Photoshop :: Scratch Disk/temp Files

Mar 24, 2005

On my system I have small(330Mb) virtual RAM-disk R: . My system configured so that all temp-files, cookies, cache... all placed on this disk R: . Now - I try to work with Photoshop CS. I know, that 330Mb isn't enough for work files for Photoshop, so I try to tell it: "Use real hard-drive C: for you scratch file(s)". For that I went to "Preferences->Plug Ins & Scratch Disks" and set _ALL FOUR_ scratch disks to "C:". All the same - when I start my work Photoshop CS create it's temp file(name like "Photoshop Temp4122672") exactly on R:, not on C:! Of course after 10min. of work I have stable error: And so - how to force PS to use C: as storehouse for temp-files?


Photoshop :: Massive Scratch Disk Files In CS3/CS4,...

May 18, 2009

I've been working on a large file (1.02Gb, yes it is large (A1) with lots of necessary layers) that has initially been saved as the new large image .psb format.However the issue is that in CS3 and CS4, when trying to open the file up it creates absolutely massive scratch disc files that fill up my (80Gb) scratch disc. As a result the file will not open. However when I open it in CS2, the scratch disc files are nowhere near as big and the file opens up OK.Is this just a CS3/CS4 issue or am I missing something?

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk Can't Be Created / Disk Error

Mar 29, 2012

Windows 7, had everything working fine. Added SSD and installed system from scratch on SSD. Old drive is now my second drive.
Trying to put the scratch disk on the second (old) drive to reduce wear on the SSD. But every time I do, I get the disk error message and it erases all my settings (so annoying!)
I figure it's a permissions thing since I've had to deal with that already to some degree, but I don't know how to fix it since I don't know where adobe is trying to save the scratch file.

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Photoshop :: SSD And Scratch Disk

Oct 8, 2012

I have recently bought an SSD (sandisk 120GB) which i have installed windows on. i have another 500gb internal drive which is empty and am wondering whether i should install photoshop on the 500gb drive and put the scratch disk on the SSD or the other way round.

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Photoshop :: CS5.5 Using A Lot Of Scratch Disk

Aug 10, 2012

I have just built my new rig (Asus p9x79 pro, 32GB 1600Mhz DDR3, Intel 3820, old GTX285 1GB, Win7 pro.....many hard drives ) as I am working on a very big project producing 440x240cm200ppi digital drawings to be installed as lightbox artworks at the same size.
My old system just could not cope with the demands I was putting on it as It only had 12gb RAM. I have two scratch disks set up x1 30gb SSD (dedicated) and x1 240gb SSD ( has other stuff on it with 75gb free ). I am also using Photoshop CS5 Extended (updated) with RAM usage set to 80% (23976).
While I realise PS will still make use of the scratch disk despite the amount of RAM I was shocked to see the first drive (30gb) was almost full with 5gb space left when I loaded the PSB file with x9 layers. Looking at the meta data in Bridge it tells me the file size is 6.90GB with pixel dimensions of 34646x18898@200ppi. Windows reports that I am only using 20GB of my 32GB..
Shouldn't PS be using more RAM before going to the slower reads on a  SSD? Windows Task Manager tells me I have 8150 RAM cached, 12310 RAM Available and 4215 RAM Free.  If Photoshop is not using the 12GB would it be wise to make a 9GB RAM DISK for an addition boost...not even sure if that would work, but, I hate the feeling of having all that RAM and 1/3 not being used.

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Photoshop :: How To Set Up Scratch Disk

May 11, 2007

I added a second hard drive and would like to know how to best set it up for use as a scratch disk.

The default in the Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks dialogue box was:

First: Startup

Second: None

Third: None

Fourth: None

I'm wondering if I should change the first to the new drive or keep it as "startup" and add the new drive to second.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk

Sep 17, 2006

I have a Mac Pro, with more than one HD. When I try to assign the other drive as the Scratch disk, and relaunch PS, I get the dreaded "can't access disk". I then have to remove prefs. and my Scratch disk no longer appears.

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Photoshop :: SSD For Scratch Disk, Has Anyone Tried...

Feb 2, 2009

I'm thinking about the getting the Intel 80gb MLC ssd drive for primary use as a scratch disk...I may get a SLC if I can justify the price...

Has anyone tried SSD's as a scratch disk. Any 'real world' experiences out there?

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk For Cs3

May 23, 2009

can explain the process to make a scratch disk for Photoshop cs3.I have a graphics company and bought cs3 it is working well but i am going to add another disk in my computer for this and need info to set this disk up.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk,

Dec 10, 2008

my computer got a lil virus, I had to system restore. Virus gone, BUT, seems as though my Photoshop kind of reset itself. Becuase when I opened it, the template was different (I used to have only 2 windows on the right, it reset itself to open with 4 windows) and when I used to create a new file the background was the transparent checkered pattern, and now it's just a plan white background, so something obviously reset.

THat's cool, no problem there. So I go to create a new photo, and I use a VERY simple too, I use the Paint Bucket to fill a 500x500 image, Photoshop has a lilttle load bar come up so it can LOAD to fill my little space, and if i let it sit, it will eventually say "Scratch Disk is Full".

Now, I've gone online to see how to fix that. I've found multiple FAQ sites. And this is what I've done to still no avail:

1. I've gone into Preferences and set the Scratch Disk location to my C:// drive that it previously was.

2. Set it so that 100% of my RAM can be used for Photoshop

3. Defragmented my C:// Drive

4. Searched for any ~PSD temp files, my computer said it found none.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk ...

Apr 21, 2007

When I attempt to load photoshop,

A pop up box appears saying that the selected scratch disks are almost full,
and there are 4 drop down boxes: First, Second, Third, Fourth.

With the "First", with either Startup or C drive selected, photoshop won't load.

This pop up box has never appeared before.

So, when I press ok on this box, photoshop continues to load for a few seconds then it states that it cannot continue loading because there was an error that it couldn't recover from!

There are no PST temporary files located on my computer,

And it isn't the "working with large image" problem because I don't even GET to open photoshop in the first place!

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk/RAM/HDD

Nov 6, 2007

I am now working with 10megapixel images, just basic post processing i.e. saturation, curves, and sharpening.

My question is as follows.

I have a 1.6ghz dell laptop, with 1gb ram, and 80gb hd with about 32gb free.
Sometimes when batch processing (50 to 100 photos) at once, Ill get the scratch disk full error. I know its not a good idea to have the scratch and OS on the same drive, but not much I can do about it. I'm thinking about getting another gig of ram to bring me up to a total of 2gb, and a 500gb external hard drive. I can move the photos (about 20gigs worth) to the external, then i'd have about 50gigs free on my internal. I know an external is not the best for scratch, but again it will only be if I use the 50gb on my internal first. I will eventually have to get another HD anyway for these huge images.

So will a total of 2gb ram, 50gigs free on internal for primary scratch, and the remainder of my 500gb external for secondary scratch, give me a noticeable improvement?

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk

Feb 17, 2005

I am getting a "Scratch disk almost full" message when I start up PS.

I'm using v7.0 on XP.

The first disk offers me the option of C:/ or Startup.

When I select startup it complains its almost full but I can't find out where it is so I can empty it!

If I select C:/ it complains about sharing with windows and I don't know how to offer any further alternative.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk

Jul 5, 2009

How much hard drive space should be allocated to photoshop? We are working with files at times exceeding 6GB. We have 32GB of RAM and a few hard drives, internal and external. Second: the size of my Documents folder is no more than 250gb and the capacity of the system hard drive is 500. What else could possibly take up so much room? the programs take up about 50gb so im left with 200 missing GB?

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Photoshop :: Location For Scratch Disk?

Jan 11, 2013

which is the optimum location for photoshop scratch disk? startup disk or external disk. use imac i7,mountain lion.

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Photoshop :: CS4 / CS5 - Scratch Disk And Preferences

Oct 2, 2012

I am on OSX10.6.8 with CS4 and CS5 (some of my actions only run on CS4, so I quit and launch back and forth).
I had my CS 4 and 5 Scratch Prefs set to a specific scratch partition on another local disk where I had a small partition dedicated towards it. I was doing some disk maintenance on that other disk and forget to go into CS and reset the scratch to the start-up disk. Now I cannot open CS4 or CS5 because it is looking for a scratch disk that does not exist.
Is a complete re-install the only fix, or is there a command line or other way other way than a complete re-install?

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Photoshop :: Why Scratch Disk Are Set To RAM Drive

May 31, 2013

From what I've read, the scratch disk in Photoshop is there so that if you become low on RAM, it will move data from the RAM to the allocated scratch why bother making that scratch disk the RAM when it'll just be going from the the RAM?

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Photoshop :: How To Fix Scratch Disk Error

Feb 5, 2013

if i add a external drive to my macbook air will it stop the scratch disk message from coming up each time i try to use photoshop cs6?

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Photoshop :: Can't Get Into CS6 Message No Scratch Disk Available

Feb 16, 2013

I have not subscribed to the extended version and it ran out today now when I boot up cs6 the message is could not open a scratch file because the disk is not available.I can't get into adobe cs6 now

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk Full In PS CS2

Feb 18, 2009

I just put PS CS2 on my laptop today (dell latitude d610 with win xp), and as soon as I started running it I ran into a Scratch Disk Full error... not by cropping or anything big... but just using the pen tool on a 500x500 72ppi file.

I've been using CS4 for the past week or so with no problems, but didn't want to fork out the ridiculous price to keep it past the trial, so decided to go with CS2 as I've used it on another computer of mine and the price was good.

Is it possible I could be getting this error because of old PS files that weren't fully removed? I did the uninstall of CS4 before I downloaded CS2 so ??? I also did install CS2 before but wouldn't allow me to activate it because it was already on another comp.

I also heard it could be because of a lack of memory on the drive I use for the scratch disks, but I have almost 10 gigs free on the drive I'm using as my secondary (c:), not sure about the one I have as primary (startup). I'm using that as primary because it was there as a default, though I'm not sure what it is. And I did try them vice versa as well and still got the error.

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Photoshop :: Scratch Disk Error

Jul 28, 2006

Lately when I try to crop an image in Photoshop CS2 (9.0.1) I get the message that the function could not be completed because the scratch disk was full.

I only have a "C" drive and I have over 15 gig free. I have optimized the hard drive and that didn't do anything . Can someone help me with this problem?

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Photoshop :: What Is Scratch Disk Error?

Jan 4, 2004

What does it mean when I try to open a file in photoshop and get a scratch disk error. And how do I stop it from keep hapening again. I try to solve it by purging out stuff.

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