Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - Dividing Multi-photo Scanned File?

Jan 12, 2013

I recently downloaded a Trial Version of PSP X5, and one of Adobe PSE11. For my purposes, I find PSP easier to use and therefore preferable. However, in PSE11, a scan of several photos contained in a single file can be "auto" split or divided into individual files, and as such can be edited individually. Try as I have, I have found nothing similar in PSP X5. This could be a deal breaker, as I have numerous old photos to scan and edit, and I find that doing 3 to 5 at a time is a big time saver. Does PSP 5 has this feature?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Remove Vertical Lines From Scanned Matte Photo

Jul 2, 2013

I want to copy a black and white photo which was printed (old original 'wet' method) on matte paper. When I scan it the scanned image has thin white vertical stripes through all the dark areas of the photo. I have located a method of removing them using Photoshop (using layers etc) but cannot duplicate those 'instructions' using PSP X2.

how I can remove these thin stripes (they make the photo look like everyone one is wearing pin striped clothing).

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Opening All Pages Of Multi-page TIFF File?

May 15, 2013

When opening a multi-page TIF file, there are options to open a specific page, a range of pages, or all pages.  Unfortunately, the options for range of pages or all pages are dimmed, and cannot be selected.  What can we not select these other options?

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Photoshop Elements :: Dividing Scanned Photos On One Scan?

Feb 8, 2014

I was using PSE6 and just installed PSE12.  I work alot with pictures and the option in editor/image to divide multiple photos in one scan does not work.  It is pale in print and does not have an arrow like the other choices.
I have a HP PC using Windows 7 and a scanner that worked just fine, Canon LIDE.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Acquiring Scanned Photos

Sep 20, 2010

In X2 all I had to do was go to file- either 'twain acquire' or -'from scanner' and my scanner software would open in X2 and i could directly import the scan.

In X3 all the acquire choices are grayed out unless I first choose, file- new, and then a dialogue box for size options opens.Once I have a new (empty) file on the editor screen I can then acquire . Is this a new change in X3 ?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Repairing Scanned Portrait In X5

Mar 6, 2013

I scanned a old portrait (1920's - 30's) that somewhere along the line someone tried to "clean" and brought up some of the image. Is there a way in Paintshop Pro X5 to repair the digital image, and if so, how do I do it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving File From X3 Removes Rating From Win Photo Gallery

Aug 11, 2011

When I got X3 I checked out the photo Organiser hoping it would be an all in one image solution for me. It would not recognise tags I had added in Win Photo Gallery and because I had heaps of pics I decided to stick with Photo Gallery. That leaves me with another problem with ratings though. If I have a star rating on a file in Photo Gallery and open the file in PSPPX3 the rating disappears once I save the file again - even if I have made no alterations. Frustrating - I have to remember to re-rate any files I process. The rating is preserved in the PSP Organiser but has gone from Photo Gallery.

It is also interesting that whereas tags added in PSPPX3 are recognised in Photo Gallery, the converse is not the case.

I don't mind not using PSP Organiser, I bought the program for the editor, but I wish PSP would not interfere with the things other organisers are using. I presume it is part of the EXIF data.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Emailed JPG Photo Received As DAT File When Viewed On IPad

Nov 19, 2013

I am using PSP Pro x6. I edit the photo and then send using the link in the program. MS Outllok pops up just fine and reflects that the ".jpg" file is attached. When the recipient gets the email (on their iPad) the file has turned into a ".dat" file. It is definitely a .jpg when I send it out.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Where Does A Scanned In Image Go When Program Crashes

Nov 16, 2012

I was working on a very HI-res image when Paint Shop Pro X4 just quit. It just went away, no errors, nothing.

I can rescan the image, but it was a very large image and took lots of disk space.

Is this scanned in image still on my hard drive? If it is where do I find it, so I can delete it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Scanned Photos Appear About One Quarter Size?

Aug 10, 2011

I have PaintShop Pro X3 and pretty much all the other programs. I scanned lots of photos (6*4) at a 300 dpi which works out at about 11 meg each photo (i think this was overkill!). However, when i created a slideshow these photos are shown as about one quarter sized. Is there any way i can correct this ? Should i for the future scan at a different dpi ? I want to view the images as a slideshow and am not interested in printing them.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Opening Photo Files - Maintain Original File Size?

Sep 19, 2012

I can not figure out how to maintain the original file size of my photos when I open them in Paintshop For example, the original file might be 3.78 MB but once it opens in Paintshop it is only 706 KB. Do I need to change settings somewhere?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Scanned Negative Image To Positive Picture?

Jan 18, 2013

I am a newbe with pro4. How do I change a scanned negative image to a positive image? swap black for white and vis versa?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Loss Of Color In Materials Palette For Scanned Document

Dec 6, 2012

I scanned a document into PSP X5 and I am trying to use the materials palette to highlight (in red) certain spots on the document. The palette defaults to grey shades only. I reset the workspace to factory defaults and even tried the SHIFT-START - without luck. However, if I open any color images, the palette shows full color options. if this is a problem with how I scanned the document into PSP X5?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Multi Photos Into One Image

Jun 5, 2011

I'm sure I'm trying to do something fairly basic here but the manual doesn't seem to work for me re canvas re-sizing (unless I'm missing something).

I want to take several images straight from the camera (say 3-4Mb each) and combine them to eventually make a single JPEG. Is this done by resizing canvas? Is it a case of taking one image and resizing the canvas or starting with a blank new canvas?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Select Multi-part Of Same Color

Aug 18, 2011

Imagine you have a picture with some parts (surfaces) in a XXX specific color. How to easily select only all these parts to modify their color?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Improve Quality Of Scanned Images?

Jan 27, 2012

4705.sample2.tifOur customers have given us some black and white .tif Monochrome Bitmap images at 400 ppi (see attached sample) and 600 ppi of some scanned black and white engineering drawings. Some of the small text on the drawings is not very legible because open areas are filled in with black. Some of the vertical and horizontal lines are ragged (digitized) on the edges. Is there any way that I can improve the visual quality of these Monochrome Bitmap images in Corel Draw (which I use) or Corel Paint (of which I'm not very knowledgeable, or adept)?

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Paint.NET :: Scanned TEXT In JPG Photo - How To Correct Spelling Errors

Jan 27, 2013

I've been using for a few years, but only with .jpg photos.  I recently scanned some text as a .jpg and cannot figure out how to correct some spelling errors.
Also, the paper I scanned was far removed from the original, so the white blank areas are full of black artifacts.  Is there some way to have recognize the actual test so I can have a clean text copy?

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Photoshop Elements :: Scanned Photo File Names?

Oct 6, 2012

I have briefly used 3 versions of Photo Elements (9, 10 and11) and have experienced the same problem in all 3. Scanned images are labeled Image1.jpg, Image2-###.jpg, Image3-###.jpg and Image4-###.jpg. As you noticed, the first scanned image is ALWAYS NAMED IMAGE1.jpg.
Because this is happening on every scan, Elements is giving me the message that the first scanned image in each subsequent scan is already in the catalog (as Image1.jpg). All the remaining images in the scan are sequenced without any problem.
It appears as though Elements places all scanned photos into a temp location under AppData and then enters them into the catalog after the scan is complete. The file names in this temp folder are Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4. Image2-4 have their filenames changed, but Image1 doesn't.
The easiest way I have found to fix this is to rename Image1.jpg after each scan. I have looked around Elements and have no user available procedures to fix this.I am using an Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner with Epson Scan software  3.83.
I am running Elements 11.

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Paint.NET :: Multi-color Gradient And Straightening A Photo?

Dec 5, 2013

I'm trying to find in Paint.NET the functions I use often: 

1) How to straighten photos, using an horizontal line or a geometrical figure (I tried yet the radius straighten, but the photos are deformed then) 

2) Some info on how to add a transparency layer and how to "colour" an area with transparent background; 

3) How to make a gradient of two or more colours with advanced settings; 

4) How to cut an area of a photo with precision (point-to point system and point to point "guided" based on colour tollerance levels; magic wand seems not to cut and then I haven't a firm hand); 

5) Additional plugins for photo editing (borders, frames, artistic effects, etc.)

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Correct Scanned CMYK Images Originally Printed Out Of Register

Jun 10, 2012

I'm working on a job that requires recreating vintage box artwork. This involves recomposing scanned images into a new layout, recreating text from matched fonts - that sort of thing. Unfortunately, some of the scanned images (originally printed offset press in cmyk) were printed with one or more of the plates out of register, creating a halo effect on one side. Can this be corrected in PhotoPaint? Is there a way to create each channel as an object which could be moved to realign the colors and then flattened again?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Recolor B&W Photo Using Similar Color Photo

Sep 10, 2012

I have two photos, shooted probably the same day, by the same photograph in the same place !But the pose is a bit different.

first one is in high resolution and in black & white nuance. second one is a small resolution and in full colors. I wish re-color the black&white photo using exactly the same nuance from the colored one.

can i "copy" all the colors from the color-one to the b&w one ?

here are the photos :

the black and white to recolor [URL].......

the source color to use

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Print Layout Similar To That In Paint Shop Pro?

Sep 25, 2012

Is there a Print Layout in X5 similar to that in Paint Shop Pro? 

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Paint.NET :: Nothing Will Open File (Multi-Layer JPG)?

May 5, 2013

I spent 5 hours on a graphic for my children's book. Saved it, interestingly enough, in Paint.NET as a multi-layer .jpeg, which I thought was fantastic as it had never worked before. Ahhh, and it isn't working now. Now I can't open the file. I've tried Paint.NET, MS Paint, GIMP, MS Picture Manager, Windows Picture Viewer, and Windows Media Center. Maybe other programs.

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Illustrator :: Dividing Shape For Live Paint

Oct 23, 2012

I have the following image above where I'm trying to add color to different aspects of the drawing. For instance, I'd like to be able to add color to the hair (ie the eyebrows and hair on top of his head) and I'm using live paint to do this. The problem is, some of the live paint areas spill into each other, ie the hair spills into the outline of the head, etc. So I'm wondering, what is the best way to go about dividing these areas so live paint recognizes them as two different entities? What I've been doing currently is drawing a line segment, and then using divide below, however this gives me unpredictable results sometimes and I have a hunch there is a better way.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Editing The Photo

Jul 3, 2012

I am working on a photo of a city skyline that I took. I am looking to superimpose blue sky and clouds which normally isn't a problem if there were only buildings. The white spaces in between tree leaves such as palm trees are especially challenging to fill. They can be hundreds of distracting white spots in the scene to fill .

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Make A Photo CD

Dec 29, 2012

Have used Corel photo album 6 for many years and loved it, was very easy to use. When I got my new laptop, I was told that my program was outdated and was recommended that I purchase Corel paintshop Prox4, so I did. I would like to burn my pictures to a CD or DVD for backup and to share with my family, only. My old program had an easy one step button to click on to make a CD/DVD. I find this product to be difficult to use for an average person just wanting to have a little fun with their pictures and doing some minor corrections.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Using Photo Merge?

Nov 13, 2011

I vaguely remember a process (like the photo merge tool) that let you paint in red what you wanted to get rid of and paint in green what you wanted to keep. It didn't have to "merge" files. I tried it a couple of times with pretty mixed results (back in X3 I think.) Is there a similar tool in X4 or can you use photo merge for this? (I tried opening photo merge with one image, painting it in red and green,clicking process, but nothing happens on the image.) I will resort to the object remover or clone brush if my mind is playing tricks on me about this tool, but I wouldn't mind trying it in this tricky situation.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Window Around Photo Size

Nov 4, 2013

I have used PSP since version 2, so have been at it for awhile. Just upgraded to 6, as I was using version 4.

The problem I have is when I am in the edit area, and have a photo on the screen I use my mouse wheel to enlarge or shrink depending on my needs. The old version the windows box around image would also resize with image. I have attached a few images. I normal could fix this in the settings, but for some reason the window will not follow the image size as I enlarge or shrink? It does when I actually resize image, but I need this to do that when I am just using mouse wheel to make bigger or smaller on my screen.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Smart Photo Fix Cursor Pop Up Box?

Nov 27, 2013

Upon selecting the Adjust workspace and moving the cursor over the image in the preview area the cursor changes to a dropper and a small box opens which contains 2 columns of data. The column headings are…

Current: Original:

Below them are the values of the R,G,B channels at the cursor position. Moving the cursor around the image in the preview area changes these values. Left or right clicking places a target on the image and changes the colour balance of the image. I presume it is selecting a new value for the White Balance. However, the data values remain identical in the Current: and Original: columns.

The dropper and box are only displayed when the Smart Photo Fix option is selected in the Adjust Palette.

So, how does one get the data values for Current: and Original: to display different values? What is the difference between left click and right click? What is the overall function of this feature?

PaintShop Pro X6 x64

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Paint Shop Pro :: Turning A Photo Into T-shirt Art?

Jun 16, 2013

how do you take a photograph and make it into artwork you can use on a t-shirt design? I guess I'm saying so that it looks like a drawing rather than a photo. currently I'm using PSPX2.

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Paint Shop Pro :: 3D Panoramic Photo Frame

Dec 24, 2011

I saw a tutorial on youtube and it is something I will like to do on my own. But with the tutorial, I have tried over and over again without getting the same result. How do I do this using PSP X4.

This is the url link [URL]....

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