Paint Shop Pro :: Smoothing Enlarged Image Edges

Jul 12, 2012

I have just started using the Paintshop Pro X4. In fact, I am still using the trial version and I want to use it so I can see if I want to buy it in a couple of weeks. However, I am not really very knowledgeable about computers, computer language and all the technical stuff. So things have to be pretty obvious to me.

Just for practice, I have downloaded a photo of a cherry and a leaf. Not great art, but a nice clear photograph. Of course I want it to be larger than the thumbnail image, so I have blown it up to 6"x6" Now the edge of the cherry, the leaf and the stem are all jagged. I know that is because of the pixels - but I still want to know how to get around it and smooth the edges when I enlarge something.

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Paint.NET :: Smoothing Rotated Image Edges

Apr 9, 2013

I am having little diffilculty with rotating a layer and maintaining straight sharp edges to the layer.
Lets say I draw a solid colour rectangle, when I rotate the rectangle the edges become jagged. Is there anyway to avoid this?
I have tried various plug-ins to blur/feather the edges, but I require a sharp finish.
I have attached a sample of one edge.
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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 / Squaring Up Image Edges?

Oct 23, 2013

Paint Shop Pro X5.

I have some photos of old magazine covers, some of which weren't taken straight on, so that the covers aren't square. With previous versions of Paint Shop Pro, I could drag a corner out until it made the image look square [actually, rectangular], but I can't figure out how to do it with this version.

how to square up the edges of an image?

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Illustrator :: Smoothing Out Raster Image Edges

Jun 2, 2012

I am trying to use a raster image pulled of the web, in AI. As a result, (particularly when zoomed out) the edges of the image look rough & nasty.
Is there any way to fix this or at least compensate for it by smoothing the edges out?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Skin Smoothing With X3?

May 26, 2013

I have no problem using the skin smoothing tool with colour images. However, the tool does not appear to work when I want to use it with B&W images.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Skin Smoothing In X4?

Jan 18, 2012

I recently bought corel paintshop x4 and when i am trying to use the skin smoothing option in 'adjust' absolutely nothing happens.. i have been googling and seaching on youtube but havent found anything. could there be anything wrong with my settings?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cleanup Some Of The Edges Around Images?

Jun 30, 2011

How do I cleanup some of the edges around these images?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Custom Edges / Frames?

Dec 28, 2011

Using X4 on Windows 7. I'm trying to create a series of custom edges to supplement those already supplied in X4. I've created the edge ok and exported it as a frame and it works ok. The problem is selecting it in the dropdown menu under Image/picture frames. Whereas the thumbnails of the supplied edges have grey shading to represent the transparent section of the edge, mine don't, they are just plain white and that makes it difficult to know what edge to select. What have I done wrong? I've opened a couple of the supplied edges and they look similar to mine ie no shading.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Oval Vignettes And Feathered Edges?

Dec 3, 2013

i have just downloaded a trial version of Paint Shop Pro X6 because I'm looking for a program that will go a good job on oval vignettes with soft (feathered) edges.

I can open the program and select a picture from my files. Through the videos I learned how to identify some of the PSP X6 tools. I click on the Ellipse tool on the lower left in the tool bar. Then it gets weird. Sometimes I'll make an ellipse on the photo and the ellipse outline stays there. Sometimes when I do this an oval is created. Every time an oval is created my picture is the background, and the part of the picture I want is white. It's like it's doing it backwards. I've seen the tutorials about selecting INVERT, but I've had no luck whatsoever with that.

This should be a very simple process, but I'm totally mystified how it works. I used to run a very simple program years ago that Microsoft put out called PictureIt. I really liked that program but it's outdated now and it won't work on the Windows 7 64 bit I'm using. I have tried several programs and Paint Shop Pro X6 seems to be the closest to Pictureit that I can find, but I'm expecting PSP X6 to be more advanced, precise, and better overall. In PictureIt I'd do the exact steps I just mentioned and the area I selected would be the oval picture, the rest was white, and then I feathered the edges. In PSP X6 it's mostly like that, but it's reversed. The picture I want is the background.

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Photoshop :: Smoothing Out Edges

Feb 5, 2009

to make my signature that I have. However it looks terrible on a light background because the part of the car that "pops" out is very pixelated. The rounded corners are like this, too. I've tried using the blur tool to smooth it out but that doesn't seem to work here for whatever reason.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Decrease Or Remove Pixelation From Edges Of Low Quality Photo

Jun 25, 2012

Im using Corel Photo-Paint X5 and was wondering how to decrease or remove pixelation from the edges of a low quality photo? Iva attached a sample below:

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Photoshop :: Smoothing Rough Edges

Jun 5, 2004

Well I am new here and this is my first post. Anyway, I made a shape with the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" and the edges are rough and I am wanting to know of a way to smooth out the roughness so I have good looking edges.

If you can give me some tips or advice.

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Maya Modeling :: Smoothing Corners And Edges On Round Surfaces

Jan 18, 2013

I have been trying to figure out if there is a more efficient way of doing this for some time. It seems so basic but it always comes to play in my smoothing process.

For all you more experienced modelers, what is the best way to have the edges and corners stay at their 90 degree angles when smoothing while not compromising the roundness of the surface with artifacting or pinching in the corners. I find this problem when creating extrudes with sharp corners on curved/ round surfaces then smoothing them.

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Paint.NET :: How To Fill Text With Image But Keep Anti-aliasing On Edges Of Image

Sep 18, 2013

Here is what I want to do.  I have the letters 'XC' which I've played with a bit to look the way I want and due to anti-aliasing has nice edges.  Now I want to basically fill those letters with an image.  I can't figure out how to do this and keep the nice anti-aliased edges.
Current steps:

1. load image as base layer
2. Create new layer with text in it
3. using magic wand select a threshold that has smoothest edges on text layer
4. select image layer and copy the selection area... notice the hard edges of the finished result in the attached example.  I want it nice and smooth and anti-aliased.
How to do this more elegantly?  I've attached the basics of what I'm doing and the result.

Attached Thumbnails

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Paint.NET :: Darken The Edges Of Image?

May 17, 2013

I darken the edges of an ebook cover I'm working on. Can I do that in

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Paint.NET :: White Edges Of Cut Image

Mar 17, 2011

I am attempting to make some combined images to make jewelry for my family but when I cut out an image from one picture and paste into a new layer above a different background, my cut image has white surrounding it, even after I have gone into 1600 zoom and removed all traces of white. I think the cut image is clean then I tell the program to print preview and wow, serious white outline, how to get rid of it? It sure makes my final print really juvenile and cheezy. Using v3.5.8. to cut out images. Using ms Word to resize, layer and group images although I seem to have the same issue using too.

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Paint.NET :: Can Center Edges Of Image

Jul 20, 2013

I'm creating a sprite-sheet and therefore need to be able to focus on certain parts of the image, at a time.
This however, is proving surprisingly difficult as I can't figure out if there is any way to pan my view of the image so that any part of its edges is centralized on my screen. Is there any way to do this or are there any relevant plugins available?

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Paint.NET :: JPEG Image Edges Being Cut Off?

Sep 2, 2011

I am designing ads in MS Publisher then copying and pasting into "" to the save & upload to photobucket.

Everything been working fine until this week and box edges are being cut off (right side & bottom).

I've included 2 pics; a correct one (canisters) and one not right (flr lamps).

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Photoshop :: USM In CS6 - No Effect Until Image Is Enlarged?

Aug 7, 2012

One of my online photography students said that she couldn't see any changes in a selective sharpening technique using Unsharp Mask, and it seemed that she had missed a step in the process.
But, when I tried it in CS6, using a 16 bit image, I could only see the sharpening affects in the preview window in the USM filter and then in the main image in the UI when the image was enlarged to above 75% or so. If the image is set to view fully in the UI, usually around 26% it looks like the previous version of the image without sharpening changes. I also get the effect of the sharpening increasing as I enlarge the image further and it looks over-sharpened at 300% or more.

in particular, do I have to increase the the size of the image in the UI to see any sharpening - or is there a way to see it without enlargement in the UI - perhaps at 8 bit?

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GIMP :: How To Clean Image To Look As Enlarged

Feb 10, 2013

I captured the attached image from a MythTV recording. A buddy of mine would get a kick out of it if I could find a way to enlarge it such that it looks good on a Letter- or A4-sized printout.

I've enlarged the image 10x and successfully applied the "Despackle" filter, but the lines in the cartoon look pretty blurry. The "Sharpen" and "Antialias" filters don't seem to readily do what I want them to do.

How to clean the image up so that it looks good enlarged?

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Paint.NET :: Converting PNG To GIF - Image Gets White Border Around Edges?

Apr 14, 2013

I'm, trying to make an animated gif from a png image. I managed to do it, but there's a small problem... when I convert the png to gif (to make the animated gif afterwards) the image gets a strange white border around the edges. I tried to play with the Dithering and Tansparency threshold, but to no avail.

How can I avoid this with Paint.NET?

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Image From Paint Module And Bad Edges In Action?

Sep 20, 2011

When I use Paint module with Graphics menu, I get bad edges randomly on the image in action. The default setting of Anti-aliasing in paint module is 4 now, and I have tried to change the value from 4 to 1, 1 to 4. the only differences are the amount of, position of bad edges.

I also tried to check the "Divide" function in the media-list, but it gets from specific colour to white. I only want to take the bad edges away from the image.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Image Adjustment - Create Drop-shadow Behind Image?

Oct 28, 2011

I have a rectangular screen grab (Windows application) that I would like to simply round the corners and add a border. The image is not a photograph, but since I have Paint Shop Pro X3 and like how it works, I thought I would try it . I have spent some time trying to do this with Paint Shop Pro X3 with no luck. None of the pre-defined frames seemed to do what I need. I would also like to create a drop-shadow behind the image. how to do this or a video that I can watch. A list of steps would also be OK.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Create 2D Gray Scale Image From Color Image?

Jun 8, 2012

How can I create a 2D gray scale image from a color image?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Create Image Of DOT To Add To Another Image

Dec 19, 2011

I have an image of a map and want to create a number of individual images of that map each with a large white dot with a black edge (to highlight different cities).

I have created a separate image of the dot using both transparent background and normal background and then attempted to use EDIT>COPY the image of the dot and then EDIT>PASTE to the image of the map but no matter which PASTE option I use I cannot achieve what I want to.

Also (different problem) I lost my MATERIAL PALETTE. I noted that to restore it I could use VIEW>PALETTES and select MATERIALS but it was already selected. I also used the F6 key without success. I had to start PSP by pressing the SHIFT key when I started it to restore PSP to its defaults and then I could select and display it. So what stopped me from displaying it in the first place?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Save RAW (CR2) Image

Aug 25, 2012

A client sent me four images taken with his Canon camera - they are in Canon Raw (.CR2) file format. I can't get them to open and then save them as a .jpg or a .pspimage format in either PSP9 or in X3. In X3, when I click on the pic, it brings up the "Canon RAW Lab" dialogue box, showing a black and white image but with a deep pinkish cast to it. And there is no options to save it. What do I do from here?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Getting Rid Of Image Join

Dec 1, 2012

I am using PaintShop Pro X5 & PaintShop Photo Pro X3

I have an image which was originally made up of two other images side by side. They are both of similar colours and content but the dividing line between them is quite obvious. I don't have the original PSP files in order to use the selection and layer method of feathering them, so what would be the best way to get the pixels to blend across the join? I thought there was a tool in PSP to do this but can't find anything.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Image As PNG?

Jul 4, 2012

I have learned how to remove a background and how to save the resulting image as a PNG.

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Paint Shop Pro :: V12 / How To Do A Transparent Image

Dec 30, 2011

I have 2 gif images. On image2 I have erased the background so as all you see is the checkerboerd.I want to place image2 (the visible part) on to image1.

I'm sure I have done all the correct procedures but the #2 image will show either a black or white background when pasted on to image 1.

These are the rules I followed. To make one image color transparent

1. Choose Image Palette Set Palette Transparency. If you are prompted to reduce the color depth and number of layers, click Yes to continue and then choose the options for decreasing color depth.

2. On the Set Palette Transparency dialog box, choose one of the following options:

• Set the transparency value to the current background color — makes the background color transparent

• Set the transparency value to a palette entry — specifies a color to be transparent. Click the color in the image, or click the color box to select from the current color picker. If you want to view the transparency, click Proof.

3. Click OK. The color is now transparent; however, it may still be displayed until you hide it.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Best Image Treatment

Jan 2, 2012

I have 3 images which I am looking for the best treatment.

a) Dark hair: the woman has an dark hair which is almost blended with the background. What to do to bring more definition to hair and to “separate” it from background?
b) Face light: one side of the man face (and body) is with much brightness, blending with his white shirt yet. Is there any way do correct it?
c) Spot of light: in a slice of a landscape there is a spot with much clarity/brightness. I would prefer to bring more blue from the sky then light. On the other hand, maybe there is any way to take benefit of the light.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Paste As New Image

Dec 1, 2013

Why is it necessary to have an image open before using the "Paste as New Image" function.

I want to be able to copy an image from another program and paste in into PSP for editing. I can only do this if I first open a new or existing image in PSP before doing "Paste as a New Image".

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