Photoshop Elements :: Depth Field - Whole Image Unblurs Even When Choose Small Area To Focus

Jan 17, 2013

When I use the gradient tool in simple depth field in photoshop element 10  my whole image unblurs even when I chose a smal area to focus. It used to work well before but for one reason or another, it stopped. I uninstalled my program and that didn't fix the problem.

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Photoshop Elements :: Depth Of Field Action?

Aug 27, 2012

Is there a depth of field tool in Elements 7.0 like there is in the newer elements 10?

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Photoshop Elements :: Depth Of Field In Guided Mode

Dec 30, 2012

I get black blobs whenever I drag my cursor to mark the area specified to be in focus. Am I missing a setting to make that blackened area invisible?  When I click "done" the part of the photograph to be in focus is still covered with black.

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Photoshop Elements :: Depth Of Field Tool - No Gradient Effect

Dec 1, 2013

The depth of field tool is not working in my copy of Elements 12. Trying to use "Simple" mode after having sucess using this on a friends computor. I can add blur but the gradient tool has no effect??

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Photoshop :: On Close Inspection - Stacked Image Appears Small / Random / Out Of Focus Blobs?

Jun 22, 2013

Having followed various tutorials to the letter, I am finding that, on close inspection, my stacked image appears to have small, random, out of focus blobs. No matter how many shots I use in the stack, the final results are the same. However, if I repeat the procedure, with the same images, the result is the same, but with different areas of softness.

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Photoshop Elements :: Does Depth Of Field Effect Adversely Affect Cloning Tool

Dec 5, 2012

For whatever reason(s), after applying the 'Depth of Field' effect, the cloning tool no longer works properly. If I open another image, the tool works just fine but if I return to the image where the 'Depth of Field' was applied, the 'clone' no longer stays after the mouse button is released. That is, the effect seems to be temporarily applied under the brush and immediately disappears when the brush is moved or the mouse button is released?

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Photoshop :: How To Choose Area Of Image And Use It As Color For Brush Tool

Jun 13, 2012

How do I choose an area of my image and use it as the "color" for my Brush tool or another tool.

Example: I have some grass, and here I use the lasso tools to select a small area to subsequently be able to paint with it.

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Photoshop :: Background With Depth Of Field

Jun 16, 2013

I took that picture earlier today. the problem is that the background looks to fake. like there no depth of field between the people and the background. i have attached another picture showing that there depth of field between the person face and the bricked background.

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Photoshop :: How To Create Depth Of Field

Jul 27, 2011

how to create "Depth of field" in photographs but the effect is not really what I want.In all of the tutorials they create two layer and blur one of them, then apply a mask and gradient it to create the effect of dof. This is not what I wan't because it does't make the scene gradually more blurry, it only creates an extremely blurry layer and applies it gradually.

So what I'm looking for is a filter or plugin that gradually increases the strength of a blur using a mask.

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Photoshop :: Depth Of Field Sequence

Feb 22, 2009

I just contacted Photomatix concerning this issue. They have developed the HDR plugin, which takes a series of bracketed exposures and picks the best portions of each to produce a composite of the best exposures for each area of the scene.

Now I want to find an equivalent program which accepts a sequence of images taken at varying hyperfocal distances in order to produce an image with a larger than expected depth of focus. The alternative would be simply to select the best, in-focus portions of each exposure and combine them for the desired result.

Photomatix thought that Photoshop CS4 has a capability in this regard.

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Photoshop :: Make A Photo Seem To Have Shorter Depth Of Field? 

Aug 29, 2012

Have you ever wanted to make a photo seem to have shorter depth of field?  Prior to Photoshop CS6 this was no small feat to achieve digitally and end up with a pleasing and visually believable result.
Photographers know that setting the aperture wide can change the mood of a shot completely.  Sometimes getting the DOF just right can make the difference between an "also ran snapshot" and an award winning photograph.
With today's smaller digital sensors - and even with big sensors if too small an aperture is available - sometimes we get an image that's exposed right, that's composed well, that's caught the moment.  More of it is sharp than we'd like, and the background or foreground is simply distracting.
Enter the new Photoshop CS6 blur filters.With the Tilt-Shift variant, one can progressively blur pixels based on a definable gradient/mask, so that we get that familiar progressive front-to-back blur change.
Armed with this powerful new capability, and with the subject masking/separation facilities we've had for a couple of versions now, this becomes possible:
1.  Separate subject from surroundings with a good mask - e.g., quick select, refine edge, make a new layer with just the parts you want to remain sharp showing on it.  A good mask isn't difficult to make any more!  Hide this layer when done.
2. Remove the subject, at least around the edges, from the background layer underneath, e.g., by selecting using the above mask, expanding the selection, and doing Content Aware Fill and/or Cloning.  This is important because in the subsequent blur operation we don't want parts of the sharp subject blurring into the background.  That just looks weird.
3. Use Photoshop CS6's Tilt-Shift Blur to visually shorten the DOF in the background layer, with the center point and unblurred region set to coincide with the position of the subject in the shot.  Adjust the settings to taste, which isn't as much of a crap shoot any more since the blurs actually update in real time on screen.
4.  Make the layer above visible, maybe do some things with the lighting (which is fairly easy, now that subject is separated from the background), and voila, a whole new feel to the photo.

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Photoshop :: To Increase Depth Of Field In Macro Photos

Jan 5, 2005

I understand that there is a method to increase Depth of Field for a static subject at reasonable magnification, (say a dragonfly at X1), by taking a number of pictures, each focussed at different points along the length of the image, and then combining in photoshop and possibly (?) blending.

Or would it be better to place them in layers and progressively erase the out of focus areas.

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Photoshop :: Difference Between Depth-field / Gaussian Blur And Orton Effect?

Mar 29, 2012

what's the difference between depth-of-field, Gaussian blur and Orton Effect. Never having seen Orton wedding pics, I'm not sure.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Getting Depth Of Field

Apr 27, 2011

Getting a depth of field result in Smoke 2012. A tutorial on this would be really beneficial for a new comer like me.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: How To Use Depth Of Field

Jan 10, 2013

I'm looking at how depth of field works in Smoke Advanced 2012. Specifically, all in Smoke, ie generating a 3D caption and creating DoF in one BFX.

So this is the workflow I'm thinking...

I've made 3 captions in an Action node

I've created a Z-depth output

While looking at this I'm tweaking the camera clipping to get varying shades of grey.

1) In snapshot 6 I'm looking at standard output but the 'Far' caption is getting clipped even though it's inside the clipping range.

2)In Snapshot 8 you can see the connections in BFX, but there are severe artifacts on the defocus.

I couldn't find one of Grant's excellent blogs on this, only on scenes sourced from another system. Is there one?

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After Effects :: Depth Of Field With Particles?

May 6, 2013

I'm still learning after effects and having fun with it. I'm just curious about something. Is there a way to eliminate the depth of field with particles? Example: When I zoom out with the camera in CC particle world, the particle (energy wave I create) goes blurry. Is the depth of field a default option? Cause when I create a camera the depth of field is off.

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Photoshop :: Does Shortening The Depth Of Field Increase Or Reduce The Visual Impact Of A Rendering

Oct 27, 2012

Photoshop's 3D rendering offers us the ability to create imagery that's virtually perfect. It even allows us to specify the depth of field, from infinite, to reasonably short.
My question to you is this:  Does shortening the depth of field increase or reduce the visual impact of a rendering? I offer these examples for you to judge: 
I can't quite decide which I like better.  The one that's sharp edge-to-edge seems a bit more like eye candy, but the one with the short DOF seems maybe more realistic.  On the other hand, blurring things always feels a bit like hiding imperfection, when in this case it's hiding perfection.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: How To Choose Attribute / Field Data From A List

Mar 28, 2012

How to choose the attribute or field data from a list?
When using the “title block”, attributes and fields to better control the information that belongs to the drawing, then it worth to have a feature that allows selecting this information from a LIST.
For example, if we need to specify “location” of the project, then it is better to have sort of list from which we can select the location of the project the same we do it in the Excel (as shown in the screenshot below).
Is there such feature in the AutoCAD? To choose the information from a list?

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Paint.NET :: How To Make Depth Of Field Effect From Photo

Oct 26, 2011

I found a video tutorial on how to make a depth of field effect from a photo. However, the video quality was so bad I couldn't even see what they were doing and clicking on.

Any process or where I can look for step by step instructions to achieve this effect?

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Photoshop :: Create Tilt Shift Effects - Selecting Focus Area?

Apr 15, 2013

I am trying to create tilt shift effects. issue in selecting focus and blur areas. I do the following - Go to Quick Mask(Press 'Q') --> Select Gradient (Press 'G') --> Then I draw a vertical line to define the focus area. Usually a relatively darker red color used to appear as a band. But suddenly I see a very vague red color. And when I exit Quick Mask (Press 'Q') again the marching ants selects the entire picture and not the focus and blur areas.

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Photoshop Elements :: Sharpen Small Portion Of Image?

Nov 26, 2012

I am trying to sharpen a small portion of an image and folling the instructions given in the help files, I cannot locate the "Sharpen Tool" in the tool menu. How I can find this asset in Elements 10?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Surface Depth Area

Nov 15, 2013

For a surface: I would like to a boundary above a inlet point that is 3" deep.

I would like something like catchment area but the ability to specify a depth distance. Or specify a depth in the water shed analysis in the surface properties.

The only way I know to do what I want is user defined contours for each elevation. Is there a better way to do get a specific shed area for a depth?

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Photoshop Elements :: Enlarging Small File Image Extensions?

Mar 3, 2014

Using Elements vs 6 trying to resize some 2x4 photos sent in 72 resolution.  I've tried using resize image, bilear, in small steps with no success. 

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Lightroom :: Spot Removal - Way To Create And Choose Sample Area In 1 Step?

Jun 24, 2013

I LOVE the fact that we now have ability to create a non-circular shape with the Spot Removal tool (Q).  But one of my favorite things about it previously (LR4 & previous) was you could click-drag to create a spot & drag to the sample area you wanted in ONE step.  Now, obviously, if you click-drag you get a non-circular shape.  So if you want just a circular spot you have to click... wait for it to select a sample area on it's own... and then either (a) drag that sample area where you want it, or (b) hit "/" to change sample area guesses until it grabs one you like.
SO... I wonder if there's any way, like a keyboard shortcut or key hold-down, that allows you to click-drag a circle spot to get the sample you want in one step, like we could previously....?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Increase Image Area

Oct 24, 2013

Photoshop element 11.Is it possible to increase temporary  image window by?maybe to remove Photo bin or Tool option bar? If yes what is the procedure for back and for?

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Photoshop :: Content Aware Fill - How To Sample From Small Area

Jun 30, 2012

Is there a way how to sample from small area and then apply content aware fill to the much more bigger area? For example - there is an object on a table. The object fills 90% of the image and the table 10% image. Now, I just want to delete the object. But that doesnt work with content aware fill, because the area around it is much smaller.

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AutoCad :: How To Select Area Field

Aug 31, 2009

How do you select what the area field is taking the area of?

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Photoshop Elements :: After Turning Image Black And White - How To Color In Certain Area

Aug 16, 2013

After turning an image black and white, how can I color in a certain area?

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Photoshop Elements :: Clone Tool / Create Duplicate Of Whole Image Instead Of Just Brush Area

Apr 18, 2013

In PSE11 the clone tool with the aligned option creates a duplicate of the whole image instead of just the brush area.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Can Edit A Single Small Area

Aug 29, 2012

What I want to do is select a small area of a photo and alter the brightness, contrast and saturation in it.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Surface Slopes In Small Area

Aug 2, 2013

I have a large ex surface that I have divided into basins and such. I know need to evaluate the slopes in these areas. To do the whole surface at once seems to not be possible. Is there a way in c3d to view analysis information for a section of surface for instance in a polyline or fence?

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