Photoshop :: Adding Layers

Mar 23, 2009

I am just starting to learn Layers and have several books, etc. to guide me. All the books start with lessons that assume you have several images (layers) under the Layers tab. The lessons describe what you do with all those layers but I can't find how to get the images under the tab. Can anyone tell me how to get several images under the layers tab?

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Photoshop :: Adding Same 3 Adjustment Layers To Many Photos Then Export Layers To File?

Aug 3, 2013

I want to add the same 3 adjustment layers to about 20 photos and then in scripts, export layers to files, so that each photo includes the adjustments.

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Photoshop :: Adding Layers

Sep 18, 2004

Excuse my ignorance, but I just started using PS7 a few days ago and can't figure out how to work the layers option. I've read all sorts of tutorials, but I stilll can't figure out the most basic of things. I'm sure the answer is simple but I just can't get it to work and it's frustrating.

I understand what layering is, but I can't add layers. I can make a dublicate layer out of the background, but when I add a new layer it is always the same checkboard sheet. I can't figure out how to change it, how to add layers made from other images.

Every time I access another image to get another layer, my previous layer of the previous image has always disappeared from my layers palette. I've tried locking them, I've tried organizing them by putting them in sets,

I've tried many different options but I just cannot get 2 layers of 2 different images on at the same time in my layers palette., so I can link them and merge them. What am I doing wrong ?

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Photoshop :: Retouch After Adding Several Layers

Feb 21, 2013

I just completed a project that involved four layers. this was my first attempt at layering and i must say it turned out real nice. After I finished I thought I would go back and do some retouching with the healing brush but I now get a message that "cannot use the healing brush because the target layer is hidden".

From now on I will do my correction and retouching before I add layers.

Anyway to use the healing brush or clone stamp now on the finished (layered) file???

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Photoshop :: Adding Layers To New Windows

Dec 6, 2002

this is a pretty newb question, but how do you open a current layer in a photoshop file into a new window so that all the dimensions of the new window will automatically fit tightly around that that layer? is this possible?

I'm trying to add the new layers into new windows so i can automatically save each layer image as a jpeg. I'm doing this so i can load each image separately in flash and do cool tricks with it.

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Photoshop :: Adding Layers And Effects

Aug 23, 2003

After I am done making a picture I want to add more things to spice it up. You know like adding layers with lower opacity with other effects like text and whatnot. My problem is finding things that go well with the pictures.

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Photoshop :: Adding Blending Options To ALL Layers. How?

Mar 17, 2003

How can i add blending options to all my layers??

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Lines And Decayed Shapes When Adding New Layers

May 10, 2012

I have just installed Photoshop CS6 and notice every time i add a new layer there is pixelated lines and decayed shapes that show up. This makes it impossible to work. I have a Nvidia Quadro 6000 running in combination with a tesla c2075 there was not any problem i could see with other CS6 programs and it was working fine with CS5.

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Photoshop :: Adding Effects To Text Layers Now Causing Image To Disappear?

Dec 18, 2012

Ever since the latest update to PS CS6, when I add a simple effect to a text layer, like emboss, the working image disappears when I zoom in and out. Also, the layer effect does nothing to the type. It's almost like a dispay issue. When I turn the layer effect off, my image is visible again.

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AutoCad :: Adding Objects To Layers?

Jul 24, 2012

I am just learning AC and have the tutorial video by Brian Benton for 2012. He does a great job of explaining what layers are and how to manage them once they have been created but he does not touch on how to add objects to a layer after you create it? I watched the layers section 4 times and nothing about this.

I can create a new layer fine and also a new object but unless I am just blind and stupid (which is possible) I do not see any options in the layer manager letting you add an object to a layer? Got--- create new layer, freeze layer, isolate layer, etc, etc, etc but nothing to do the simple and most basic task of adding your newly created object to a layer-----either a newly created one you just made or an existing one?

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GIMP :: Adding GIF To Image (between Layers)

Jul 29, 2013

how to place an gif between two layers (or add text, brushes, images over it) without screwing up the animation. I've experimented with it, and the results tends to be that one of the layers (pictures) go missing in the animation or the animation just does not animate.

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GIMP :: Background Without Adding Into Animated Layers

Jul 19, 2011

So I have this gif animation and I want to add a background to it. when I add a new layer (the background layer) and draw something on it (like as an example: a field of daisies) and save the layers as an animation guessed participates in the animation.

So how to add a background without harassing the animated layers?

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AutoCad :: Adding Object To Multiple Layers?

Jul 10, 2013

Just wondering whether there is a way to add an object to multiple layers. For example, if I have 2 layers circles and geometries - I would like to add a circle to both these layers such that if I turned either of them on the circle would be visible.

Additionally, is it possible to Group multiple layers into a single layer, for example the above 2 layers circles and geometries and into a third or fourth layer.

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AutoCad :: Adding Layers To Drawings In Bulk

Apr 25, 2012

I am trying to add two layers (A-FURN-3-CGDS-VV-1 & A-FURN-3-CGDS-HH-1) to about 4,700 DWG files, any way to bulk process something like this. We use blocks for furniture symbols, and have about 4,700 of them that need these specific layers in them in order to work with a rendering software we use that is based on the layer names. I will also need to go in and select parts of the drawings to put on one layer, and other parts for the other manually, but if I could start with the DWG files having the layers in them it would save a little time.

How to have the bulk process put everything in the DWG file onto one of the layers (VV) while processing.

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Paint.NET :: Unable To Move Unicorn When Adding Layers

Feb 19, 2013

I'm adding a layer(small picture of unicorn, for the sake of the example) to the default/first layer and I move it around the background for positioning.
Once I decide to add another layer/picture I cannot move the unicorn anymore, he is imprinted in the default layer. Is there a possibility that I can move it again after the manipulation with the second picture/layer?
In effect, I want to have the possibility to move many small pictures "at once"(its not really at once but very close to it, like I want to move stack of cards on my table), is that possible?

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Paint.NET :: Use Template Photo And Add Two More Photos By Adding Two More Layers

Jun 18, 2012

I need to use a template photo and onto that one add two more photos, by adding two more layers.

Then I need to delete the original (background) one, which would be the template.

However when I delete it, the entire picture gets deleted, i.e. also the photos I pasted on top of it.

How can I avoid that?

Additional information:

Very strangely when adding a new layer, though in the layer screen it shows that I am adding them,

when I paste the first photo onto the background, it then becomes the background image, rather than layer number 2.

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Paint.NET :: Getting Photo's Right Size For Adding To Layers Pallet

Nov 4, 2013

Adding layers to a chosen background I find that the pictures I have chosen to add, whilst looking ok in My Pictures are way to small in the layers pallet, If I try to enlarge them to fit they just go out of focus and pixelate?. something tells me they should all be the same file size how can I convert them, and is this the answer?.

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A Strong Colour Above All Layers?

Dec 12, 2013

I'm new to Animate and just having a play making an animated Christmas card. Problem is all the symbols look fine if you go into each one in isolation, but when you are on the stage everything looks as though it's about a 50% tint of what it should be.
Animation plays as I want, just a lot paler that it should be. I've tried adding a strong colour above all my layers and the same thing happens... 

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Adding Different Colored Duplicate Layers On Top To Make It Multicolored

Apr 22, 2013

I was watching one of the tutorials by Scott Georgeson on on Corel X6.  It was on the polygon tool where he was  making a polygon and adding different colored duplicate layers on top to make it multicolored.  He said to hold the plus+ key and then grab handle to shrink one of the layers down to show some of the underlying layer.  When I try this the layers aren't isolated and the whole thing moves.  I saw a check box in the settings to edit layers separately but didn't work.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Adding LAYERS To Tool Palettes?

Jul 10, 2013

I've inherited management of CAD standards. A third party developed the tool palette - mostly blocks, etc. but there are also icons to add whole series of layers to drawings. Click 'Architectural Layers' you add the architectural layers. Click 'Plumbing Layers' you add the plumbing layers. Since the original implementation, things have been changed.

How do I update these tools?

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GIMP :: Edit Original Layer Below Alpha Transparency Or Adding Layers

Sep 23, 2011

Basically just want to make the middle separating line in the following image:

Identical to (same degree of horizontal fadeout into transparency):

I have spent hours on it trying to edit the original layer below the alpha transparency or adding layers, getting nowhere.

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AutoCad :: Group Layer Filter-adding Layers By Selection Then Enter

Aug 7, 2012

I use a lot of Group Layer Filters so I can turn things on/off quickly. My problem is I have been creating my Layer Filter Group by right clicking on the Layer Group Filter>going to Selection>then click Add> then go back to my drawing or Layout tab and select all of the layers I need then click enter. One day my AutoCad would not let me do that anymore, and even after I click on enter it gives me an error message saying the command is still active. Now from my Layer Properties Manager I can select any layer and drag/drop it into any filter and it works, but I really need to be able to select things within the model space or paper of each layout tabs.

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Photoshop :: Deleting Duplicate Layers Linked To Others Make Remaining Layers Invisible?

Aug 6, 2013

I'm using CS6 and noticed that whenever I delete a layer that was a dupe of another layer with links (although not linked specifically to the deleted layer), the undeleted original layers become invisible on the canvas even though they are still visible in the layers pallette. I've been able to recreate this several times. Nothing I do will make the layers visible -I've tried moving them all to the top of the layers palette, making sure their opacity is 100%, making sure there are no layer effects, etc.

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Photoshop :: Copy Linked Layers In Layers Palette Without Maintaining Links To Originals

Sep 30, 2013

I often will copy a layer in the layers palette via option drag. If the original layer is linked to another, the new layer is also linked to the orginal layer I copied as well as any other layers that original was linked to.
Is there anyway to option drag to copy a layer in the layers palette without the new layer being linked?

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Photoshop Elements :: All Image Layers Have Randomly Converted To Smart Object Layers?

Mar 20, 2013

All of my image layers have randomly converted to smart object layers and I can no longer resize them in the ps document. Why would it do this and how can I undo it?

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Photoshop :: Apply Adjustment Layers To Multiple Layers That Have Different Blending Modes?

Sep 6, 2013

How to Apply adjustment layers to multiple layers that have different blending modes  and keep the colors the same as the adjustment done?
I work in Animation painting Backgrounds.  My files are sometimes upwards to 200+ layers.I will use adjustment layers to quickly balance colours and constrast on top of those many many layers.
The only way that I know of how to apply adjustment layers it to every single layer  ( by applying I mean I need to get rid of the adjustment layers because we cant use them in production but i need the new colours be applied to all layers underneath ) in a psd is to manually do it By duplicating the adjusment layer 200+ times and  then merging each layer to one of those adjustment layers so that that layer can take the adjustment layers effect permanently.
The issue is that Within Those 200 layers I have some layers set to Multiply or OVERLAY.    IT obviously wont apply the adjustment layer properly to those layers because those layer blend mode affect the layers under them. The colour wont be the same anymore in the spots that had the multiply blended mode.


I have 2 adjustment layers up top.  I need to get rid of them by applying them to each layer! I cannot merge any of the layers. We need all those layers for production.I can apply the adjustment layers manually and this works GREAT for all Layers set to normal.  THey take on the colour change just FINE.
However, The issue is that layer 6 and layer 4 are both set to mutiply and this screws up the colour once i apply the adjustment layers to each layer manually...
How can i apply my adjustment layers to a file like this with some layers being set to multiply while keeping the layers exactly the same configuration  and The new colour taking effect exactly how i looks before i apply the adjustment layers? Now the simple solution is to merge the multiply layers to the layer that it affects HOWEVER I NEED those multiply layers to be separate! 

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Create Layers In Adjustment Layer And Transfer Those Layers

Nov 11, 2012

How do I create layers in an adjustment layer and transfer  or duplicate those layers in another image ?
I need to transfer the same colour readjustment from one image to several other images ... I have been told to do this in the adjustment layer platform how ever I cannot drag or copy those layers over to the other images I have open and in need of adjustment to the same layers ...
Images shows my layout and what i've done this far

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Photoshop :: Increase Font Size In Many Text Layers At A Time By Selecting In Layers Panel

May 9, 2013

I would like to increase the font size in many text layers at a time by selecting them in the layers panel. The font increases, but the text boxes don't expand to fit the increased size text. So I am having to make each box bigger manually. Is there a way to have the boxes expand to fit bigger text automatically through the layers panel?

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Photoshop :: Merge Layers :: Results To A Slight Different Color Compare To Its Original Unmerged Layers

Jun 19, 2009

merged layer results to a slight different color compare to its original unmerged layers. the result is that the merged layer has more bluish, What's wrong and what's the solution?. Im using CS3.

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Photoshop :: How To Merge Adjustment Layers To Several Layers And Export To Files

May 31, 2012

I have now exactly the same problem as below with over 1000 images, I have saved them in .psd that has over 100 layers each. On top of those there is curves and levels layer that affects every layer below. I want to save all images to .jpg for videoedit with those curves at least. I don't want to merge same curves 100 times. Is there a solution in phothoshop cs5 or cs6 available? Would save alot of working hours. All I have got by this far is blank white images of adjustment layers and non adjusted jpg-files.
This discussion was opened in 2010 and I quess this is same problem:
How to merge adjustment layers to hundreds of layers?

Jul 28, 2010 10:38 AMSay I have a photoshop File with 100 layers. 

And say I created 3 adjustment layers on top of those 100 layers to get the adjustments that i want for those layers.   I'm happy with the adjustments but Then I NEED to merge those 3 adjustment layers to ALL those 100 layers.  

Is there a way to easily permanently apply the adjustments to each of those layers without having to do it manually? I absolutely need to merge the adjustments to the seperate layers because of how the layers are being used in a seperate 3d program.   
So far what I've been doing is duplicating the adjustment layers for each layer and merging them to said layers separately.. I wish I could just right click the adjustment layer and Tell it to merge to everylayer it affects  or apply to every layer underneath it!

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Photoshop :: How To Keep Layers Effects When Merging Layers To Save TIFF

Oct 16, 2013

I am loosing all my layers effects when I merge all the layers together to save the image in the tif format!

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