Photoshop :: Can I Combine Two Separate Paths Into One

Dec 2, 2008




I have two separate path in the paths window.

Can I combine them together into one path?


Photoshop :: How To Merge Separate Layers In Paths Tab

Jul 2, 2013

how to merge objects in the paths tab. Here is an example: [URL].....
I have created different areas of outlines of a picture and placed them in separate paths. I would like to know how to either merge the paths (so that the 'banner' path is on top of the others), or how to move them into the 'Layers' tab.

I would like to view all these paths/outlines at once, as of now it doesn't let me while in the Paths tab - It only lets me view one path at a time.
I am using Windows 7, Photoshop Version 12.0 x32

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Photoshop :: How To Run Applescript To Combine Multiple Image Sequences From Two Separate Folder Locations

Sep 17, 2013

So what I need to do is to take the following
filename (1) from Folder (A)
filename (1) from Folder (B)
Open in Photoshop and run an applescript to combine the two images and save the result to a location.
filename (2) from Folder (A)
filename (2) from Folder (B)
Run the batch again and again until all images in the sequence are processed in both folders.
Was looking into an Applescript that may do the job but can't seem to find anything. Happy to look at purchasing a solution if it is available.

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Photoshop :: How To Combine Two Images

Aug 4, 2013

I've brought two separate images together but the problem is I'm trying to get the first image of a person inside the bird cage which is the second image.

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Photoshop :: Combine Pics

Mar 7, 2004

I am looking for someone who can create or combine two images. For example, I have pics of two different person. Now I want to create another image out of the pics that I have. its like, picking the best part of the face then creating another image. If you have any idea on this matter, inform me as soon as u finish reading this.

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Photoshop :: Combine 2 Images

Sep 24, 2008

I need to create a combined image for a web image project. It was requested that I put monster truck tires on a ford model T. Sounded easy enough, but am having difficulties finding images that have been shot at similar angles in order to make both images look like one cohesive unit.

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Photoshop :: Combine 50 + Images...

Oct 8, 2008

I have taken about 50 images of people walking in a heavily trafficked area. I want to have all the people added together into one image. Each person is to have full opacity.

I started by making an image with no one in the scene using the Median blend mode with a layer stack to remove all the people. Worked fine. Now, I am hoping there is some way to create masks or knockouts of the people in each of the individual images by somehow comparing them to the scene with no people. Some way to mask out or knock out those areas which are different, i.e. the people. I will then stack all the images of the people on top of one another to create a very complicated image showing the volume of traffic.

Using CS3.

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Photoshop :: Combine Two Pictures Into One

Jan 24, 2004

I have two logos that I would like to combine in one picture. I am sure this is very easy but I don't usualy do graphics.

Anyway, I am looking to create a rectangular picture ith one logo on the top left and the other logo on teh bottom right.

Both logos are in gif format.

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Photoshop :: How To Combine Images

Feb 8, 2008

I was looking at a picture of someone where they took a picture of a pumpkin, and one of themselves, they managed to combine the images so that their face was in the pumpkin, as if they freally had a pumpkin for a head. can anyone direct me on how to do this, it was really cool.

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Photoshop :: Best Way To Combine 8-bit And 16-bit Image Files

Jul 21, 2013

I produce large photographic art prints by combining my own edited 16-bit RAW photo images with 8-bit stock photo images and 8-bit photoshop artwork. I used to just reduce my 16-bit photos to 8-bit and then edit my composite image as 8-bit, but I ran into banding and other problems in the color gradients I created later in my composite image.
I want my composite image to be 16-bit to get more accurate colors and better gradients. What is the best way to bring 8-bit image files into my composition and maintain best quality? Is it good to convert 8-bit images to 16-bit in PS before importing? I also heard about bringing 8-bit images in as Smart Objects?

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Photoshop :: Combine Quality Of Two Images?

Feb 20, 2012

I know how to combine or merge tow images in Photoshop CS5
But if I use images from the Internet, mostly by seaching in Google picture search. The images has different quality, such as colors and lightning.
Is there a way in Photoshop to combine the colors in two images, so they have the same color tones. So as speak, look like the same quality.
How do I meassure and compare the colors and light in-side Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Combine Images Of Different Sizes

May 22, 2008

open two images photoshop. some objects in one image and put them in the other image. However, I realise that the size of the other image is bigger than the other.

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Photoshop :: Combine All ASL Files To One ASL File

Jul 29, 2004

Is there a way to combine all the ASL files in to one ASL file?

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Photoshop :: Combine 2 Pictures To Become 1 Picture

Aug 28, 2006

How to combile two picture to become one picture, and there has no line between the two pictures?

the way i do it is, i open a new document in photoshop, add 2 transparent layers and add the two pictures i want to merge, but it looks very funny, coz there is a line in between. i try to use blur but i doesnt' come out the things i want, i still look like 2 separeate pictures.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Combine 2 Animated Gifs 1 On Top Of The Other ?

Jun 14, 2007

Im using Adobe v8.0

Ive got 2 Gif's

1st is 327 * 242 Pixels
A tetris game

2nd is 344 * 170 Pixels
Animated text

I Now i want to Join the 2 gif's on top of each other so that the 2nd Gif text shows on the top right corner of the first Pic how can i do that

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Photoshop :: How Can Somene Combine 2 Gifs?

Apr 21, 2006

i found this gif today and i know they are 2 separate gifs because i seen them both before. I would like to add my self in there but make it look real and smooth like this one. What programs would allow me to do this and how. I used adobe image ready before to paste my face on gifs but this is better than anything i have done.

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Photoshop :: How To Combine JPEG And Animated GIF Image

Jun 26, 2012

i have an jpeg image, & also aminated gif image, how do i place the animated gif image over (in the center of the image) a jpeg image & save it as gif file ??

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