Photoshop :: Apply Adjustment Layers To Multiple Layers That Have Different Blending Modes?

Sep 6, 2013

How to Apply adjustment layers to multiple layers that have different blending modes  and keep the colors the same as the adjustment done?
I work in Animation painting Backgrounds.  My files are sometimes upwards to 200+ layers.I will use adjustment layers to quickly balance colours and constrast on top of those many many layers.
The only way that I know of how to apply adjustment layers it to every single layer  ( by applying I mean I need to get rid of the adjustment layers because we cant use them in production but i need the new colours be applied to all layers underneath ) in a psd is to manually do it By duplicating the adjusment layer 200+ times and  then merging each layer to one of those adjustment layers so that that layer can take the adjustment layers effect permanently.
The issue is that Within Those 200 layers I have some layers set to Multiply or OVERLAY.    IT obviously wont apply the adjustment layer properly to those layers because those layer blend mode affect the layers under them. The colour wont be the same anymore in the spots that had the multiply blended mode.


I have 2 adjustment layers up top.  I need to get rid of them by applying them to each layer! I cannot merge any of the layers. We need all those layers for production.I can apply the adjustment layers manually and this works GREAT for all Layers set to normal.  THey take on the colour change just FINE.
However, The issue is that layer 6 and layer 4 are both set to mutiply and this screws up the colour once i apply the adjustment layers to each layer manually...
How can i apply my adjustment layers to a file like this with some layers being set to multiply while keeping the layers exactly the same configuration  and The new colour taking effect exactly how i looks before i apply the adjustment layers? Now the simple solution is to merge the multiply layers to the layer that it affects HOWEVER I NEED those multiply layers to be separate! 

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Photoshop :: History Brush Can't Work With Blending Modes Or Various Adjustment Layers?

May 4, 2012

Is there somewhere a list of Adjustments/Modes that the History Brush DOESN'T work with?Perhaps I should re-phrase that.I can get the History Brush to work with say Blur but I can't get it to work with Blending modes or a various adjustment layers.

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Photoshop :: How To Apply New Mask To Multiple Existing Adjustment Layers

Oct 25, 2013

how to apply new mask to multiple existing adjustment layers

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Photoshop :: Merge Layers That Have Blending Modes?

Oct 9, 2013

Made some bubbles using Photoshop, the trouble is I can't flatten the layers into one because of the layers blending mode. The reason I want to is to blur some of the bubbles to give a foreground & background perspective.

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Photoshop :: Merging / Flattening Layers With Different Blending Modes?

Feb 4, 2013

I want to be able to take a document, that has multiple layers, inside of multiple groups with various layers having various blending modes applied to them and from within that document, select simply two of those layers, one with a Divide blending mode and the other layer Normal, merge those two layers, but have the visual appearance of the merged layer maintain the visual appearance of what the layers looked like before I merged them.
Everytime I attempt this, Ps takes my Divide layer, reverts it back to Normal and then merges the layers, thus changing the appearance of what it was before the merge. This is not the desired result.
I understand that when you flatten an entire series of layers, it applies all the blending modes and maintains the visual appearance. Is there a way to do this with just two layers instead of all the layers?

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Photoshop :: How To Merge And Export 2 Layers With Blending Modes

Sep 12, 2011

I'm working on some graphics for an iPhone app for which I need to export images to png.

The image has an inner and an outer glow to create a glowing LED effect. The problem I have is the outer glow has the 'screen' blending mode applied and when I export this the blending mode defaults to 'Normal'. The image must have a transparent background because it will be used in different locations on top of a brushed aluminium background effect.

I understand that the blending mode takes the background layer into account when determining the output. Any alternative way of creating this glowing LED effect which I can export with a transparent background?

I have attached an example of this, the first 'light' is how I want it to appear when merged. The second 'light' is how it currently looks when merged.

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Photoshop :: Apply Image Vs Individual Blending Layers?

Jul 9, 2013

Am I missing something with the apply image command? Couldn't I perform the exact same task just by blending individual layers or images?

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Photoshop :: Apply Adjustment Layer To All Layers

Dec 19, 2012

I ran to a little trouble using photoshop today. I wanted to get rid of the "adjustment layer" but leave the effects.
For example:
I have two layers and I want to apply the adjustment layer effect to them. I don't want to leave that "adjustment layer" on top of everyone. I can't use groups because my real project is too complicated. By the way, applying the adjustment layer to all of them means all the layers remain an image but they have been modified (for example: color, black and white, etc.).

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Photoshop :: Apply Adjustment To Specific While Also Keeping Layers In Order?

May 17, 2013

Is it possible for me apply an adjustment layer to specific layers? I also want to keep the layers in order for organizational purposes.

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Photoshop :: Difference Between Apply Image And Blending Modes

Oct 24, 2012

I am trying to understand the difference between apply image and blending modes as I realize my grasp of it is weak.
Why blending the duplicate of an image with the original, with a given blending mode, does not give the same result as, Applying the duplicate of an image to the original with the same given blending mode in Apply Image?
What I have done in Photoshop, to be clearer :
1. one image ("background image"), duplicated it ("copy1") and set the blending mode ot linear light (for example). I get the result 1. 
2. I selected "background image" and applied it in linear light (for this example), with Apply Image, to the "copy1" image. Result is different. 

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Photoshop :: Apply Match Color To Multiple Layers?

Jun 23, 2012

I have to deal with multiple layer documents for producing underwater mosaics. Very often, the images vary in colors a bit. For large mosaics, I run the images thru a batch job before I use them. For smaller mosaics (e.g. just 10 to 20 images), this is a bit of overkill, in case I have to tweak just 5 or 10 or so.
In this case, I prefer picking  one of the 20 layers as my "reference" and manually match the colors of those layers, that need the match, one by one.
My question now: Is there a way, that I could select, lets say 10 layers that need the match and apply the Match Color to all of them in one go?

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Photoshop :: Adding Same 3 Adjustment Layers To Many Photos Then Export Layers To File?

Aug 3, 2013

I want to add the same 3 adjustment layers to about 20 photos and then in scripts, export layers to files, so that each photo includes the adjustments.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Create Layers In Adjustment Layer And Transfer Those Layers

Nov 11, 2012

How do I create layers in an adjustment layer and transfer  or duplicate those layers in another image ?
I need to transfer the same colour readjustment from one image to several other images ... I have been told to do this in the adjustment layer platform how ever I cannot drag or copy those layers over to the other images I have open and in need of adjustment to the same layers ...
Images shows my layout and what i've done this far

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Photoshop :: How To Merge Adjustment Layers To Several Layers And Export To Files

May 31, 2012

I have now exactly the same problem as below with over 1000 images, I have saved them in .psd that has over 100 layers each. On top of those there is curves and levels layer that affects every layer below. I want to save all images to .jpg for videoedit with those curves at least. I don't want to merge same curves 100 times. Is there a solution in phothoshop cs5 or cs6 available? Would save alot of working hours. All I have got by this far is blank white images of adjustment layers and non adjusted jpg-files.
This discussion was opened in 2010 and I quess this is same problem:
How to merge adjustment layers to hundreds of layers?

Jul 28, 2010 10:38 AMSay I have a photoshop File with 100 layers. 

And say I created 3 adjustment layers on top of those 100 layers to get the adjustments that i want for those layers.   I'm happy with the adjustments but Then I NEED to merge those 3 adjustment layers to ALL those 100 layers.  

Is there a way to easily permanently apply the adjustments to each of those layers without having to do it manually? I absolutely need to merge the adjustments to the seperate layers because of how the layers are being used in a seperate 3d program.   
So far what I've been doing is duplicating the adjustment layers for each layer and merging them to said layers separately.. I wish I could just right click the adjustment layer and Tell it to merge to everylayer it affects  or apply to every layer underneath it!

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Photoshop :: Merging Layers With Adjustment Layers

Jun 5, 2013

I need to merge 2 adjustment layers with 2 image layers. When I do, the look changes. Are there ways to do this without changing the look? I have attached a screen capture of the layers affected. Additionally the "Stars" layer has a "Screen" blend mode. This is on a Mac.

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Photoshop :: Adjustment Layers For Certain Layers

Nov 19, 2004

If I make an Adjustment Layer, I notice that it effects EVERY layer underneath it. Is the only way to apply that adjustment layer to layers you WANT is to drag those layers under the adjustment, and then hold ALT and click the line BETWEEN the adjustment layer and the layer you want affected, thus making it a "Clipping?" layer?

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Photoshop :: Blend Modes/Merging Layers!

Aug 22, 2008

I'm having a huge issue in designing my up and coming website.

I've numerous layers within my soon to be designed page - however, a few of these layers are set to different blend modes (Overlay, Screen and Lighten).

I need to ensure that these layers remain looking the way they do on my page when they're part of my flattened site, but it's just not working for me. When I flatten all layers, it looks as I want it - however I can't do that, as I will ultimately be using a tiled background layer, and the background layer I'm using now is only as a guide.

how I can merge down a ('Screen', for example) layer, without it losing its screen look?

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Photoshop :: Blend Modes Math For Successive Layers

Aug 31, 2013

For successive layers, all have different blend modes ... for finding the pixel values seen on screen, we should start with the bottom most layer ... isn't it?

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Photoshop :: Blending Layers In CS5

May 7, 2012

I recently downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Cs5. I haven't had many problems and I like it a lot except for ONE thing! I cannot figure out how to blend layers! When I upload my first layer (my image) it shows in the layers palette.  But when I upload my second layer (texture) it not only jumps on top of my first layer in the layers palette, but it ALSO jumps on top of my first layer (the image) in the work area.  I have watched a lot of the Photoshop tutorials and I've noticed that when they upload their second layer it shows SEPARATELY from the first image in the work area. 

They then click on the second layer and drag it over onto the first layer and then they are ready to start working on blending. For the fact that my second layer jumps on top of my first layer in the work area like it does, I am not able to follow along with the tutorials!  I have also tried and tried to figure out how to manage to blend by trying lots of techniques and options in the program but nothing will work. 

I use textures and depend on blending A LOT with my editing so this has been very discouraging!  I have used other editing programs and usually with them, after you duplicate your first layer and then upload another you are able to blend with no problem.  So I do not understand this at all!  You can even blend with no problem by duplicating your first layer in Photoshop Elements 10.

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Photoshop :: Blending Layers

Jan 9, 2009

I am just trying something out on Photoshop and for some reason am not getting the expected result. I have added a new blank layer to an image and have changed the mode to Color. Now I have changed my brush size and colour but when I start to paint my new colour onto the layer I dont see the brush stokes on the background image... If I just very the new layer I can see the strokes but they are not showing up on the background.

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Photoshop :: Blending Layers

Jan 22, 2007

I've got two background color swatches that I've inserted into PS file (in different layers). I'm simulating a night sky at dusk. One color is black with stars, the other is pinkish. I'd like to do a gradient where the sky goes from black at the top to pinkish at the bottom.

Is the best way to tackle this by blending a layer or adding a fill and adjustment layer? I've been experimenting with the gradient tool, but don't have the control I want as far as where the color transitions from black to pink.

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Photoshop :: Duplicating Multiple Sets Of Separately Linked Layers Results In All Layers Being Linked Together

Mar 11, 2013

I found an old thread from 2011 about the same problem and the mod reported it to the devs, but as far as I know no solution has ever been offered.(maybe in cs6? we are still using cs5)For one or two layers it's no problem to do it manually, but with say 40 layers with corresponding linked layers we need a better solution.

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Photoshop :: Clipping Mask Multiple Text Layers Without Merging Text Layers

Dec 29, 2008

I am trying to get a white layer with see through writing which reveals the background image underneath. (Almost like I have put a stencil over a photograph). I have discovered this is called a clipping mask.

However, I am having difficulty using a clipping mask over multiple text layers. It seems to only do it to one layer directly beneath. I do not want to merge the text layers as I want to mess about with the design a fair bit.

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Photoshop :: Merging Layers With Blending Options

Aug 3, 2006

i am using photoshop CS2

i have 2 layers
layer 1 no blend
layer 2 multiply

now when i merge these two layers the blending is gone.

How can i retain blending even after merging.

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Photoshop :: Adding Blending Options To ALL Layers. How?

Mar 17, 2003

How can i add blending options to all my layers??

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Photoshop :: How Do I Keep A Layer Of Text From Blending Into The Layers Below?

Aug 5, 2007

how do I keep a layer of text from blending into the layers below?

I'm trying to add a layer of white text to a template and it's coming out pale blue.

This is in CS2.

I'm sure there's a layer effect or blend somewhere in there but I don't know how to work with these things.

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Photoshop :: CC Adjustment Layers

Jul 21, 2013

So impressed with the quick answer from my last question that I have another.  In Photoshop CC (think it's the same in CS6 . .) is there a shortcut for closing the adjustment layer panel instead of having to move the cursor over and press on the cross.  I used to be able to just press return in Photoshop CS3

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Photoshop :: CS6 Adjustment Layers

Aug 13, 2013

I use adjustment layers (curves) to modify the tonal scale of my files.  In CS5 I could command click on the image with the eyedropper and a corresponding point would be placed on the tone curve in the curves window.  When I try this in CS 6 (command click) the curves window collapses.  What should I be doing differently.

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Photoshop :: Adjustment Layers

Jun 21, 2006

I was wondering how you can make an adjustment layer in CS2 only affect the one layer beneath it, not every layer.

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Photoshop :: Adjustment Layers !

Jun 23, 2008

I have a portrait of two persons. They are treated differently
so I have them on separate layers with layer masks.
So the new retouched background gets through.
These layers are:

P1 and P2.

The background is:


I have some color correction adjustment layers.

Some of these are just for P1:


Some of these iare just for P2:


Some of these are just for B:



I now place my layers this way:

Group1{ C1 P1 (linked as a clipping group)} ,
Group2{ C2 P2 (linked as a clipping group)} ,
GroupB{ CB B }

That works OK.



I also have some color correction adjustment layers
that is for both P1 and P2 but not for B.

How do I place them ?

I do not want to place them both in Group1 and in Group2.

I Want to have them in just one place.

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Photoshop :: Layers Adjustment

Jan 26, 2009

how to make an adjustment to a specific Photoshop layer (in this case a tweaking the color on a person extracted from the background by green screen) without affecting the other layers. I have tried Adobe help but can't seem to find the solution.

I am using Photoshop CS4.

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