Photoshop :: Face Outlines

Jan 23, 2008

Could anyone tell me how to put face outlines like in the image. I have a photograph of mine and i want the face outlines like this one ....


Photoshop :: Generate Simple Outlines Of Object And Export Those Outlines As Paths To Illustrator

Oct 16, 2012

I'm playing with the 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 Extended for a friend. He provided an .obj file of a tool part and it opens just fine as a complex, shaded object.

Question: Is there a way to generate simple outlines of the object and export those outlines as paths to Illustrator?

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Photoshop :: How To Put Someones Face Onto Another Persons Face

Jan 31, 2005

how to put someones face onto another persons face.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Edit Solid With Opening A Hole Only One Face And Deleting Another Face

Oct 2, 2013

how to edit a solid with opening a hole only one face and deleting an another face..

I added a drawing file which has a coloured face solid,I put a circle on blue face and making a hole on this face,and I want to delete red face without exploding solid,after all this I want to mesh this solid with maximum 25 units.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Option To Merge Bottom Face Of Pad Eye And Pipe Curved Face

Oct 15, 2012

There is any option to merge bottom face of pad eye and pipe curved face... Something like

1. Extrude face to a surface  or
2. like notch option available in frame generator ?

N:B - pad eye is made by extrusion and pipe made by frame generator.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Merging Circular Face To Flat Face

Aug 22, 2012

All I need to do is merge a circular face to a flat face, so both faces become one continuous face. Is this possible at all?

I have a attached a screenshot to show what I mean. Face 1 needs to be merged with face 2. This is so if I constrain anything to that face it will constrain to the entire face and not either the circular face OR the flat face.

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Photoshop :: Getting Rid Of Fuzzy Outlines

Apr 24, 2005

I've got a JPEG file that I want to enlarge in PhotoShop except that when I enlarge it, the outline becomes all fuzzy. How do I preserve the crispness of the image?

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Photoshop :: Stencils & Outlines

Nov 25, 2003

Any ideas how to turn a photo into outlines, for example I have photo of myself that i want to turn into funky outline figure that I can use for design or turn it into a stencil , but would like to achieve nice edgesso the shape is recognised.

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Photoshop :: How To Add 2 Stroke Outlines?

Jan 23, 2003

How do you add two stroke outlines to text? Meaning, the first stroke should be colored white, and the next stroke outside of the white color should be red.

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Photoshop :: Create Outlines?

Mar 3, 2009

How to create outlines from a single photo? I mean quite intricate outlines, but very accurate ones.

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Photoshop :: Outlines / Borders / Frames?

Sep 1, 2004

I am trying to put a border, or color around a Font, or Picture. It has to be able to detect the edges of the picture or Font. I remember that I was able to change the color and width of the border very easily and quick.

I use Photo Shop and Corel Draw. Does any one know how to do this on Both Programs???

If anyone could get back to me asap, that would be awesome. Are there any other good forums out there, or is this the best one?

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Photoshop :: Sharp Text Outlines

Feb 1, 2005

I have a friend still using PS 5.5, OK, OK it's me. How would I create a SHARP outline around text or anything else. I've tried outerglow, stroke and expanding the selection. The problem is, wherever the font or shape has a sharp or 90 degree angle, the outline rounds off at that point.

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Photoshop :: How To Get My Brush Outlines Back?

Dec 1, 2005

i opened up ps7 today to do my daily thing but i do random stuff with photoshop and the outlines to my brushes no longer show up its just a cross hair in the middle of the screen.

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Photoshop :: Selecting Layer Outlines

Oct 10, 2007

In photoshop seven when you clicked on a layer and pressed i think it was control.. it automatically selects the layer outline. For example if you rasterised some text, and then clicked in this way it will select the outline making it easy for you to put a stroke on it, or to put a gradient or whatever u wished but applying only to the relevant area on that layer not the full canvas space.

This was a simple yet so useful thing and for some reason it does not work in cs3 (also could not find it in cs2). Im sure this function must be there with a different method?

I know you can use those magic lasso things but its much less efficient, takes longer and less accurate than this way...

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Photoshop :: Outlines On 3d Block Text

Jun 28, 2009

I am trying to recreate a 'retro' style postcard, with 3d block lettering.  I was able to create the 3d text, but I'm got stumped when it came to getting an outline to run along all of the 'lines' of the text and shadow (I'm trying to make it look like old hand drawn block letters). I'm attaching an example of the look I'm going for, as well as where I got to before I was stumped. As you can see, I was able to get the outline for each letter to go around the entire letter and shadow, but I want each of the 'lines' to go around the letter, the shadow, and the lines connecting the two (like it is in the example).

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Picture With Only Outlines Visible

Sep 30, 2013

I don't come out of that, how I can only the outlines visible.

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Photoshop :: Create Outlines Of Text With Invisible Font?

Mar 29, 2012

I can add an outline with layer styles, but I want the outlines with no content inside them.

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Photoshop :: Making Good Outlines Like In Stained Glass

Jan 9, 2003

how to make outline from photograph like in "make your own stained glass"? Because I'd really love to make some testings to a photo I have, but I have to take only the outlines.

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Photoshop :: PS7: How To Remove Color But Leave Outlines Intact?

Aug 9, 2004

I'm working on a project with simple black lines (curves and geometric shapes) and bold reds, but I'd like to be able to remove the color values so the image is a simple black-and-white outline (think coloring book style ~ I'd like a template to use with other colors down the road). But... having mediocre skills with the program, I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried using the paint bucket features, just filling in the colored areas with white, but I find that depletes the black outlines or makes them jagged -- or worse, they find breaks and the color leaks out. I've tried using the magic wand to select only the colored area, then filling it with white to avoid ruining the outline, but then there is a oh-so-faint (but bothersome to me) ring of red around the black outline. So, I'm thinking, this is such a versatile program that there's got to be a way to manipulate the image to remove the red without compromising the quality of the lines...

I've attached a little snippet of a bit of the image I'm working with so you can get an idea of the "mechanics" (for lack of a better term) of the picture. Also FYI: The outline thicknesses vary between 3 and 6 pixels with thicker "curls" at the end (I'd guess the thickest would be 12-15 pixels wide) and are all done with the pen tool.

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Photoshop :: Plug-ins Creating Outlines From The Graphics I Import

Mar 6, 2005

I need a plug in for photoshop 7 that will help in creating outlines from the graphics I import into photoshop.

The graphics are usually jpg.

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Photoshop :: Fonts Rendering With Faint Outlines And No Fill When Saving PDF?

Apr 1, 2013

I have an on going issue with quite a few of my files.  They look great in photoshop or when I save them as .jpg's or other images but when i save them as .pdf's (no matter the setting) the fonts render horribly showing only faint outlines and no fill.  This is a major issue as I am sure you can see.
here is a link to one of these pdf's [URL]...

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