upgraded recently to a Dell computer running Vista 64 and with 8 gigs memory and thought that would be enough for Photoshop. I worked today for about 2 hours opening raw scenery files in Bridge and making heavy use of the adjustment brush in camera and heavy use of other camera raw tools. Each file that was brought into Photoshop was further modified there and then closed.

When I went to open another file, I was told it could not be done because of a lack of memory. Photoshop was using 5.6 gigs of RAM. Bridge was using another 0.5 gig.

Photoshop is set (left default setting established by Photoshop) to use scratch space on drive C which because I just started with this computer a few days ago has about 500 gigs of free contiguous space. But actually I don't to make much use of scratch space because such use would slow computer down.

Does the 64 bit version just keep taking more and more RAM without releasing any after a file is closed? I gave computer several minutes wait to see if Photoshop would release memory--nope.

Everything ran fine until that error, machine did not slow down at all.

Its annoying to have to close Photoshop because it doesn't release memory.

Are other people finding that the program fails to release memory?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Files Are Saving In Huge Sizes?

Oct 25, 2013

Several days ago I noticed my files sizes were enormous. I was unable to even open them to work on them. Something that was once 517KB becomes 161MB the next time I save it.

After I installed the Corel update this morning, things were back to working as usual. But tonight it's back to the huge files. I saved a simple greeting card file - no halftones, no gradients, etc. It saved at 19.7MB. A few minutes later after making some small changes - saving again it was now 118 MB.

I tried saving to a lower version of Corel and ver 15 it was the same scenario. When saving to 12, 13, & 14 the files were normal, small sizes. But after a few hours even those versions were saving at huge sizes.

I've had a friend check her computer using the same file - she has the exact same computer & on Corel X6. All of her files are nice and small like they are supposed to be.

I've run virus checks and nothing is coming up. I am on Windows 7 64 bit.

Other than recreating all of my files every time I use them - I have no way of saving usable .cdr files.

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