Paint Shop Pro :: Turning A Photo Into T-shirt Art?

Jun 16, 2013

how do you take a photograph and make it into artwork you can use on a t-shirt design? I guess I'm saying so that it looks like a drawing rather than a photo. currently I'm using PSPX2.

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Paint.NET :: Replace Someone's Shirt In Photo?

Jan 10, 2013

I'm using one photo, and I want to put a shirt on somebody in the photo. Here's what my idea is, I just don't know how to execute it. I already used paintbrush and zoomed in on the person and drew around the person's outline. What I want to do, is cut out that person from the picture, basically make two layers using the same photo, but not remove or move the person. Then, I was to import the picture of the shirt and basically put it on the person so it looks like they're wearing it, but put the picture of the shirt in between the two layers, so the background hides the excess shirt. I hope that's understandable.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Turning Photo Into Sketch?

Apr 20, 2011

Is this possible to do in photo paint and is there any tutorials on it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Recolor B&W Photo Using Similar Color Photo

Sep 10, 2012

I have two photos, shooted probably the same day, by the same photograph in the same place !But the pose is a bit different.

first one is in high resolution and in black & white nuance. second one is a small resolution and in full colors. I wish re-color the black&white photo using exactly the same nuance from the colored one.

can i "copy" all the colors from the color-one to the b&w one ?

here are the photos :

the black and white to recolor [URL].......

the source color to use

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Print Layout Similar To That In Paint Shop Pro?

Sep 25, 2012

Is there a Print Layout in X5 similar to that in Paint Shop Pro? 

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Photoshop :: Extract T-Shirt Design From Damaged Photo

Nov 24, 2012

Some of you may have seen my thread in the Show-Board section about a damaged photo I have restored. On the photo there is a lady sitting to the left with a cream/white t-shirt on, I have been asked to try and restore that bit too rather than do what I have done in the resto.

This is all I have to go on:

Here is the original image:

and my Restoration so far:

They want the t-shirt as well but there is nothing to go on apart from some apparent squiggles, as you can see.

how I can extract it, I can't even make out what it says or else I would try and find the t-shirt and put it in.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Editing The Photo

Jul 3, 2012

I am working on a photo of a city skyline that I took. I am looking to superimpose blue sky and clouds which normally isn't a problem if there were only buildings. The white spaces in between tree leaves such as palm trees are especially challenging to fill. They can be hundreds of distracting white spots in the scene to fill .

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Make A Photo CD

Dec 29, 2012

Have used Corel photo album 6 for many years and loved it, was very easy to use. When I got my new laptop, I was told that my program was outdated and was recommended that I purchase Corel paintshop Prox4, so I did. I would like to burn my pictures to a CD or DVD for backup and to share with my family, only. My old program had an easy one step button to click on to make a CD/DVD. I find this product to be difficult to use for an average person just wanting to have a little fun with their pictures and doing some minor corrections.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Using Photo Merge?

Nov 13, 2011

I vaguely remember a process (like the photo merge tool) that let you paint in red what you wanted to get rid of and paint in green what you wanted to keep. It didn't have to "merge" files. I tried it a couple of times with pretty mixed results (back in X3 I think.) Is there a similar tool in X4 or can you use photo merge for this? (I tried opening photo merge with one image, painting it in red and green,clicking process, but nothing happens on the image.) I will resort to the object remover or clone brush if my mind is playing tricks on me about this tool, but I wouldn't mind trying it in this tricky situation.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Window Around Photo Size

Nov 4, 2013

I have used PSP since version 2, so have been at it for awhile. Just upgraded to 6, as I was using version 4.

The problem I have is when I am in the edit area, and have a photo on the screen I use my mouse wheel to enlarge or shrink depending on my needs. The old version the windows box around image would also resize with image. I have attached a few images. I normal could fix this in the settings, but for some reason the window will not follow the image size as I enlarge or shrink? It does when I actually resize image, but I need this to do that when I am just using mouse wheel to make bigger or smaller on my screen.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Smart Photo Fix Cursor Pop Up Box?

Nov 27, 2013

Upon selecting the Adjust workspace and moving the cursor over the image in the preview area the cursor changes to a dropper and a small box opens which contains 2 columns of data. The column headings are…

Current: Original:

Below them are the values of the R,G,B channels at the cursor position. Moving the cursor around the image in the preview area changes these values. Left or right clicking places a target on the image and changes the colour balance of the image. I presume it is selecting a new value for the White Balance. However, the data values remain identical in the Current: and Original: columns.

The dropper and box are only displayed when the Smart Photo Fix option is selected in the Adjust Palette.

So, how does one get the data values for Current: and Original: to display different values? What is the difference between left click and right click? What is the overall function of this feature?

PaintShop Pro X6 x64

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Paint Shop Pro :: 3D Panoramic Photo Frame

Dec 24, 2011

I saw a tutorial on youtube and it is something I will like to do on my own. But with the tutorial, I have tried over and over again without getting the same result. How do I do this using PSP X4.

This is the url link [URL]....

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Paint Shop Pro :: Editing Photo Names

Aug 1, 2013

I have several thousand photos and I need to edit the names with some system that uses my time efficiently. In the past I used windows explorer, which allowed me to modify groups of titles but now I just updated to windows 7 and it does not seem to allow that. Is there some way with Paint Shop Pro to modify the names of groups of photos - extract certain characters or words, add other characters or words, etc?

Or perhaps there is a photo organizing program that provides that kind of tool?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Adding Text To Photo

Jan 25, 2012

I just want to be able to add text to a photo. I follow the steps, choosing 12pt, but when I try to type on the photo, I can tell something is trying to show up on the photo, but it is so tiny, it is not visible.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Finding Photo Gallery

Jan 1, 2012

As a new user of PSPX4 Ultimate Edition I would like to know if any of you could direct me to a photogallery where the use ofPSPX4 is the the unique software used for the development of the photos.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Produce 800 X 600 Pixel Photo

Sep 12, 2011

Joined the recent webinar on X4 and very impressed with the product. I currently use Photoimpact X3 but looking to change to the new product.

How do I import photos of all different sizes and output to a 800 x 600 photo suitable for import to a digital photoframe? In Photoimpact, I set up a new image that is 800 x 600, make changes to the photo (crop, hue, etc), resize so that the minimum ht or wdth is 600 or 800, right click, copy, move to new image, paste, then move the image about until I am happy with the finished photo and save to a file that will subsequently be copied to a USB pen drive.

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Paint Shop Pro :: RAW (DNG) Photo - Edits Are Gone After Saving

Apr 28, 2012

New to this forum and PSP (X4 Ultimate). Working on a raw file (dng) in the Edit tab, I make changes then save to a jpg in another folder. The next day I want to undo some of the changes so I edit the dng raw file again but all my previous changes are no longer available. Am I doing something wrong? Or are my previous changes just no longer available in the raw file? Doesn't PSP keep track of changes made to raw files so you can continue to evolve the image? As I said, I am new at PSP so I hope I'm just doing something wrong. I have used Lightroom for a while now but I really like what PSP can do and the speed to make changes , especially to portraits.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Directly Send A Photo From X5

Dec 18, 2012

Is it possible to directly send a photo from PSP X5 using my gmail account and if so how?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X2 - Disabling Photo Downloader

Sep 4, 2011

I just installed PSP X2 Ultimate and after first memory card use, I unchecked Photo Down loader so it won't run when I start the computer. Now when I "manually" move files from my memory card (SD) to my hard drive, I am Not able to delete those file on the memory card. Nor can I simply Move the files to my hard drive.

I had no problems before installing PSP. Now to remove the files I have to reformat the card(s) each time.

Seems like Photo Down loader put some hooks in the OS to operate and didn't remove them when I disabled it.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Crop Image To 2X3 For Yearbook Photo?

Oct 13, 2013

I have done this before but I need to crop an image to 2X3 for a yearbook photo. When I go to the crop tool it doesn't stay at 2X3 but when I start cropping the picture large numbers appear in the crop box for width and height.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Resize Very Large Smart Photo Fix Box?

Sep 5, 2011

Smart Photo Fix box was resizable, or barring that, if the box did not take up over 1/4 of my monitor!

This box obscures far too much of the image I am trying to correct! And it does not need to be this large based on its content!

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Paint Shop Pro :: Printing Out Black And White Photo

Jan 24, 2012

I'm having a problem printing out a black and white photo. This is the first time I'm tring to print from PSP 3. When the photo is printed out, instead of looking like what I did in PSP 3, it looks like it was imbossed and black pencil. I have done a search and played around with PSP 3 with no luck..Even reinstalled PSP 3. If I go to the photo file, both the saved and the original, and print it directly, they comes out near perfect, except for a purple tint in both. You do not see the purple tint in the photo when in PSP 3 or the saved file untill it is priinted out.

102 KB
773x1000 pixels original size
72 dpi 8 bit depth
Resolution 2
EXIF 0220
Off the internet
Canon PM 620 printer
Kodak paper
No error codes
PSP 13.00

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Paint Shop Pro :: Disable Auto Photo Downloader?

Jul 6, 2011

Every time I insert a USB stick or CD or DVD which contains image files I get a popup window asking me if I want to download those files.

I know that I can disable this annoying window by running MSCONFIG and then selecting STARTUP and then unselecting CorelIOMonitor and Corel Photo Downloader but is there another way of disabling it (as I really prefer not to change STARTUP.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Kodak Photo Kiosk Errors

Jun 7, 2012

Today I took a flash drive with a smart fix adjusted photo on it to walmart. They use a Kodak Kiosk for reading flash drives and uploading pictures to their photo machine. The problem I had was when I took my flashdrive and plugged it into the did not pick up the file that had been adjusted using the smartfix feature in Paintshop Pro X4.....what if anything does this mean...


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Paint Shop Pro :: HDR Photo Merge Should Remember Folder

Aug 15, 2011

if you have ten or twenty sets of HDR pictures in some particular folder, that the dialog could remember what folder you've been in all day, instead of moving you back to My Pictures each and every time? I spend half my workflow effort on repeating the same folder navigation steps over and over.

And why do I have to browse from there at all, instead of being able to select pictures in the organizer, or drag-and-dropping them?

Even when I load one picture that doesn't fit with the others, and try to exclude it... the only thing that works is to re-browse. Otherwise the Align button remains unavailable. Likewise if you adjust the sliders a bit wrong and hit okay... to try other settings, it's back to the folder navigation again.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Learning Center Overlays Photo

Oct 25, 2011

When I go into Full Editor I have The Learning Center on the left and to the right of that I have the Tools Toolbar.

My problem is that these overlay the photo I am trying to work on. I do not think this happened before. I am sure I did something to cause this but I do not have a clue what that would have been.

It seems to me that the workspace for the photo was to the right of whatever was on the right.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Lift Image From Photo And Then Do Transparent Background?

Nov 2, 2011

I want to lift image from photo and then do transparent background.

Is there any knack of selecting the item from the image cleanly. In my case its a dog. I use the lasso to go around the object but that leaves a 2mm space where the background shows through.

(Is there a way to use the lasso to make a partial selection then remove your finger from the mouse and then continue your selection from where you left off ?)

After I have Deleted the inverted selection I use the Background remover to remove the remaining 2mm of background around the dog.Again is there a knack to using this tool ? I Googled and it said to keep the removal circule half in and half out of the actual image. Also is ther a correct setting in the menu bar for the BG/removal tool..Im just experimenting.

my settings at this moment are.

size 18
Hardness 100
Step 10
Density 100
Thickness 100
Rotation 0
Opacity 100
Tolarance 75
Sharpness 100
Sampling: Continuous
Limits: Contiguous
Boxes not ticked. Auto tollerance and Use all Layers.
Box ticked: Ignore Lightness.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - Dividing Multi-photo Scanned File?

Jan 12, 2013

I recently downloaded a Trial Version of PSP X5, and one of Adobe PSE11. For my purposes, I find PSP easier to use and therefore preferable. However, in PSE11, a scan of several photos contained in a single file can be "auto" split or divided into individual files, and as such can be edited individually. Try as I have, I have found nothing similar in PSP X5. This could be a deal breaker, as I have numerous old photos to scan and edit, and I find that doing 3 to 5 at a time is a big time saver. Does PSP 5 has this feature?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Edit Photo Using Mesh Warp Tool?

Jun 23, 2012

I am trying to edit a photo using the mesh warp tool. I have it exactly as I want it, but when I go to apply it, every part of the photo I have warped gets deleted and I just get the white background underneath. I have looked online for guides and videos but when they apply their changes their edits stay exactly the same!

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 - Save Or Copy Modifications / Effects From One Photo To Another?

Feb 14, 2013

Any way in X5 to save or copy the modifications/effects from one photo to another? I took photos of some old building drawings and used clarify, noise removal, contrast, etc. I wanted to apply the exact same modifications to all of the other photos of the drawings. Is there a simple way to do this? Can I save it as a preset or filter or something similar. It would sure save a lot of time.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Photo Project Creator Doesn't' Work

May 14, 2010

After looking at reviews, I took the big step and bought the download version of Photo Pro X3, which got me a 2nd download file called Photo Essentials 4. Installed X3 first, then PE4. I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled 'till I'm blue in the face. X3 looks like a good product, at least with the little I've done so far. But . . .

When I start Photo Essentials, which opens as Photo Project Creator, I get nowhere. Step one: selecting what you want to create works fine. However, on the screen where photo selection should be made, I only get the Desktop and My Computer icons, and My computer won't expand.

After 2 days of frustration, I decided to install ONLY Photo Essentials 4 on my wife's PC to see what happened. It opened with a screen that said Photo Essentials 4 at the top, and something that would allow me to paint over the top of a picture. Doesn't even resemble what opens on my PC.

Both PC's are running Windows XP Media Ed. I've noticed apparently similar problem with Windows 7, but is this really just the norm? I tried the cure I found elsewhere in this forum, by shutting down certain processes, and deleting everything within Digital Studio, but it didn't change anything.

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